Tuesday, August 01, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Night - August 1

Oh my, a good screen cap of Elena

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Insolent Children:
  • Thankfully, all calmed down some today. My real life job has been a bear and I don't think I'd be able to go to the circus again.
  • Jason is again suspicious about Cody's military history. Now, I do think Cody has been in the service. But I also think he embellishes it and wasn't happy there either. I know from his Jeff interview that he hates the job he left to come on the show. I personally think he should take Jessica's advice and "lighten up." I'm talking about life and things in general.
  • Christmas has yet another new cast. 
  • I think they're going for the world record of cast changes within two months.
  • There was actually a light-hearted moment between Paul and Cody. Paul asked who put the empty egg shells back in the carton. Cody said he did it. When Paul asked why, Cody just told him to hold that thought and left the kitchen. So now Paul went and filled a dozen egg carton with empty shells and hid the real eggs.
  • Gee, little pranks like that are almost bliss compared to yesterday.
  • Alex thinks that Mark and Elena lied to her about not knowing the original Jessica deal with "get rid of Alex."
  • Paul had told her of that deal, but promised she wouldn't be voted out.
  • Elena is still loyal to Jessica (not necessarily to Cody).
  • Loyal to Mark? Not so much.
  • Paul and Company considered letting Cody and Jessica be the only ones playing the Temptation Challenge this week.
  • Cody and Jessica argued about Global Warming. Cody thinks it's a hoax.
  • A whole lot of nothing going on gamewise -- just the usual suspicions. No brouhahas, no circus. 

He should pay for the broken pot, methinks

Still in love?


Judi Sweeney said...

Well, at least things calmed down a bit! Thanks Jackie!

Lissa said...

I'm so tired of the sad puppy dog looks that Mark gives Elena all the time.

Nickelpeed said...

This house is so worried about 2 people, they're not playing the game. That's all they've talked about. Then they get iritated because they think it's terrible that Jody will be taking someone elses spot in the jury??? WTH? lol

Petals said...

LOL Jackie - you don't feel like going back to the circus. Good one. Yes, it was SO much more calm Tuesday.

Penny - I know! When catching-up on feeds or reading Jokers, all Paul EVER talks about is Cody.
Meanwhile, Cody & Jess are talking about Disney, children, environmental stuff, Russia, etc. They are talking about just normal stuff.
Paul is obsessed with Cody. It's kinda comical.

Speaking of comedy: Christmas warned Kevin that he "can't be Sweden forever" (meaning, choose a side). What an idiot! She has either muscles where her brains are, or the narcs are screwing with her memory. Sweden. BWHAHAHAHA

Happy Wednesday! See you all tonight!

David Novak said...

What does Alex drink out of tbe jar? I see it every after dark.

tbc said...

This "House of Sheeple" will let the little man with the beard win. Why? Because they are all focused on following him off the cliff. Lemmings!! Ridiculous.

The whole idea that Jess is "taking" a guaranteed jury spot away from any one of them is just absurd. She's playing to win!! She deserves the spot over you Sheeple. Besides, there are no guarantees.

Sweden?? LMAO

Kari Masternak said...

This season is getting seriously annoying... I thought I would like Alex this season, yeh... not so much... I don't like anyone but Jessica... I am rooting for her. I wish Jason would get out from under Paul and play the game... he has potential... but I hope the audience boos for all these minions once they are voted out....

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

I'm starting to wonder if Allison Grodner and Robyn Cass are deliberately trying to find players that will have a likelihood of clashing? If you look at Cass Twitter feed, she washed her hands Pontius Pilate style, basically saying her job is done after casting. These people are suppose to go through multiple interview process, including psych testing. Who is doing this? the Freshman Psych students at the local Community College?

I've know I've been on my horse many times, and I'll say it again..>Grodner and her minions need to go, and new blood in management is needed to right this ship! Les Moonves must be getting blackmailed by Grodner, because the casting has sucked for many seasons!

ceemurph said...

It is for reasons like this that I cannot in good conscience root for Jessica. IMO she's in the same category as Aaryn, thinking so highly of herself that others are less than human:
DETAILED Convo Jessica calling her a little tw*t drown her by her hair....

Jessica calls Alex a little tw*t

i think we should all just grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the Jacuzzi and all just live happily ever after
Cody - smiles
Jessica- Oh did i not say that in my head
Jessica- Whoops. It's gonna take 3 of us though cause her fake t*ts are gonna hold her up over water.
Cody: Jessica
Jessica: i said it out loud again oh f*ck sorry
Cody: i just dont want u to look b*tchy to everybody
Jessica: oh baby that ship has sailed
Mark - sitting there quiet.

(Taken from another site. Of course, Jackie, if not allowed please remove)

Joe in NY said...

Who started that jury talk? Isn't there only one more non-jury elimination? They still have Elena or Mark as well as Jody, so they can still all go to jury. Of course, about half of them have guaranteed they will go to jury because they are at the bottom of a 9 or 10 person alliance with no apparent desire to change that. Maybe if a couple of them go home and Mark and Jody are still there, they will actually recalibrate. At that point, they've got jury locked up and maybe they'll actually move on to trying to get to Final Two. At that point, SOMEONE is going to want to ally with Jody. I'm glad I'm not Jody. When everyone starts making offers, who would you actually believe????

Anonymous said...

Getting harder and harder to watch Raven play to the cameras like an obnoxious sixties sitcom star!

Petals said...

Joe - PAUL! He keeps repeating (reminding) to his sheeple, "I TRIED to get you all to jury, but THEY won't let it happen. THEY are to blame". Over & over he says it.

Paul is disgusting, sorry, not sorry. (I didn't create him)