Sunday, August 06, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Dawn - Aughst 6

Everybody is giving him HoH advice

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Crap Shoot HoH:
  • As you know from my recemt posts, Mark and Elena are on the block with Jessica as the third nominee as she lost the Temptation Challenge. Cody won safety in that challenge. Mark won the Power of Veto.
  • What Josh really wants is Elena out of the house.
  • He's apologized to Jessica for his bad behavior. While she didn't really truly seem to be accepting the apology, he did make the effort. 
  • He has been telling the others not to be mean to her.
  • Hmm.
  • Yet, Christmas in particular, has Josh's ear. She has had it for weeks on end. When everyone else was treating Josh as the clown they could count on to create chaos and be a vote for their side, Christmas befriended him (whether fake or not and obviously for her own nefarious purposes) and acted like she really cared about him and wanted to secretly work with him until the end.
  • Elena isn't the one immediately on Christmas's agenda -- Cody and Jessica are. Since Cody can't get got, it's Jessica.
  • She wants Josh to convince Mark not to use the veto.
  • If he doesn't and the nominations remain the same, it should be Jessica or even Elena voted out, not Mark. 
  • But, then again, if Mark does something foolish and sets off the house, it could be a Marcellas Reynolds saving Amy Crews situation with him going home. 
  • If he uses it to save Elena, he'd be putting his own game at risk.
  • To be honest, I think at this point, anyone from their side put on the block with either Elena or Mark would result in Jessica going home.
  • Christmas wants to break up the duo before both get into the jury house together.
  • Josh's buddy Paul is also trying to get Mark not to use the veto.
  • Dang. If they're all that dead set on breaking up Cody and Jessica, it really shouldn't matter who is up on the block against Jessica!
  • They're saying that if Mark doesn't use the veto, it will show he's split from Cody.
  • Um. Gee. I just don't get how if he uses it on either himself or even Elena, what it would have to do with being apart from Cody or not. Now, if he used it to save JESSICA, then that would say he's with Cody. But otherwise? Just making sure his own butt is safe or his lovesick sense of chivalry is alive if he uses it on Elena.
  • I guess I just can't think like a hamster in the Habitrail.
  • Mark told Josh he wants to use it and save himself. He claims it's not that he doesn't trust them not to vote him out. He just doesn't want to have the worry nagging him for four days and have to pack his bags and all.
  • Mark also told him that he wants to win HoH next week and target Cody -- that will show them whose side he's on.
  • So, Christmas is saying that if Mark takes himself off the block, they can't trust him.
  • Say WHAT? 
  • I guess I just don't see what difference who's on the block with Jessica makes! At this point, it should be all voting for Jessica to go except for Cody. I'm just not understanding the big deal about someone who's not the target saving himself being an issue of trust.
  • Meanwhile, Kevin wants Paul to work with Cody after Jessica leaves the house.
  • Hmm.
  • I will say that if Kevin is at the end, especially if it's a bitter jury, he'd win it all because he's about the only one in the house who's liked by all. He isn't a comp beast but his social game is extraordinary.
  • Back in the Jessica/Cody camp, Jessica is letting her insecurities about Alex show. She told Cody if she leaves and sees him fooling around with Alex, she'll never see him again.
  • Now, Cody is a lot of things -- often sullen, hotheaded and more. But he's totally smitten with Jessica. Yet, she's jealous. If they stay together after the show, I predict a rocky long marriage. "Yeah, we've been married for fifty years and argued every day!"
  • Paul actually gave Josh some good life advice. It kind of surprised me as I listened. He was talking about girls coming into his room where he has human skulls and it being a turn off. But then he admitted that he doesn't or hasn't had sex with many women. He told Josh that he should save that for someone he truly cares about. Oh my.
  • Then, later on, Josh and Paul shared the HoH bed. 

Ew. Just ew. Nothing more to say.

Being a clown is in his blood

Jessica won't get her out this week!

"They're creeper cameras!"

Will he pull a Marcellas?


Terry is a Texan! said...

No Mark NO!!! dont let them use you, call them out on it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Christmas used the Ring of replacement to keep Cody from playing in The veto competition.

uncartie said...

Jackie,I can understand them not wanting Mark to use veto. All season long he's been a a super obvious floater. He cozys up to Jody all the time. Not using the veto would be a true sign of trust exercise,similar to falling backwards and have someone in back of you catching you.

Sat 11:04 PM BBT Paul: I have not slept with one single fan. I have 30 legit marriage proposals in my inbox.

Don't toot your horn,Dude. There are guys on death row with more.

Sharon N said...

^^^ uncartie, thanks...the last line gave me my morning laugh!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Personally I would love for a lightbulb to light up in their little minion heads... one of the BEST opportunities to backdoor Paul!

Mark should definitely pull himself off no matter what

Petals said...

Mark did offer the Veto to Elena, and slept in the Have-Not room with her last night (not same bed, just same room - for solidarity @@)

So many close-calls for a good game, yet it's still the Paul Show. :( I'm disappointed. There is nothing else to say.

Judi Sweeney said...

So sad to see such stupidity! What a jolt it would send through the house. Plus they may never have a better chance to get Paul out! Time to play with the big boys and make a power play!

Good one uncartie!

Sharon N said...

Kevin and Jason talking about teaming with Cody. Now THAT would be fun!
Them teaming up might be the only chance to get out Paul, and I wouldn't mind Christmas going, even before Alex.

Petals said...

True, Sharon - I'd love Jason, Kevin & Cody to work together, but Kevin keeps inserting Paul in to his offers. No thanks, I don't want Paul anywhere near Cody; don't want Paul trashing-up Cody's game.

It's National Root Beer Float Day, I'll bring some NYFRB later (someone else bring ice cream)
Happy Sunday - hope everyone enjoys the it!

Sharon N said...

Paul is the HUGE downside to Kevin's plan. I can't believe Kevin doesn't grasp that Paul would NEVER really be with Cody on anything. And visa versa!!

I may be wrong, but I think Kevin and Jason have been throwing comps.
Jason wants to start winning, but Kevin says it's not time yet. @@
What? They should be focusing on Paul NOW!!!
But every dang year, people say "it's not time yet"... until it's too late!

monty924 said...

This day just keeps getting better on the feeds. Josh's HOH head is swelling big time. I knew this week would be great.

uncartie said...

Be careful what you wish for. If you think the game is mean spirited now and you want to make it more,just put psycho Cody in charge.

Sharon,You're absolutley right. Both Kevin & Jason are coasters who have been throwing comps but not making it obvious. Meanwhile they stay friendly with everyone and avoid getting involved in kerfuffles or brouhahas.
If they go after Paul it just clears the path for Jody and that becomes a 2 vote in the jury house since they'd vote as a team. Jody must be bvroken up first.

Nickelpeed said...

I'll say it again, this has been weeks of this house trying to get either Jessica or Cody out. It hasn't changed. It won't change, either. Even if they get Jessica out, there's still Cody. Paul is so fixated on Jody, that it's been his whole game play. That's it. Everything he has done, has been for one purpose...get Jody out.

monty924 said...

Couldn't agree more, uncartie!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Exactly Penny.... Paul has spent a lot of time showing everyone how he can manipulate! Someone give these puppets some smart pills!!! Then, after you you give them the pills, someone teach them how to put them in their mouth and swallow! I'm dying here!!!

Petals said...

Monty - ROFL at your avatar - that is perfect !!! bwhahahahaaa
And yes - I see Josh getting a little drunk on power. But poor guy - he was went from zero to hero almost overnight. I am not a Josh fan, but I do appreciate when someone (he) tries to not be so sinister, AND when someone tries to change-up the game.
Penny - yes, I agree. I think a good drinking game would be to drink whenever Paul says Jessica or Cody (or Jody). LOL Maybe he'll slow down when one of them is gone?

Judi Sweeney said...

LOL@Petals... and yes, I did laugh out loud!
If we take a drink every time Paul says Jessica, Cody or Jody... we will be crawling

Nickelpeed said...

There's no doubt that if Cody gets HOH, there will be chaos. Why change it now? It's been chaotic for weeks. Paul has been after Jody. That's ALL he thinks about. That's been his whole game plan so far....get Jody out of the house. How's that been going, Paul? LOL

If Cody is in charge, it won't be much different. If they get Jess out, instead of being 2 against 9, it'll be 1 against 9. I would love to see a mix up for once.

tbc said...

Lol, Monty, love the starter pack.. just 3 payments of $9.99

I'll bring ice cream, Petals. I'm at the store now!

Sharon N said...

Raven is nuts.
That is all.

David said...

Hey Sharon, don't be talking about my pool pick like......... well, she is nuts. lol I would be so tempted to just smack her across the face if she attacked me like she does everyone in the house. Sorry, but I am just not a touchy feely kind of person, especially with people I barely know. She goes beyond that and kisses everyone constantly. I just don't know anywhere that would be acceptable except with close family and maybe France.

monty924 said...

I'm all in on the NYFRB floats!! YUMMY

Sharon (5:44), agree!

monty924 said...

LOL @ David. Yes, even better!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Petals, I saw an avatar right up your alley on twitter today. I'll have to see if I can find it for you. ;-)

Petals said...

The worst part about Jessica leaving this week will be that Paul will take complete & total credit for it (Josh? Josh who?)

tbc said...

That's actually Matt, Matt who? Josh has made himself well known 😉

You're right, Paul will take credit... unless it fails

Sharon N said...

Hey David, so sorry about your 'Whining Glossary of Medical Issues' pool-pick. LMAO
Braying about all her (and her family's) medical issues constantly... repeated and embellished on an hourly basis.

My pool-girl is Elena.
She's an exhibitionist, but at least she doesn't have Raven-itis.

Petals said...

Perfect word, Sharon - braying. LOL!!!! ^5

Ravenitis - maybe the mystery "second terminal illness"?

Jackie Hardin said...

It gets pretty bad for Elensa to use her top and bottom to get Mark to use the veto on her. She and Mark was really getting it on. Hope Mark doesn't fall for it. It was down right sickening. That girl would do ANYTHING to stay in the house.