Sunday, August 06, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - August 6


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wooly Bully:
  • Sundays are usually one of the quiet days in the house. There are no comps to be played, no veto meeting until Monday.
  • I've gotten so I really enjoy Jason and Kevin's morning laps in the yard. They talk game. They talk life.
  • This morning Kevin told Jason that Matt said if he won HoH, he'd nominate Jason. Eep. He also said that while Cody hates Alex and Paul, he'd be willing to work with them (Kevin and Jason). Kevin would like to save Jessica.
  • From the talking, it seems the comp was OTEV.
  • Most of them think Cody would have won had he played.
  • Yeah, very good chance of that, I'd say.
  • Cody and Jessica, assuming that Jessica will be gonzo, talked about how nasty Cody should get. Jessica advised him not to get personal, but perhaps an Evel Dick level.
  • Others mentioned that BB won't give them alcohol because they don't want to "set them off."
  • They've had very little alcohol in the house this season compared to most. But this season has more guys who might actually physically fight than most.
  • Josh thinks he might have the votes to evict his target Elena over Jessica.
  • The votes he thinks he has mostly aren't really with him. Alex, Christmas and Jason all want Elena out ... but they seem to want to tackle Jessica first.
  • Josh thinks he'll be a target if Elena stays.
  • I'd agree ... IF either Mark or Elena win HoH. Anyone else would have bigger fish to fry.
  • Alex, Paul and Kevin talk about switching sides and working with Cody -- Kevin is pushing the idea. Alex and Jason think sticking with Paul is a better bet -- he knows the game better.
  • Matt and Raven talked the pros and cons of either of them going up as a pawn if/when Mark uses the veto. Mark said he'd rather be a pawn when he can play for veto. 
  • Raven, knowing that this would be the safest time to be a pawn, said she's willing to go up.
  • They will guilt trip Mark about having the "sick girl" take his place on the block.
  • Raven talked about both her real and probably imagined health issues.
  • Yawn.
  • Jessica told Elena that she thinks Paul is playing a great game. She would vote for him to win if the finals were tomorrow.
  • That he is. A few hiccups now and then and he's still obnoxious to watch or listen to on the live feeds. But he knows how to work people.
  • Jessica also warned Elena that Christmas is not her friend.
  • She told Elena that Paul would protect her, but Alex and Jason wouldn't. If sides flipped, Elena should stick with Paul.
  • Well, I'd prefer Elena go -- she irks me. But Jessica's advice to her is pretty spot on.
  • Meanwhile, Paul would like to get through the season without every being on the block.
  • No, I doubt he'll be a Derrick.
  • Both Paul and Elena told Mark to use the veto to save himself or not at all.
  • That's the way it should be, I'd say.
  • Now, as I close out this report, things seem to be swaying towards voting out Elena rather than Jessica.
  • We'll just have to see what happens.

Awning duties

The morning laps in the yard

Mixing and mingling ... sort of.

Influencing Josh, easy to do.

Still in cahoots?

Talking pleasantly? Oh my.

Playing her own game


Jackie Hardin said...

Elena has to go. She is really getting under my skin. She doesn't mind telling you how proud she is of her milk jugs. If she stays in Hollywood then pron is the way she should go. She did her first job the other night with Mark. The covers was going in every direction. Just saying.

uncartie said...

If you ask me this Elena being a target and going home is some scripted nonsense that Production is peddling to certain people in order make it appear as if the eviction is
is going to be some sort of horse race.

T-Town Chick said...

If I was in the house this summer (which would never happen since I'm not a glutton for punishment) I would want Cody and Jessica gone. They are a powerhouse and Cody creeps me out. However, as a fan, I want them to stay in the game. Things are a lot more interesting with them in the house.

monty924 said...

I never count on a house flip until Wednesday night, or Thursday morning/afternoon in the case of S7 (All-stars) & S8 (Evel Dick and America's Player). All the talk about who is going home is not written in stone. Raven just might go out. Just wait... there's a lot of waffling to be had this week.

ELynn said...

I initially didn't care for Jess and Cody, but now I actually want them to stay in the house. I wish the house would flip and get Paul out. I can't believe they don't see how much of a puppet master he is. I know the game is all about manipulation, but I just really don't like how Paul plays the game. Plus, the rest of the house is a bunch for idiots for not realizing that they're under Paul's spell!

monty924 said...

You can learn a lot from Jason and Kevin's backyard chats. Oh, and they are hilarious. Just a tip!

Nickelpeed said...

Yes, Jason and Kevin's backyard chats are so funny. However, I do not know how any of you can watch these. To me, they are sooooooooooooooooo boring. I had to fast forward through them because it was so boring. I guess I'm not listening right. Did laugh at the make up lesson from Paul.

I like Jess and Cody. I didn't like his HOH time because he was so gun ho and didn't think about what he was doing. He didn't check with so-called alliance. I don't like bullying. Never have. But, when they all ganged up on the 2 of them, I kind of felt sorry for them. I would have targeted Paul right off the bat, too. But, that's just me.

It still looks like Jessica will leave on Thursday. I do not think any of them will break ranks with Paul. They may talk it, but they won't do it.

Annabelle said...

Paul may be the puppet master but his game is benefiting a lot of HGs at this point, so I don't blame them for keeping him around for now. It would benefit very few people to keep Jessica in the house.

ceemurph said...

Good morning all. Sorry I missed out on RB Floats last night! The answer is to add bourbon if you have regular RB (there's even a Bobby Flay recipe out there somewhere for it!)

Ya' know, the reason Derek was never on the block is because he never REMINDED people he's never been on the block!!!!! UGH! *sigh* *groan*

Petals said...

Elena is pressing Mark to use the Veto on her. He can respect Josh's HOH by remaining on the block, save Elena because she "is more important" (her words, natch). And that she is voting for Jess to leave, because her "vote is more important & Julie listens to her more".
Yeah, Elena said all those things. (feeds, 1:59:50am)

Happy Monday!

Ed in Ohio said...

Dang it! Missed the pool party last night & there were NYFRB floats floating around.

I can't recall another season where so many are against so few for so long. They're obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Ceemurph, good tip! My husband will have. Guinness float every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Mark would be so stupid to use that veto on Elena! She's gong to wear him down until she gets her way...

Nickelpeed said...

Ed in Ohio - you are so right. This obsession about getting Cody and Jessica out has been going on since week 2. It's like Groundhog Day, on steroids.