Thursday, August 10, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Thursday Morning - August 10

Note Mark's body language ...

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother Halfway House:
  • The extended live feeds block last night was due to their halfway party complete with pizza and a cake with their portraits on it.
  • Elena stuffed herself. After all, she's been a Have Not for two weeks and is the ONLY Have Not this week.
  • It sucks to be her.
  • Right?
  • Raven blames Cody for the fact they got no alcohol for the party.
  • I would think with all her supposed medical and health woes, she shouldn't be drinking alcohol anyway.
  • Right?
  • Raven and Matt think they have a final three with Paul.
  • I hope not.
  • Raven irks me on the live feeds. Her main contribution to the house is cooking. Someone else could pick up that task. Heck, Cody can cook!
  • Matt and Raven also think that they're on Easy Street -- Elena and Mark are sketchy, hanging out with Jessica and Cody too much and all.
  • Ha.
  • Meanwhile, Josh is telling Christmas how sketchy Matt and Raven seem to be!
  • He also suspects that Alex and Jason have some kind of deal going on with Mark.
  • I guess they'll all start feeding on each other soon.
  • Jessica will go this week.
  • They want Cody out next week.
  • Then they'll all have to turn on each other.
  • After breaking her foot, Christmas just wanted to make it to jury. Now she has sights much further into the game.
  • Josh claims his loyalties are with Christmas, Paul and Kevin.
  • And, he again said he had wanted to save Jessica this week. 
  • That is, until she launched the attack on him on Tuesday.
  • All bets were off at that point.
  • After the party, Jessica and Cody exiled themselves again. I just can't watch them any more. I think the only couple/showmance I enjoyed watching on BB was Jeff/Jordan. They didn't get hot and heavy and were entertaining. Cody and Jessica are NOT entertaining unless you're into soft porn.
  • Jason says that Mark and Elena want to win HoH, bring Matt and Raven into their group and go after "us."
  • They also talked about the idea that Kevin might work with Cody. After all, he had been talking about that earlier in the week.
  • However, at this point, Kevin just cannot support the idea of working with Cody -- he's become too volatile. Kevin won't abide by physical threats.
  • They're still worried about a possible double eviction and have plans set up.
  • There should be no surprises tonight -- it will be Jessica going home. 

Captive hamsters

Will his oust Paul plan gain momentum?

Raven can leave sooner rather than later

Broken foot but scheming for the win


Terry is a Texan! said...

Im sorry America gave Christmas that ring....for someone who cannot participate she can sure manipulate and change the game. She wants to make it to the jury so she can get pad for lying around?
When Jessica is voted out, does she go to the jury house?

Chacha said...

Terry is a Texan-

Jessica should not be going to Jury- Although she may be sequestered. There is a special BB airing a week from tomorrow. I can't imagine that it can be another buy back, but who knows what CBS agenda is now that the main "showmance" is being torn apart.

I voted for Christmas to get that ring, I am glad it was used. It was tv ratings gold for the edit only tv watchers.

I know not everyone likes Christmas and I was on the bandwagon for getting her out after the broken foot, surgery, being out of the house for days issue.
But on the other hand she has stepped up her Social Game and that is a major contributor to remaining in the house.

Jeff/Jordan showmance- I long for the days of her drawing animals on his back... Jordan not being able to tell time.- I still youtube that. Its still so funny to me.

April said...

I hope Christmas using that ring comes back to bite her in the ass and she gets sent to jury earlier because of it. That ring was meant to help save her game, not to screw someone else. At least, that's why I voted for her to have it.
Personally, the only ones I really like anymore are Jess and Cody. They're fighters and everyone else (but Paul) is floating along.

David said...

Hello everyone.

I am one of those in the losing interest quick camp with this season. I am hoping for a dramatic change in the power structure of the house tonight. I still drop by and read Jackie's blog daily to see if anyone has had a light bulb pop up over their head yet, but so far I am disappointed in this whole cast. Usually I have a few I can pull for, but that is not the case with this cast. The opposition group is just not likeable nor are the group in charge, which is Paul in all reality. Did none of these people see the way Paul stabbed Victor in the back? sheeeesh.

Here is hoping for a Mark or Cody win tonight just to shake things up.

uncartie said...

Chacha,I agree with you on Christmas. She's playing the game and using the ring is part of it. Cody put her on the block earlier this season with no explanation why or any form of discussion that I can recall. Christmas using the ring was payback.

Jeff & Jordan are a sweet couple with integrity and morals vs Psycho Bully Cody & Self Entitled whiny princess Jessica.

Looking forward to tonight and the tension that's sure to be in the air. Josh has already said that production won't allow him to say "I got rid of your girlfriend" to Cody. It's a shame that it has to get even more scripted because they're obviously afraid of what Cody might do.

OTOH,I've been having this dream where Cody punches someone in the face,walks out the door with Jess,while security floods the set :)

Chacha said...


Mark has been trying to get Jason on board to get Paul out. The problem is it seems its a little to late as of now in the game. Paul has made the moves he needed.

Christmas using the ring helped Paul more than her I agree but she wanted to separate
Jess/COdy so in a sense it helped her as well. She isn't on anyones radar as of now. She is down the list for anyone in the game with maybe the exception of Cody. All she has is her social game to rely on if a comp isn't mental/crapshoot

Chacha said...


I have been saying for a few days that Cody should grab Jessica's hand and walk out with her.
Production would flip its lid.

Its funny last night I watched the pre game Cody interview with Jess. He has done pretty much the opposite of that interview. I like him even less now.

How unfortunate for me that he was my pool pick this year.

Anonymous said...

I like Kevin He is laying low and I am waiting for him to turn the house around

Ed in Ohio said...

I'm with David above^. I've kind of lost interest with this cast. Most times I'm left bored, disgusted, & smh rather than being entertained.

I am going to try and hang in there though, here on Jackie's blog because quite frankly all you guys & gals are more entertaining. I'd rather read what you all are thinking, commenting on (pro or con) while watching the show.

Sharon N said...

I'm with David and Ed on this one. Other than Kevin and Jason, this cast is pretty tedious.
We have gimp-along-Christmas, Alex, and obnoxious (but playing) Paul.
Other than aligning themselves with Paul... well, you get the picture (and the ears @@).

Too bad there's not more of Kevin/Jason and a LOT less of Raven, Elena and Josh.
Kevin and Jason haven't done anything (so far), but at least they're entertaining.
I'd add Cody & Jessica to the "lot less" mix, but they've checked-out anyway.

So far, Mark and Matt haven't added anything to the show, especially Matt. At least Mark wants to get Paul out. I doubt he'll be successful with Paul's blind followers... Mark isn't mentally strong enough to successfully argue his case.

Petals said...

I am one in the camp of Cody walking out with Jessica.

Sharon N said...

Petals, I'm one of that camp also.
If for no other reason than Production having a conniption!! LOL
It would also shake up the game...

Petals said...

So I had a new patient today, we were chatting about being Anglophiles and the Diana special airing this evening. I said I can't watch Diana b/c of Big Brother; he said SAME HERE! LOL

My co-workers rolled their eyes, but he and I knew - BB is a guilty pleasure and we (fans) are everywhere! LOL

Sharon N said...

You could always record Diana and watch later. :)
Saturdays are perfect... there's NOTHING on of any value in the summer!

Chacha said...

Sharon N-

Mark has stated he wants paul out but no one will listen YET. Paul has done that good of a job.
I am no huge Paul fan mind you. I wish he wouldn't have been on this year. I wanted all newbies.

If Cody wins HOH he even stated to Jess that he would go after Matt and Raven. It really is stupid.

Nickelpeed said...

None of them need alcohol. Raven can blame Cody all she wants, there are a few others in that house who should not touch a drop of alcohol - ever.

If Cody wins the HOH, it will be a waste if he goes after Matt and Raven. However, they all dislike him so much, I don't think it would matter who he puts on the block. The house would complain about anything dealing with Cody.

I just wish they'd oust Elena; or even Raven. I'd love to see them scramble. LOL.

uncartie said...

Sharon,I think Cody would go after Christmas for taking him out of the POV.

Anonymous said...

I have the same dilemma, Petals! I watched it last night.

Nickelpeed said...

I just found this on line. LOL

Brandi Lemons said...

I cancelled my live feeds I am not paying to have a four camera veiws of Jess and Cody for hours on end and Elana disgusts me she is crude and vulgur

Sharon N said...

If Cody wins HOH and puts up Christmas, I think his 2nd OTB choice would almost have to be either Paul, Alex, Jason or Kevin to get Christmas voted out. Anyone else... she'd stay.

Brandi Lemons,
My bet is a lot have canceled their feeds this year. I've never gotten the feeds because I feel like I can get enough of BB's squirrels on BBAD. But this year is so bad that I have only watched a few minutes of BBAD.

Sharon N said...

Thanks Penny.
That was a fun read!!

Brandi Lemons said...

Leans reminds me of Amanda I couldn't stand her either

Nickelpeed said...

Here's an interesting editorial commentary about BB19. It really is worth the read.

Nickelpeed said...

Will join everyone at 9 p.m. tonight. They are not broadcasting a live eviction tonight. Instead, CBS, in my area, is broadcasting a Saints vs Browns PRE-season football game. They are showing it later, but dang, this is so irritating. This is the same local station who prempted May's Survivor finale for weather...all 3 hours, then did not show it later.

So, I'll join everyone and enjoy the comments. LOL

Ed in Ohio said...

Penny thanks for the link above.

The Browns game tonight up here in the NE is on an ABC station.

Nickelpeed said...

Ed, I wish mine was on an ABC station. No such luck.

Sharon N said...

Dagnabit... same here in the Mountain zone. Football.
But it is set to record at 1:00am, so I'll follow Jackie's party tonight and watch the show tomorrow.