Wednesday, August 02, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 2

The life of the party

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Delirious Dolts:
  • Once again throughout the day, things were all cordial ... at least on the surface.
  • Paul and Cody treated each other rather politely until behind closed doors.
  • Josh didn't ruin any more pots or pans.
  • Jessica and Cody made appearances in between exiling themselves.
  • Jessica even laughed and talked with others.
  • Cody was um ... there. Every now and then he'd say something or give a little fake smile acknowledgment.
  • The biggest news of the day is the HoH Comp practice set up in the yard. They often do this so the hamsters won't totally suck at some sort of skill game during the live show.
  • They get to suck at it while we watch.
  • And, of course, every time production says something to them, we get the fish cam.
  • The comp is kind of like miniature golf with big balls and a tilted surface.
  • After the practice session was over, they all went back in the house on an indoor lockdown.
  • And, to talk about each other.
  • Paul is still uncertain what exactly the hex will do.
  • No one, including Jessica (or us!), know exactly how tomorrow's show will play out.
  • Production told everyone, including Paul, to practice.
  • So ... he can play?
  • Or, are they covering bases?
  • I guess we'll know tomorrow night! 

What? No cat ears?

Surprisingly, she's hanging in there

Went from 3-piece suits to this

Comp practice

The one on the show will look better


Sharon N said...

Kevin does the grunge look... makin' his kids proud!! LOL

By telling Paul to practice too, I think BB was covering their bases.
Not likely, but between now and Thursday night, Jessica could decide not to use the Hex Yeah, right... but I like that it threw Paul another curve.

Anonymous said...

Guess people really do dislike Paul..I know I do. Where are the players this year?

David said...

If Paul can play for HOH if Jessica uses the Hex, then it is just a reset and she can't play for HOH. I think production was just throwing Paul off by telling him to play. I don't think he gets to play for HOH no matter what happens. If they let him play then it is production bending over for Paul again and unfair. That would seriously blow.

Glenn said...

Could they decide to make it a game reset instead of a week reset? They could decide to let everyone play in the HOH competition. This way they can say that the entire house got a chance to play with no outgoing HOH.

monty924 said...

According to AG, Paul won't be playing whether she uses the hex or not. But always, jmo. :))

Jackie Hardin said...

I know this is way off the subject, but have any of you noticed that Matt wears the same shirt all the time or he has more. Just saying!

Nickelpeed said...

And, I have to work tomorrow. Dang it. I really want to see what the Hex really does. I really hope Jessica uses the hex. So far, Big Brother has only shown the "bad" side of Cody, not what they did the other night, which was JUST as bad. I'm interested in finding out whether or not they show everything.

Sharon N said...

Jackie Hardin,

Maybe Matt likes the style and color so much, he bought several exactly the same?
Kind of like having Shirt A, Shirt B, and Shirt C (one is for dress-up). LMAO

Ok, I have an odd off-the-grid sense of humor. :D

monty924 said...

Omg, these people are so stupid. Jessica told Paul that she can take everyone down and he can't play in the HOH. He and the rest of that group still don't believe her, LOL

Sharon N said...

Monty, for real?
I wouldn't be surprised if Paul thinks BB wants him to win.
He's such a big cheese ya know. @@

Paul knows he has been been playing the best game, so far. His huge ego can't accept that he just might not have it all figured out, and that he just might lose control...even with Jessica hand-feeding him the Hex truth.

HA!! I can hardly wait to see his expression!!

Nickelpeed said...

Paul is a legend in his own mind, but he has been playing the best game thus far.

None of them want to believe, especially Paul, that "America" would give her anything good. He just won't believe it. Dang, I have to wait to see the look on their faces. Life is just not fair sometimes. LOL

Petals said...

Here is a TMZ article about Cody (news of Monday's broufuffle reached them); they apparently did some research in to his military past:

Regretfully, I will miss this evening's pool party. One of our doctors is retiring and tonight is his party.
There is STELLA in the mini fridge and a large watermelon (National Watermelon Day).
Have fun later ♥

uncartie said...

Sharon,I have several of the exact same shirts. Every year a mens store I shop at has a tent sale and every year they have the exact same blue pinstripe dress shirts for $5.00 and I can't resist buying one. I must have a half dozen of them.

Petals,Cody's medals are pretty common,meaning that just about every one gets one or the whole unit is awarded them. Reminds me of my Uncle who always bragged that he won the Croix De Guerre,the second highest award that France bestows. He refused to tell anyone in the family the circumstances or how he was awarded it. it turned out he was a mail clerk the whole time he served and never even saw combat.@@

Paul and others imitate Mark. Aug 2 10:43PM Cam 3

chrob61 said...

It was weird ending the show last night prior to showing the POV ceremony. Even though Paul can be annoying, he still is playing the game. Unlike so many others. This will be a long summer of evictions (Josh, Jason, Christmas, Elena, etc...) that we are probably due for a double eviction.

I also thought the scenes with Cody/Jess were kinda sweet, him telling her she's got a chance and he's just the way he is....I am sure that was all edited well by the producers. Kind of tugged at the ol' heartstrings.

Candy Apple said...

I'll be glad to see Jess go so I can get rid of her horrid grammar. Cody and I. Cody and I. Cody and I.

Shut. Up. Woman.

Petals said...

Artie -
Be that as it may, I am not one to diminish someone's service to our country. My own brother has been deployed for the 3rd time to Kuwait, leaves in 2mths.

Joe in NY said...

While I will agree with uncartie (though it hurts) that Cody's medals are all largely of the participation kind (no bronze star, purple heart, etc.), I have to agree with Petals. Until you get off your TV watching butt and actually deploy overseas for 2 years, don't criticize the people who do. [That's a generic "you".]

No one has to like or dislike Cody. But we are all too quick to just trash EVERYTHING about someone we don't like. You think Cody is a hot head and hate him for that? That's fine. That doesn't mean he was not an honorably discharged marine. That doesn't mean he doesn't actually care about Jessica. Etc. Few people are complete heroes or complete villains. People's lives are more complicated - and contradictory - than that.

IAgirlsmom said...

OK, do we know that the practice golf game was for the HOH? Or could it be for the Temptation challenge? With a traditional HOH Paul wouldn't be able to compete in the next one, and if we believe the interview about the Hex rules, he wouldn't be able to compete after it was played either. So...why have him practice, unless they decided to change the Hex rules? (Or unless it isn't for HOH)
I have to say the editing did make me feel considerably more sympathetic to Cody. How he said the way he is makes him have few friends and no girlfriend or something along those lines. And he seemed kinda teary at points.
I'm not really for or against anyone, but did think the ganging up is mean spirited. I get "strategy" and all that, but it just seems more mean to me, like saying "strategy" is a license to behave poorly.
Looking forward to tonight being something new

chrob61 said...

I've got my fingers crossed that tonight either Mark or Elena with HOH. That would make for some good scrambling in the house, and maybe better viewing for us.

Sharon N said...

Good thought about the possibility of the practice being for the Temptation.
Although we know the Hex does say HOH/Paul won't be able to play for HOH, I haven't heard that he wouldn't be able to play in the Temptation round.

Seems to me that there's no real reason he couldn't play the Temptation because, if he loses, he will automatically go OTB as #3 (ala Jason). But these people as so stupid, no matter who's OTB with him, they'd probably vote out 1 of the other 2 anyway. @@

re the practices:
When BB ends each year, I tend to scratch quite a bit from my memory, so....
Am I remembering correctly that [in the past] all the players, including the out-going HOH, have had a turn with the comp practices, even if they aren't playing in the comp? There's no reason for HOH to practice other than it gives them something fun to do with the rest of the HGs. In this case, since BB told Paul to practice, it's fooling Paul and his minions into believing his theory that the Hex is just a Reset.

Anonymous said...

So far, despite all of the temptations and gimmicks that BB has thrown into the mix, very little would have affected a typical player's overall strategy. Paul remains the one sticking his neck out, wanting to run the show. Except for those who are now isolated and helpless, the others have simply fallen into line behind Paul, playing the numbers to deflect risk from themselves. That makes for a lot of deadwood in the cast.

With those numbers behind him, Paul shouldn't be leaving any time soon. And until he falls, it looks like a mundane season.

uncartie said...

I want to be clear. I do no mean in any way to deminish or demean Cody's service to our country. It is an honorable action to serve in the military. The medals? They are what they are.

I don't like Cody based on his actions in the house,especially when he was HOH. He's a bully and from what I can see not a particularly pleasant person to be around. My feelings have nothing to do with his service.

I want any one to win HOH with the exception of Jody,Mark,Elena,or Raven.

Sharon N said...

"Anyone but Jody, Mark, Elena, or Raven."
Which leaves Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh, or Kevin.

Unfortunately, the only ones who would put up Paul are Jessica/Cody... possibly Kevin. And I only say Kevin because he recently mentioned they need to start thinking about Paul pretty soon (waaaay past due IMO).

I don't want Jody to win HOH (someone else, please).
But if they do win... Josh and Raven will develop instant diarrhea.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Thank you Petals that was so interesting. Oddly, I can relate to him and reading about him I know how hard it is for him to be silly/social (My son was in 26 years) They have seen so much and been in places none of us could imagine. It damages them quite a bit.
I think Paul is disgusting. He is rude, obnoxious and down right unlikeable. Why those hamsters are letting him control the game instead of getting him out is beyond me.
His game of thrones fur vet just kills it for me

monty924 said...

Paul may very well be everything that folks out here don't like, but in there with his side of the house he isn't. He relates to them extremely well so of course they don't see it the same way. He's a number for them just as much as they're numbers for him. The house will further divide once it gets down to jury and then we will see some on his side go after him if they're smart. BB is a numbers game and if you can hold on long enough to the numbers, you make jury. That's when the real game begins for me.

Looking forward to the show tonight. See everyone later tonight at the show party post.

monty924 said...

President Trump's in WV tonight so my show may be preempted on one of our local channels. Good thing that I have a back up channel from Columbus, OH. :)))

Nickelpeed said...

I so wish I could watch with every one tonight. Crap.

Cody: considering he was weaponry, he was definitely in a war zone. Mostly today, soldiers only get a purple heart if the get wounded. The fact he didn't get wounded, to me, is great.

I understand his anger more after reading the article. i am not against Cody or Jessica. Yes, Cody went over board when he was hoh. I think he has made up for. Everyone is also, conveinently forgetting, what happened a few nights ago. 9 against 2, in a vulgarity laced, tirade. Cody said nothibg. He took it all. I feel he's redeemed himself.

monnie888 said...

CANDY APPLE I thought I was the only one that notice that Jessica's grammar is horrible. Cody and I. Ugh. NO, miss know it all, it's CODY AND ME! I get so annoy as most hamsters say it incorrectly. OR how about Cody and I's relationship! Grrrr. Go back to school. -Monnica PS. This is my first post this season.

Sharon N said...

Welcome to the Dark Side Monnie888. :)

Nickelpeed said...

Crap, Josh is HOH. :::sigh::: :-/

Anonymous said...

I was about to the say the same thing. I agree 100%.

Michael Plantinga said...

I understand it is a game, but how can anyone stand by and allow the way everyone especially josh is treating Cody and Jess. I have to admire Cody for keeping cool throughout, I know I would have a hard time if I was being treated so badly. Can't stand how everyone just does King Paul's bidding. Can they not see they are just handing him the game?