Wednesday, August 09, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 9

Hoping for divine intervention?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Examples:
  • We've had fish cam for the last few hours. I don't know what's up with that, but decided to get this report up anyway.
  • Not a lot has gone on.
  • No brouhahas. Not even a kerfuffle.
  • Surprise, surprise ... Cody and Jessica spent a lot of alone time together.
  • They appeared now and then with the others, but it was limited and neither interacted much.
  • Paul has made a song to memorize the order of the sounds that have been piped through the house. 
  • Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason and Kevin have been going over the sounds on and off all day.
  • I don't think Cody even cares.
  • "Oh, they played a baby sound as Jess and I had sex."
  • @@
  • Jessica is still pushing the idea that she's pregnant.
  • She probably isn't.
  • Mark is trying to get people to rally together to oust Paul. He says he only needs four.
  • Hmm.
  • I think the others will eventually go after Paul. But I think they want Cody out first, possibly thinking that Paul is the strongest weapon against Cody.
  • There was another make-up party, this one featuring Matt.
  • I really don't have much for you.
  • The feeds are still blocked.
  • Grr.

Fits in because he doesn't

You don't want to know

At least he does talk to the cameras (us)

Three amigos?


Judi Sweeney said...

You must have been bored watching all this Jackie... Thanks!!

Sharon N said...

While feeds were down, they must have had some kind of food-fest.
Now that the feeds are back up, Elena is saying she's so full it hurts.
Wonder if the dynamic duo joined the party....

monty924 said...

Half way party

monty924 said...

Some complaining out there about Raven's comments on her implant, or conditions, or both. She mentioned something about magnets. That's the truth. People with pacemakers of any kind, heart pacemaker, spinal cord stimulator, her digestive thing can't be around strong magnets. MRI anyone? It would pull it right out of her body. Now that one I know for a fact. That one she isn't embellishing on. All her other stories to be are up for debate. :))

monty924 said...

*to me... not to be ;)

Judi Sweeney said...

I have never heard of so many medical problems along with family tragedies for anyone like Raven has! I am surprised she passed all the medical exams for BB...

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

I can't spell worth crap tonight...

Raven has an illness or injury for every occasion. That's her shtick and everyone knows it in there and out here, lol.

Sharon N said...

As nauseating as Elena is, can't they please get Ravin out 1st? Just so we don't have to listen to hours upon hours of "it's all about ME" compounded with the diatribe of her "Medical Journal of Illnesses" and begging fans for money.

Petals said...

LOL at the Jason pic caption, Jackie!

^^^555 Sharon! Thank you!

BB-Boy said...

I hope Mark can get the people he needs to get Paul out! That would be amazing if he went out next