Wednesday, August 02, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Morning - August 2

Raven's too touchy-feely for my liking

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Egos in Exile:
  • In reference to the above screen cap -- Raven is always touching and caressing people. I'm sure it's some sort of psychological quirk in me, but I would shy away. Unless it's some kind of romance going on, I don't like random people touching and caressing me. 
  • No new circuses going on.
  • Mark, who's really not the brightest bulb in the BB pack, is actually trying to play both sides of the house.
  • He tells Paul he's loyal to them.
  • When asked by Cody if he was distancing himself from them (Jessica and Cody) due to Elena or what, Mark told him it was the house.
  • But he also told Cody he's loyal to them and wants to work with them.
  • I don't think Mark is savvy enough to work the double agent bit.
  • It's probably going to end up with neither side using him for anything other than a vote. Then they'll throw him to the wayside when they don't need him anymore.
  • You know, kind of like what Elena is doing with him.
  • Now she's irked because he has backed down from their relationship (at her bidding!).
  • I'm not a Mark fan, but feel kind of sorry for him. He seems to have the mindset of an adolescent when it comes to adult situations.
  • And, it seems like everybody in the house is using him for something or another.
  • Well, except for Josh.
  • When not throwing condiments on each other, they play fairly well together.
  • In three weeks, Christmas will graduate from a cast to a boot. If she's still in the house, she will still be limited as to which comps she can compete.
  • Paul wants the others to throw the next HoH comp to Josh.
  • That would most likely be the only way Josh could win one!
  • But a few of them -- Mark and Elena -- aren't too keen on that move.
  • None of Paul's crew want Mark to win HoH. They don't trust him, nor Elena's influence on him.
  • Hmm ... another bit of insight into Cody's psyche -- he told Jessica he barely talks to his mother even though she tries and tries to contact him. Once again, I think the dude is probably a good case for therapy. He might not have drug or alcohol issues, but these unsatisfied with life, jobs, people, etc. stuff are definitely affecting his whole personality.
  • Jessica fantasized about killing Alex by drowning so they could live happily ever after.
  • My gosh, they're ALL whacked!
  • Alex is Jessica's nemesis more than Paul is Cody's nemesis.
  • Well, maybe not Kevin and Jason. The "old" stay at home dude with a rather dubious background and the rodeo clown are the most normal people in the house!
  • All is rather calm in the house. Perhaps the calm before the storm? They (and we) expect Jessica to invoke the Halting Hex tomorrow night. 
  • But who knows what will happen after that? Will there be a show tonight for the benefit of Mr. Kite? I just don't know.
Due to some of the comments being made on my posts, I'd like to remind people that the opinions, no matter how prevalent on the part of some people, do not reflect my own. Although I've been involved in monitoring AOL message boards and chats, freelance recapping and/or blogging since BB1, I'm just here for the entertainment (and, of course, any donations folks might like to make!) -- I don't get personally involved in outcries of injustice, "loving" or "hating" any of the cast, etc. It's a show. Just entertain me and I'll be happy. Although I often like some hamsters more than others, I have no personal stake in how the show goes down. It ain't no skin off my nose! 

I just don't know about Josh

His cowboy hat got demoted?

Apparently Kevin is a pirate

Playing with Boy Toy's emotions

Cody presses any juice out of those chops

Jessica wants to pose like a Hymen Trophy

I guess I should explain the above screen cap -- Jessica told Cody that she will post like the Hymen Trophy with Julie tomorrow night. Cody laughed and sent her to Christmas and Paul to ask them what a hymen is. Heh. She meant Heisman, of course.


Anonymous said...

I don't have the feeds, but I found a video of the house fight from the other night on Youtube. I had to laugh when Jessica told Alex she wanted her voted out because she didn't trust her since Alex nominated her. I mean c'mon, just admit you want her voted out because you are jealous of the fact that Cody threw a comp to save her.

Chacha said...

ANON 11:09-

That is exactly what it comes down to, jealousy on Jessica's part. She knows that Cody wanted to keep Alex-

The fight on Monday was so stupid. wouldn't pick a side. Social media has gone crazy about it. All involved were wrong on all sides of the house.
Each houseguest has made horrible statements.

I do believe that Kevin and jason are in the best position in the house.

Josh to me has made a turn a round but I don't expect it to last

T-Town Chick said...

The feeling I get about Mark is that when he's with Paul's side of the house, he's honest about working with them. When he's with Cody's side of the house, he's honest about working with them. My point is I feel Mark is easily influenced. Oh Mark....

Judi Sweeney said...

Josh has made many turns in the house... every time I think he has his act together and has become a decent person... he goes out and makes another turn... in the negative for me! So I don't even bother thinking about him much anymore! LOL... Thanks Jackie!

T-Town Chick said...

Oops....I forgot to mention that Jackie is right. Some of the comments this season have gotten a little "tense" so to speak. Let's remember why we come here. I love this blog because I love Jackie's wit, her word choice and how we collectively talk to each other. I read other blogs and people rip each other apart in the comments section. This is supposed to be fun, so let's be respectful to each other and have FUN!

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie. Yes, it was blessedly calmer yesterday in the Cuckoo's Nest.
I wonder how much of the brou-fuffle will make it to air tonight?

Funny - I have never found Josh to be likable or stable, never been a fan. He just seems look to anyone for instruction, tries desperately to please. *smh*
He & Mark are very child-like, which is odd, given their stature(s). They both look to others for guidance, approval. Sad.

uncartie said...

Jess thinks they should all just grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the Jacuzzi and her psycho sidekick smiles. Jess is a sad person. I think she came into the show looking for a showmance so she could play to the camera. Unfortunately there wasn't a deep pool of eligible men this year so she got stuck with Cody. She's going to eventually regret that if she continues it on the outside.

Mark attempting to work both sides is hilarious. He's the floating cry baby,emotionally unstable and every one knows it. If there's ever a BB dictionary his pic would be next to the term 'floater'.

Nickelpeed said...

I have to laugh at this house. Most of them are whacked. Jessica's comment about hymen had me rolling on the floor. I actually wasn't thinking heisman. I thought she meant heimlich manuever. Give her a hug like the heimlich. LOL.

Anyway, I work tonight and tomorrow, so I'll miss the fun. See everyone Sunday.

Petals said...

Funny story about the Heisman/Hymen Trophy: When I was younger, I thought that it was the Thiesmann Trophy, named after the dude that got horrifically injured (his calf spun around on his knee like a propeller).
It wasn't until like 10 yrs ago that I figured it all out, @@.

(never said I was smart, LOL)

89358026-77bc-11e7-82e0-c7dc94ae1bd5 said...

I'm rooting for Mark right now.. only because he seems like the most decent person in the house.. dopey but good hearted. To me this is the worst season as far as finding someone likable or deserving to win. - Rita

Sharon N said...

Mark seems to be a nice enough guy.
It's just that he's immature and emotionally weak.

Of this group, the most likable are Kevin and Jason.
Not surprisingly, they act the most adult as well.

Actually, Matt doesn't seem to be a bad guy either.
It's just that he's relatively... invisible.
And it doesn't help that he's tied to Raven.

Anonymous said...

I have no favorites this year, but dislike comments regarding Cody 's military status. As part of a military family...once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine! You are either active or retired. His "crazy" antics could very easily be PTSD. The unseen scars of PTSD can be devastating.