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BB19: Live Feeds Monday into Tuesday, Brouhahas! - July 31/August 1

Josh tells Mark his woes with Cody

Oh my gosh. I worked late, came home exhausted and missed a huge brouhaha in the house! I've now caught up thanks to the Flashback feature and will give you the skinny. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Looney Toons:
  • Yes, Paul did some instigating.
  • But people are responsible for their own behavior in the house.
  • Sure, riling up Josh is like playing with dynamite.
  • But who thought Raven would turn into a raven' lunatic?
  • It all started with the Hex use possibility and with Paul saying that it's time for Cody to show his "real colors."
  • While I do enjoy a good brouhaha, this ended up not being quite that at all.
  • It ended up with Josh, Raven, Alex and Paul leading the charge against Jessica and Cody.
  • While it was aimed more at Cody, Jessica was targeted by Raven as much as Josh targeted Cody.
  • Paul instigated things with Josh, telling him what to say to Cody to "set him off."
  • But Raven was instigated by Christmas who told her that Jessica said horrible things at her.
  • Instead of making them both want to leave, it seems she's more likely to use the hex.
  • Instead of getting Cody riled up enough to get the boot from production, they might have lengthened his stay.
  • There ended up being arguments between Jessica and Cody, Christmas and Matt and more.
  • This isn't good, not really.
  • Yet Mark and Josh are getting along okay. Mark told Josh he's glad he's not the target of this mess.
  • Hmm.
  • Some are questioning if Cody ever was a Marine.
  • I think he probably was one. But it is odd that he has to think of his last rank. "Um. I think I was a ... corporal."
  • Josh told us that he's not a bully.
  • I don't know. He seems to be doing a lot of bullying.
  • It's all a huge mess in the house right now.
  • While I think Cody has no social game and isn't a good candidate for the show, this is all a bit too much.
  • Yes, Paul instigated Josh and the idea. But some people were just kind of "there" -- Kevin, Jason come to mind.
  • Alex, Christmas, Raven, Josh ... they didn't have to do this or go this far.
  • Paul claims to react to bullying by being the bigger bully. Hmm. Cody's bullying is more of a physical threat fistfight kind of thing. Paul's is an outright war. 
  • Even with the war as it was, Cody didn't get physical. 
  • Mark thinks that they should stop and think how it all looks to others.
  • Words of wisdom from someone who's shown little emotional growth, but he's right.
  • But, like I said, it will probably all backfire. They all just bought more time with Jessica and Cody. 

A Raven lunatic?

If not for Cody, Jessica would go far.

Will this all backfire on him?

New duo? Nah.

In circus theme mode again

Meeting of the minds and mindless.

Will he stay or go?


ITCHY said...

It looked like everyone but Elana and Mark were involved in this. I was amazed that production let it go on as long as they did. I am not a fan of Jessica and Cody this year I don't even have a horse in this race. Paul may not be a fan of many out here but he does know how to play the game. I think Josh had one of the best comments during all of it that the rate they are going BB 19 may get cancelled. I watch this for entertainment but it seems to be bordering on another reality show going on at the same time at the White House. I am not sure which is worse now. At least I have the option of turning off BB.

Petals said...

My post from this morning on your last thread...re: this very situation:

Although I was disgusted by yesterday's attack, today I am smiling to myself about it.
Paul just shot himself in the foot.

Through all the shouting and antics (from Paul & the Friendsheep), a few choice things will rise from the dust:
Most of them participated/witnessed behavior that they disagreed with, and they did it for PAUL.
Raven even began "woofing" and panting, being Paul's dog.
In the dark of their beds later, when they all remember what was said & done and, more importantly, WHY it was said & done - one thing will be certain: I DID THIS BECAUSE PAUL TOLD ME TO.
*record scratch* WHAT?
Matt, Mark, Jason & Kevin all have souls and are (relatively) decent men. I feel that they didn't sleep well last night, for disgust of their own behavior.
Girls have less guilt about that - sadly, it's part of our personalities.
Xmas & Raven seemed to really revel in the attack. They wanted to taste blood.

Paul just sank his own ship and elevated Jody.

So there is my $.02.
And I love you ALL ♥

Sharon N said...

The more adult of the crew in this house are Kevin, Jason and Matt.
Yes, Matt. He may be laying low and rarely seen, but strikes me he also doesn't want to be involved in most of the childish antics...doesn't approve.

I don't like Cody much, but I have to admire the he kept a lid on it during the worst harassing...even laughed with Jess and showed a bit of personality.

Josh is Josh...an idiot. But the ones coming out looking the worst are Paul, Christmas, Raven and Alex. IMO, most fans of the show won't react well.

Anonymous said...

These people disgust me Paul may know how to play the game but his methods and mindless followers leave a bad taste in my mouth

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the feeds so I have a question for those of you who do. From what I understand Paul told his "alliance" to harass Cody and Jessica, and they willing did it? How is it different from the way Evil Dick harassed people during his season? I guess what I'm asking is what exactly did they do to Cody and Jessica that went too far?

April said...

I'm pretty sure Evil Dick did it so that he would go home when they put him on the block next to Danielle. That was 10 years ago so my memory may be off. Paul is doing this because he's an asshole and just wants to mess with Cody and make him self-evict or have production kick him off. Huuuuuuuuugggggee difference.

Judi Sweeney said...

Rest assured Cody was in the Marine Corp. Perhaps he just doesn't feel he needs to prove it by listing his rank and information to people who really don't care or may not even respect the military.

Though my son-in-law is very proud of his service in the Marine Corp, he never even let my daughter put up military stickers on the car. He rarely talks about his service or all that he dealt with and the death he saw. We learned most of it because there was a book written by a reporter who was attached to his unit during the Battle of Fallujah. The writer wrote a lot about him in his book.

Most military who have seen a lot, put their experiences on the back burner. They are trained in how to control their emotions and actions. Sometimes that is not always good.

Because I saw this in my two brothers (Vietnam War), Husband (Korea), s-I-l and step-son (Iraq/Afghanistan)... i know of three friends who committed suicide. I finally get it! I knew how each one was before they joined and went overseas into battle and how they had changed when they returned. Some only slightly charged while others were more noticeable. In time, these changes eased up in all of them. That's why I try to understand Cody a little bit more than I normally would.

Trust me, I hate how he plays this game and sometimes I wonder if he is even playing it at all. But, as a person outside of this house I think there is a lot more to him and he is probably more normal and less defensive on the outside. I bet he is actually fun to be with when he isn't on guard against the so called enemy! Who knows!?!

Raven has only come alive in this game to carry out Christmas's "let's bully" time... I used to think Alex was her own person and made her own decisions... I thought she just may just win this baby! But, now she has just become one of Paul's many puppets! Disappointed in her right now... maybe she may snap out of it and start playing HER game again!

I know I am probably alone in this.... but from the day it was discovered that Christmas had broken bone, I felt production should have pulled her from the game! Or at least pulled her name from POV selection. It's not fair to the person who has drawn her name AND the games shouldn't be catered to her.

T-Town Chick said...

Petals you took the words right out of my mouth. I was excited when another "brouhaha" started up again, but this one didn't feel right. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Big Brother brouhaha, but this one went in a different direction and it was unsettling. First, I don't like it when one or two people get ganged up on from everyone else. Second, I never like it when they get personal. If you want to fight in BB, by all means go at it, but fight over game moves. NO personal attacks.
I also agree with you where Paul shot himself in the foot. I've never been a fan of Paul. I didn't like him last year, but admired how he wiggled his way all the way to the final two. This season, again, not a Paul fan, but I was rooting for him because I really don't like Cody, and I'm AMAZED how he has single handedly controlled this house. That being said, I think his ego finally got the best of him, he's playing personal against Cody. Paul's a smart guy so it will be interesting how his strategy changes in the following days.

Judi Sweeney said...

Evil did his harassments HIMSELF when he was up against his daughter. He wanted them to vote HIM out. Evil Dick did not gather up five or six other people to gang up and constantly bully antagoning to the extent to draw enough violence so fists are used to get a person evicted or self-evict. Evil Dick did his own work and took his own risks! Paul is not putting HIS body or face in danger.... he is encouraging others to engage in violence! That's the difference

Petals said...

Anon 1:54 -

Evel Dick was one man terrorizing the house; yesterday was the house terrorizing 2 people.
It was just ugly, vulgar. Especially when "angelic, terminally-ill-with-two-diseases" Raven began her Bad Girls Club tirade. Real nastiness there.

Also, Paul had taken his sheeple aside to give them hot-button words to use on Cody, like "you were never a Marine", "p****", etc. They all agreed. They even donned Tu-Tus for the attack.

ED's attacks were never choreographed like that; he would spontaneously blow-up at someone.

Some people have said that Jody are "getting back what they deserve", that "they can dish it out but cannot take it". I truly cannot remember Cody and/or Jessica actively planning an attack on someone, donning costumes and getting pots & pans, screaming vulgarities and dancing around their victims. Did that happen & I missed it?
Cody did tell Megan he didn't like her. He didn't belabor it. She was unstable anyway and would have eventually left the game, IMO
Maybe it's just me, or maybe I've grown soft in my old age, but yesterday's feeds made me ill.

Anonymous said...

I agree E.D. did his own bulling Paul is a coward and a douche and the rest are the same yes even u Christmas at least Jody aren't douches

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see all the comments here reflecting exactly how yesterday's horrible behavior affected me. I kept wanting BB to say "Stop that!!!!" Or calling some of the worst offenders into the diary room I lost all respect for Christmas, Raven, Alex, and Paul last night. I had already lost respect for Josh and cannot BELIEVE he is still in the house. I hope Jody win HOH and put up Paul and Josh this week. I am really interested to see the edit on Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

The part I was so shocked at was when everyone was all fired up....Paul said something like this is great lets take this party/fight outside where Cody and Jessica are. He is a piece of work. Shame on CBS for promoting this PAUL SHOW!! That's all it is and has been....Paul Paul Paul!

Goldie said...

With all that happened yesterday, was there ever a pov ceremony?

Anonymous said...

With Cody "not knowing" his rank can be explained as him getting into trouble too much and being demoted. I've been with guys that as soon as they gained a rank or two they'd mess up and be demoted. So maybe he doesn't know because he stayed in trouble, but his rank at discharge will be on his dd-214.

Anonymous said...

ED vs paul is a little different but I DO think people who tolerate, disregard or commend ED's antics are hypocrites if they don't condone Paul's antics. They are different but still bullying and crossing the line.

ED acted alone, but Paul is using his gift of social influence to get others to attack

To answer Goldie's question.

Actually the POV ceremony is what started this whole thing, as I understand it. A rundown:

Paul said something personal and rude to or about Cody during his veto speech.

This put Jody on edge, because once again, despite the deal Jess made with the Paul side, here they go taking shots at her and cody

So Jess catches Raven whispering with Jason and Kevin and thinks that they were talking about her, so she confronted Raven.

Raven seemed genuinely SHOCKED that Jess thought she was talking about her behind her back. She tried to explain but Jody wasn't having it.

Raven sent Jason in the room to explain to Jody what they were actually talking about (we don't know because feeds went down, but from what we DID see, Raven seems to be telling the truth).

This led to Jody questioning Jason's game and character.

So now you have Jason and Raven feeling personally attacked by Jody and keep in mind Josh already hates Cody, Paul is just sitting like the snake he is waiting for the perfect time to strike and Alex is just a firecracker ready to pop. And I've noticed Xmas is very sneaky with her instigations. She instigates by trying to sound reasonable, bringing up questions that are more accusatory.

So guess what happens when you put all these people in a room together? Well Jason and Raven end up in the storage room with Paul, Josh, Xmas, Kevin and pretty much everyone except Marlena and Jody, explaining how Jody attacked them. This turned into Cody-bashing.

This was Paul's moment. He literally said "okay f-- it, let's turn this house upside down' and essentially commanded everyone to go on the attack.

From Here Josh grabbed his pots and pans and went to work. Raven started screaming at Jessica and then Alex chimed in. Paul stood instigating the whole thing. ...this was how the first bruhaha occurred.

But after that Josh kept with the pots and pans and Raven stormed around, whilst paul egged them on, until he was called to the DR (presumedly to be told to cool it).

Jess would be DUMB not to use the hex.


Nickelpeed said...

The whole difference between this and Evil Dick and others, is that practically the whole house literally verbal, some in your face, attacks. This went on FOREVER!

This whole event so disgusted me. It went waaaaay beyond than it should have gone. I loved it when a fan, with a bullhorn, shouted, "We love you Jessica. Paul is a bully." Something like that.

For me, this just solidified my support for Jessica and Cody. I was shocked to see that Cody just ignored everything. Not even a yell back. It was funny when he had to pull Jessica away from the house, to the back yard, when most of them ganged up on her.

I certainly would NEVER take a dance class from Raven. I could not believe she just went on and on. Then promoted her stupidity with the double finger. Jessica and Cody just ignored them.

Then instead of banging the drum slowly, Josh and Paul set off fireworks with banging the pans, consistently. Did Jody respond. Not one bit. Very proud of them.

Paul was inciting violence. Egging on Josh. His whole purpose was to get Cody to fist fight someone and get self evicted. My gosh. This never stopped. Raven was a raving lunatic. Christmas egged Alex and her on. I really thought Jessica and Raven were going to beat each other up when they were inside. I am so glad Cody pulled her away and took her outside.

Paul was called in to the DR and was told to stop inciting violence. So, he came out and told everyone that they had to stop the violent stuff and just keep up the verbal abuse. Jessica and Cody sat in the hammock and took it all in.

This was bullying on steroids. I hope it backfires. I do not even think any of them will look back and think, "Wow, Paul is a piece of work. I need to separate myself from him." That will not happen. The only ones who did not participate were Kevin, Jason, Matt and Kevin. Even though a few of the bullies did say things to Mark. He was just happy the worse part wasn't directed at him.

This, IMO, was horrible. I think this will bring people more to Jody's side, than away. It's about time people see Paul for what he really is. An idiot and bully.

Anonymous said...

Also, forgot to mention, at the veto, apparently Cody refused to give a speech and participate which rubbed some the wrong way, not sure if this is what prompted Paul to insult him or vice versa.


Nickelpeed said...

Yes, Anon 5:35, it really irked Paul when Cody wouldn't give a leaving speech. Josh thought it was cowardly because it's part of BB. This whole thing was disgusting. This went on for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time. But mind you, Jody, did not respond when they went outside. AND, it was actually Cody who pulled Jessica out of the situation and pushed her outside. He was laughing outside, smiling and they even made fun of the situation. LOL

Judi Sweeney said...

Anon 2:33:

I NEVER said I condoned anything Evil Dick did! I disliked him just as much as I dislike Paul! Don't confuse the explanation as to what the difference was between the two as ever condoning either one! Just explaining how "I" saw the difference in the two bully actions!!!

Sharon N said...

Anon 4:35
Actually, BB Production DID start calling them into DR, one at a time (starting with Paul). They were told that they can NOT follow Cody/Jess around, attempt to push Cody into a fight, or try to get Cody/Jess to self-evict, or touch their personal items. However, they CAN still bang pans and do things like putting Vaseline on the door knobs, etc.

After than, it started to calm down considerably and, as as Jackie noted, several started to regret their actions. No doubt, it will be much too late in Cody & Jess' minds.

Not only was the total bully-tactics obnoxious and wrong on many levels, it was incredibly stupid, and they really don't know everything about the Hex.
Paul has no clue that he can't play in the next HOH.

If Cody/Jessica win the next HOH, guess who will pay the price?
Paul, Josh, Raven and/or Christmas will be at the top of their eviction list.
Cody/Jess won't believe Paul if he starts saying it wasn't his fault and he wasn't "doing" the harassment. Heck, maybe those other dolts will finally WAKE UP!!!

Aside from that...
I know some disagree, but I still maintain that BB should not have allowed Christmas to stay after the broken foot/surgery. If it had been a sprain, or a simple cut with stitches (like Raven), that would have been different, but she's incapacitated enough that she isn't allowed to participate in most physical comps.

Unknown said...

I agree with everyone I've wTched from the first BB. I'm shocked the network has not stepped in.I look forward to stratigic game play not personal attacks . This is a social game that should have lots of twists and turns ! That's the BB I know this is disgusting and truly hard to watch .I'm hoping there's a shift soon. Applause to jess and Cody for not stooping to their level SMH

Nickelpeed said...

Sharon N. I totally agree with you about Christmas. She can't participate in anything but memory or mental competitions. She used to be really loved by America, but now she's close to the end. I looked at a chart on who's liked the most; and believe it or not, Jessica and Cody are right up there with Kevin and Jason.

Sharon N said...

The abusers sunk to a new low in ranking, but after yesterday's hoopla, I'm not surprised Cody/Jess have risen on the list (Jess is #1 right now). They didn't respond to the attacks, and it helped to see Cody could keep his cool and actually laugh about it. Their lack of response has put them in a much better light with viewers.

Although Matt didn't contribute to "Paul's party" last night, he's still low on the totem pole. It's unfortunate that he doesn't contribute much of anything to the game. He's just one of the nicer guys who will probably finish way down the list.

Petals said...

Sharon -
I agree with you 100% about Xmas & that foot. She has an unfair advantage, she is being protected whether - consciously or subconsciously - by the others, and she is ON NARCOTICS. Take it from me, they can really cause mood swings, and I'm sure Mr. Vicodin had a lot to do with her viciousness yesterday
Yes - I do agree she should have been sent home, and invited to come back next season.

Petals said...

From Jokers, LOL
Every1 gathered around Paul. Kevin in lounger comments to Jason: He's got them eatin outta his hand, u know that right? NT - moeopoly
"They're all lookin at him wild-eyed, like he's the new teacher in 1st grade."

How FUNNY is Kevin!?

Sharon N said...

yeah, I saw that Kevin comment and couldn't help thinking... "What the heck? Kevin said that with Paul sitting right there?"

Kevin may say things in a funny way, but Paul will start wondering about Kevin's intentions and that's always dangerous. Paul will start sabotaging Kevin soon, with made up reasons why he needs to go. That is, if Paul lasts beyond next week!! lol

Nickelpeed said...

I loved that comment made by Kevin. They others still do not get it, though.

I was happy to see that Jess and Cody were much higher on the like list. I think Cody is either 3 or 4. He's higher than Paul. Raven and Josh are really low. How funny is that?

Nobody likes to see 6-7 people gang up on 1-2 people. I do agree with you Sharon. The fact that Jody did not respond, helped their cause. I know it has to irritate Paul that Cody did not respond the way he wanted him. This attack was really intense. The fact that he didn't respond tends to have me believe that Cody might be a great actor. Seriously. Look at how he's reacted before. This attack went on for a long time. He didn't make one peep.

I still loved it when the guy in the bull horn yelled to Jessica and called Paul a bully. I hope Paul and crew heard this. And, I'm hoping others will come by to do the same. LOL

Anonymous said...

Also, I wanted to say that Cody's military portrait is floating around twitter so he's definitely been in the service...


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Most recollections here are correct about Evel Dick and what he did during S8. The pots and pans morning was the morning of the veto comp when he and Daniele were on the block together. He told her, the night before, that he was going to make them hate him so much that they would vote him out before her. He got up that morning, and one the funniest tirades ever on the show commenced. I thought it was hilarious but I didn't like Dustin and that bunch much anyways, mostly Dustin because he walked around in that stupid King robe and crown all week when he was HOH.

His other goal in all of that was to rattle as many people as possible before the veto comp. Well, it worked and he did win it. I think it was the croquet comp. He took down Daniele with his veto and Dustin volunteered to be a the pawn and the rest was history. Evel didn't think he was staying but America's player vote flipped the vote and Dustin was blindsided in one of the most satisfying blindsides ever (for me, at least).

I don't compare Paul to Evel at all. There is only one Evel Dick. I also think that the fallout of the brouhahas yesterday will have consequences and that's fine too. I'm just not judging any of them for how they play the game. The folks in there will take care of the trouble makers.