Sunday, September 17, 2006

'Big Brother 7: All Stars' - Sunday Morning Coffee Break Update

Shade over on AOL was kind enough to give me a cup of coffee, so I decided it's the perfect time for a BB7 break!

There are tons of news articles out there and I thought that some of the readers would enjoy catching up with our summer shomances. Of course, we just led them on... let them THINK we loved 'em. We don't, really. They were just our summer shomances and we're onto new shomances for the fall season!

But, here ya go:

Media Fiends put up the transcript of the final Housecalls with Mike Boogie and Erika here at this link.

Entertainment Weekly ran an interview with Mike Boogie and Erika here.

SC Magazine interviewed Mike at this link. They interviewed Erika separately at this link.

There are wrap party photos at

Sit back and enjoy your cup of joe as you read about our summer fling.


ORKMommy said...

Thanks for the links Jackie! I know I should just get over BB, but I can't help myself. I'd really like to point out to Mike that most of the negative comments he made were NOT during the first 24hrs after Will left. And while the show may be edited, the feeds are not!! He keeps using those two things as an excuse for his behavior!!

Ok. I think I'm done now :)

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Will and Boogie wanting to do TAR, but it seems the opposite of their strategy - never winning comps, not really competing. It would be interesting to actually watch them TRY to win a comp.

Anonymous said...

I'm with orkmommy it's hard to get past the hostility I feel about Mike. Everytime an interviewer tries to get him to take some responsibility for his actions he chalks it all up to either fantastic game play or being so hurt and blind sided by Will's eviction that he just momentarily lashed out.

What sort of Bizarro World does this man reside in? He's on the feeds in week 3 screaming about Janelle being a
f*%king c#nt! He told Will he was going to "piss right on Janelle's face, he referred to female HG's as bitches, c*#ts, and whores how many times? He seems to be deeply delusional about the definition of the word whore. Erica "slept" with him because she liked him. Mike "slept" with Erica to make money. That makes him a whore and Erica a woman who needs to get better taste in men.

Mike also seems to think that his game play was no worse than Will or Janelle's. Hmmm, let's see, Will finessed the HG's into doing whatever he wanted without laying so much as a lip or a tongue on any of them. Janelle won a record breaking number of competions and was heartbreakingly loyal to her alliance members including the turn-coat James. And then there's Mike, a man whose main activities in the house, on the occasions when he could tear himself away from his beloved bottle of lotion, were being sleezily and physically intimate with a woman he didn't like or respect, raging and spewing vulgaries on the feeds and in the diary room, trying super hard to convince the HG's and viewers how "street" and "ghetto" he is, and being spoon fed day to day strategy by Will; the only member of CT with a brain and no bottle of lotion.

Boogie was in the house because of Will, he stayed in the house because of Will, he won the game because Erica tried to do to Janelle what Boogie had been doing to her for weeks. After Janelle was evicted Erica bragged to Mike how easy it had been to manipulate and use Janelle, seemingly proud that her gameplay followed Mike's example.

Yet in typical Mike Boogie fashion he wants all the credit for winning and none of the responsibility for anything he may have said in the process.


PS With any luck Mike Boogie will never be on TV again. Unless perhaps an appearence on Ashton's show Punked where perhaps we could get to see Demi tasering Mike a couple of dozen times. LOL

sharon said...

Boy,the pictures of the wrap party look less than exciting!!! It looks like a kegger at the VFW....LOL!!

Wasn't interested to hear ANY interviews with either of the "winners",but was elated to read that BOOGER strolled in to a less than stellar welcome.Get the message,scumbag!

As I wrote on another post....please God,do not want to see WILL and BOOGER on TAR representing America! Not what we need a couple of the "ugliest" of us going around Europe,Asia and Africa pulling their dirty tricks and making us all look bad! No,no,no a thousand times NO!

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm going to have to check all those links. I thought I was over BB7. LOL! Thanks, Jackie.

Love the cup of Joe from Shade! You needed that with all your sleepless nights on BB7. :))

I think I need TAR to finally get over BB7. Of course I'll be peeking here on the east coast for Jackie's critique.

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

HELP! I need rehab! I have the BB blues! They were in our lives for 3 months, and now their gone. What are the stages of grief? Please BB house guests, help us fans! LOL

Again, thanks Jackie! :)

Anonymous said...

okay, so my question to Boogie and I am curious if it has been asked in any interview is:

Was Boogie somewhat "happy" on the inside that Will got the boot because he knew he couldn't beat him?

Anyone see if that has been asked anywhere?

P.S. I don't watch TAW but I would DEFINITELY watch if Will and Boogie went on

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with orkmommy and lili. I saw Mike, Erika and Janelle on the View and loved that Rosie O'D told Mike exactly what she thought of his behavior and wanted only to talk to Janelle and Erika. I could do without Erika but at least she called Mike on his garbage. In typical style, he is unapologetic. Never liked him, never will. I really do accept that many of the houseguests behave differently on the "outside", I just have my doubts about Mike. Even his outside life indicates a demeanor of trying to be cool and overestimating himself.

I tried watching the episode of Housecalls with him and Erika and even though I usually like Housecalls, those two were just too boring and full of themselves. I actually stopped watching about a 3rd of the way through, unusual for me. I'd be perfectly happy not to see Mike again. I was pretty indifferent about Erika and then she turned me off with all her taking credit for some brilliant game play. Hope it makes her happy. just all makes me glad to be me and to return to normal TV shows. Best to all and thanks to Jackie.


Anonymous said...

Jackie, You are a class act unlike BB7 showing Ericka, on live t.v, all the stuff that Mike said about his showmance