Sunday, November 19, 2006

TV Newsy Bits - Sunday, November 18, 2006

It's Sunday! Of course, you know that I'll be watching tonight's Amazing Race. Did you see the promos? They have the teams in armored tanks. Now, that looks interesting. May the ChoBros rule!

In comments, blog reader Sydney mentioned seeing a TV show promo while watching the most excellent new James Bond movie. The advertised show intrigued her and yes, I can help. I wrote a brief preview of the upcoming My Boys show which will premiere November 28 on TBS (the very funny station). It's one of two new original sitcoms I previewed thanks to screeners from the good folks at Turner Broadcasting. The other show is 10 Items or Less - both innovative and funny. That one will premiere Monday, November 27.

In other TV-related news:
  • I'm tired of hearing about Tomkat's wedding. Make them stop! I'll admit it's a cool castle, though.
  • Sarah Ferguson Begs For Spot on Dancing With the Stars - Do you think Fergie has a chance?
  • FOX Orders Additional Episodes of "Standoff" - I haven't watched this show as of yet, but the premise sounds interesting. Are you watching? Should I check it out?
  • Gordon Ramsey, the ill-tempered chef of Hell's Kitchen, has opened a new restaurant in Manhattan. I'm tempted to make a reservation, but I'm sure it's a bit out of my budget.
  • Can't get enough Amazing Race? Reality News Online has transcribed the latest "Insider" video from the CBS website. Find out what we didn't see on last week's show before we see what we will see on tonight's show!
  • It seems that The Bachelor has been renewed for another season.
  • Save the cheerleader, save the world. (Yeah, that's my new favorite TV tag line.) Not only is tomorrow night's Heroes episode a crucial one, but some new cast announcements are out and about. Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston and George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) will be added to the cast. Takei will be playing Hiro's father. Perfect! Dang, I love this show.


Sydney said...

Good Morning! Yes Yes Yes I think Fergie for sure has a chance to get on DWTS. I think people would like her personality but I'm not sure she's god twinkle toes. She might be eliminated in the first few rounds, and, like tatum O'Neill, I'd be sorry to see her go so soon.

Amazing that former Sulu will come on as Hiro's dad...cant' wait! Also, I TIVO Bach in the same time slot so I found Heros repats on Sci Fi Channel on
another nite.

I have egg on my face Jackie, wondering how I missed your preview of My Boys... Maybe it posted when I was gone? I go back and read what I missed or so I thought! Anyway, thanks for the preview. I'm originally from Chicago so it will be fun to see something set there where it looks like they include the city alot, rather than all sets.

delee said...

I would root for Fergie "Sarah", to be on DWTS. Why not! Just wonder who the "sports star" will be this time?

I saw that about Gordon R's 1st USA restaurant. Just go for dessert, Jackie! Probably for that you would need to rob a bank.

Have my fingers crossed everyones AR starts on time tonight.... GO CHO BOYS!!!!!

meb said...

Jackie...Standoff is a great show. The two negotiators also have a love interest. But the most interesting part is when they are negotiating with a hostile. Well written. You really need to see the first few episodes...they were the best.

Really upset about the Cho Bros being eliminated tonight but they said they played the game the way they were raised and while they may not win the money they will be proud of how they played the game and can hold their head up high.

I can't say the same about BAMA! As much as I don't like Kimberly, Ron, and the models I don't want BAMA to win either, so go boy toys.