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'Big Brother 8' -7/31 Show - Live Blogged from the East Coast

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Welcome one, welcome all! This post will be constantly updated throughout the show as it airs here in the NYC area. Since it's in that format, please forgive typos and mispellings. See! I misspelled mispellings! :-)

The recap is still going on right now as I get this up...

Jen is crying ... well, it's her original cry. Not a new cry. Dustin told Kail that neither Jen or Kail are his targets. His target is Zach. Kail asked him what will happen if neither win, he said Jen goes home.

Then he tells us Kail shouldn't trust him. If Jen, Kail, Zach or Nick go home, he'll be content.

Amber told Dustin that Nick is playing Jen because he's comforting her over her nomination "hurt." Amber is pushng Dustin for a backdoor of Nick.

It's time for the Veto Competition. Kail, Dustin, Jen play and they choose --- Dustin/Daniele, Jen/Jameka, Kail/Jessica. Kail look disgusted. Eric is the host. And, as we know from the feeds, it's several hours before the comp.

Jameka told Jen that she will do her best to win for her. Jameka told Dick that she would remove Jen from the block because she is playing for her -- Jen pulled her ball. She went all into the predestined God's will explanation. Dick is right when he talks to us and says God probably has better things to do.

Veto comp is on. Eric has a beret on and is attempting a French accent. They all don berets and go to the Big Brother art gallery. Whine... er... wine as Amber's not there, and chees for all. Vincent Van Veto, BB slogans. They will earn BB Bucks for each masterpiece completed.

The first one went to Daniele although it looked like SpongeBob Squarepants on a house. Daniele won the second one, too. Ack, Daniele got eliminated with a wrong answer. Kail is in the lead. Now items are for sale. A trip for 2 to Barbados ... Dustin takes it. Daniele glared at him. Jessica tells us how mad she was. Dick think's he's a jhackass.

Kail answered wrong and was eliminated. Dustin is in the lead, plus he has a trip. They offer 5,000 dollars for the price of $1500 BB Bucks. Dustin does it again! Everyone almost dies.

Amber cries.

Dick thinks Jen answered wrong just so Jameka would win (as she was in the lead). Jameka regrets telling her she'd save her and thinks Jen threw the last question.

Dick asked Dustin why he took the trip, calling it selfish. Amber's mad at Dustin, too. She asks Jameka again about taking Jen off the block. The church music starts.

Amber cries.

Even Eric thinks Dustin made a fool of himself.

Dick confronted Jen about throwing the comp so Jameka would win.

America's Player -- The catch phrase is indeed "I'd do that for a dollar." He got a few to say it, then told Dick about using it to mock Amber's sayings.

Dick explains the LNC. Daniele, Dick, Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jessica, Jameka. They decide Nick will go up on the block in Jen's place. Eric wants Nick to go because he's a fierce competitor. Daniele would prefer Jen stay on the block and go home.

Whoa. Jessica spoke smartly!

Jameka thinks Zach should go because he's sahdy to everyone and a nobody.

It's time for Jameka to stare at the Memory Wall. Anyone who was nominated "has a dream." Zach doesn't think Dustin will put him on the block. Nick and Kail think Zach will go on the block.

Veto meeting -- Jen says everything happens for a reason and I really enjoy being here... twice. Kail won't ask her to use it over her friend. Jameka - Actions speak louder than words -- cut to a nervous Dustin. Jameka saves Jen.

Dustin nominates Nick and says there are people who have been playing both sides. Nick looks a bit surprised. Daniele looks more surprised.

Daniele cries.

Amber cries.

Kail thinks everyone loves Nick. Jen is upset that he put up Nick.

Who do we want Eric to get evicted? Now, we know that Kail is actually the pawn and the house is on a Nick go route now.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds News Tues. 7/31

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

So much more than just a pretty face, right? He's not only HOH, he's MoH -- Mohawk Hairdresser! Another Zoetawny graphic! I'll be live-blogging tonight's show as it airs here on the East Coast. It starts at 9 PM tonight, so I'll get a post going around that time and update it throughout the show. As always, you're all invited to discuss the show in the comments. There are a few rules, though.
  • You may not throw iced tea on each other. Only water is allowed.
  • If you must refer to a part of either the male or female anatomy, please substitute the word AH-OOO-GAH instead of crude non-creative descriptors.
  • Play nice with each other or Zach will sit across from you and stare at you for extended periods of time.
  • No mustarding!
  • No singing and no talking about friends who haven't signed the release forms.
  • The beverage cart is your friend, be kind to it.
  • No Jello in the hot tub.
  • In lieu of the Bible, the only reading material is an old Archie comicbook. Live with it.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up. Your mother doesn't work here!
Here are the more intriguing events from today in that Big Brother House of Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down:
  • Since most of the houseguests were up all night (or most of it) once again, the early risers were Kail and Nick -- at about 11 AM their time.
  • Eric's new black hairdo is a fauxhawk. I guess he's not as committed as Nick.
  • Daniele thinks Dustin is like Marcellas except with a crown.
  • Jen antagonized Dick.
  • Dick antagonized Jen.
  • Eric did pretty well with "I'd do that for a dollar!" I think that will be a task completed for him. Anyone keeping score? He gets $10,000 for every five completed tasks.
  • Dick made nasty comments about Jen.
  • Jen said one of her goals is to be more empathetic.
  • Dick is trying to get discussion going about keeping Nick and ousting Kail.
  • Eric isn't keen on the idea of Nick staying.
  • Dick told Dustin it would make more sense to get Jen out of the house before Zach.
  • Dustin asssured Kail she won't go home Thursday. He told her if it's a tie, he'll vote to send Nick home.
That's about it for now! See you in about an hour!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into the Wee Hours 7/31

Last night was surreal. If you haven't done so already, check out the video I posted in my previous entry.

Here's what's happened since the tea-pouring:
  • Someone asked if Jen cried. She didn't. What's even stranger is that she didn't even rinse her hair or change her top. She sat talking to Kail and went a bit robotic once again.
  • The rest of the houseguests really don't seem to have much reaction at all to the incident.
  • Amber is now in Dick's court. How odd.
  • Dustin thinks that Dick is "fracturing" their group. He feels they must focus on their targets.
  • Daniele and Dick think that Jameka is a hypocrite because she said she won't use a veto again. Dick also thinks that Dustin showed his true self when he gave up for the prizes at the POV comp.
  • Most agree that Kail is clueless.
  • Dick said he won't dump any more tea on anyone, but didn't apologize to Jen.
  • Eric's hair is now dyed black.
  • Dick now claims he'll vote to get rid of Nick for the group, but it's not best for strategic reasons. (Then why did he push for it for so long? He wanted Nick on the block and gone!)
  • Eric and Jen had a long talk. Eric told her to hang in, she has never been the target. Jen wants to ally with Eric, Jameka, and Jessica.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds - Everybody Hates Jen (The Video)

Now even I'm confused. Daniele lit into Jen about being rude to her, Nick has joined Dick in the Jen-abuse, and Dick dumps iced tea on her head. I caught it all on video and sent it on to YouTube. Warning - rough language alert!

Monday, July 30, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Monday 7/30 Into the Evening

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

According to graphic artist Zoetawny, Jameka consulted her Bible before making the decision to use the veto to save Jen from eviction!

I apologize that today's reporting has been so haphazard, but here are the events of the day from that Big Brother House of Not-So-Veiled Threats:
  • In the morning, Zach was pretty sure he'd be the one going up on the block with Kail.
  • Amber had changed her mind about pressing Dustin to keep Nick. When they discussed putting Nick up, she told Dustin that she'll just play it off if Nick asks her. She also told Dustin that she thinks that Daniele tipped Nick off.
  • Dustin plans to tell Nick it was a group decision to put him up with a 4-3 split which he wouldn't divulge.
  • Daniele went to Dustin and told him she was having trouble not telling Nick.
  • There possibly was a banner plane, but the HG were inside on lockdown.
  • Nick got nominated.
  • And Amber cried.
  • And cried.
  • And cried.
  • Nick tried to comfort her, but you would think he'd be the one who needs comforting! Sheesh.
  • Nick was a bit defensive in the beginning -- he went to Dick and company accusing them of not telling him when they knew it would happen.
  • He briefly lit into Dustin, but then changed to acceptance.
  • Dustin gave Nick a Mohawk haircut. He also cut Zach's hair, but not into a Mohawk.
  • Dick verbally attacked Jen telling her he wished her a "long slow death" and called her all kinds of vulgar things. He claims she used Jameka and forced her to use the veto.
  • Jen joined up with Kail and searched the guidelines book to see if Dick broke any rules. Apparently the Diary Room didn't think he did. (One thing I want to mention here. I could be off-base, but I think this could be all an act between the two of them. Some days ago, they were talking about working together. Could this blow-up be a ruse to throw off everyone else? After all, Dick WANTED Jameka to use the veto. He WANTED Nick out instead of Jen. I find the whole thing a bit too much.)
  • Eric told Jen to put the book away. "He won't be thrown out."
  • Jen went on about how she thinks Dick will hit her and if he hits her in the face it could ruin her career.
  • Jen went on to say that Dick isn't safe outside the house. She knows people who will hurt him. (See? This is getting a bit contrived, methinks.)
  • Kail got told several times, then yelled at, by BB to put on her mic. She wasn't on a feed at the time, so I'm not sure what was up. She was with Jen at the time.
  • Amber told Kail she reacted to the Dick/Jen incident so strongly because she's so sheltered. Jameka disagreed -- said someone needs to talk to Dick.
  • Amber said that if the 500 people behind the walls didn't intervene, they must not have thought it a large threat. (Odd that Amber of all people is sticking up for Dick, eh?)
  • Dustin told Eric that Jen told him that Dick had once wanted to make an alliance with her as no one would suspect them. Jameka said she'd suspect them.
  • Jen says she wants a restraining order against Dick. (I think it's all a scheme!)
  • Nick feels he will be evicted this week and genuinely seems to want to just relax. He wants to eat, too. "What can they do? Give me a penalty nomination?" But he asked ... they would take his stipend.
  • Eric says that right now if he left, he will have earned $3000 for the month.
  • Eric again confessed to the mustard and told them they could call him The Mustard King. No one believes him! He also told them (Jameka, Dustin, and Amber) that it's likely there's going to be an odd vote each time until the numbers are down and the person won't be able to get away with it.

TV Deaths in the News

Yes, a new update on the Big Brother 8 live feeds is still in the works, but a few news issues caught my eye and I wanted to mention them.

First, Tom Snyder died. I used to be addicted to his show and thought of him as a thinking-man kind of interviewer. May he rest in peace.

Second and a bit more shocking, one of the contestants from the recently canceled Pirate Master series has committed suicide. TV Squad has the story up. Cheryl, the one who was a deputy district attorney in Nevada, lost her boyfriend to suicide in June. Sigh. They pulled the show, but the remaining episodes are available at the CBS website. Cheryl was the fourth person eliminated.

'Hell's Kitchen' - A Quick Take on Episode 9

Hell's Kitchen
Okay, so Gordon Ramsay has a mother, eh? The three remaining "chefs" are doing comfort food. They have to create dish from American classics.

Bonnie is lost with her franks and beans. Jen is happy with her draw of fried chicken. Rock is challenged with his spaghetti and meatballs.

I thought it would be his "Mum" judging, but instead they brought the mothers of all three chef wannabes. Ohhh! Jen won the taste test. Jen, Ramsay and their mothers get to go out to lunch.

Rock and Bonnie have to clean the dorm room. Now, that's not too horrible of a punishment. Bonnie told Rick all she knows is how to make beds. When he said she's a nanny, she said she cooks, does personal shopping and a bit of babysitting.

It's also time for the equipment shopping trip for Jen. That's always a hit. Holy cake pans, Batman!

The service is going to be a relay sort of deal. Ramsay will start, then pass it on, and each take the pass. Bonnie got to yell at Ramsay pre-service. Rock didn't yell at him well. Then it's Jen turn.

The sous-chefs help them with the dinner, but Ramsay sets up sabotage to see if they'll catch it. Jen failed the test. Then it was up to Rock. He caught the sabotaged monkfish but he's not communicating with the team well. Bonnie was so disorganized! But she caught the sabotaged dish.

The service was completed and Ramsay declared it the best service ever. The patrons left smiling, but one aspiring chef must go home. Ramsay told them he would judge them by their performance and sent them all back to gather their thoughts as to why they're qualified.

His decision is...

"Rock, you have to go ... into the finals."

JEN is going home, Bonnie is staying.

And Rock cried.

'Big Brother 8' - Latest TV Squad and ... Keyword: Mohawk

Dustin put a razor to Nick after putting him on the block. My latest TV Squad post has another photo of the done deal as well as an update on how things are going.

I'll be posting another update here later tonight!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Ceremony

The POV Ceremony is over. As expected, Jen was saved by Jameka and Dustin (as he said he would) put Nick on the block.

Amber is probably crying.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into Monday Morning 7/30

Uh-oh. Kail is getting buff!

Here's what's happened since I last updated ... or the important things, anyway!

  • Dick messed with the kitchen faucet again and Daniele was the victim once again.
  • Amber thinks Daniele is rude to her.
  • They got beer and played beer pong.
  • Daniele asked Amber why she's mad at her. Amber denied that she is. (Argh... make Amber go away!)
  • Daniele, not convinced by Amber's denial, asked Eric what she had been saying about her.
  • They were talking about whether there's a twist in the game to come. Jessica said there was and "it's you, Eric!" Eric just said, "Yep." They think he's joking.
  • Eric, Jessica and Dick talked about Amber's emotional instability. They also discussed Dustin needing to go home before long.
  • America must have voted to have Eric say, "I'd do that for a dollar!" He's started saying it and told Dick that he was going to keep saying it because he's tired of Amber's repeated expressions.
  • Dustin practiced what he'll say at the POV ceremony when he puts Nick on the block.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening 7/29

Oh, my.

I'm glad Zach isn't looking at me like that. It's no wonder that he creeps Jameka out.

He looks like he's ready to explode, doesn't he?

Sundays are usually fairly quiet in the house as there are no comps and nothing is really happening. But, of course, I have a few tidbits to share with you. I always do!

Here are the afternoon into evening happenings from that Big Brother House of Serial Killers in the Making:
  • Zach told Dustin that if he puts him up and he goes home, he won't respect him as a person because they had a deal. (What Zach fails to see is they never did have a deal. He talked, but I never saw Dustin promise him anything.)
  • Zach thinks that if another male is removed from the game, the women will rule the house. Then he pushed his Evict Dick bit to Dustin. What? Is Dick one of the girls?
  • Dustin reported the Zach conversation to Amber. (Until he stops confiding in Amber, I think I'm going to have to write off Dustin as a Mimbo.)
  • Jessica told Daniele that if Nick goes home this week she'll let her have Zach. Snicker.
  • Amber is still upset with Dustin about yesterday's POV comp. (Calling Dustin! Look! See! Dump!)
  • Amber went to Jameka and relayed the Zach/Dustin conversation.
  • Dick pointed out that Jen doesn't take many (if any) showers.
  • Zach went to Nick to try to get info about who's going up. Nick told him he had no idea. Zach muttered about lies and left.
  • Zach tried to talk game with Eric and Eric told him "later."
  • Dustin lied to Jen telling her that Dick is pushing for the veto not to be used.
  • Dustin asked Jen if Dick has an alliance with Kail. Huh? Even I can't figure out where he's heading with that one.
  • Jen put on her Jenitard again. Oy.
  • Dustin keeps trying to get back in Amber's good graces. Ew.
  • Zach stared a lot, but stopped trying to talk game to people.
And, there ya go. A thrill a minute. It still looks like Nick will go on the block and be the target this week.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Really Quick Takes On: Design Star (HGTV) and The Two Coreys (A&E)

After Big Brother ends on Sunday night, the network television fodder consists of flimsy repeats. With the shows I actually enjoy, I don't necessarily want to see them again so soon. Yeah, I'm the type of person who loves to rewatch episodes of Law and Order from ten years ago rather than from the past season. In ten years, I want to see those episodes!

So, I checked out two shows on cable tonight. One I think is a keeper, the other is just odd.

Design Star airs at 9 PM Sunday evenings here. While I missed the premiere last week (as well as the show's party in Times Square which I just couldn't make), this was actually the first week of the competition. This is the show which I deem the keeper -- the contestants are eclectic (as is my own designing scheme although it's cluttered eclectic) and it was interesting to see what they did with the spaces given to them.

A few of the contestants were a bit off the wall. In some cases it worked, like the guy who put the quarter-pipe skateboard ramp in the living area. In others, it was just bizarre.

I was surprised that my own reactions really were similar to those of the judges. I have no experience in design and my own place is the epitome of the lack of skills. But, it must be aesthetics, I guess. I just didn't get the space the one sent home designed. It confused me.

I'll probably be watching this one each week, but due to time I won't be able to review it weekly. The show's website is right here. It's creative and, for the most part, unlike Big Brother -- these folks seem to be driven to succeed.

Then there's The Two Coreys on A&E at 10 PM. Now, that's just a bit odd. I watched it partly because I was a huge Lost Boys film fan. (I really need to get my DVD out and watch it again.) I know both Coreys have been through a lot of personal demons since the movie. But, in the 20 years, Feldman has an annoying wife and Haim is himself annoying.

I don't like either of them much. I want that hour of my life back, please.

'Big Brother 8' - Sunday 7/29 Show - Live-Blogged from the East Coast

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

The show is starting here on the East Coast. Right now it's still in recap mode. But, as it airs I'll update this post with the happenings. Please refresh the page to see the latest!

As always, with the live-blogging, please forgive any typos and misspellings. I'm not a JenBot! ;-)

And, as always, feel free to give me your reactions in the comments section! Hip-waders ready? Let's get to it!

Evel (or just a guy named ED) is accusing Jen of being the second vote for Kail to go. The house is in an uproar over that second vote. Jen? Nick? Anybody but Eric, eh? Amber thinks that Nick is playing both sides, Dustin also thinks it was Nick. Actually, though Eric isn't my favorite player, he did do that one well. No one suspects him at all.

Amber cried because she's so happy Dustin won HOH. Kail makes the word "toward" into two distinct syllables. Jen thinks she's "all right" with Dustin as HOH. The HOH room is a celebration indeed. His graduation pictues and family photos. Amber smiles. Kail thinks his parents look like they accept Dustin for who he is. Um, okay. That sort of should be a given with parents. Hey, Kail, he's gay. He's not committing crimes or a druggie or a thief.

Oh, gosh... now Dustin's crying.

Amber said she thinks the same of her dog (if not more) that she does her daughter. Ack. Dick called her on it. I have two cats I love dearly, but sheesh! If I had a child, I'd have to put the child before my pet! Dick has a point. When you don't have children or your children are grown, that's when your pets step in the role. They're a part of the family, but even I (a true pet lover) would have to say your children should always come first! Of course, I'm one who thinks lots of folks have children who shouldn't even have pets, but... that's another topic for another day!

Dick told us about the Dick at Night Show -- something I always look forward to on the feeds. He rigged the kitchen faucet to spray and caught Daniele.

Zach tells a story about a weird offensively twisted thing he did at a comics convention. Now, I'm a comics fan. I've been to comics conventions. The most notable thing I've seen was a bunch of Klingons eating at Horton Plaza in San Diego. So, this leads onto how annoyed the HG are at Zach.

More on the Dick and Daniele relationship. I really have to take Dick's side a bit more than Daniele's. However, I don't think the BB house is quite the place to work out their problems. Dick is certainly trying to make amends. You can tell he loves his daughter.

I feel uncomfortable watching these bits. It's like BB is having cash flow due to their very real problems. I do think Dick really cares a lot, though. And, for Daniele, he can't be an easy guy to have as a father, but hopefully she knows deep down inside that he loves her.

Now Eric is teaching Jessica how to dance. He actually flipped her and caught her. He's so not ready for Dancing With the Stars.

The food comp is on -- The Humpty Scramble, they're paired up. Ericc and Zach, Nick and Daniele, Kail and Evel. They're costumed up. Humpty Dumpty bottom and his legs, puzzle pieces. Dustin, looking like the Imperial Margarine King, eplained the rules. Jameka and Jessica are partners.

Jessica and Jameka finished first and won the competition. They get to choose five subjects to be placed on slop for the remainder of the week. They chose Dick because he hadn't been on slop. He also had volunteered to do so on the feeds. They chose Zach after acting like they were going to Eric. They chose Zach because Jameka doesn't like him. Kail. Nick next. Jen. JenBot is happy about it it becuase it may control her weight.

Dick started asking Jen if she had a boob job. She looks confused.. She won't confirm or deny the boob job. But she keeps looking at her chest as if it will tell her.

Dustin talks to Kail and she gives him advice. @@ She wants to win him over. "Kail is a tool for me. She's weak, feeble, desperate and annoying... and I'm in a position of power."

It's Jensa Member's turn to talk to Dustin. He accuses her of voting to evict Kail as the second vote. She denies it. She said maybe the same person did both deeds -- the mustarding and the vote. She said if he puts Zach up against anyone, he'll go home.

As America's Player, Eric should get Jen nominated for eviction. Eric puts it out as fact that Jen and Zach were the two votes against the house wishes. Kail and Jen, Nick and Zach... the pairings which must leave the house.

America's Player: Which catch phrase should Eric get going in the house?
Sweet chicken!
I'd do that for a dollar!

Well, that's pretty stupid. I want the phrase to be "And Amber cried."

It's time for Dustin to make his decision. Zach is confident and almost threatening in his DR bit to us. Kail is worried. Nick feels safe.

The key order:
Based on competitiveness and strategy... Amber is safe. Jessica is safe. Dick is safe. Jameka is safe. Nick is safe. Zach is safe. Daniele is safe. Eric is safe.

Jen and Kail nominated. Jen -- strong competitor, Kail -- questionable behavior over the past week.

Dustin tells us that Kail is not a pawn and he wants her to go home. JenBot cries.

OMG - In the last shot of the show Kail has this odd pasted smile on her face like a mix of Betty White's Sue Ann Nivens (sp?) character on Mary Tyler Moore and a Stepford Wife.

I'm gonna have nightmares tonight!

'Big Brother 8' - Sunday (So Far) Live Feeds Report - 7/29

<--- Dustin goes for the mandana with the nasty grey v-neck look as he talks with Zach.

Zach thinks this eviction would be the perfect opportunity to get Dick out of the house. He also thinks that if he himself goes up against Kail, he (Zach) would go home. Zach also thinks that Kail has "made a deal with the Devil" -- Dick. Dustin isn't committing anything to Zach as they talk, though.

He SO needs a fashion designer. I'm not one to talk, but I refrain from television appearances!

Here are the day's happenings so far from inside that Big Brother House of No Guts No Glory:
  • Amber cried. Feeling betrayed by Dustin's doings in the POV competition, told Jameka it will be herself, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica in the Final Four. Well, I can see possibilities for three of them in there, but tough luck Amber. She has to wear thin enough on the others well before then to get booted. Please!
  • Daniele thinks she should tell Nick he's going home after Monday's POV ceremony.
  • Kail thinks Jessica will never win a comp but has a great strategy -- eats, sleeps, drinks, and doesn't make enemies. Kail wishes she had thought of that first.
  • Jen thinks that if Jessica wins a HOH, she won't put her up because she wants to use her outside of the house as a modeling contact.
  • Jen said that Vanna White's house (where she is a nanny) has an indoor theater, maid quarters, and a wine cellar.
  • Kail thinks Dick is wealthy, Jen thinks he isn't. (But does Jen know Kail owns a town?)
  • Jen thinks NY is dirty "like a third-world country." (Argh! Just when I was sort of kind of liking her! NYC is SO much cleaner than it was in the 60s and 70s, so much safer than it was in those decades and the 80s, and DIVERSITY in cultures does NOT make for a "third world country." Grr.)
  • Kail actually asked Jen if Vanna White and her family go to church regularly. Whose business would that be? Jen shouldn't have answered the question, but told her they didn't -- that it's hard for a celebrity to do something like that.
  • Nick asked Dustin if he thought Jameka would use the veto. Dustin said she's a woman of her word and he's sure she will use it.
  • Nick asked him if he was putting Zach on the block in Jen's place. Dustin told him he was pretty sure he would.
  • Eric thinks that they're all in the house because they failed the pre-screen psychological testing. Heh.
  • Eric tried to work his ways in getting in on the good side of Daniele. He actually wanted to get her to stop from telling Nick that he will be voted out. But, it's all about trust, right?
  • Dustin told Zach he'd put up either him, Dick, Daniele, or Nick if Jameka uses the veto. (Looks like Nick still -- it's just no way is Dustin telling either Nick or Zach beforehand!)
Those are the major events from the day so far. Please stop back as I live-blog the show tonight as it airs here on the East Coast. It starts at 8 PM, bring your umbrellas as it's been very stormy here today. Oh, bring your hip-waders, too. Not only for the floodwaters, but for what the HG and show producers will be spreading about!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds/TV Squad Update

My latest post on TV Squad has some of the overnight events covered. Stop by and make some noise ... or cry if you must!

I'll be updating here again later today after they wake up.

Make My Pants Purple! - This Week on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' - July 30-Aug. 3, 2007

Late Show with David Letterman What's this? Yet another week of fresh pants ahead of us?

Why, yes it is! I know Dave will probably take another week off soon, but it's not this one. Cool, I say.

Here are the scheduled guests this week as listed on the CBS website:

  • Monday, July 30: Andy Samberg promoting Hot Rod, musical guests The Bravery (CD is The Sun and the Moon), and (get this) PBA bowling on 53rd Street! I think the bowling will be the hit of this show.
  • Tuesday, July 31: Senator Joe Biden (author of Promises to Keep), actor Seth Rogen promoting Superbad, musical guest Gogol Bordello (CD is Super Taranta!). Um. Okay.
  • Wednesday, August 1: Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum), comedian Jeff Altman, musical guest Angelique Kidjo whose CD is Djin Djin. Djokay, djokay.
  • Thursday, August 2: Al Franken, Jackie Chan promoting Rush Hour 3 and Michael Buble. Sorry, I'm not on the Buble train. Give me the real deal, please.
  • Friday, August 3: Glenn Close (Damages), Judd Apatow (Superbad) and musical guests Chris and Rich Robinson (from the Black Crowes) whose CD is Brothers of a Feather: Live at the Roxy.

Well. I don't think this week is going to be one for the records for me. Thankfully, the Top Ten lists and general Dave tomfoolery will save the week.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into Saturday Evening, 7/28

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Now, you know that graphic artist Zoetawny couldn't let the JenBot cry without capturing an image, right?

And Jameka won POV, eh?

Meanwhile, it was muggy and bleh here in the Northeast. I hate muggy and bleh.

I may have to cry!

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of 96 Tears (yeah, I'm aging myself with that one ... you're gonna cry -- cry, cry, cry 96 tears...):
  • Early this morning Kail reported to Dustin every single instance of every single duo or larger group of houseguests who talked together. @@
  • BB woke them all up early today in anticipation of the POV competition.
  • Kail told Jen she thought she'd have to throw the POV comp in order for Jen to win it and save herself. Kail feels that if she's on the block with Zach, she'll stay in the house. (I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with Dustin telling her she's safe this week. Right?)
  • Jen and Kail think that Dustin may be planning to backdoor Daniele. (I don't think so!)
  • There is still a foul smell in the yard although the ChenBat lives.
  • Jen helped Kail study for the POV comp since she remembers each day and Kail is clueless.
  • After the feeds returned post-POV comp, Dick thought Jen threw the comp because she gave up when Jameka was ahead. He also thinks Dustin didn't try hard enough to win.
  • Both Jen and Dustin took prizes in lieu of the veto. Dustin "bought" $5,000. He apologized to Jameka for taking it and not trying to win the veto.
  • Jameka told Amber that God had already ordained who would win the POV.
  • Jameka also told Amber that she had given Jen her word that she would take her off the block with it. So, she will do so.
  • Amber cried. This time it was because she doesn't want Jen to come off the block.
  • Jessica told Eric that Jewish and Amish are alike because they both wear hats. (Snicker.)
  • Dick told Dustin that he thinks Kail will go home if she's on the block with Zach. She did something (during the comp?) which ticked folks off.
  • Dustin again told Kail she's safe -- he wants Zach out.
  • Kail badmouthed Dick to Dustin, but he seemed to take it all with a grain of salt.
  • Kail told Dustin that she thinks Daniele was the second vote to evict her instead of Mike.
  • Daniele is mad at Dustin for "winning all the prizes" in the POV comp instead of playing to win.
  • Dick told Daniele that Eric is going to be the hardest person to get out of the house -- he's smart and the best player in the house.
  • Amber cried. This time it was to Eric about Dustin's behavior in the POV comp. She feels he threw it on purpose.
  • Amber cried. This time it was because Dustin won a trip.
  • Jameka and Dustin are talking as I post this. She's fine with his actions during the POV comp and says she'll be using the veto to save Jen as she promised.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Bulletin! - POV Winner

Jameka won the POV competition. Earlier, she had said if she won, she'd take Jen off the block. I guess we'll see!

A full update will be posted late tonight with the day's events.

Latest on TV Squad

My latest post is up over on TV Squad!

I ask some questions at the end. Let me know your thoughts!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Doings - Late Night/Overnight Into Saturday, 7/28

The Jensa Member or as I like to call her, the JenBot, has gathered her emotions and sealed them inside once again.

This update will catch you up on what's happened since the nominations ceremony.

It's not pretty.
  • Kail thinks that if either of them win POV, Zach will go on the block. Kail has that right.
  • Amber told Dustin she caught Nick comforting Jen. (Oh, my!)
  • Dustin says he gave Jen many chances to tell him Nick was the informant leaking information to her and she didn't.
  • Dustin's mad now and wants Jen and Nick out before Kail and Zach.
  • He told Kail they plan to backdoor someone, but didn't tell her the target. (Nonetheless, I don't think he should be telling Kail she's safe this week!)
  • Nick told Dustin that Zach told him he had a deal with Dustin and Amber since the first week.
  • Dick advised Zach that if he wins the POV, it's in his best interest to let the nominations remain the same.
  • Jen told Dustin she wished he had given her a heads up that she might be on the block. She was surprised and hurt.
  • Power of Veto is to be played out Saturday (I might not be able to update until evening if it's played early).
  • Dick reminded people they didn't vote for Kail to stay, they voted for Mike to leave. (I say it's all semantics!)
  • They think the POV will be about missing things from the house.
  • Amber told Jameka that Eric talked to her over an hour today and convinced her that Nick has to go. (This could be the America's Player play? Maybe? I haven't seen him doing much campaigning like he did last week against Kail.)
  • Dustin is upset that people don't go with him on wanting Zach out of the house. Remember, he told Amber he wouldn't put Nick on the block as per her wishes.
  • Daniele said that if she wins POV, she would let the nominees remain the same. I believe she's worried about Nick going up in the place of one.
  • Dustin thinks only two people would save Jen with the POV -- Jen herself and Jameka.
  • There's now confusion with who the group wants to target. Dick thought the collective group wants Kail out and Dustin said he'd use the POV to save Jen if he wins it. (I'm SO confused!)
  • The Dustin Collective think it will be funny if Zach gets backdoored this week and then Jen and Kail are put on the block again next week for the third week in a row.
  • Amber thinks Nick is playing both sides (duh) and Daniele told her that she knows it.
  • Eric, Jessica, and Jameka had a long talk about not trusting Nick. (Can we say America's Player yet?)
  • Jameka thought it odd that Julie Chen asked her about being quiet on the live show.
  • They talked a lot about the physical endowment of the male houseguests. Does size really matter? :X
  • Dick thinks Eric threw the HOH comp because he wants to keep Dustin and Amber happy for now. (Eric is passing off his performance as "went buzzer crazy.")
That's all for now. The HG are all asleep as I post this.

Friday, July 27, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations Are In

And then Jen cried.

After a long feeds block, we're back in the house.

Dustin spoke the truth to his house buddies. It's Jen and Kail on the block. He's told Kail that she's a pawn and should act all flustered the same as she did last week.

JenBot, in a human moment, is hurt. She said she's not so worried about going home, but feels hurt by the events.

'Big Brother 8' - Friday Into the Afternoon Live Feeds Report - 7/27

D'oh! It's Amber! And, mind you, she's not crying!

Okay, the shirt says Ooh La La, but I prefer to think of it as D'oh! La La.

The nominations haven't gone down yet in the house, but that doesn't mean there isn't any news!

Here are today's events from that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • That sneaky Eric has pretty much convinced the majority of the house that Nick was responsible for both the Jen mustard incident and the second vote for Kail to leave instead of Mike.
  • Amber wants Zach to go, Nick to stay.
  • Early group think has Kail and Zach on the block, with Zach the target.
  • Or, another scenario -- Jen and Kail on the block, Zach backdoored.
  • Eric told the group that the target housemates shouldn't be listened to as they'll try to stir up problems. Those targets are Kail, Zach, Nick, and Jen.
  • Dick thinks much better of Dustin because he's including the group in his plans.
  • Amber thinks that Nick is the least dangerous of the four targets. (She's probably right.) Dick said he's dangerous to the group and that her reasons are personal, not strategic.
  • Meanwhile, Dick said that as a dad he can't trust a word Nick says. (Now who's being personal?)
  • Amber confronted Dick with her accusation that he doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. He denied it, said he rinses them and doesn't pee on his hand.
  • Dustin told Amber that he's putting his trust in her by not putting Nick on the block this week -- it goes against what the group wants.
  • Kail told Dustin that he doesn't want to be in the final two with Dick and that Dick and Daniele are talking game strategy ALL the time.
  • Dustin told Kail he'll be putting her on the block as a pawn.
  • When Dustin questioned Kail about Jen, Kail said Jen tried to squirm into her alliance by sleeping in the room with her.
  • The food comp was held, blocked from the live feeds. Amber was dressed as the Queen of Hearts and it was a puzzle comp -- egg-shaped puzzle pieces. It seems Kail, Dick and Jen are on slop. Eric and Jessica were on the winning team. I'm not sure on the others.
  • Amber and Dick verbally sparred... again. Dustin tried to talk sense into Dick about calming down and not being so forceful with her.
  • Dustin said he will definitely be putting Jen and Kail on the block.
  • And Amber cried.
  • Eric and Dick had their own private Amber Bash. Amber wasn't present or...
  • ... Amber would cry.
  • Eric told Dick he doesn't trust Amber and Dustin's being a bit shady.
That's where we stand right now. When the nominations are in, I'll let you know. But it looks like Kail and Jen will be put on the block and a backdoor of Nick if POV is won and used to save one.

'Big Brother 8' - Through the Wee Hours Into Friday, July 27

I think Nick wants to be a pirate. He may do that better than be a success on Big Brother 8!

Well, yeah. Some of it is our fault. We're the ones who told Eric to cast a vote to evict Kail. That vote is being blamed on Nick.

But do I feel bad about it? Nope! Nick has gone a bit strange as of late. He's been a hothead about some things; he's still stringing Daniele along although he knows she has a serious relationship outside of the house. He's been playing both alliances and not neat about it.

So, he's indeed in a pickle, eh? He was a bit of a target before last night's vote. He's more of one now.

Here are the latest events from that Big Brother House of Happy HOHs!:
  • Kail thinks that Zach and Daniele were her votes to stay. She's half right.
  • Daniele and Dick talked about her situation with Kris (the boyfriend). He's planning on moving home as he's in an apprenticeship, Dick offered to help her find a new apartment.
  • Daniele, not old enough to drink, doesn't like to drink alcohol -- it makes her sick.
  • Dustin told Kail that Dick and Daniele are only working on their relationship when they talk, not talking game. (Yeah, right!)
  • Kail worked on being best buddies with Dustin the best she can.
  • Zach feels lonely and alienated.
  • But he doesn't cry.
  • Eric and Jessica talked. Neither would mind if Nick went home this week. Both realize the longer both Daniele and Dick stay in the house together, the stronger the duo becomes.
  • Jessica thinks Nick is sketchy. (So do I.)
  • Amber told Eric that her mother saw her in the final two and, since she hasn't been voted out, it must be true! (Blech! Nononononono!)
  • Amber is pushing for Zach to go which made Dustin question why she's loyal to Nick.
  • She sidestepped that issue by badmouthing Dick.
  • Amber thinks that if Nick makes it to the jury, he'll be a vote for them to win. Which one of them? Why, her, of course!
That's where we are now. Later today will be the food competition. Since no one has been on slop this past week, I'm sure that will change in the upcoming week. Even later will be the nominations. Just watching the sentiment in the house, it looks like Dustin will nominate Nick and Zach. However, there's a chance Kail will be somewhere in there and a backdoor may open.

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Under a New Reign 7/26

Dustin has a new robe and new digs -- the HOH room. As I get ready to send this, he and Dick are talking in there. Everyone thinks that Nick was the vote to keep Mike, not Eric.

Dustin thinks his alliance is Amber, Eric, Dick, Daniele as the strong ones. He counts Jameka and Jessica as weaker members. He wants Zach out, but would be willing to backdoor Nick. They'll be holding a meeting a bit later to decide the noms. He told Dick he'd rather Daniele not be in on it because it would affect a Nick decision.

Here's what's happened since the show:
  • Nick and Daniele think it was Jen who voted to keep Mike. Everyone knows that Zach was the one vote and, due to circumstances, that was totally expected.
  • Amber cried.
  • Amber thinks Nick voted to save Mike because his game is sloppy.
  • Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Amber are sure they'll have a safe week.
  • Nick told Amber that he was excited that the three -- Kail, Jen, and Zach -- were taken out of the HOH comp.
  • Amber asked Daniele if Dick knew Nick was shady. Daniele told her he did.
  • Dustin is in heaven, keeps dancing, singing, shouting, and jumping for joy.
  • In his HOH basket, Dustin got a letter from home, photos, a HOH robe, and snacks.
  • Amber again told Daniele that Dick doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. Daniele told her to tell him that's nasty. (I'm waiting for another Gerry-type showdown!)
  • Daniele told Amber that if Nick is going to play everyone, he needs to do it better.
  • Dick and Dustin danced and jumped around the HOH in joyful celebration. (Isn't that special?)
  • They immediately KNEW it was Nick voting to evict Kail against the alliance.
  • Eric seems to be under no suspicion whatsoever.
  • Jen and Kail talked about trying to get Dustin to nominate Dick.
  • Dustin is thinking of backdooring Nick and putting Zach and Kail on the block. But that will be discussed later.
And I will let you know what they do ... later!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

'So You Think You Can Dance' - 7/26 Live Results Show - East Coast Updates

The show has started here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this post with the big events -- the least votes, who's going home. Stop on back!

Some teenybopper heart throb sang. I'm clueless.

Bottom four is two guys and two girls. They will solo, but the solo won't change the votes.

Jaimie is the first girl in the bottom two. It's down to Lauren and Sara to complete the bottom two. Lauren joins Jaimie in the bottom two girls. Now to the boys -- Neil is safe. Finally! Danny is SAFE!

Dominic is in the bottom four (only two guys will be there with two girls). Left for judgment are Kameron and Pasha. Pasha is safe! It's Kameron and Dominic joining Lauren and Jaimie for the bottom four. One guy and one girl will go home.

Huh... Kameron danced his solo looking defeated. Now that all four solos are done, the news is...

...after the break.

Going home tonight are Jaimie and ... Kameron.

I'm glad Dominic is staying. He's improved so much!

'Big Brother 8 - Live Eviction Show 7/26 - Live Blogged from East Coast

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

I'll be updating this coast as the show airs here on the East Cost. Refresh the page to get the latest!

The recap is drawing to a close. Kail feels horrible about sitting next to Mike. She thinks Dick is sending her home. Mike doesn't think Kail is emotionally strong enough to get through the game.

Dick is talking to Nick. Nick seems almost too eager to me. They say Mike should go. Dixk is making the rounds with his Get Rid of Mike Campaign.

Jen advised Kail not to campaign against Mike and he shouldn't campaign against her either. Jen let Mike know that Kail kept the alliance from her despite they were such good friends. Mike is on his true and trustworthy bit.

Eric is discovering his America's Player vote. He lets us know that the vote would be 9-1 for Mike to go right now, but if America wants Kail out, he'll get it done. (I don't think he can!)

Flatulent Dick left the room before having his gas. Good. Eric is in the HOH room campaign -- I posted two segments of this on YouTube and linked them earlier. Dustin says he plans to vote Mike out and that Kail is putty in his hands. Dick is staring to come around... maybe.

Coming up, it's a segment with Daniele's boyfriend. Jen's mother never showed last week, eh?

They're doing the HG thoughts on the two nominees from the DR now. You can never base anything on these unless it's overwhelming that one will go. That's when they usually stay!

Julie's talking to the houseguests. They show the Zach streaking incident. He said he "needed my high back" because he was feeling low. Jameka was asked about being low-key when others demand attention. Jen said she'd stop the mustard investigation until she gets home. Eric was questioned about losing the wrestling match with Jen.

To Daniele's live-in boyfriend now... Kris. He's cleancut, seems nice. He says they've talked about marriage and he thinks Daniele is his soulmate. Awww. He wants to believe Daniele's relationship with Nick is all strategy. She told him before going into the house that he has to trust her, so he is. He says some things hurt, but he's not worried -- it's all about trust.

Julie's HOH room talk with Dick is on now. Dick says his and Daniele's relationship is going in the right direction... he even got hugged. He told Julie he doesn't trust Nick. He says his outspoken ways are his gameplay. Call 'em out, get 'em out.

It's a segment on Jen now. We could be surprised to discover the real Jen. (I've said there's more to her.) Ah, Mom showed up! Jen was a straight A student? Yikes! Mom said Jen taking her photo down hurt a little bit. Dick shows he knows there's more to her. Her sister told her to play dumb.

Back to the houseguests. Julie gives each nominee a chance to speak. Mike talks about stepping outside of the comfort zone and of his integrity and honesty platform, values, tc. Kail gets up, really appreciates everyone's friendship, special bond, blah blah, strengthen friendship if she stays.

The voting goes:

Zach votes out Kail.
Jameka votes to evict Mike.
Jen votes to evict Mike.
Dustin votes to evict Mike.
Commercial break. Argh.
Eric votes out Kail for us in a charade.
Amber votes out Mike.
Nick votes to evict Mike.
Daniele votyes to evict Michael.
Jessica votes to evict Mike.

With an 7 to 2, Mike is evicted from the house. He gives the girls each a flower from the planter.

Julie talk taime as the HG hug.

And Kail cries.
And Amber fusses with her hair. There is an issue who the second vote for Kail to go is. Eric is squirming.

Mike told Julie his taunting Dick was integrity. Zach told him he voted for him to stay. Dustin is blunt. Amber is nice. Jen... Hi, Mike, it's ... Jen. Very nice. Dick was honest, said it was a bad gameplay. They're not showing the Eric bit to him. Time must be short?

The HOH comp is starting. "Eliminator" - questions about those already eliminated. First buzzer eliminates another player, but if they're wrong they get eliminated. Zach eliminates Jen. Dustin eliminates Zach. Nick eliminates Kail. Jameka eliminates Nick. Dustin eliminates Jessica. Eric eliminates Amber. Eric eliminates Daniele. Eric got one wrong and got himself eliminated. It's down to Dustin and Jameka.

Dustin is the new HOH. This could be an interesting week, for sure!

Amber fixes her hair.

UM... folks... there's too much time left! Do you think it will be a double eviction week? Will he have to name nominees on the spot and there will be another eviction Sunday? There's too much time left!

Who do we want out of the house? Tell Eric who we want nominated.

Maybe I panicked on the time thing. It IS early for the HOH to finish ten minutes before the hour. Julie asks him what he thinks Joe would be feeling. Julie's just filling time. They apparently just loused up the timing of the show. No double eviction this week. Never mind my panic. ;-)

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Thursday 7/26 Pre-Show

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

So, who will go home tonight? Well, if Eric has his (and America's) way, it will be Kail. However, Dick has been intent on Mike as a target this week. Tonight's voting is live once again, not taped.

Whatever the news, I'm ready! Graphic artist Zoetawny made us a new eviction graphic and I've uploaded part one and part two of Eric trying to convince the others that Kail must leave tonight (on YouTube).

I'll be live-blogging tonight's live show as it airs here on the East Coast. A new post will be up within a few minutes of the show's start and will constantly be updated throughout the hour. You're all welcome to join me in the comments area! Make sure you have snacks and beverages. This is a BYOB event!

If you're a So You Think You Can Dance fan, I won't be live-blogging it, per se. However I will write up the important events -- who's in the bottom groups -- and the boot as it airs here on the East Coast. Again, comments and reactions are always welcome!

Here are today's happenings from that Big Brother House of Nervous Nellies and Crying Ambers:
  • The anti-Nick sentiment in the house continues to grow. Well, not so much with Daniele, but with others. He's been snapping at people a lot and some think he's trying intimidation tactics.
  • Eric and Dick think that Dustin is trying to play nice with Kail to keep on her good side so he can play either side.
  • Dick told Daniele that everyone wants Nick out next week. She told him if she gets HOH, she won't put him on the block. They believe Dustin is the leak giving Kail information.
  • Most of the day was spent napping, housecleaning, and primping.
  • Jen told Amber that she had asked for a lot of things others in the house want in case she wins HOH -- a bible and such. (Wonder why the burst of thoughtfulness? She's gotta be up to something!)
  • As I post this, they're basically sitting around waiting for the live show to get started.

'Big Brother 8' - Into the Night Wed. Into Thurs. - 7/26

<--- Jessica munches a snack as she listens to Dick talk early in the morning. All she's doing is adding an occasional "yeah" or "right" into the conversation. Now, this is one dangerous player. Everyone in the house gets along with her.

Ah, but you want the goods on what's happened in that Big Brother House of Fickle Fate, eh?

Here you go:

  • Dustin told the HOH Group that he'd be voting out Mike because Kail is putty in his hands. Dick told him they all have to unite on a vote.
  • Dick thinks Kail would win if she made it to the final two. Dustin is sure she wouldn't.
  • Eric really, really went to work for the Vote Out Kail task. It's too bad that he came across to me like a used car salesman trying to get rid of a lemon.
  • Zach seems to be a bit put off as he wasn't invited to the 'pow-wow."
  • When Nick asked Dick why his daughter was so impossible, Dick said, "Look who you're talking to." Case closed, question answered!
  • Zach told Nick that he thinks Dick is getting scared. He also said he'd like to team up with Nick like Will and Boogie in the house. (Note: Zach has been trying to ally with Eric and others today, too.)
  • Nick said everyone is getting to him today. (And his temper fits prove it.)
  • Amber thinks there are only four good people in the house -- herself, Eric, Dustin, and Jameka. Um. Okay. Whatever!
  • Amber said she didn't know what being Jewish means. Jameka let her in on how there are different religions in the world.
  • Zach feels alienated by all.
  • Jessica doesn't think she's ever met a Jewish person before. (Do almost all of the houseguests live under a rock or what?)
  • Amber is siding with Eric on a Kail eviction, but Dick is still putting forth a Mike Out vibe.
  • Kail believes that whatever happens, it's in God's hands now. (I personally think He would have bigger issues on His mind.)
  • As I post this, there is still a group up in the HOH room -- Dick, Eric, Jessica, Jameka -- but nothing new or exciting in the way of strategy talk.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Through the Day 7/25

<--- Mike sits alone in a pensive mood this morning.

Time is drawing to an end for either Kail or Mike. From popular opinion here in the comments on the blog, the viewers want Kail to be the one to leave. But, will that be the way it all goes down? I don't think so. Eric's doing his best to secure a Get Kail Out vote as his America's Player task. We'll know how it all works out tomorrow night.

In the meantime, here are the happenings from today inside that Big Brother House of Weepy Wilmas and Brazen Boys:
  • Amber told Jameka she thinks Dick is jealous when she talks to the other men in the house. (Whatever!)
  • Zach told Dustin that he and Dick scare him. Oh, boo!
  • Zach seemed to be trying to build some sort of alliance with the Scary Dustin and told him he plans on winning HOH tomorrow. Scary Dustin became Leery Dustin.
  • Dustin reported the Zach approach to Daniele. Daniele called Zach a weirdo -- to Dustin, not to Zach.
  • Mike told Dustin that he's the one who advised Kail to stick with her word and vote for Joe to stay. Mike said he reacted in the POV to prove he's a man of his word and can be trusted.
  • Mike really pleaded his own case to Dustin while not throwing Kail under the bus, so to speak. (Can we throw her under a train instead?)
  • Dustin reported the conversation with Mike to Nick (boy, Dustin gets around). Nick's response was along the lines of -- "He spoke? He hasn't lied, but it doesn't matter. He's not playing the game right. He's a mute."
  • Kail told Dick that most of the house thinks that Jen put the mustard on her own shirt. (I haven't seen that proved on the feeds -- Kail is the first I've seen thinking Jen did it.)
  • Mike told Eric he doesn't want to campaign against Kail, but he wants to stay in the game. His platform is kind of like the Boy Scout's pledge. Will it work? I dunno.
  • Dick got his HOH and they had fun with it. I'm sure Jen didn't like her photos. She had to run and change her shirt when Dick came out with the camera.
  • Dick and Amber argued because she wanted to take pictures with his HOH camera. Then they argued about Dick's relationship with Daniele.
  • And Amber cried.
  • Okay, she didn't, but I felt the need to say it.
  • Kail thinks Jen is treating her differently now. She told Eric the only ones she likes in the house this week are him, Jameka, Amber and Dustin. I'm sure it was an oversight that she left out Mike, her only friend in the house.
  • Eric really worked his America's Player task in the HOH. I took some video, but have to chop it down a bit or into two to put up on YouTube. I'll let you know when it's posted.
  • The core group of the "new alliance" -- Jameka, Amber, Dustin -- think Nick is out of control and is letting his temper get the best of him.
  • The concensus in the HOH group is still that Mike should go despite Eric's hard sell.


'Big Brother 8' - And Amber Cried, The Video

I created this slideshow/video of screen caps and Zoetawny art, and set it to "Driven to Tears" by The Police. Thankfully, it's not ALL Amber as I don't take that many screen caps of her!


'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds News Into the Morning Hours 7/25

Although the hamsters are still all asleep as I write this, there were a few happenings which went down in the wee hours before they conked out.

Now, I think this week's America's Player is going to put Eric at odds with the rest of the house. Those who watch the feeds know that Mike is the actual target this week although Dick wants to make Kail worry and squirm. On that basis, in order to complete the task, Eric would have to go with a "push Mike out" campaign.

But the viewers want Kail out, not Mike. They apparently voted to have him go for a Kail removal. He's trying, but I think we set him up for failure and quite possibly have thrown him into a vote which might jeopardize him down the road. I guess we'll see how it all goes down.

In the end of the night before bed Dick Show, Dick once again told us that the target this week is Mike and he should be going home. Dick also thinks it would take a miracle for him and Daniele to be the final two. (I think he's right there!) He thinks Nick was responsible for the mustard on Jen's shirt and pillow and was amazed that no one cried during the entire day (that he knows about). He also thinks that something is going on with Amber, but can't put his finger on it.

All hamsters in deep sleep right now... this is a screen cap I took of Kail last night. Kail and Nick both bite their fingernails too much. It skeeves me to watch someone constantly chewing their fingernails. Make them stop. I might have to cry about it!

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Tue. Into the Night Wed (7/25)

The houseguests play volleyball with the yard giraffe.

I wish I had a yard giraffe, don't you? Other kids may have a pony, but to have a giraffe...!

I'm sorry this is coming at you so late, but it covers the major events throughout the day on Tuesday into the wee hours of Wednesday morning from within that Big Brother House of You Done Did Me Wrong:
  • In the beginning of the day, Nick was called into the Diary Room and the audio remained on. BB was asking him if Dick's behavior was getting to the others in the house.
  • There's a group of houseguests still intent on burning to a crisp laying out on the backyard. They all want to be the darkest. Um. Okay, not my idea of a good time!
  • Dustin told Kail that Dick is pushing to get her out. He's apparently still playing to the plan -- the target is Mike and he knows it. Dick wanted everyone to act like Kail is still the target to mess with her gameplay.
  • Daniele and Dustin talked about previous seasons. Daniele hated Eric (Cappy) from season 6. (Well, she may be wiser beyond her years, eh?)
  • Amber loves the person she is today. @@ That confirms it. She is one odd duck. She'll cry again later.
  • Jen went on again to Amber about Kail being her "friend" for 19 days and never mentioning that she was in an alliance since the second day.
  • Eric found out about the nefarious doings of Nick and Dustin -- hiding his clothes piece by piece. Amber let it slip. While he said he'd get them back, I can't help but wonder if he might think that it has an America's Player kind of touch to it.
  • They're still having odor issues in the backyard. The ChenBat hasn't been seen, but I personally think one small dead bat in a yard couldn't cause that kind of smell. Perhaps a decomposing yard giraffe could.
  • Jen and Dick talked about sex. (Would that be oral if you just talk about it?)
  • In the evening they all chanted "beer" and BB gave them beer. Huh. I should try that with something more useful -- "good knee good knee good knee." Sigh. It doesn't work!
  • Dustin and Nick think Jen is spoiled, neither like her. What a surprise!
  • Daniele told Dustin that Kail told her she was going to give her all dirt on Nick in a heart-to-heart talk before she leaves.
  • Nick said, "Everyday Jen looks more like a transvestite." Well, yeah. An android transvestite!
  • They were talking about America's Choice (not that BB said anything -- they're just speculating). Amber thinks she's probably America's Favorite.
  • And Jackie cried. (In disbelief, of course!)
  • The guys played quarters beer game. Jameka was noticeably not playing.
  • Now they're playing volleyball as I get this posted.
What a waste of a day in the Big Brother house, huh? I haven't heard a mention of the voting yet, so I don't know if it will be taped on Wednesday or live on the live show Thursday. From the bits and pieces of game talk, it seems that Mike is still the target for eviction this week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - 7/24 Show Live-Blogged - East Coast Updates!

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Come one, come all! Put your Veto hats on and join the party. I'm live-blogging the show as it airs here on the East Coast.

Please join in with your thoughts and comments. And, please forgive any typos or misspellings as I'm watching TV with a keyboard on my lap not looking at the monitor.

So far, we're into the recap. Jen thinks everyone hates her and she could go home as easily as Kail.

Zach is ready to do his streaking through the backyard. This gave the entire house ammo to use against him. Heh. They're hiding inside from him and stole his towel.

Kail and Jen were talking about the guys being vulnerable in POV -- Mike and Zach, that is. Kail feels she HAS to win.

Kail tells Dick she's the most loyal, passionate, non-judgmental person. Dick cut her off and told her that she's not playing the game well. He said she'd have to get POV and everyone wants her out. She tells him Jen is after Daniele. He point-blank tells her that she went after him, she lied to him and won't stay unless she gets the veto.

Eric recieved his task and found out the target is Jen. He's thrilled to know that America hates Jen as muvh as he does. He put the mustard on her Jensa Member shirt which was on her pillow. As I mentioned in the feeds that Jen wasn't all that upset. Dang, Eric looks guilty to me!

Veto player picking time has arrived -- Kail wants to pull Mike's ball. Hey, no gutter minds! Zach, Nick and Jessica are the players in addition to the two nominees and HOH. Dick warns Kail he'll do anytiing he can to get her out of the game.

Dick meets Jen in the storage room and told her she needs to save herself because she tried to throw Jen under the bus. Then he told Kail that he told Jen about it in front of Jen. "You're a liar and you're going home. You were going to throw her under the bus and you're going home."

Kail is shaking and uncomfortable. (I think it's likely that Amber is off crying just thinking of the drama unfolding before her in the house.)

Time for the Veto Comp -- Eric is the Mad Hatter. They all have costumes. It looks like a Mad Hatter's tea party! They all have oversized hats, must stand on a pedastal with a glass balanced on their heads. Kail's out almost immediately, rips off her costume, goes to bed and cried.

Heehee! The other are all in costume jeering them. Daniele said the plan was to leave Dick up last. Jessica is out. Nick is out. This is a hoot. Oh, no... zuma, zuma! Jen and Dick remain. Dick is telling Jen she won't go home. It's a standoff! She wants a guarantee she won't go home and Dick's words just don't do it. Kail notices that all of the others are after Jen and only Mike was working on Dick.

Kail and Dick team up for a plan. Mike says it shows he's still loyal to her. Jen asked why he wouldn't want them up together on the block. Dick told her Mike was for another time, Kail was for now.

Now it's to the "I don't care if I go up" bit from Mike. Mike told him it's just a game, no big deal. Dick stepped down, threw his glass down and told Mike he's on the block. Jen wins POV.

Mike thinks it shows how loyal and trustworthy he is. Dick thinks it could be a ticket home for him and as bad as pulling a Marcellas. He had been safe ... before.

Kail is now looking pensive. She thinks that if Mike goes on the block, she';; lay low.

And Kail cries.

It's in God's hands and she will pray for protection. @@

The HOH room has been taken over by Nick, Zach and Jen. Nick got the others out. Dick asked Zach to stay out of the HOH room unless he's in there. Dick wants Amber to go evacuate the room and get the key back, but he ends up ding it. Dick told Nick the last thing he wants to see is Jen and Zach up there together. He tells us he thinks Nick, Jen and Zach are working together.

Nick tells him that he likes his daughter and it's messing with his head. Daniele interrupts, but Dick told her he's in a conversation.

Daniele tells Dick that every person in the house is mad. He's talking down to everyone in the house and it's not fair to her. Dick confronts her about the alliance with Nick and others. Now Daniele doesn't want to talk about it. "I won't hang out with him anymore!"


Now Daniele pouts and Dick sullenly smokes. He approaches her. Dick told her he'd like to try family counseling after the show.

Dick goes to Eric and Jameka about his uneasiness with Nick.

It's time for Jen's decision. The JenBot (thanks ORKMommy!) shows she knows the game. She's playing a bit dumb. KAil said she didn't expect her to use it on her. Jen is actually kind of funny as she talks to herself about why she should save herself. Dick says he's going to do something unexpected...

"Daniele.... I'm going to nominate Mike."

Kail is more upset that Mike is there than Mike is.

America's Player - Who do you want Eric to get evicted from the Big Brother house?

(Yeah, like one vote is going to help, eh?)

Tonight, Tonight...

As I squeal my brakes coming home much later from work than I should be ...

I'll be live-blogging tonight's taped Big Brother 8 starting when it starts at 9 PM here on the East Coast. The post will continuously be updated throughout the hour. Everyone's welcome to drop on by, count how many times Amber cries and have at it in the comments!

Later tonight, I'll be posting the recap of the major feeds events of the day.

And Amber Cried rules!

Oh. Bring snacks and beverages, please!

'Big Brother 8' - G'morn' - Live Feeds - TV Squad -7/24

Jackie's TV Blog, BB8, Big Brother 8

Good morning, blog readers.

Please stop singing. ORKMommy, please put your mic on!

My latest full post can be found over on TV Squad. I'd love to read what you have to say about the happenings either here or there!

(As long as you don't sing because I haven't paid royalties to air the songs here.)

In addition to that entry, the "big" news overnight hasn't been all that big. Evel Dick and Eric discussed removing Nick from the game at length. Neither really trust him and Dick is very worried about Daniele's attachment to him within the house. She doesn't take his advice that the house versus the real world are two different things. They both think she would play the game better without Nick.

But of course, it's hard to figure out where Eric really stands on issues. He has a gift of being the clown and going with the flow no matter the situation or to whom he's speaking.

Nick and Daniele had words about their relationship... again.

Best person flying under the radar right now is Jessica. Everyone likes her. She's followed by Jameka who only seems to have Zach as a foe. Eric, Jameka and Dick think Nick and Zach should go on the block next week with Nick as the target. They feel Zach is annoying, but not a threat.

We'll see what the day brings. It's Mike and Kail on the block. Dick seems to be sticking to his plan - the target is Mike, but let Kail worry and moan to destroy her abilities in the HOH comp on Thursday.

Monday, July 23, 2007

'Hell's Kitchen' - A Quick Take on Episode 8

Hell's Kitchen
I know recaps are necessary, but why must they be narrated so dramatically?

Gotta love Ramsay's grimace for the opening scene, though. Rock likes to think he's in charge and he's quite possibly the most qualified one, but his personality does him in.

It's down to one team tonight with black and white jackets. Good. Um, okay... Ramsay squirts champagne at them in celebration. Who's going to clean up that mess, eh?

The first individual challenge is ready to go down. They're cooking for "trendsetters," but the twist is that they'll go to them. One hundred hungry high school students. Now, there's a crowd that's used to slop!

Rock is serving Kobe beef? I hope they're wealthy students! Julia is about the only one preparing what I'd call a traditional sort of dish. But it appears that they're not looking for something which could actually appear on a high school menu, so 51% of the kids voted forJulia. Heh. Practicality beats fancy!

She wins a trip to Las Vegas with Chef Ramsay and gets to choose one person to go with her. So, it's Jen and Julia. They took a private jet and saw the restaurant they may (probably not) be working in. They also visited last year's winner Heather at her restaurant.

The others get to clean the entire restaurant and linens. Josh doesn't know how to use a vaccum cleaner. Rocket scientists! After cleaning the three (Rock, Josh and Bonnie) had to prep for the service. As usual, Bonnie screwed up. After they did the prep, they sat around talking about Ramsay's idolation of Julia. I like her, but I don't see that at all. I think they're just sorry losers. She chose a menu that kids actually enjoy!

The five wannabes have to work together to serve the patrons tonight. Josh tried to get a head start, got yelled at. Rock burned his scallops, got yelled at. Josh got yelled at again. Bonnie actually cooked a Wellington right! Then it was Julia's turn to get yelled at. Josh kept trying to cook spaghetti ahead despite getting yelled at and his risotto is undercooked. Oh, no!

Ramsay kicked Josh out of the kitchen, telling him to take off the jacket. Will that be it for tonight? Will two go home? He packed his bags and left.

But the meal goes on.

Jen took over Josh's appetizer station and did well. But then Julia forgot the monkfish garnish. She's looking hassled and it shows in her performance. Poor Julia. "Rock has hit rock bottom." -- according to Ramsay. He lost his turbot, oh no!

Jen seems to be doing the best. Rock thinks the others are putting him down to make themselves look better. The guy has an attitude problem once again. He just won't stop. Jen snapped back at him, but I think Rock was the communication problem, not her.

They completed the service despite the fighting. Ramsay is discouraged due to the fighting. He said that Bonnie had her best service so far and it's up to her to pick two to nominate to be fired. Rock is pouting like a t-year-old boy. He's even crying, but it seems that he's more mad at himself for screwing up.

He seems to have an epiphany, but I can't help but think it won't last. Bonnie has real problems trying to decide which girl to put up with Rock. She's in a quandary, folks!

She nominated Rock and Julia because she's struggled on garnish and has a lot to learn on product.

Julia's gone, but Ramsay is a sweetheart to her. He's seniding her to culinary school and wants her to come back. He told her there's something amzaing about her. Good, he has a heart. I knew she wouldn't win, but I think she's one of the best PEOPLE there if not the best chef.

So, it's Bonnie, Jen and Rock as the final three. I know from the Internet spoilers who should win, but none of the three thrill me. Rock has temper issues and has indeed screwed up in the kitchen. He doesn't work well with a team. Bonnie hasn't the commerical experience and Jen tried to serve pasta she had thrown in the trash.

Send them all home next week and end the season early, I say.