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Good morning, blog readers.

Please stop singing. ORKMommy, please put your mic on!

My latest full post can be found over on TV Squad. I'd love to read what you have to say about the happenings either here or there!

(As long as you don't sing because I haven't paid royalties to air the songs here.)

In addition to that entry, the "big" news overnight hasn't been all that big. Evel Dick and Eric discussed removing Nick from the game at length. Neither really trust him and Dick is very worried about Daniele's attachment to him within the house. She doesn't take his advice that the house versus the real world are two different things. They both think she would play the game better without Nick.

But of course, it's hard to figure out where Eric really stands on issues. He has a gift of being the clown and going with the flow no matter the situation or to whom he's speaking.

Nick and Daniele had words about their relationship... again.

Best person flying under the radar right now is Jessica. Everyone likes her. She's followed by Jameka who only seems to have Zach as a foe. Eric, Jameka and Dick think Nick and Zach should go on the block next week with Nick as the target. They feel Zach is annoying, but not a threat.

We'll see what the day brings. It's Mike and Kail on the block. Dick seems to be sticking to his plan - the target is Mike, but let Kail worry and moan to destroy her abilities in the HOH comp on Thursday.


PlaidChick said...

My heart aches for Daniele and Dick right now. Watching them talk last night was gut wrenching, and hope they can come together and fix their problems. No one should have to air that out on national TV.

Carrie in Tx

sharon said...

I am so surprised at the Mike nomination! Why does ED have such a hard on to get him out of the house??? I still say that if Kail stays,she will come back with a vengence and will make ED's life miserable. He can always get Mike out,why does he think he's so powerful...he's not! I want Kail gone,like yesterday! ED may think he's broken her and she's down for the count,but she's NOT and he'd better watch his back if she stays.

And if Amber is talking smack about ED,why isn't Dani telling him? It would just be one more reason(like we need any more) to get her out of the house and soon.....PLEASE!!!

ORKMommy said...

Testing, testing...is this thing on??

I'd really like to see Mike stay just to see what kind of game he plays without Kail there to bring him down (and he's extremely easy on the eyes...unlike Zach who makes my eyes burn). I'm definitely throwing my "Eric" vote to Kail after tonight's episode!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Sharon. I still think Kail should be the target and I DO think she will go after ED with a "vendenna" @@ I don't really get the Mike thing but can't it wait a week? Sheeesh.

I have to say (again...lol) that I still don't like Jessica, her high school attitude, and her voice but I have to give her credit for making herself likeable and somehow staying under the radar so far...even with that voice. Did I mention her voice annoys me?

If I were in the house, I'd be in such trouble because I'm always singing or quoting lines from songs. That they would tell me to stop singing would probably make me want to sing more LOL.

So, Jackie, now you've made me want to sing!! How was New York, New York? I want to be there...tra la FOTH2O!!

Sasha (I debated whether to sign my name to this silliness today :)

LYSS said...

Ok..would someone tell me again why we're not voting Kail out of the house?? someone needs to just tell her to get her torch and get the hell off the island..i guess i
have been under a rock somewhere cuz i don't remember too much about mike..other then i think he's kail's lap dog..(or was it a flying monkey)..and why is zack not on the block?? I don't know alot about him, but he kinda creeps me out..
I could see jen and dick setting up something secret..no one would think that would happen..
now onto the important stuff..where do i get my "and amber cried" t?? and can i be a back up singer?? I play the trumpet..so if your ever in need of a trumpet player..i'm your gal..but really i want to be a back up singer..(not as good as melinda doolittle, but don't tell ne one..)
I don't know if ne one thougth of "tears over troubled water" as a song..we'd have to update it bigtime though..and of course you could do a remake of "cryin" by Aerosmith..how could ne one go wrong w/ Aerosmith???


Lynn said...

I think Kail needs to go. If she stays I believe she will bounce back with a vegenance and go for Dick.
Kail sees herself as powerful and the boss lady. She may be in her little town.
I wouldn't give the witch a second chance if I were Dick.
I don't know enough about Mike to make a judgement on whether he should stay or go.
Thus far Mike has not impressed me as a schemer or player. He maybe lying low and be ready to pounce. I don't see that in him.
The only reason to evict Mike is that he was part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance.
Personally I would rather see Kail,Zach and Amber gone before Mike.
I do think Dick has squandered his power as HOH. I had expected him to play smarter and not run off at the mouth alienating everyone.
I also hope that Eric gets his 5 completed tasks accomplished soon. As soon as the rest of the HG figure out he is behind some of the dumb things he has had to do as AP he will be a goner.

Anonymous said...

lyss-good additons to the sonlist. Add them to my post last night and we almost have enough for an album. Now the t-shirt: no pics but the name crying??
o o o o
o o o
o o o
Just having some fun early in the morning!

Now let's get serious. Do you think Dick knows something about Mike that we don't? He doesn't seem like it's his game to make decisions about votes based on personal feelings. Maybe he has formed a secret alliance with Kail and Jen?? Although I can't see Jen keeping a secret(she wouldn't know she wasn't suppose to say anything!) I agree about Nick. As a parent I would get him out soon to spare my daughter the pain and conflict its causing her. I know she a big girl and should be able to solve her own problems but as a parent you always want to protect your child. Nick doesn't seem to have a gameplan other than showance Dani and ratting on people. Let's get rid of some strong players and then watch out for Jessica, Jameka, and Dustin. Everyone likes them and they are flying under the radar. Have the HGs commented about Jessica's voice? She can't be in our band.
I want to be a back-up singer with Lyss. I'll sing real loud from here in the NW. Gotta go practice!!!

Nana in the NW

Anonymous said...

Just a correction--add those to the SONGLIST.
and my computer skills are really bad so the word


with tears should be centered(just try to visualize it)!

La la la la la

Nana in the NW

joy n said...

I'm kind of hoping that the rest of the HG overrule ED this time and vote Kail out. That might bring his (and any future HOH's) ego down a notch. Then they can work on getting the other ones like Mike, Zach, Nick, Jen, Amber, etc., etc., etc. out.

ORKMommy said...

Zoetawney - We need an Amber crying graphic for our t-shirts!! Complete with the band name And Amber Cried! Hurry, hurry!! :-)

delee said...

Four Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry is a perfect one!!!

delee said...

OK here are a few more:

Cry Me A River Joe Crocker

Crying Roy Orbinson

Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep Al Martino

Amber's (Judy's) Turn To Cry
Leslie Gore

Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

We are on a roll....

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Dick ....Oh MY God ...no wonder reality tv is so popular ....thier talk last night was amazing ....you can't get any more real than that discussion. E.D. is trying so hard and I really hope that they both can put down their defenses and make it work. It is clear that he loves her and if she didn't love him she would not have given him the time day at all last night or in this game.

Does anybody think that E.D. might be playing everyone to think that Mike is going out this week and at the last minute flip it and have his side of the house vote out Kail afterall ??? He has to think that someone would maybe slip up and say that Kail was not the target ( and yes that has already happened) ....thus making her think she was staying...Mike probably is thinking he is possibly a pawn and hoping that at the last minute the vote would be for kail to leave! I don't know I have to think that E.D. has to realize that Kail out of the house is better in the long run.


LYSS said...

You gotta wonder are there anyother blogs out there (bb or not) that have this much fun, while kinda in a round-about way making fun of some poor girl that cry's at the drop of a hat??..lol

I'm going to practice one of my carney skills (you know you have to have something to fall back on..) i'm looking into my crystal ball..and i see..wait what is that..Amber's crying.. now my head hurts the so-fab-Lyss needs a nap..=)~


pgporschegirl said...

I've posted this before but it needs to be mentioned again:
I can only hope that someone out there is keeping a running total of Amber's crying sessions! I don't get live feeds, so no can do.

LYSS said...

pgporschegirl..we're up to 6316435416416464516346463464 times since the show start'd..


ORKMommy said...

We should start an Amber Cried drinking game.

During tonight's show, everyone has to keep a bottle of tequila and a shot glass near the TV. Every time she cries, we drink! Whoever is the drunkest by the end of the show wins an And Amber Cried t-shirt!


Lynn said...

Orkmommy, I may see how drunk I can get before the show starts so I won't get carpal tunnel raising my bottle everytime Amber cries! You would need a gallon of tequila to keep up with Amber! LOL

ORKMommy said...

Okay fellow Jackie fans. Let's start a movement to get Jackie's TV Squad articles in the "Most Commented On" section of the site. I've been watching and most of the entries have between 20-25 comments. If all of us comment on her TV Squad entries, she'll easily make the list (and maybe more money)! We need to show those TV Squad people what a great job they did in hiring her!

Let's do this people!!!!!

ORKMommy said...


Most of the bottom entries have between 20-25 comments. The top entry usually has around 150.

LYSS said...

Orkmommy..if we were to take a shot every time Amber cry's we'd never get to see the end of the show..we'd all be pass'd out drunk before the 30 min mark..lol


delee said...

Shots between Amber cried and Jen's use of I/me/myself, I better not drive!!!!

This weeks vote is a mystery to me too, was so sure Kail, but now Mike. I vote for Kail, will have to listen more to the talk tomorrow.

Can you believe they used a whole tank of propane since Food Comp? I think someone left it on and it leaked away.

Orkmommy and all AGREE, doubt there is a group that has this much fun/amusement anywhere.

delee said...

Kail's kids pump gas and wash windshields....like I said she owns a mini-mart (hence multi-businesses) and uses cheap labor. IMAO

pgporschegirl said...

Just curious about what everyone else thinks is MOST annoying about Cry'in Amber
1. The crying
2. Not wearing mascara on National t.v. which she really needs to do (waterproof, please). Or,
3. Her God Talk. Nothing against God! It just gets old hearing: "God put me in this house because..." "God put me on the block for....". Particulary ironic when we hear her talking about being a nympho and a prior speed freak.

ORKMommy said...

Not to mention the fact that she took a naked bath knowing there were live feed cameras on her!!

From Joker's Tue 2:04 PM BBT - Amber tells Eric "I love the person I am today"

Give me a break!!

Walter in NH said...

You say nympho and speed freak as though that was a bad thing

Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny!!!! If only everyone had as much fun blogging!! Zoetawny where is your graphics. We need those t-shirts before we go on tour! I'm not a drinker but I might become one to join in the game. I'd be passed out or in the bathroom by 8:15.
Orkmommy-when Jackie hits the big time and doesn't have time for this little blog you can take over(but please Jackie don't leave--no one can replace you!!).
delee-great additions. we have two albums already!!
We all need to save Dick from himself and have Eric vote Kail out. I don't get the live feeds somebody give us some highlights of the talk between Dick/Dani that was so touching.
It's hard being on the West Coast to converse after the show. Many of you are in the ET and have gone to bed by the time I see the show(well it sounds like tonight you'll be drunk so who knows?!). Thanks to the night owls that log on. I'll just have to tell my husband that I don't have time to fix dinner because that's primetime on Jackie's blog!!

Nana in the NW

ORKMommy said...

Nana - thank you for the wonderful compliment. Knowing that someone thinks I could fill Jackie's HUGE shoes is very flattering!

However, there is NO way I could do what she does. I'm a single mom dating a dairy farmer so I don't have ANY spare time. I spend most of my time here while at work (shhhh, don't tell my boss). I do make time for BB 3 times a week cuz a girl's gotta have a life! @@

Jackie, you rock and I don't know how I enjoyed Big Brother before my mom turned me onto your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nana in the NW,

Here's the YOUTUBE of the Dick & Danielle talk...it's in 5 parts....


Anonymous said...

Nana in the NW,

OOPS!!! here is the link to the you tube!!



pickles said...

You guys are to funny!! Poor Amber.
I have another song to add to the record but I can't think of the name of it. I think Anne Murray sings it. Here is the first line.
(clearing my throat) I cried a tear, you wiped it dry, I was confused, you read my mind. I think that is how it goes. Just change I to Amber and I think it works.

Thanks to everyone for making me laugh today. You all are a riot!! :) Hey, can someone tell me where I can get my tshirt?
Ya know you all may be on to something here. Remember the "free Paris" shirts. ;)

AlbGlinka said...

Did anyone mention yet "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"? I love that song!

Of couse, all these covers have to be kinda punk-rocky, otherwise I'm quittin' the band!

Terry in cA said...

delee,orkmommy, lyss...I am typing from the floor because I cannot sit laughing so hard and type upright....I LOVE THE DRINKING GAME! I also want a t shirt...I love the idea of boosting jackies comments and I intend to do that..
and no, no one else has this much fun on a blog, I just cant believe it.....'scuse me I just gotta look for drops for orkmommies eyes cause Zach is making them burn....
he is a weird one ....when he says he "can make that happen" I want to throw something at the TV

delee said...

You Needed Me by Ann Murray:

I cried a tear
You wiped it dry
I was confused
You cleared my mind
I sold my soul
You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me.

Wow I have too much time on my hands.

PlaidChick said...

Everyone got their favorite cocktail, or shot of liquor for tonight's cry-o-rama???

Someone get me some limes and salt!

Anonymous said...

k I am not as wise as you all are... how does Jackie make more money on TV squad??? I am all for her making a ton of money!!
As for the drinking game I am in!!!
Luckily I will only have to find my way to the bedroom after it is over. I can always crawl!!! Orkmommy, you rock!!!

Jackie said...

Heh. You guys crack me up! Hey, I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's because of you that I keep on keeping on with the blog.

Wait. I may have to have an Amber moment!

Anonymous said...

Am soo voting for KAIL to leave, hope everyones doing the same too. Would really be intrested to see who Mike recruits

barbwire said...

regarding Dick & Danielle - when my daughter - ORKmommy - was around 18 or so, we started hating each other (mom/daughter thing) it lasted til she was in her mid to late 20's - i think the problem with Dick & Danielle is just that, Danielle is not quite 21, she'll grow up & appreciate her father more

I think Dick is making a huge mistake not campaigning to get rid of Kail, if she wins HOH, she is going for his jugular, as before, probably him & D on the block

I would love to be back up singer in our group "And Amber Cried", but orkmommy won't let me, i'm sure - she thinks i can't sing !! i can be the sound manager, or set designer maybe !!

Dustin needs a new shirt to show off his cleavage, the one he has has seen better days !!

Anonymous said...

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