Monday, October 15, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing fancy, just a chipmunk who thought I wouldn't shoot him if he remained still. I shot him anyway ... with my camera. Photo taken at Mindowaskin Park in Westfield, NJ. (Where the park scenes for the TV show Ed were filmed.)

In today's TV Newsy Bits (and a bit o' Bloggy Bits):
  • How are you folks doing with the comments in the Dancing With the Stars discussion post? Too many? Need a new discussion post?
  • I'll be posting my Heroes recap/review later tonight and encourage show fans to stop back to visit.
  • Entertainment Weekly and its website have an exclusive interview with Jorja Fox from C.S.I. -- she is indeed leaving the show citing both personal and professional reasons. It sounds like she wants more time to do what she wants to do family-wise and in other acting pursuits. As long as William Petersen isn't leaving, I'm okay with the news.
  • Buddy TV has an exclusive interview with Joshua Gomez of Chuck.
  • I had an exclusive interview with one of the chipmunks, but he decided he should refuse to comment. I'm not sure if it was Alvin, Theodore, or Simon.
Today's music non sequitur --
"Pleased to meet you,
Hope you guessed my name
What's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game." - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards "Sympathy for the Devil"


Deanna said...

I'm actually glad to see Jorja Fox leave CSI and I did not care for them pairing her with Willaim Petersen. Who I really enjoy is Goerge Eads(Double yum!) But the character of Grissom is by far one of the best on TV....

I love Chuck! This new show is a hoot to watch as well as entertaining with its story lines and action scenes... Hope it lasts...

But my new favorite show is Journeyman... I love how each week he must go back in history to change a significant moment or two to save a life that will in some way better the world in the future. It gives hope...LOVE IT!

Auntie Leigh said...

Cute chipmunk!! Makes you wonder what we are doing watching so much TV. Glad you saved a little time for the park, Jackie.

joy n said...

Adorable chipmunk. We feed the wildlife outside our door everyday. Seed, suet, dried corn and peanuts for the birds and the squirrels. This past summer we had a couple of chipmunks move under our deck, they love the peanuts. They are a joy to watch. They move so fast! I'm surprised you got a shot at all and you really got a good one.

Nana in the NW said...

Hi everybody, "Just another Maniac Monday......"

Jackie I love your pictures . The chipmunk is cute but like it's relative the squirrel they are sooooo willfull(is that possible?) The squirrels in my neighborhood torment my yellow lab. They sit on the fence and laugh(I'm sure they are!) at my dog jumping trying to get them.
Then they run from one end of the yard to the other so the dog will chase them...grrrrrrr.

So what are your favorites,
new and old?

My new ones are Cane and Kid Nation. If I could ever get to watching my
tape of Journeyman I will probably enjoy it. As for the old ones, of course, DWTS, The Bachelor and Survivor. I'm also VERY glad Friday Night Lights is back, loving Las Vegas with Tom Selleck and CSI(now that they have returned from the dark side).

Sorry folks but I have to get some input about General Hospital....what's with all the new characters?? Are they from the spinoff, Night Shift? That show is having it's finale so must be going off the air.

DWTS tonight....time for Mark Cuban to go.....

joy n said...

Oh, yeah, I'm sorry to see Jorja Fox is leaving CSI. I kind of liked her. But, I also agree William Peterson makes the show a great one to watch.

On the other hand, I can't stomach watching CSI-Miami because of David Caruso.

joy n said...

I agree, time for Mark Cuban to dance his way out of there.

I love CANE. Glad to hear of another fan.

MrsTito said...

Las Vegas was actually good this week, first time I've tuned in in a while.

My daughter watched her first Chipmunks cartoon the other day and I was so happy she was interested - I love those guys!

Sydney said...

Journeyman is getting better each week. I was thinking, oh well, this show is going to be so formatted that I wil tire of it shortly. I figured, how long can you sustain that each week he goes back in time in the same city and saves someone. Ho Hum. Kind of predictability akin to the Love Boat or something. But I'm wrong, thankfully!

Tonight when some song struck up as soon as he found himself in the past (to tell us what year it was), I thought, here we go, same thing as the last two eps... and of course the wife and brother will get involved again, as Dan keeps seeing his old flame int he past...

BUT instead, there's an interesting tension between those 4, as the commitment between Dan and his wife stays strong through the struggle. And each week something new does shift just as you think it's about to follow form. Tonight one expample is when Dan is in the past but gets a call on the phone from someone in his CURRENT life... essentially the future. Just as you think you have it figured out it puts in a new little something to keep you on your toes.

maryanne said...

hey everyone!

i just read about jorga fox leaving. what annoys me to no end is that when the miniature killer got her, she should have not survived. would have made for a better show that night. i never cared for her character. there is no depth or emotion to it.

i wouldn't mind mark or floyd leaving DWTS and as cute as everyone thinks marie is, she's starting to get iccky sugary sickening.

where is the DWTS comment forum?


Nana in the NW said...

maryanne--check out Jackie's side bar, under discussion blogs there is one for DWTS.