Monday, September 24, 2007

Dancing With the Stars New Season! - Blog Discussion Post

UPDATE 11/01 -- A new discussion post for this show can be found right here (due to requests because of the amount of comments).

The new season has started and, although I still only watch the show now and then, I figured I'd get a new discussion post up for those who want to talk about it!

The official show website is here.

I realize a few have started discussing the show in the older post -- it sneaked up on me. I'll copy those replies here for you since I don't have the time to remove each old comment one by one and some folks don't want them removed.

The original blog discussion post is located here.
AOL's feature page for Dancing With the Stars is right here.
The TV Squad reviews for the show can be found here.
The SirLinksAlot page for the show is here (lots of great links).


Jackie said...

At 9/24/2007 9:21 PM, joy n said...

NEW SEASON!!! Nice to see Drew!
Women's Night~ Jennie Garth not too shabby. Josie okay. HI, (hubby interruption) arrrgh! missed part of it. Thought Sabrina did surprisingly well.

Marie, you go, girl! Middle age women got it going! Mel B.'s got some rhythm. Jane did very well. I'm only 4 years older than her and don't think I could kick like that if my life depended on it. Her twins have grown, (look like their daddy).

Don't know yet who I'll be rooting for. Think all did very well for debut performances. Can't wait to see the guys tomorrow night.

At 9/24/2007 9:22 PM, delee said...

Well it is on its way....
Did not like Jane S's dress...I think all did Sabrina a ringer or what? She seems to have a lot of previous experience. The hunks are hunkier this year. Be still my heart.

Jackie...please clean up site as I am #156 here...Thank you...

PS What a surprise that Drew is filling in for Samantha...

At 9/24/2007 9:30 PM, joy n said...

Delee, even the judges said she put too much hip-hop into it. We'll have to wait and see how she does with "straight" ballroom dancing.

Jackie said...

I copied the recent comments to this post as I would have to sit and individually delete all the comments on the other one.

The link on the sidebar leads here now.

Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie -- this works fabulously! You are probably already doing one for the Bachelor too. Thaaaaank you....

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--thanks for providing a site for us to go to for DWTS and the Bachelor(did anyone watch it?). I'm just getting ready to start DWTS on the West Coast so I'll catch up tomorrow.

RiseNShine--laundry or ice cream?? I must cream is also my guilty pleasure with a good douse of reality TV!!

Sydney--I am absolutely serious. I will contact you at the address you gave me.

orkmommy-- Nothing worse that being bored at work and trying to look busy!!
Do you sit and think about everything at home you could be doing??

Well, with all the new shows starting the posts should start becoming active again.

joy n said...

Jackie, I'm just amazed with how you keep it all going and how you manage to keep track of it all. My hat's off to you.

Becky said...

Being one of the "Over the Hill Gang" I divided my votes between Marie and Jane. I still think that Jenny/Derek and Josie/Alex are the lesser dancers this week.

Jackie, thank you for setting up the comment area for us.

dla said...

Hi everyone!!

Such a busy TV schedule tonight! :)

I had to catch Prison Break, and then tune in for the last half hour of DWTS, but really enjoyed it!

Looking forward to chatting with everyone!

sharon said...

Well,I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. They all did very well for the first night out.I,too thought that Josie and Jennie were the weakest of them.But they still did an admirable job.yeah,the Cheetah girl was good,but if her partner keeps catering to her "hip hop" vibe,they will start marking her down! She's trying to appeal to all of her fans,and we have seen that happen before.I thought Mel B was very good and I didn't like Jane's dress either. She's a beautiful lady and she needs to dress like it,not all dowdy and frumpy.Jane is very graceful and I am pulling for all those over 40...LOL!

Bring on the hunks!!!

meb said...

I'm posting late as I too had to watch Prison Break and was recording DWTS... so watched it while recording Bachelor, so whatched it and decided I'd comment this morning.

First of all, thanks Jackie for the discussion site. This is so much fun to talk to found friends on your blog.

I thought that they all did very well. Don't really have an opinion yet.

Waiting for tonight to see what the men do.

Sydney said...

Thanks Nana, It'll be nice to hear from you!

It IS nice to see Drew. Though I thought he might lose all potential for future work by insulting the middle judge like he did. Just came out wrong and he couldn't save it. Ugh.

And how does Jayne Seymours stay so fit and ageless? She was so graceful. I feel like Marie Osmond is this year's Leeza Gibbons. Not very good but with a playful attitude that has the judges being so nicely neutral with her that she stays in for weeks and weeks and weeks.

I hope Wayne Newton surprises us as much as the Cheeta girl did. The question will be, can she do as well with more graceful and complex dances?

Obviously the worst of the women was the model. I bet her partner is pissed, as didn't he say he got eliminated at the beginning of last year's show? I think she did amazingly well for someone who clearly just doesn't have natural dancing talent, and I'm sure it takes a lot to look as good as she did, for being the worst of the bunch. I know Tori Spelling wanted badly to be on this to lose her baby weight. She's already accomplished that but I'd have liked to see her goofy personality more than Jenny Garth... she was not great and not bad, Ditto scary spice.

Brent McKee said...

Over at the Entertainment Weekly post for the show there's a lot of dissing of the male competitors, specifically that they didn't know who any of these people were besides Wayne Newton and Mark Cuban - both of whom they hate and ridicule.

RBennie said...

I thought the ladies overall did very well for the first show. I think Jenny's performance was the weakest, with Josie doing just slightly better. I got a kick out of Josie and Alec's interactions.

Sabrina was pretty amazing. That was the fastest cha cha cha I've ever seen! She does, of course, have the advantage of already being a dancer, albeit hip hop and not ballroom. I think with the fan base the Cheetah Girls have, she will be in the competition for the long haul (remember Monique from High School Musical).

Marie surprised me. She was a lot better than I thought she'd be. I love her personality.

Jane was, as I expected, beautiful and elegant. There were a lot of comments about her dress, but I didn't find it to be frumpy at all, her whole back was out.

I thought Mel B. did a great job too, a lot of energy and attitude. It looks like she's taking over for Laila and keeping Max in line, LOL.

I think Josie will be the first to go home unless one of the men turn in a truly horrific performance. I doubt she has much of a fan base to keep her around. The other model, Albert, will probably have the same problem.

meb said...

OK... I don't know where to leave this post, so I'll do it here.

JOURNEYMAN!!! Just watched it. Unbelievable first episode. Not just that it's unbelievable that he can do time travel, but how they've put this together is just awesome. I don't know how I'll find time to watch it, but I won't miss one. Take the time to go watch the first episode somewhere, cause it's worth it. TRUST ME! Yes, I know, can you really believe someone who says trust me? Well, you need to check it out, just in case! Absolutely loved it!

WOW! Guess now I should tell you how I really feel. LAMOJ (That's Laughing At My Own Joke!)

Sydney said...

Meb, I watched journeyman too and I'm glad you loved it. Now I can have someone to talk about it with. It looks complex -- his wife had been going out with his brother but obviously was smitten with him, there are 2 of the old fiancee (was it laila) when he visits the past. I thought how he was able to prove to his wife that he indeed was not gone cheating or having drug bindges or going crazy but was indeed in the past was well done. It took the entire episode to win me over as it built piece by piece. Will be interested to see how the second ep is. I just love seeing my my from Rome, Kevin McKidd on TV again.

Now if only they could do a show with all the guys from the movie 300 I'd be all happy.

meb said...


Ahhhhh! (That's a scream). Sydney... I'm so glad you watched Journeyman as well. I was so excited and wanted to talk to someone about it...mainly because how they tied the ending into how he could prove to someone, anyone... glad it was his wife, that he was, in fact back in time each time he was missing.

When he went back in time to the house, the second time, it didn't really show what he did the ring at the end was one of those... ah ha! right!

Was that great writing, when he was back with his "wife/fiance?" Laila and he didn't sleep with her cause he saw his wedding band! Good husband...good boy!!! HA.

If he hadn't saved the guy first go round, would the story have gone any further... that was a little confusing as to why that would have been in there first, because in reality, he caused his death when he called out to him.

I just love a story that keeps you guessing! This was one.

meb said...

I meant my post was confusing, not the show...the show is too, but you get to figure it out in the end...

joy n said...

I'm not too impressed with the guys, except for Helio. HE has great style, great movement and may be the only male contender this season.

Cameron was fair, but stiff. I wonder if those hips will be his downfall. Unfortunate.

Disappointed with Floyd. I really expected more. He was pretty good but has a way to go.

Albert can shake them hips! He may give Helio a run for his money.

Mark's facial expressions give me the creeps. HE kind of gives me the creeps.

Wayne - Nice try, Wayne. I thought musicians had rhythm. Thinking he or Josie will be leaving tomorrow night.

Nana in the NW said...

Just a quick comment about Journeyman...I meant to tape it and forgot(I won't forget to tape for you Sydney!). After reading what Syd and Meb have said I don't think I will start watching. It sounds confusing and one of those shows that you are always trying to figure out. That's what made me stop watching Heroes and Lost. I really don't have time to watch everything I tape as it is....

Now DWTS----The girls were good! Much better than I expected.

Josie--seems full of herself and not very good. Models don't have much of a following so I don't think she'll have the votes.

Jane--she was so graceful. Her body is amazing for being 56 yrs. old. I think her dress fit the dance she did. Wait till next week when she does the mambo. I think we will see alot more skin and different side of Jane.

Mel B.--good performance. Her and Max seem to have the chemistry necessary to go far. Her body isn't bad either considering she has a baby about 9 months old.

Sabrina-- Her cha-cha was great. When I saw her pre-dance interview I thought
"She's a little soft, I'm not sure she'll move well"
Boy, was I wrong!! Cheetah fans will keep her around

Marie--she was OK but has a great attitude about herself and the show. I think the latin dances will be her downfall.

Jennie--one of the weaker dancers. It will be interesting to see how she improves.

Looking forward to the guys tonight and will check back later.

Becky said...

Well, the first round is over. Here are my thoughts on the men:
Cameron/Edyta - really couldn't say much about the dancing -- I was too distracted by her thong that showed most of the dance. Someone should tell her that her undies wouldn't show if her dress wasn't so skimpy. Wonder why she always wears very little clothing?

Floyd/Karina - personally I do not care for her. Her dress was also skimpy and showed something (and not underwear). From what I saw she wasn't wearing any! I was surprised at their low scores.

Helio/Julianne - Exceptional! They will go far if people vote on dancing alone.

Albert/Anna - were fun to watch. I liked them.

Mark/Kym - another excellent, fun couple to watch.

Wayne/Cheryl - Okay dancing. The old dude won't last long. (I can call him that because I am an old dudette.

If Jackie starts a new comment section for this show I will cut and paste mine to it.

meb said...

nana in the nw: Didn't mean to change your mind about watching Journeyman. It ties up everything at the end of the episode... it's just good thought provoking throughout. You should at least give it a try.

Becky... this is the Blog Discussion site for DWTS. I just didn't know where to post my thoughts on Journeyman, so I did it here.

On to DWTS... I was surprised at Wayne... he did a lot better than I thought. He'll probably hang on as long as Jerry Springer did, and that might be a shame if he knocks people off who can dance better than he can just because he is who he is.

I have to agree with the judges that this first night was better than any year I've seen. They came out ready to compete!

Anonymous said...

Mark Cuban was stupid to sign on for a show when he knew he was having hip surgery. He runs the risk of harming himself and he can't dance this soon post op. He was stiff and awkward. As for him on AMC but if he has a congenital hip problem he too should have thought better of a dancing competition. The name of the game if fluidity and movement. He was stiff and awkward too. What can I say about the over plastic surgery botoxed Wayne Newton but stick with stage shows in Las Vegas...don't subject yourself to high def television. The only good male dancer last night was Helio and he made up for all the others. Can't wait to see more from this hard working duo.

Nana in the NW said...

Helio was awesome--and it's only the first week. I hope people will vote and keep him around because I think he's the best male in the group. I heard an interview with Apolo Ono this weekend and he said Helio is a good friend of his and he talked him into doing the show. Helio knew when contacted that JulieAnn would be his partner--that's what finally made him agree.

Albert--with some work could probably be good. They said he was the youngest celebrity-how old is he?

Floyd(the boxer)-- did not perform as well as I was expecting. Hopefully, Karina will find the dancer in him.

Wayne--OMG I thought John Ratzenberger last year was bad....Newton made him look good!!

Mark Cuban--always thought he was arrogant and last night didn't change my mind. As Anon said why would you commit to this show if you had just had hip surgery?? IMO it's an ego thing!

Cameron--good to look at but needs some help dancing.

This may be the year of the girls. They seem to be stronger as a group. But as we all know it's who America votes for. Some good dancers have left too soon in years past....and some bad dancers have stayed WAY too

Sydney said...

I grew up knowing a lot of the old entertainers-- the rat pack and the rat pack wanna be's (My father worked with a charity they were all involved with) and Wayne Newton looked stretched and overdyed with huge white porcelain looking teeth way back then.. 30 years ago. LOL

However bad his surgery was way back then (et tu Burt Reynolds) I have to say, all this time later he DOES look just the same ... so in essence can we say it served it's purpose, in it's way?

sharon said...

I admire Wayne for all the entertaining he does for the soldiers of our country,he is tireless in that. But something about him just looks odd and out of porportion! His upper body looks so big and boxy and then he has these little tiny hips and legs. But the hips didn't move hardly at all from what I could tell.All of these guys and their faulty hips and legs!Cuban was much better than I thought,and so was Albert. Floyd was the worst! He looked like he was in a crouch most of the dance and chasing Karina around the floor. I also don't like her much or Edyta.I LOVED Helio and think he's the best of the men. Maybe the ladies will have a chance to take home the ugly trophy this time. I think Josie,Floyd or Wayne could be on the block tonight. Wouldn't that frost Karina's cookies if she went home first!!! Meow!!!!!

joy n said...

So far, so good. Helio is still there. Dolly looking pretty good her self, for Dolly.

joy n said...

Kenny Mayne - hope he'll be back often this season. Funny guy!

joy n said...

Not surprised in the least to see Josie go.

Mark looked P.O. to be in bottom 2. I half-expected if they called his name to go, that he was gonna lose it. He still gives me the creeps!

joy n said...

Hellooooooo! Anybody here?

Nana in the NW said...

Sharon--what is odd about Newton is his eyes. They are very small for his face....I don't know if it is the result of a face lift years ago and then he put on weight or what?! For someone who play tennis and takes karate REGULARLY(as he said) he sure is carrying around alot of extra weight. I know he is 60+ but look at Regis Philbin....he is almost 70 and in great shape.

So glad to hear Cuban was in the bottom two. He is so smug--maybe it will knock him down a peg or two.

Joyn--maybe everyone is watching Kid Nation. I am going to watch DWTS and tape Kid Nation to watch with my grandson tomorrow.

I know Jackie is covering Kid Nation for TV Squad but I'm not sure where to go to talk about with my friends here??

Terry in CA said...

So.....anyone recapping the show tonight ?? Help us Californias out....who left?
Im hoping the model

Sydney said...

Oh Geeze, I was taping Ken Burns THE WAR for my husband and I can't watch DWTS. I am going ot go see if my tivo recorded it. Both fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Josie the model is gone!!!

delee said...

Not sure about your PBS station but here they ran it back to back. So instead of 8-10, can watch it 10-12 (or tape it).

Sydney said...

Whomever said they wanted to catch up on Friday Night Lights first season -- was it MEB? -- I see Bravo is replaying the entire season starting at 7AM CST on 10/5 if you want to check your listings...

Sydney said...

Thanks Delee -- I don't knwo why my Tivo in the other room didn't record it or last night's even tho I have a season pass to it. I hate to have to check all these things manually ever week. Aint' technology supposed to make our lives EASIER?!!

joy n said...

I totally forgot about Kid Nation! Maybe I can catch it at Hope so. It's been a crazy day, darnit!

Nana in the NW said...

joyn--CBS showed Wed. episode of Kid Nation on Sat. last week--maybe they will do it again this week and you can catch it. If not catch Jackies TV Squad and after I watch my tape I will comment.

dla said...

No surprises in the first elimination, and looks to be a great season!!

I am so thrilled to see some new, good TV!!

sharon said...

I was kind of surprised to see Cuban in the bottom two. I actually thought he danced better than some of the others.But there goes that "fan base" thing again,some people just vote for people they know or like,not the ones that do best. Of the men,I really didn't like Floyd,but wouldn't have cared if Mark Cuban went. Maybe there are just a lot of folks out there that don't like

I don't know about the rest of you,but I thought dragging this out over three nights was really silly.Both Mon and Tues were ridiculous,all that junk they threw in to stretch it to 90 minutes. I just want to see them dance and cut out all the other crap!I know,I know,it's to blast the other networks out in the ratings,but,enough is enough! If I had seen that promo for Private Practice another time,I think I would have thrown something through the TV.In fact,that's one of the main reasons I DIDN'T watch the darn show....hear that,ABC!!!

I think Dolly must have a portrait in her attic somewhere. Damn,she looks good!

meb said...

Thanks Sydney re Friday Night Lights... Not sure it was me, but you and I seem to like the same shows, so I'll set up to record it and I'll let you know if it grabs my attention.

I was ok with Josie going home last night, but I don't know that her dancing was that bad. Just not as good as the others. This was a first night out and everyone did so well you really had to be good. Sort of like what Len said, that even the ones with the least points did a great job for the first night out. Oh well, someone had to go and she would probably have been early to go anyway. Still felt sorry for her.

Sharon... I'm not really that impressed with Karina either. She acts like she demands respect... someone needs to tell her that being a little humble goes a long way.

meb said...

Oh..and Sharon... I agree with you ..."dragging this out over three nights was really silly...". Bring in the fillers when they need to make up time, but not before a few of the contestants are eliminated. And, when it comes to tap dancing, give me Gary Hines anytime. Love Dolly Parton!

To each his own joyn, but I don't care for Kenny Mayne... his humor is too corny for me, and of course he was a "filler slot" which I commented on already, so he coudln't win with me in the first place. Smile.

Plus he was another one last year who was so smug. He thought he was a good dancer and he wasn't... stiff as a board and a poor loser.

Caroline said...

To Nana, who asked how old Albert Reed is...I believe he is 22.

I wasn't surprised that Josie went home, she wasn't very good. Also not surprised that Mark Cuban was in the bottom. I agree that he has an arrogant, smarmy quality about him. I, personally, can't stand Karina, she comes across as a stuck up b!t*h. I was hoping her and Floyd would go home just to piss her off.

I really enjoyed Dolly Parton's number, in part to her and in part to the fact that my favorite 4 professional dancers were the ones doing the routine. I think after a few weeks of getting rid of the dead weight (Floyd, Mark & Wayne) that this could shape up to be a very competitive, entertaining season.

Margo said...

Check you Tivo and see where in the season pass lineup your show is. If one show has a higher priority than the other it tapes the highest one on the list first. For example I tape Survivor and Ugly Betty - but I also like Earl so I have the first two set up as 1st run only and they are number 9 and 10 in my season pass manager. Earl is set up to tape reruns + 1st run but it is 25 in my list. So if Betty is a rerun it will tape Earl. I don't get to see all the Earls but that is ok.
On to DWTS I thought Wayne should have gone home - the man is going to have a heartattack and die right on the dance floor. Man is he out of shape. You would think that enough seasons of this show have been on that noone should be surprised how physically hard it is. I know I couldn't do it, but then again I have never been asked - Maybe your mind goes numb when fame and the possibility of a sparkly trophy comes knocking on your dressing room door.
Next week the Mambo - or Mamebo yea.

joy n said...

Margo: I noticed too, that Wayne was sweating up a storm and so out of breath when rehearsing. As Nana NW mentioned, for all the exercise he claims to do, I thought, this guy will not last long without having a heart attack. I think he's bitten off a lot more than he can chew this time. And, unfortunately, he's not very good.

Nana NW, I'm going to try to catch Kid Nation on later today. I did read Jackie's post on TvSquad, which was excellent as always.

Nana in the NW said...

terry in ca.--good to see you back posting. I think about you often and hope you are taking the time to grieve and then heal.

Meb-not a DWTS comment but try Friday Night Lights. I believe you are from the south so can relate to that lifestyle and the importance of football in Texas. I love the show and can't wait for it to start again.

Margo--reading your explaination of TIVO to Sydney has me so confused I'm glad I don't have it...just give me my old VCR and tape!!! LOL

I'm with the rest of you about Karina. I didn't like her with Mario and still think she is pretty full of herself!

I really like JulieAnn and her brother seems to be just a nice and humble. For young people, who have been competing most of their lives, they do not appear to be spoiled or arrogant.

After week one this is my list from weakest to strongest:

Wayne Newton
Mark Cuban
Marie Osmond
Floyd Meriweather
Cameron Mathison
Jennie Garth
Albert Reed
Jane Seymour
Mel B.
Sabrina/ Helio--toss-up

And, of course, I will probably change my opinion several times in the next few months!!

Nancy in Seattle said...

I feel sorry for Cheryl getting stuck with Wayne Newton. He is just too old and out of shape. I read that during the season she practices for eight hours, but Wayne will only practice two hours a day for the competitions. That is not enough to do a decent number so Cheryl will be out soon...which is too bad as she is a good dancer. I wish she had been paired with Cameron rather than Etyna of no clothes. I wish someone would tell that woman not to dance half dressed. This past week she had to keep pulling her gown up. She should learn some class from Jayne Seymour. As for Mark Cuban, he doesn't belong in a contest like this...he is not a star, just a man who sold a company for 5 billion as he keeps telling us.

Anonymous said...

As for Mark Cuban, he doesn't belong in a contest like this...he is not a star, just a man who sold a company for 5 billion as he keeps telling us.

There are others who are not stars, I never thought it was fair having ppl who we all know can dance for instance Drew, As soon as the list for DWTS came out the year Drew was in, I said ah come on, geezzz he's gonna win, hands down, sure enough he did.
Mario should have won. I knew Emmitt would win, Last year I thought here we go again another boy band, by then the word was out that viewers felt Joey had an advantage, I told friends if Joey wins ABC will lose viewers because ppl are questioning why is it called dancing with the stars, when in reality, some of the
" stars " are performers, who know the choreography of dancing techniques, sure its not the same but dancing is dancing.. knowing Abc I felt nope Joey won't win.

1st season when Kelly won, many of those were stars, not dancers, sure they're not professional but being in a band they have a huge advantage.

joy n said...

I completely disagree, anon. Just because some people have an aptitude for dancing more than others, doesn't mean they should be penalized and not permitted to participate.

As for "dancing is dancing", I couldn't disagree more.

I was considered a good dancer in my day (still can and do when I play my old 45's) but I couldn't do ballet or tap or a paso doble if my life depended on it. UNLESS, an expert in that field had weeks (at least) to teach me every step patiently. Isn't that what happens on DWTS?

Everyone has a chance to learn new dances. If some have a better sense of rhythm, if some have a more "natural talent" than others, is that their fault? All these "stars" know when they apply to this show, just what abilities they possess in this area and they believe they can do well (or else they wouldn't agree to go on it).

The premise of this show is to judge the best ones. You judge the best on their ability to learn new dances and do them better than others. Drew danced better than the rest. You may have a different opinion, but, obviously, most people thought he did, and he won.

Yes, fan base plays into it, but there were others on during his season who had larger fan bases and lost anyway. Same as every season.

I don't always agree with the final winner, either, case in point, Mario, should have won hands down. But that's the way the ball bounces sometimes.

I just think it unfair when someone is accused of having an unfair advantage simply because, in their line of work, (boy band or otherwise) they do pretty well in another unassociated type of dance.

meb said...

Gotta agree with you joyn...

Case in point: Last year's Billy Ray Cyrus…

I too was a pretty good dancer. Years ago, we had a fundraiser each year for the hospital I worked for and we would bring in a company from New York who would send in a "Director" with a complete show, costumes included.

There would be tryouts for dance, singing, comedy, and then we would rehearse for 2 weeks and put the show on. Those who tried out for the dance numbers had to learn to "dance".

Some of the ones who were cast in the dance numbers had taken dance all their lives or sang, or played in bands… and they couldn't do the dances any better than some of the others who had never taken a lesson or had any real musical background. It's called "either ya got it or ya don't".

In DWTS, they all have to learn new things that they've never done before.

joy n said...

My take on DWTS: Mel B. did her quickstep very well. Wish she'd lose that bit of attitude, though.

Mark was a little better than last week, but his footwork was off and he keeps making those odd mouth movements.

Wayne is still too stiff. I think he's one of those that just don't have "it". Don't think he'll go much farther.

Marie: I LIKED her Mambo. Thought she did very well. I'm really pulling for her to go far. I doubt she'll win but hope she sticks around for awhile. Donny is still gorgeous, isn't he? I must say, they're both aging very nicely.

Albert: Nice message from gramma. Judge's said he "skipped" but I thought his footwork was pretty good.

What can I say about Helio, I said last week he may be my fave. This week, he definitely is. Something about those Latin dances, I love them and he did that mambo very, very well. Plus, I love his sense of humor. Hope he continues to trip the light fantastic.

Jennie did better than last week, also, even with Derek screwing up at the end.

Cameron didn't look bad, but the whole dance seemed "off" somehow. And what the heck are those "messages"?

Floyd seemed to me to be doing a lot of "skipping and jumping". I was surprised the judge's spoke so favorably of his quickstep. Thought his scores were too high.

Jane's footwork was good, but she needs to work a lot on her hip action. A mambo is not sexy without good hip movement. I thought they scored her too high, also.

As for Sabrina, she seems to me to be a "natural". She can dance! She may well be the winner this season. To do so great two weeks in a row says volumes about her talent.

Of course, the season is young and anything can happen. But right now, I see Sabrina or Helio at the end of the tunnel. Just MHO.

dla said...

Joy, I am in total agreement with your assessment of the front runners!!

This looks like a great season, and they are killing it for the 2nd week.

Nancy in Seattle said...

Great show tonight...everyone seemed to have tried...well, not so much Wayne Newton. He simply is too old and out of shape to do the necessary work. Either he or Mark Cuban should exit stage left this week. Wayne was terrible, but he has a fan base. Not too many people know Cuban and his strange facial grimaces and attitude won't earn him many fans. Love, love, love, Helio and Sabrina. They are really working hard and it shows. Consumate professionals. Feel so sorry for Cheryl. Don't count Janie 56 she is truly amazing and a hard worker. She may do better with some of the dances to come.

Anonymous said...

Will somebody put some clothes on Etyna? She has the worst outfits.

Nana in the NW said...

Eytna looked like a flamingo! I thought they had designers that dressed the contestants...her's should be fired! I agree with everything Joy n said(I usually do). Helio is a great match with Julianne. Their size is good together and their personalities seem to click. Wayne Newton is horrible but I'm afraid his fan base will keep him around longer than he should be. Marie O. performed much better than expected. Given the grueling workout schedule we will see these girls become toned throughout the next weeks.

Sydney said...

Joy- me thinks it's Mel's cheekiness that earned her the title of SCARY spice. She did pull it together with the straight back/grace aspect for the dance though, and that impressed me.

Marie did much better this round, though when she fell facing him into his arms about 3 times in the dance her legs and feet kind of splayed out in a way that the professional dancers just don't do... not sure what it was, just looked like he'd hauled her lifeless body out of a swimming pool or something in those moments.

Wayne, poor guy, he just looks arthritic, and he answered everything with a smile which shows how much of a true pro he is. His dance partner on the other hand, could hardly keep from showing her deep disappointment on her face. I felt bad for her.

The judges are great on this show, but they do occasionally criticse when people did a great job and for reasons that aren't clear (political?) they generically praise someone who's really not done the best job. An exmple would be the male models' quick step. He lost it entiredly in the middle and while they've come down har do n others for less, they said not a word.

Does anyone else think that's odd when they do that?

Becky said...

I seem to be nodding my head in agreement with several of you, especially Joy and Sydney (except for not thinking Emmett should have won).

Heilo is my favorite. I think Jane had trouble with the hip movement because of her back problems. Marie is doing wonderful. Wayne is almost painful to watch (reminds me of Mr. "Clomp-Clomp" P (the rapper) several years ago. I am not impressed with Cameron or Mark. I do NOT like Eydeta or Karina and think both need to put on more clothes.

BTW, I think it was Sydney who asked on another thread about hurricane season. I am in Corpus Christi, and have been for many, many (too many) hurricane seasons. Hurricane season runs from June through the end of October. We don't really start to worry until July and stop worrying after the first wet, cold Norther.

meb said...

Yes, Wayne needs to go, then Cuban. I don't know why Bruno doesn't let Len do his assessment without commenting before Len finishes. Len does try to give them some advice (even tho sometimes I don't agree with him). I'm sure if he knew I disagreed with him he'd be very upset.

I was very impressed with Marie and Jane. I think they did exceptionally well.

I didn't care for the model's dancing either week. I thought he really was pushing it last week and this week, he was tripping all over himself.

Of course, Helio is favorite all the way. Julianne is so gorgeous, which doesn't hurt, but her coreography is exceptional. I thought that she was the best coreographer last year as well.

joy n said...

Just read on E!OnLine News that Jane Seymour will not be on DWTS results show tonight due to the death of her 92 year old mother this morning. She died due to complications of a stroke that she suffered earlier this year. Jane is on her way to England now and it is "up in the air" whether she will be back for Monday's show. How terribly sad for her. Jane had said DWTS was her mother's favorite show.

sharon said...

I was totally shocked that Albert got the hook and not Wayne.....wait,no I'm not.I think just the name and face recognition go a long,long way in who stays and who goes.Even thought I admire Wayne for his good works,he just is not cut out for this show. I do feel really bad for Cheryl also.Now Albert may have not been as good as some but I'd rather watch him than Floyd or Cameron,for that matter or Cuban.

I'm another who is not liking Mel B's cockiness,she's not that great! Let her go back and be on England's DWTS,she's like Heather Mills,why do we have to have them here on our show?

Love,love,love Helio,the Brazilian bombshell.I love his smile and,of course,that Julianne is dancing with him. Sabrina works very hard and is really good and should make this a very good contest this year. if they keep pushing each other,they will be fantastic by the finale. I can't believe how good they are already.And,can't help it,but I'm pulling for Marie too.

dla said...

Sydney, I have wondered about the judges from the beginning... They typically start out nice and forgiving, and then you just never know what you will get.

I swear there are weeks when they are in a bad mood, and just take it out on one dancer after another.

And I also wonder if we are watching the same dancers at times, just for the reasons you pointed out.

I feel the same about the judges on American Idol, as well.

Typically, I feel sad for the celebs when they get picked on, especially if it is undeserved.

One of those things that makes me go hmmmm....

joy n said...

I was disappointed but not surprised that Albert got less votes than Wayne simply because of the fan base thing. I hope that doesn't mean we'll be seeing a lot more of Wayne. The man is a good guy from all I've read, but he's a terrible dancer. He should have been the first to go.

That is the precise reason why I worry that Helio will go before his time. I hope there are a lot of race car fans out there. On his own merit, I think he would probably make it to the top two. I'm already hearing rumblings that he has an advantage with the Latin dances because it's being said that he is a Latino. I believe, though, that he is of Greek heritage. Still, those kind of rantings hurt Mario Lopez and Joey Fatone (heritage and past dancing experience).

I'm still rooting for Marie, too, to hang in there for awhile.

Sydney said...

'm a little behind, catching up on Tivo -- Just finished Monday night's show. I thought Jayne Seymour did a very good job, looked sassy and like she was having fun and not stiff. Not "raunchy" that one judge was looking for, but not stiff at all. Her fringey hem helped the hips swimg more. God, please give me such a good bod at 56! How does she do it?

I was blown away at how complex the quick step was for the Cheeta girl and how she nailed it completely. They have only FOUR days to learn this. Don't know that I could do it, and I love to dance.

Mark Cuban -- how can you not appreciate his enthusiasm... and at the same time want to just shoot him for all his disco finger pointing action? He doesn't realize he's the living example of the finger wagging wild and crazy guy type that SNL characterized, oblivious to how NOT attractive that makes him, LMAO!

Sydney said...

Joy -- I think Helio is going to create more votes just becasue it's obvious he's so outstanding... and 3 nines twice out of two votes makes people notice, wvwn if they don't know who he is (like me!). Also, his dance partner has fans of her own I bet after last year's amazing run with Apollo... of all the dance teachers, we don't think of them having a fan base as much, but I think she does...

I thought the other night that her sparkle and wholesomeness while also being sexy (in a squeaky clean kinda way) reminded me of Doris Day in her heyday. All those old movies where her eyes twinkle when she's looking at Cary Grant...

Becky said...

Sydney said -- I think Helio is going to create more votes just becasue it's obvious he's so outstanding... Also, his dance partner has fans of her own I bet after last year's amazing run with Apollo...I thought the other night that her sparkle and wholesomeness while also being sexy (in a squeaky clean kinda way)...

Sydney, I am in agreement with you. He has such a likeable attitude and she is delightful and sexy IN A CLEAN way. She depends on her dancing ability and knowledge of the art and not on skimpy costumes to get her through. As for Wayne, he needs to go. I think Cheryl was very surprised they did not leave this past week. I think Jane is a classy act. Wonder how she will fare Monday since she has missed a week of practice. I will be pulling for her and for Marie too. We old broads have to stick together!

joy n said...

Sydney, I really hope you are right.

joy n said...

First up: Sabrina. What can I say except this girl is an amazing dancer, Definitely will be in the top two. Loved her jive.

Cameron: Did very well tonight. I agree with the judges, his tango was his best dance so far.

Mark: I think he only danced about half of the actual dance. He stands still the rest of the time. At least he made less of those awful faces.

Fourth was Jennie and I really saw improvement. Her butt seemed to stick out too much in the first half (possibly what the judges meant about her posture). But overall, she did very well.

Mel B.: Thought her footwork was off in the beginning, but a pretty good jive. Scores were a little higher than I expected.

Wayne: OMG, put us out of our misery! He doesn't dance, he clod-hops. There has been no improvement at all.

Floyd needs much practice with his footwork. He may be great at it in the ring, not so much on the dance floor.

Glad to see Jane back, but...I thought her dress was awful, and although I thought her head was way too jerky even for a tango, and her scores a little too high because of it, she did dance a very good dance.

Helio: (Still love this guy's upbeat outlook.) I think that his scores were fair tonight. But This Guy Can Dance! It's so enjoyable to watch him move across the floor with Julianne. I still believe he will be the other half of the top two. At least, I sure hope so.

In general, a very good episode tonight.

joy n said...

Oops, how could I forget Marie? Another dancer with a great attitude and so much fun to watch. I love this lady! She was called the "Mistress of Character" and the "Meryl Streep of Dancers". Huge compliments from a judge! I think her tango was very, very good.

Wayne or Mark should be leaving this week, the only two of the ten who deserve to go.

Sydney said...

I had to wrok tonight all thru the shows so I caught bits and pieces as I turned away from my computer. BUT WOW - the CHeetah girl is just perfection -- I was not able to see if they got a perfect or near perfect score but they deserved it. It looked so FUN I almost leapt off my chair wanting to get up and do the same.

Marie did well. They are right that her natural ability to entertain makes a big difference. But she is more limber and blossoming from the first week, which is what judges really seem to support. I didn't see much of Jane's dance but she looked like she got the body alignment for that tough tango down pat. Sacry Spice did well enough, but she doesn't wow me, and I hate to say thae because it is so hard to do these dances as well as they do them. Wayne is about as sexy as wood, I'm so sorry. His fans will keep him in. Tongiht was liek Billy ray from last year... the girl did it all and he was akward beyond belief. but I came to really love Billy's earnestness. I wonder if Wayne is coming to regret that he did this!

Marc -- sorry, his doing this show so soon after surgery is going to have him back in there to redo it in just a few years. I can't fault him as he looks like hes having the time of his life, but please, don't make me have to watch it anymore!

Jenny did a very good job, and the technical flaws actually are encouraging somehow -- it's like she's done a bang up job with a difficult dance. Does not make it look effortless but as an affort you can admire!

I was sorry to miss Helio. I have soime of this on Tivo so hope he's on there!

joy n said...

Sydney, Sabrina's score was 9-9-9.

Sydney said...

Thanks Joy, I was hopeing someone could tell me... not one 10 for that eh? Maybe the judges think it's too early in the game to give higher points and carve out an obvious front runner when there are so many couples left... kinda a political thing...?

joy n said...

Sydney, I would guess you're right about that.

Sydney said...

Question: I know last week they let Wayne speak for all to send out love and prayers to Jane. Did they mention anything about it last night now that she's back or ask her to say anything about being gone? I did't get to see her interviews at all.

joy n said...

Sydney, Before her dance they showed a clip where she spoke of her mom and the illness briefly. Then she stated that Tony went with her to England and they went straight to the studio to learn the tango. She said she channelled all her passion and emotions into the dance, holding them together to get through it.

She said that her Mom would want her to do it and her Mom would be proud of her perserverence. Tony and Jane dedicated this tango to her Mom. It was very touching.

joy n said...

I'm kind of surprised that Wayne is gone although he definitely should be. Guess his fan base wasn't as strong this week.

I have heard that Mark Cuban is out stirring up his fan base every chance he gets and through every venue he can find available. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Either way, Mark should probably go next, before Floyd, but of course, you never know with this show.

I'm just glad that Helio is still safe and, hopefully, will be the last male still dancing towards the end.

Wayne Newton is a very talented entertainer and singer. Dancing is just not one of his talents.

meb said...

sydney and joyn ... looks like you're holding down the fort. i'll be back soon... my BFF passed away yesterday... i've been busy with her up to that point and now trying to get everything (paperwork, etc) completed. I still try to come in and read once in a while to see what's happening.

Talk later.

Becky said...

I am glad that Wayne is gone. Loved seeing Karina squirm. I think she may throw a hissy fit when she is eliminated. I don't have much time to post lately because I am putting "stuff" on eBay. I am reading the posts and nodding my little head. I hope Karina goes home next week -- just because! Then Edyta and then Mark. Why? Strictly because I like him better than the two women I mentioned. Petty, but at my age I am entitled. Heilo is still my favorite. I loved when Julieanne told how she signals Heilo when he is slacking.

Lynn 1 said...

I am so sorry for your loss. God bless and keep you during this difficult time.

joy n said...

I thought what Julianne said about the signals was cool, too.

Meb, so sorry to hear about your friend. I send my sincerest condolences to you.

I've missed your comments.

Becky said...

Meb, please add my condolences to your list. I apologize for not mentioning that earlier. It is good that your friend has you to help her.

Nana in the NW said...

meb--my condolences also. It must be very difficult for you to lose your BFF. It sounds like you have been helping the family with the necessary arrangements. Be sure to give yourself time to grieve.

I forgot there was a seperate blogsite for DWTS and posted my comments on Jackie's post from earlier today. That's what happens when I go on vacation--my brain does too!

Glad to see Wayne week Mark. Even if his dancing was good(which it's not) his facial expressions and disco hands drive me crazy!!

Becky said...

Another week of fantastic dancing and two half naked women. That is my final word on those two -- well, for this week.

My votes are going to be divided between Marie, Jane and Heilo. They are my favorites.

Jackie, you have to skim down forever to get to the posts now. I won't complain, I am just thankful that I have this great place to discuss the show, one where people are respectful of each other.

joy n said...

Arrrrrgh! I had a long senior moment and missed the first half hour of DWTS. I tuned in just as Jane was getting her scores. I heard at the end of the show that Sabrina got a perfect score and that Mark got a 22, (not surprised) but I totally missed the first three dances. I taped the rest of it and will watch it later. I HATE those senior lapses!

I want to make sure I don't miss Bachelor.

Nancy in Seattle said...

Everyone is working harder and harder and it showed tonight. In my opinion the two who should be in the bottom two are Mark Cuban and Floyd. Floyd dances like a boxer and Cuban dances like a businessman. Neither of them has a natural ability and both of them have an attitude problem. Everyone else improved. Love Helio and Sabrina...Cameron came on strong tonight...Marie was adorable with the hair swishing...she is so funny in her comments too. She's been through a lot and I wish her well. This is a great season and we still have the latin dances next week. Continue to vote online people so that our favs don't lose out to the likes of Cuban and Floyd.

sharon said...

Good show last night,I can't believe how good these people are this season!I was very surprised by Cameron,way to step it up.His posture was amazing and he seemed to actually perform last night.I still love Helio and his whole attitude.But the ladies are amazing. I'm with the crowd that likes Marie,she's trying so hard and makes up what she lacks in technique with her great attitude.Do I think she's the best and deserves to,but want to see her for weeks and weeks yet.It's time for Floyd to go,I can't stand the way he dances and also,would like to see less of Karina,if that's at all possible.Or Cuban could go and wouldn't miss him,either.

joy n said...

Watched my tape and saw a clip of Sabrina's dance on AOL. She looked good as always.

Didn't see Jane's dance but heard the judge's comments before the vote. She wasn't too happy about the lift remarks.

Never saw Mark Cuban's dance at all, but doubted I missed much when they mentioned his score at the end of the show.

Floyd totally turned me off when he said, "My scores better change and I mean it." Hope he's gone soon. He seems to lack grace on and off the show.

Cameron, Jennie and Mel B. were all very much improved this week, though I'm not sure Jennie deserved the ten.

Loved Helio's waltz. That was beautiful! Julianne looked fabulous in that dress.

The judge's called Marie's waltz a gentle one. I agree. I also thought it to be a very sensual dance. I know, too, that it's unlikely she will win, but I really hope she's around for a long while. I love her personality.

I agree, Mark or Floyd can leave tonight. Mark is a bad dancer and Floyd, (only slightly better) both have attitude problems. Neither wants to be a "loser", but neither deserves to win.

maryanne said...

mancy i'm with you - floyd or mark can go and i won't miss them.

marie is a little to saccharine for me.

i just love helio and he gets my votes all the time.

one of these years edyta will get the winning dancer - it's not this year.

i was so thrilled to see wayne and cheryl go.

drew did a great job - welcome back samantha, a little soon to return to work, but to each his own.

teh little cheetah girl's dance last night was absolutely incredible and believable and so intense. it did in fact remind me of the bullfight.

jane's dance was so elegant. poor tony, always getting the shaft.

karina - bleeech

the spice girl is really good - carrie ann's comments cracked me up about her.

the male judges need an enema.


joy n said...

It's too bad Gloria Estefan couldn't be there for whatever reason. I don't know if Wayne Newton was having a bad night or what, but he sang terribly and he forgot some of the lyrics. That was just bad!

Is it my imagination or did Joan Rivers daughter (forget her name) look like she's been playing around with the plastic surgery knife? Joan looks less human every time I see her, but her daughter looks a lot different from when I saw her on TV last, too. Why do they do that to themselves?

I cannot fathom why Mark was not in the bottom two. He should have been. He doesn't dance, he memorizes steps.

I breathed a sigh of relief to see Helio was safe, even though I thought he probably would be. You just never know.

Figured Sabrina, Cameron and Jennie would make it, too.

Very happy to see Marie was okay for another week. Jane, too. But I was shocked to see Mel B. in the bottom two with Floyd. She didn't deserve that.

I keep hearing that Mark Cuban has been out big-time trying to stir up votes. It must be working.

Anyway, Floyd needed to go. He wasn't a good dancer and his attitude sucked. Glad he's gone.

Susan in FL said...

I was saddened to hear Wayne Newtons voice (never great) had deteriorated so badly. Maybe the anesthetic during his plastic surgery damaged his vocal chords?

Margo said...

I think Mark Cuban has hired some telemarketing company to make calls for him. He has the money to do it.

sharon said...

Yeah,something about the bottom two just didn't ring true! I think they may take the real couple going home and throw a safe couple in there with them just to add to the drama. They always say the safe ones are "in no particular order",so that might be why?

I'm just glad it was Floyd who went home. Buh bye,Karina! And now,I'm not sure if Cameron will keep up the intensity or if that particular dance was made for him. We shall see. I know the judges raved about Sabrina's dance,but for me,there is just something missing in her style. I think it is the frenzied way they "attack" every dance. All dances are not meant to be danced full throttle and I think they lose something in all the frenzy. JMO. She is a hard worker,but then,they all seem to be. I just LOVE Helio's style.And I didn't understand Len giving Jenny a 10!I guess he just didn't want to see that ugly pouty face of hers all next week long. She looked like she was sucking lemons...not a pretty sight. I think Cuban is up to something,he's just not a good dancer and I'm glad that Carrie Ann called him on the singing along,.....annoying as hell!

meb said...

Sharon... I so agree with you about Sabrina... "Attack" is the word to use in how she dances. Has she been required to do a slow dance yet. I'd like to see what she can do other than being so aggressive. While she can really move her feet and body she doesn't "look" good at it... she does however, amaze me that she can do it with such fervor.

I also agree with you that Mel B probably wasn't second lowest score. They're probably taking turns with those dancers who are safe. It's still scary tho to be in that position.

Performers voices do change as they get older, but I couldn't believe Wayne's voice. Either he was a nervous wreck or I can't believe people still pay to go see him sing in Las Vegas. He was the first "star" I ever saw "in person".

Helio is still the man!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I alomost had a cow when Marie fainted!!! At first I think everyone thought she was kidding around but then WHAMO! she really was out cold. Poor thing, I know she must have been so embarrased but she habdled it like a trooper when the show came back on, bless her.

And Helio! Mummmm! But the judges complainded about his lack of passion. I thought he looked pretty damn good!

joy n said...

Marie fainted! She fell hard too! After the commercial, she said she forgot to say when she gets excited, she stops breathing. Woke up and said "Oh, CRAP!" Too funny!(What she said).

Her dancing was not great, but not terrible. 21 seemed fair.

Jane, on the other hand, seemed too slow and too few rumba steps danced. She did NOT deserve 26 points. No way!

Mark just looked plain silly. A samba is supposed to be sexy and passionate, not cutesy. He stinks! His score? 21. Too high!

What's with these judges?

Sabrina, WOW! Now that's sexy and passionate. Not perfect, but I thought very good. It was nice to see her not attack this one. She got a 28 for her rumba. Don't think she deserved the 10.

Jenny's samba was pretty good. I think she's still showing improvement every week, but not sure she'll make it to the end. Her heart doesn't seem into it so much. She got a 25.

Helio, the Brazilian. I thought he was Greek. I saw passion, but didn't it look like she did most of the dancing steps? Not Helio's best. Only got a 23. Come on, Helio, you can do much better. Make him work, Julianne!

Very disappointed with this episode so far. I wanted to see FIRE! SEXY! PASSION! Not so much tonight.

Next up is Mel B. and the samba. She did great! I agree with the judges, best dance of the night! She ended up with a 29.

Last was Cameron doing the rumba. What the hay does Susan Lucci know about dancing? Thought they were hot! Like Edyta or not, that was sexy and passionate! Too bad Cameron has that hip problem and couldn't move those hips a bit more, but I still thought it was hot, hot, hot! Score of 26. Slightly low, I think.

Mark should definitely go home tomorrow. Just hope it's not Marie yet, but I'm wondering if the scores were set up for her to leave. Mark should go.

All of this is, of course, is IMHO.

Anonymous said...

cHECK THIS OUT!! I bet there really is something goning on between these tow, don't you guys???

meb said...

I really thought Len was going to say something nice about Marie just as she passed out, so I was surprised at the scores later. What was the jumping around she was doing, just before Len started talking. If she was already out of breath, she sure didn't need that little extra push.

I can't warm up to Cameron at all. I thought his Superman last week was great, but he has a thing he does with his hands that just looks awkward.

Jenny was much better in the previous two dances than last night I thought.

Helio wasn't as polished as before. I didn't think the choreography was as good as it has been. Julianne needs to step it up with him if she wants to be a second time winner. He can do it, so she needs to deliver it!

sharon said...

I'm another one that thought Marie was fooling around.Is this something that could impact her continuing on the show? I thought she did an okay job,too bad they had to go first,it's very hard to score tens being the first out of the chute.And that wasn't a 10 performance. Hope she is okay and sure hope that Cuban goes home this week!If not,then something is fishy in the voting department.

To me,Helio did just what Juliann told him to do,that it was a stern and thoughful dance and then the judges jumped all over him!Yikes,it's like they can't do anything to please the judges. He's still my guy!

Sabrina finally did a slow dance,and it was good,not "10" good,but a good job.I thought both Cameron and Mel B. outdanced them,with Mel B. being my favorite of the night. She burned up the floor,the fighting they do in practice must set the stage for passion on the dance floor.

And what is it with Len and Jenni Garth???? Each week he gives her scores that are way too high for what she does on the floor. She,to me,was the one that looked as if she was saying...okay,now I do this,pose,now this,pose and etc...!
I'm all for rewarding improvement,but WTF??? She just does not do it for me,and I'd like her to be the first lady voted off.

I hope Marie gets another chance and Cuban goes home...finally!

Anonymous said...

Len is the one who faulted someone last year because he thought their dance was too raunchy for his taste...yet he had no similar comment for Cameron and Etyna. He did comment on the leg thing but I wish someone would tell her to stop dressing like a stripper. What was her previous employment? Pole dancer? Their dance was reasonably good but some of the moves were a little too porno for my taste.

joy n said...

I heard on the local radio this morning as they talked of Marie fainting on DWTS, that J-Lo's performance was not to be live, but taped. They said she rarely performs in front of live audiences anymore. That includes her current tour with her husband. They use tapes. They said it's her preference, and was, even before her pregnancy. What a ripoff! What a diva!

Well, it's Mark and Jane in the bottom two.
It's really gonna suck if Jane goes home. Mark should go.

It's Mark! Thank goodness! Finally!

Lynn 1 said...

I saw on one of the entertainment shows that J Lo taped her performance on DWTS tonight due to the death of her Grandmother on Saturday.
I am glad that Mark Cuban is gone. I didn't think he showed much improvement over the past few weeks.
He really gave me the creeps.

sharon said...

Yes,I am glad that Cuban finally got the axe.He thought his hokey charm could overshadow the fact that he had no rhythm or grasp of the steps.So glad his "fans" didn't keep him going any more.

Now,I hope that Helio and Juliann can get back on track and give the girls a run for their money.And I really don't think that Jane's sedate way of treating every dance will win her this competition. IF she was truly in the bottom two,she needs to amp it up a notch or two.But I am so ready to see Cameron and Edyta leave. When she first came down the steps this week,I swore it looked like she had pasties on her boobs and the way she dresses,I would not have been surprised. How come all the others can dance just fine without leaving most of their clothes off?

Margo said...

It looked to me like Mark said "Thank God!" after his name was announced. I thought the same.

Becky said...

I am so glad that Mark got the ax instead of Jane. As Len said... I will pick class over personality any time. I split my votes between Jane and Marie -- we old broads need to stick together. I did give Helio one vote. I hope these three stay a while longer.

delee said...

Why was Jenny wearing yellow, totally unflattering with her coloring. Marie's blue outfit was horrible. What is with the costuming this year? Since these were Latin dances there should have been more flair/movement/and teasing of skin for the stars...any thoughts?

Glad Mark left over Jane, he looked like Master P to me, with those stiff legs.

joy n said...

Lynn1, I read the same thing on today about J-Lo's grandmother. So much for my local radio station. They should stick to classic rock and stay out of pop news.

I hope Helio comes back with a roar next week.

So glad we don't have to watch Mark anymore. Guess money doesn't buy everything.

meb said...

Now that Mark is gone (Hallelujah) I'm concerned for Marie. There's two dances this week. One is difficult enough, can you imagine having to learn two.

Nana in the NW said...

Where is everybody??? I'm on the WC and was hoping for a spoilers update :(

joyn said...

Sabrina still needs to soften it up a bit. 9-8-8

Jenny seemed more relaxed but did mess up a couple of times. Her scores seemed a little high. 9-9-9

Jane seemed out of sync at times and it lacked (enough) energy for a jive. 8-7-7

Cameron surprised me with his samba. I liked it. He deserved all 9's, I thought. 9-8-8 - His pants didn't leave much to the imagination.

Mel B.'s rumba didn't look like a rumba to me but the judges liked it. I loved the dance, just thought it wasn't very rumba-ish. 10-10-10 Hmmmmmm.

This is obviously the Latin night we were told would be last week. Learning two new dances each starts next week.

Marie seemed a little less lively this time around. Hope that doesn't hurt her enough to send her home. 8-8-7

Helio's cha cha was HOT-cha-cha! 9-10-9

Group Dance - Rock and Roll! Happy Days are here again! Lifts! Go, man, go! Hate to say it but Jane looked a bit out of place. BUT, that was fun.

Barry Manilow tomorrow night.

joyn said...

Sabrina and Bryan - FoxTrot
Jenny and Derek - Mambo
Jane and Tony - Jive
Cameron and Edyta - Samba
Mel B. and Maxsim - Rumba
Marie and Jon - Paso Doble
Helio and Julianne - Cha-cha

meb said...

I agree with you joy n...both Jane and Marie's songs were too slow for them, thus no energy. Don't they have their songs picked for them? If so, the choreographers can only do so much...the song dictates the speed in which they dance.

I think everyone is afraid Marie is going to pass out again. Was Jon's laying her down twice an indication he was giving her a chance to rest. LOL

Somebody has to go tonight...who will it be?

RBennie said...

I think the judges scored Jenny way too high. Yes, she didn't look quite as stiff and uncomfortable as she usually does, but there was nothing sexy about that mambo, and I saw at least 3 spots where she obviously messed up. I liked Mel and Max's rhumba, but I don't think it was a 10 performance - all 9s would have been fair. I think Sabrina got robbed - I loved that Fox Trot, and for Jenny to score higher than Sabrina is a joke! I think the pressure and the exhaustion is starting to get to Marie and Jane, they both seem to be losing steam. Cameron's Samba was a little strange. I didn't get the Indian theme, but I thought he did a good job. Now on to Helio, I think all the hype about him is overrated. His Cha-Cha was fun, but there was nothing special about it. There really is no chemistry between him and Julianne. I think he's a really nice guy whose smile lights up the room, but his dancing doesn't impress me. I think Cameron is dancing better than Helio at this point in the competition. Who will go tonight? Should be either Marie or Jane, but you never know.

RBennie said...

Does anyone else wish Samantha had taken a longer maternity leave and that Drew was still there?

joy n said...

rbennie, yes, I thought Drew was more interesting and I do wish he was still there.

I'm pretty sure, too, that it will be Marie or Jane tonight, and yes, it does seem as if their hearts aren't in it anymore.

I love Helio, but it does seem to be a downhill struggle for him. I'm still hoping that trend shifts back.

joy n said...

Just to clarify my last statement, I think Helio did much better this week than last. I'm still rooting for him.

RBennie said...

Joy N, I like Helio too, but I just think he had a lucky first couple of weeks and now the impression is that he's a much better dancer than he actually is. I don't think we are going to see him get any better than he is right now. What's your opinion of Jennie?

joy n said...

I think Jennie has shown some improvement over the last few weeks, but I don't think she's a strong dancer and I doubt she'll make it much further. I don't get the way the judges are scoring her. She made three obvious errors last night and they gave her three 9's? She doesn't look comfortable out there on the floor and her nerves seem to get the best of her. All of that is surprising to me because she is a performer.

And Meb, you may have a point there about the slow music for Marie and Jane, but it still seemed like they're not as excited as they were the first few weeks. Then again, we know they both have personal situations on their minds. (fainting and the loss of a parent.) I do think one of them will be leaving tonight. I'm rooting for Marie to stay at least one more week. I love her personality. I think their dancing chops are about the same.

joy n said...

Very surprised to see Jane still safe. That doesn't bode well for Marie. Figured Mel wasn't going anywhere yet. I have a feeling that Cameron or Helio (hope not) will be joining probably Marie in the bottom 2. I doubt very much Sabrina or Jennie will be at the bottom tonight, even though I think Jennie should leave before Cameron.

Len just made the statement that 'It wouldn't be justice if Mel didn't make it all the way.' I disagree.

Whew! Helio is safe! Cameron is in the bottom 2! Jennie is safe. Marie is safe!?! SABRINA is in the bottom 2? That's ridiculous! OMG! Sabrina is leaving! I never saw that coming. No way it should have been her. It should have been Jane or Marie or Jennie or even Cameron before her. This stinks!!!

Nana in the NW said...

OMG!!!!! Sabrina went home?!? She is the best dancer in the whole show...
I hope the judges take some responsibility for their comments and scoring. No way should Jennie have scored higher than Sabrina. I think the music for Sabrina dictated her foxtrot to be a little "harder". The music is picked by the producers and sometimes I think they set-up certain celebs. to struggle because of the dance they have to do and the music choice.

Cameron in the bottom two?? Where are all his soap fans?? Jane and Marie are both still there because of the sympathy vote!!

Even though I know the results I will be watching later to see the judges reactions to the vote.

I thought Jane looked totally out of place in the group dance.....and how did Edyta manage to make her rock-n-roll outfit look slutty???

meb said...

Well, well, well... I am shocked that Sabrina is gone, but I have to say I'm not all that upset about it. I didn't want her to win, therefore, if she's gone now, she can't. Sorry everybody... I just felt she pushed too hard in every dance, and there are some dances that are supposed to be fast but smooth...she just didn't seem able to pull that off. way deserved the 9's across the board. She was improved from last week so ok, reward her with a higher score, but not that much.

I like Helio because I like Julianne, but it would be nice to see a female win again and I would love to see Maxsim's reaction to being the winner. I didn't necessarily care for him with previous partners, but he is so cute with MelB.

BTW, I don't watch Heroes, so don't read the comments because they make no sense to me, but... I happened to go in this morning and saw comments on DWTS and Bachelor. I would have missed them otherwise. Can someone alert us when there's a post somewhere other than here. Thanks.

sharon said...

Total and utter shock...that was my reaction! I thought surely all the little Cheeta Girl fans would be voting,but this show may be too tame for them.Sabrina was such a hard worker and Mark is a very talented choreographer. That's too bad,it just cheapens the quality of the show. I love that Marie and Jane are older ladies but their dancing is not on par with some of the others. Jane especially seems to have one speed and that's slow.In that jive,she never was up on the balls of her feet,bouncing the way a true jive is danced.Now thw others have nobody to push them and raise the bar with Sabrina gone.

I still like Helio,a lot,and do think he and Juliann have a good connection.She also does some great routines for them.I didn't think that rumba of Mel B's was a 30 performnance,at all.And I just don't get it with Jennie,I don't like her much and wish she would have gone this week. Cameron is working very hard,but I hate that Edyta is his partner!

I agree that Edyta did manage to make her rock and roll outfit look like Hooker City! Everyone else looked appropriate but there she was. It looked like that skirt would fall off at any minute. And what was with the Indian outfit this week? Does she shop at Hookers-R-Us for her costumes?

delee said...

Meb...I agree with you about Sabrina...I was not a fan of hers. I thought from the beginning she did not belong in the competition with the dancing experience she had. To me it seemed unfair for her to be so talented.

About the Heroes commenters, true again but since getting to this site is hard...I have to pan way down to even find other sites.


RBennie said...

Unbelievable, Sabrina is out! That came as a total shock to me, and I think to her. She danced her ass off every week and definitely deserved to make it to the finals. The Cheetah Girls are wildly popular, and I thought she had a huge enough fan base to make it (guess not). I totally blame the judges for this one though. They scored her Fox Trot too low, I mean come on Jennie scored higher? Now I'll be routing for Mel B and Max.

I guess I should be used to these things by now. Whenever you let America vote, anything can happen. So I won't act all outraged and say I'll never watch again, cuz I know I will, LOL.

meb said...

delee...I know what you mean about panning down. I just grab the bar and pull it to the sidebar where Jackie has it and click there.

And I have to correct my statement... it wasn't Heroes I saw other's comments, it was the last Roofus picture post. I can handle that, cause I always go into that one.

Post where it's easiest...I'll find it, no matter where you try to hide. LOL

joy n said...

I read this statement from Jane Seymour on EOnline this AM. "I don't have the doll thing going," Seymour said, referring to the dolls Osmond hawks on QVC. "And some dancers [like Mel B] can come out there and just walk around. You get higher scores in this competition if you just walk around. Or if you go up to the judges and you go pat, pat on the cheek and you get 10's for that."

Sour grapes?

RBennie said...

Wow, I can't believe that of Jane. She just went down several notches in my opinion. The nerve of her. Does she really think she's dancing better than Mel B. Don't get me wrong, I thought the 3 10s for that rhumba were too high, but definitely deserved 3 9s. It makes me sick that Jane's still there and Sabrina's gone.

RBennie said...

I was just peeking at the DWTS message board on and man are those people in an uproar! There are petitions to bring Sabrina back, demands for either Marie or Jane to step down (are these people delusional or what?)

Then there is the bunch who are very glad that Sabrina is gone because they think she shouldn't have been there to begin with since she's a professional dancer. My opinion on that is that hip-hop and ballroom are a world apart, though I do think she had the advantage of already having a dancer's work ethic.

Becky said...

I am shocked that Sabrina went home last night. Personally I did not care for her, but she was still a much better dancer than Jane or Marie. As much as I like the "old broads", it is time for them to go home. Helio is adorable, but I think he has peaked. Cameron is improving but it is hard to watch him with the half naked Edyta.

Nana in the NW said...

As to Sabrina being a professional dancer....I don't think she is anymore "professional" than Joey Fatone,Drew Lachey, or even Jane Seymour(she was training in a ballet school for many years). I agree with Rbennie about hip hop being in a different world than ballroom.

I made this comment on another post so sorry for anyone who has already read it.....

I think Mark/Sabrina have more than a dance partner relationship. On GMA today he was stroking her hands in an intimate way and last night the "little" kisses he kept giving her seemed more like a romantic relationship. JMO

I like Mel B./Max partnership. She seems to really keep him in check--which sometimes I think his ego needs! Although I must say if he was trying to teach me to dance I wouldn't learn a step!! He is so cute and sensual I would just stand there and watch him!!LOL

BTW I saw an article about Mario Lopez and he is still dating Karina...that relationship has lasted longer than most of The Bachelors!!

meb said...

I hope Jane was only kidding around. Jane always got the kudos from the judges for her class act . Methinks she just lost that edge if her comments were serious. She can't possibly believe she's as good a dancer as Mel or Sabrina for that matter, although I didn't particularly care for Sabrina's style.

Hey, those who are in an uproar???wonder if they voted. It's the public who keeps ya dancin' or sends ya packin'.

nana in the nw.. I agree with you. Whether you have a dancing background or not... you may pick up the steps faster, but it doesn't mean you're a better dancer than the others. You either have it in you or you don't.

Margo said...

Could we have a new posting page for the 2nd half of DWTS?

Thanks - You're the best.


joy n said...

Read today on PEOPLE TV Watch that Maxsim Chmerkovskiy has announced that he will NOT be on this coming season 6 of DWTS Wish he'd make up his mind. He says he needs a break. His rep says he will appear on some of the results shows dancing with the other pro dancers and then return again for season 7.