Monday, December 03, 2007

'Big Brother 9' and 'Survivor 16' February Dates Announced

Due to the WGA strike, CBS big-hitter reality television shows Big Brother and Survivor are scheduled for February premieres. According to the CBS website, Survivor 16, an "All Stars" version currently in production, will make its debut Thursday, February 7 at 8 PM ET/PT in most viewing areas.

Big Brother 9 will premiere on Tuesday, February 12 at 9 PM ET/PT. This first winter version of the show will air Tuesday nights leading into a new season of Jericho. The other two episodes of the show will air Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Julie Chen will return to host the show, but there have been no cast announcements for either series released at this time.


joy n said...

GREAT! Something to look forward to in cold, dreary February!

I wonder who the "stars" will be on Survivor. I read a list of possibles somewhere recently, but that could have changed. I seem to remember Courtney's name on that list. Man, I sooooo hope not.

Maybe this time around, we'll at least have some clear-cut faves to root for.

As for BB9, I truly wish that they would skip the "pairs with a past relationship" thing, related or otherwise. We've been there, done that.

And there has to be a better theme than Alice in Wonderland this time. That was a good(?) idea that went so wrong somewhere.

Nana in the NW said...

With it taking CBS a year to come up with the "Alice In Wonderland", the "people with a past" and America's Choice maybe given such short notice we will just have some normal people on BB9. That would be refreshing. What are they going to do all day when there is no sun???

If Courtney is filming All-Stars now and she somehow makes it to the final 3 on Survivor-China won't that mean she will miss the live show when the winner is announced? I think that show airs Dec.16th.

I asked you all for help with some questions about Las Vegas on TAR post from last night. Please go back and help me!

Thanks for the update, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nana,
They have the full episodes of Las Vegas on the website that way you can watch it yourself. I like to experience my shows myself as well as listen to everyone's take on them.

It's really easy to use. Just double click on the little symbol next to the show you want to see and the video player uploads. Then, all you have to do is pick the episode you wish to see and then, you can watch just the part you missed if you don't want to watch it all. As someone who watches a lot of episodes on the Web, NBC has one of the best and easient to use. Of course, we have DSL. I'm not sure how quickly it would work with soemthing else.

sharon said...

Sorry,Nana,had to go back a few posts to see your request.And I am not all that reliable,as I was jumping back and forth and missed some of LV,but to answer one of your questions,Danny's uncle was not in on the robbery,it was a guy that had worked at the Montecito and then Uncle Larry took a bullet for Danny!On the Sam count,I am not at all sure if she's back or not,but think there is some definite heat and attraction w/Cooper and her. Is it just me or do they fight so much it would be hot to see them together. I know,I know,the age thing,but this is Vegas and she seems to go for older,rich guys anyway!

meb said...

I posted this over on the Bachelor sitebut not sure how many people are going in to check it still so I decided to add it here as well.

Ellen DeGeneres called Womack a jerk for what he did to the two girls and then had a face-to-face with him to appologize.

The article said: Though Womack regrets what he told DeAnna, he told DeGeneres he never asked that Pappas’ father be flown out. The arrival of Pappas’ father created false hope for DeAnna.

“What I did say is a proposal was such a big deal to me that a phone call was not sufficient, if and when that proposal would happen,” he said. “When it got to that day, I was informed that DeAnna’s father was flown out. I never one time asked for DeAnna’s father to be flown out. Never one single time.”

He also was sorry for the misleading remarks he made and said he was probably caught up in the moment when he said them.

Guess there were a lot of things that we never knew about due to editing, but I still didn't like the ending of the show.

I also hope we can get some good BB candidates. I need to have someone to root for!

And please, no Courtney again on Survivor. If she turns around and goes through another show, she'll waste away to nothing. I really don't want to watch that.

ORKMommy said...

Meb - Did you watch the finale when they had Deanna & Jenny on? He admitted on that show that he asked for Deanna's father to be flown out! Is he retracting that statement now? He said that he really thought he would propose to her, but he couldn't do it at the last minute. Somethings just not right with that guy...

Sharon said...

Can we say "commit-aphobia"? There has to be some reason this guy cannot commit to a woman.But I still say it's too much pressure to expect anybody to meet all those woman,who are literally throwing themselves at a guy and then turn around and find "the one" and make up your mind to spend your life with them.But Brad DID send a lot of mixed messages,but I said from the get go when it was narrowing down,that I didn't feel he was "head over heels" with any of them. And,in a way,I admire him for "manning up" and not giving into false hope for either of them.

BTW,did any of you see in the paper that the couple they had on as an "example" of their program's success,got into a big ole fight and she was arrested for beating him up,the big manly fisherman! What a joke!! I wonder how much they paid them to be on that show??? Too,too funny!

Anonymous said...

Found this online - wonder how accurate it is? Looks like we're going back to Palau? And Courtney and James are listed, along with Yau Man!

Reality TV Spoiler Link

Zoetawny said...

OMG! It is really true. Whoohoo! This will compensate for my "Heroes" withdrawal. ;)

Not sure what I think about another All Star theme. Come on, Jackie, dig up the dirt on who the players will be. ;)

joy n...

ITA, the Alice in Wonderland theme was just plain stupid and didn't seem to work. Besides, the decor was so ugly. LOL

nana in the nw...

There's always sun in CA. That's why it's called "sunny Calfornia".
It can be 60 degrees outside and people are still wearing shorts and flipflops. I have a hard time shaking my midwest upbringing and probably dress more seasonal than most Californians. Oh, and I'm sure the hot tub is heated.

BTW, I felt really guilty when my pc crashed the first of Sept. and we were in the last week of BB 8. I was in the process of creating a video with music of all of the heads of household, nominees and evictees in consecutive order but got foiled when my pc crashed. :( Unfortunately I didn't burn the project to disk before I crashed. But, by the time I got my new pc up and running, it would have been a moot video anyway. It certainly was the worst timing, not that it's ever good timing for your pc to crash. ;)

Bring on BB 9!

Carolyn Springs said...

Heard this rumor at looks like BS to me
"The season will be called, "HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES". It will be 6 celebrities (paid a handsome fee for their appearance) and 6 non-celebrities. The celebrities would live in plush surroundings at one end of the house and the
non-celebrities would live in the other end in "basic" surroundings, complete with mechanical rats and roaches. They unwittingly vote each other to move back and forth between the areas until they are merged. Alice Cooper is one of the celebrities under consideration-so is George Michael. 3 nights a week starting Sunday Jan. 13, right after AMAZING RACE finale.

Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie - During first week writers begin strike - I wanted to leave a comment about BB, I had heard BB would premiere In Feb. Although it was only speculation until Last month in Houston TX, BB had casting call outs for BB, I actually prefer various Scab writers for daytime soaps,of course ABC is probably not willing to admit Scab writers are used more often than any other network. I believe BB will have a great cast next year.

Tom` S

meb said...

Orkmommy...left you message on the last Roofus post.

Brad is a jerk!

RyzandShyn said...

What?! BB in winter? Say it ain't so. I don't like that idea at all. But, I'll be there watching @@!!

I'm with Meb...Courtney will disappear all together with any more time on Survivor. She's very difficult to watch because of her physical condition.

Has anybody heard what Jack's news is on Runway? It looks like he leaves for a sad/upsetting reason. I really liked him the best of all the designers this time. I hope it has nothing to do with his HIV status.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO BB in February - when I heard I had to rush here to make sure it was true!
Dreary TV just got a little better!
Maybe CBS won't have time to overthink the whole theme thing and we'll just get some down home entertainment.
Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday.
Be good to yourselves!!
Anne in Stamford