Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Quick Take on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' - Ep. 3

Before getting into the show -- a winner has been drawn for the book giveaway. I'm waiting on email confirmation to make the announcement. Thanks to all who entered!

And then there's tonight's episode. Yikes. No, Omarosa wasn't as bad as graphic artist Zoetawny's depiction here tonight. Perhaps she had an off day, but she was human.

I don't know what to say. Gene Simmons went aboard the womens' team to act as project manager at Trump's bidding. Now, I think that so far this season, Gene's been the shining star.

Well, tonight the skies went dark with storm clouds and snuffed out the stars, shining and otherwise.

I understood the task -- Kodak wasn't wanting so much to promote themselves as a company. What they wanted to promote was their new printer and the fact that the ink for it is half what it is for other printers. I know exactly where Kodak is coming from. I've been disgusted that new printers sometimes cost very little while the ink cartridges are sky high.

Gene made a few errors. By not going to the meeting with the executives, he didn't realize how much they wanted to push the ink savings, not the company itself. So, he didn't go to the meeting, he had the concept of the promotion wrong, and then he topped it off by standing by his "creative vision" and bringing the wrong people (Omarosa and Jenny) to the boardroom when Trump was giving him Nely on a silver platter for the firing.

Oh, Gene, how could you do it?

Yes, I did think the "It's a Kodak World" slogan is perfect ... if they wanted to promote the company. Yes, the presentation looked so much better than the guys ... but he didn't think ink! ACK. (Of course, had I been the PM, I'd obviously go with a "When you think Kodak, THINK INK" slogan, but I ain't no celebrity.)

Oh, Gene. Oh, Gene. Trump did make the only choice he could as much as he annoys me. And, while it was fun watching Gene Simmons put Trump on the spot, losing Gene on the show just outright stinks.

But he did it to himself.

Sigh. Silly KISSer.


monty924 said...

I heard that Sigh, Jackie. Same here.

joy n said...

The shows not going to be nearly as much fun without him, and he did himself in. But it still seems to me that Donald started the ball rolling. And why does he keep making the point that he likes Omarosa? Birds of a feather?

I agree, Monty, his plan seems to be to keep O for the ratings. That may be HIS big mistake.

Spectacular job, Zoetawny!

joy n said...

Silly KISSer. That's perfect, Jackie.

RyzandShyn said...

I would agree with you, Joy. It surprised me to read that Omorosa's behavior was "human".
I think it was a HUGE mistake to have her on the show. As soon as I saw she was there, I turned it off, and haven't watched it since. Sounds silly, but I just couldn't want to watch her.

meb said...

I couldn't believe that in the meeting with the company Nely wouldn't shut up. She never listens. Thus, when she reported back to Simmons, she didn't even say the word INK to him. Not that he would have listened, cause he had already made his mind up in the car before they even met with the company.

I personally think Gene Simmons is a pompous a$$ (similar to Trump) and by his not listening to Trump when he tried to sway him...well in my opinion, just made him look stupid and he got what he asked for...Fired!

Nely is plain clueless. If she runs a business, then her success must be because of her employees.

Omarosa was sort of human last night wasn't she.

Amazingly, I'm enjoying the show, even tho after reading this over, I'm sounding real negative...

Anonymous said...

I was only watching because of Gene. Now that he is off the show I won't be watching anymore. Maybe they can bring him back after they realize they need to kick off O because she is NO celebrity!!!

boo said...

Are we beeing set up? Gene obviously set himself up to be fired from the git-go. I wonder----------will he be back in some capacity? Didn't The Donald understand that he was the chief draw? Maybe Gene wanted to show that he is the smarter business man?

I will watch next week to see if there are any further developments on the "Gene Sceen" and if not, that's it for me!

ORKMommy said...

The Donald made a huge mistake in getting rid of Gene and keeping Omarosa. I don't care if there wasn't a reason to get rid of her or not! I can't stand watching her and Gene was much more entertaining.

Although I must long as Trace Adkins is there to look at I'll be a happy girl. There's just something about that long haired cowboy with that deep voice that sends shivers up me spine!

Brent McKee said...

I think that Gene Simmons "threw" the boardroom. Think about it; once his vision was rejected (and by the way it was a brilliant slogan that someone at Kodak should look at using company wide) I think he lost interest in being on the show. The obvious person to take to the boardroom was Nely but instead he took Omarosa and the softball player, the two people that Trump absolutely could not fire because they really didn't do anything. Why hang around when he can go back to California, hang with Shannon and the kids and run businesses that make him money. Jut my guess though.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all! Ironic that Omarosa did seem almost human this episode. ;)
Still can't stand her but Trump really likes her.

Gene! Gene! Gene! What were you thinking? Trump didn't want to fire him but the two he chose to come back with him into the boardroom sealed it. Nely should have been the one to go. After reading the commenters maybe it is a set up and Gene will be back to oust Omarosa...wishful thinking. Btw, not a Gene Simmons fan but he was entertaining to watch.


Loved your post on this one. You always amaze me how well you put it into words.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are watching and posting Celebrity Apprentice. Nely annoys me for than anyone on the show. I was so excited at the thought of her going, until Gene blew it and brought back two people Trump couldn't fire. I thought he was doing it intentionally too, so he could be off the show. Then he said, Nely was a leader...hmmmm, is Nely on her knees or what??? Omarosa is no celebrity and shouldn't be there, but she is there and I try to accept it.


Sydney said...

Well, Gene was one of the biggest reasons I watched this year, cuz I didn't watch at all last year.

Brent, I don't think Gene threw it. I agree he made a poor choice in who to bring, but I know Gene and he wouldn't sign up to get fired this early. He likes the exposure. In his world he runs the show and only does deals where he doesn't have to compromise a bit. He's the engine in life-according-to-Gene (though at home, Shannon rules the roost, and his daughter is the only person in the world who humbles him, which is totally endearing). It showed in his not once but twice not meeting with the client to hear anything about their vision, a critical mistake. To Gene it either isn't important or he thinks they could add nothing of value ot what he comes up with. He deserved to be fired but I'll miss him.

Orkmommy -- Here here about the cowboy/voice!!!

Sydney said...

LOL, who knows -- maybe Shannon called him and said get your ass home!

joy n said...

My take was that it was more Gene's ego than anything else. I'm not knocking him for it; that just seems to be Gene as far as business is concerned. He figured HE was right and that's that. It cost him. I still like the guy and will miss him on the show. I may watch this week and just see how it goes.

I still wonder, though. if The Donald set him up to lose. D says Gene is his friend, but I'm thinking D figured there was one ego too many and his, of course, would have to reign supreme. Why was only Gene asked to switch teams? Very unusual, I thought.

joy n said...

Over on TV Squad, Bob Sassone wrote a post stating that Piers Morgan (the English dude from America's Got Talent) is claiming that Omarosa approached him about starting a "showmance" with her at the start of the season. He apparently declined, telling her she is "pathetic" and "deluded". Maybe she has a sense that her 15 minutes are almost up and has seen that showmances seem to prolong the "infamy" a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

Sydney said...

That's funny Joy, I bet Omorosa would do it. She's just trying to use what she knows sells these days to her advantage, get those 15 minutes stretched a bit.

After reading your post about D and G being friends and their egos... It just occurred to me, Gene did cross the line to insult the Trumps daughter and though he apologized in the boardroom, she wasn't happy. If she's not happy, Daddy hears about it . Do we think this figured in at all? NOT that gene didn't set himself up to be fired by his own actions....

joyn said...

Sidney, yes, Gene did hang himself in the end and clearly, he could have avoided doing so. But I still think maybe the "clash of the egos" got the ball rolling in the first place. It could very well have started with Princess Trump.

Either way, I'm going to miss Gene on the show.

joy n said...

Here we go again. Blue name on.

joy n said...


joy n said...

Just read on AOL news that Donald Trump came out as #1 on the top ten Biggest Corporate Egos Ever.

President Bush was #4.

Gene wasn't on the list.