Monday, February 25, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn - Feb. 25

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I have a report put up last last night over on TV Squad. In it is a gallery of recent screen caps I took from the feeds.

Maybe Zoetawny's graphic will get Sheila some more of that Tylenol PM she craves so much!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rampant Bad behaviors:

  • Natalie thanked Matt for being nice to her Sunday. She's still holding out hope for a relationship after the game, I think.
  • Amanda told Allison she wouldn't put her up on the block again.
  • BB gave them beer. Just what they needed!
  • What to do? Why, they can play strip tease! Sheila tried to get the guys to play, but it seems the girls are more willing. @@
  • Chelsia and Natalie kissed to the chanting of the crowd.
  • Keep in mind this started in time for BBAD!
  • There were cucumbers, whipped cream, and more.
  • They jumped in the pool. James is naked, but the rest of the guys have their underwear on.
  • Natalie and Chelsia are topless.
  • Natalie and Chelsia got all over Joshuah claiming they wanted a gay boyfriend.
  • There were mutual make-out sessions by odd couplings in the pool -- Sharon and James, Chelsia and Natalie, Sharon and Matt, Sharon and Alex, Chelsia and Matt. Even Joshuah got into the action with the girls.
  • Amanda, Allison, and Sheila watched from the kitchen. They're disgusted. They think Natalie probably saved herself because she's all over the guys.
  • Joshuah is thinking of evicting Amanda again because he had so much fun with Natalie.
  • Chelsia talked with Allison -- she still says it will be Natalie and Matt going home.
  • They're still up as I get this posted, but it's mainly small talk and speculation about winning HOH, etc.


RyzandShyn said...

I'm thinking that I don't want to see the stills you captured from the feeds after reading the description. Oh yuck is all I can muster.
I can't imagine being one of those behind the scenes production assistants (that we've heard past houseguests talk about) on BB is any fun this time around. You couldn't pay me enough!

Jackie said...

My pics are safe. I won't post nude pics either here or on TVS. Unlike some HG, I do have some scruples.

Anonymous said...

I watched some of BBAD and fast forwarded through most of what I did watch. The contents went way beyond offensive. I'm sure that their parents are all very proud of their children. Humping and grinding in public for the world to see. Shame on CBS for casting these disgusting immature people.

Anonymous said...

So this is what CBS thinks of their viewers? They are giving us what they think we want and that offends me more than any behavior by the hgs. Thanks Jackie, Sue

Anonymous said...

UGH, will CBS read these boards and get back to the reason we all watched BB to begin with? A cross section of America all trying to get along for 3 months. Not this soft core porn. And, BELIEVE ME, I AM NO PRUDE. CBS Get real again and I'll start watching again. Viewer in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is this season just disgusting ? I was so disgusted by their behavior last nite on showtime. It seems like its a house of horrible pornstars then big brother houseguest.. What is wrong with Big brother.. Its only 2 weeks into the show.. Sad :(

Anonymous said...

It's becoming very apparent that a lot of these "naked fests" are promoted by Natalie as an attempt to get attention from Matt. She follows him around like a lost puppy wanting attention. It was absolutely pitiful to watch her on BBAD last night trying to hang all over Matt in the pool begging kisses from him while the other girls were making out with all the guys. Every time she would throw herself on him, he'd turn his head or toss her back into the water away from him. The girl just can't take the hint that he just isn't interest in her. They should tell these houseguests that BBAD has been cancelled so they can quit working so hard at trying to give us what they think is a "good" show. At this point it would be more entertaining to watch and listen to them strategize and/or finger paint. They don't give these HG's enough to do in their spare time. I'm really interested in seeing how the house becomes once Natalie is gone.


meb said...

Didn't Julie say this was the year for dirty little secrets...CBS must have known their secrets and that's why they were chosen to be on BB9.

James-porn/ Matt-pimp/ Shelia-Playboy/ Natalie-stripper/ Ryan-likes dirty women/ Adam- Hustler/ Joshuah-gay (big secret) Amanda-virgin/ Alex/Chelsia/Allison/Sharon???
And I'm still not sure Sharon isn't really Dakota Fanning all grown up and thrown into the mix (just another secret).

I'm so disgusted with this show and while I'm still watching, will definitely be glad when its over. Hopefully it'll get a little better each time someone leaves. And please tell me they're not bringing anyone back.

ca to pa said...

That was the most discusting BBAD that I ever fast forwarded through. I am so embarrassed for them. Especially Natalie. She keeps saying "you only live once. Have some fun!" I like to have fun and live to the fullest but, that can be done without getting naked and slobbering all over drunken strangers. It is apperant that most of the housequests have no self-worth, morals or shame. Did I mention is was disqusting??? Happy Birthday to Chelsia's dad, I'm sorry your daughter embarrassed like that on national television.

Sydney said...

Wow, I don't think I want to watch sho2. Meb, good thinking about the casting ppl with dirty little secrets, literally.

Even though it's been more fun than the show to gossip here about the HG's past, it's kind of a drag that it's not all IN their PAST. lol Perhaps this is the outplaying of the sexual revolution... the generation that went thru that had kids and raised them up with all the changes that were fought for, but this is how it ends up! Is this what is happening in college dorms across America? Remember those days? Each generation has their version of rebellion. NOw kids are so used to being on camera --Youtube, cellphone movies, videoblogs, seemseveryone has a sex tape... These kids watched reality TV since they were teens, so that's their orientation?

My own college days were filled with drugs, boys an d girls having sex and experimenting with same sex and groups and there were some who just didn't go there... like me. I did my share of fun stuff, but when it went to those places, I mostly hung on the fringes and watched the circus instead of being part of it. But I was raised with a 50's mentality which may have come to my aid in that way.

Anonymous said...

CA said: That was the most discusting BBAD that I ever fast forwarded through. I am so embarrassed for them.

I am glad to see I am not the only one disgusted by this no moral/no self worth/no pride group. I am not embarrassed for them, I am completely disgusted.

Does the younger generation have no value in themselves? Please, someone with children this age or someone who is this age, tell me this group is not the norm.

Patty said...

Where did they get these people?

I am starting to wonder if these people think they are playing for the free pass to the Playboy Mansion as the grand prize.

I do not have BBAD and I am thinking that I am not missing too much.

When BB9 is over, CBS will have to hire a special team to come in and sanitize the whole place...or tear or burn it down.

I watched the first few shows, after that I turned to Jackie's blog for any of the happenings. I will probably tune in to watch the final, just to see who gets the "free pass" to the mansion. I have no favorite, nor do I see having one unless something big would happen that make me think otherwise.

Can you picture all these idiots standing outside the mansion, looking through the gates like a bunch of immuture individuals in heat?

Sorry CBS, you really blew this season! (no pun intended)

Donna in AL said...

I have 2 sons ages 23 and 25. They enjoy seeing BBAD and get a kick out of it. I know they would talk like that but I am not sure if they would go as far as these ppl do. I asked them this morning if I were on there would it embarass them if I acted like those girls. They said it would not but they would not watch. . .they did not want to see me doing that.
In raising them, they were not allowed to watch R rated movies until they were 17. I did not have cable or satelite then and they were not allowed to watch the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy or wrestling. The Simpsons were just too disrepectful! I did not use profanity or drink. So you tell me how things change?

Brent McKee said...

meb, you said "Shelia-Playboy." Please, it was "Shelia-Penthouse" - Playboy has standards!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch the show or BBAD....Looks like I missed a few things. They were hooking up? Who? Or do I want to know?

Anonymous said...

everyone was hooking up except for Amanda Alison and Sheila..I cant believe that happen. At first I thought it was kind of funny, and then it got WAYYY out of line..I even heard Josuah say Nat bit his left "ball", I mean I thought I say her put his area in her mouth but I wasnt sure. Well, sorry if I was to graphic but I think I am in shock.

joy n said...

I think these HGs are trying to re-create Sodom and Gomorrah all by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, for those wondering if this is the norm for that age, I am finding it to be more and more the case. How unfortunate!

Is it me, or is this season a bust? Gone are the days of the scheaming and plotting! Now it's the days of soft core porn!

(I am trying desperately to get on BB. I want to go on it so bad. If by chance, a 26 year old graduate student, mom of 3, and wife, named Erica ends up on the show from Cleveland, OH...It's me!!! ROFL. Anyone have any connections? I even promise not to act like a slut!!!!)

Erica from Ohio

joy n said...

So Amanda is a virgin but she loves doing BJ's. She could end up an HIV virgin on her wedding day. Won't her parents be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Erica from Ohio, I wish you well on getting on a reality show, you sound like exactly the kind of person I would enjoy watching play the game. If you really want to be a part of the show, though, be careful what you write on your application. Here is a possible response you might receive from BB casting.

Dear Applicant: Your application stated "I even promise not to act like a slut!!!!", that revelation disqualifies you for participation in the BB program. .....

Jackie, please tell us you are starting to feel better. I began feeling bad yesterday and I want to know how long I'll be sick. ('cause it is all about me, ya know) And, wouldn't you know it, there is no Tylenol PM in the medicine chest. : ) Sue

Anonymous said...


That would be hilarious! I guess I could lie on the application. I mean, that is what BB is all about, isn't it? ROFL!

Erica from Ohio

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the feeds or BBAD, so I get the dirty scoop from here. I didn't see any mention of Ryan in last night's activities. Where was he when all of this was going on? Did he participate in the revolving make out session, or did he remain true to Jen?

Katie in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Ryan was in the pool during all the goings on. But steered clear of willingly participating in any of it other than seeming to enjoy watching it all. He did, however, manage to get nailed by both Nat and Chels at the same time giving him a peck on both cheeks. He just smiled.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Hoosiergirl!

sharon said...

The sad part of this is that it seems we are in the minority and they have a captive audience out there in TV land. We must be the only ones with any taste!

Isn't Natalie the so called Christian? So what does she do? Do everybody every night and then pray for forgiveness,or wait,in her case,maybe prays hourly.What a mockery of her "religion". Is this how young people view their faith any more? It's something you wear like a coat and take off,put aside while you sin and then dust yourself off and put it back on? Sort of like last season,when our religious girl(having a senior moment on her name)rattled off hair curling profanitites and then went and read her bible. This IS what our country is coming to,sad to say.Oh yeah,and BB won't give them books or anything constructive to do,but can pour the booze down them night after night. So who's using who?

debbie said...

I just finished watching it! I had it taped! I never have seen stuff like this on BB!! Chelsia rubbing Natalie's "you know what", Nat's nipples hanging out, everyone eating off her nipples while she was laying there masturbating herself, I wont say anymore, but unbelievable, Do thye not know that they are on TV?

Anonymous said...

Jackie, What happened to Neil and how did Sharon get back in the game? Sorry, I some how missed a LOT!

joy n said...

Debbie, are you serious? You saw all that? Miss Christian Natalie? What on earth is BB doing? This gets more disgusting hour by hour. I swear I'm not a prude, but these antics are getting to be way too much. CBS has to have an idea of what is taking place in that house. Their advertisers must be aware. Even if all this garbage is not shown on the the network itself, it's there for anyone with a computer or Showtime to see. I wouldn't want my grandkids checking this soft porn stuff out.

This season may be the end of BB if the general public gets a load of what is taking place with these HGs. That producer should be fired now.

debbie said...

Yes, I did! I saw James running around the yard and they were chanting for him to smack his weenie and he swung it all around
The only ones who did not participate in the sex capade was Ryan, S heila, Amanda and Allison, the others are swapping spit and tongues in the pool from one mouth to the other and then watching Nat's nipples and James weiner, You would not believe what I just saw

Zoetawny said...

joy n...

OMG! Can this get any worse?

Too bad we can't start a protest.
Would CBS even listen/care? I suppose there are people who would say you don't have to watch it. Well, I'm not watching it on Showtime, but still disgusted at what used to be my fave reality show is turning into. UGH! If it weren't for all of you here and Jackie, I wouldn't watch even what CBS edits and airs.

Jackie, hope you're feeling much better, but I know recovery from the flu takes a few weeks.

joy n said...

Zoetawny, I agree with everything you just said.

Jackie, you've got to be in shock, yourself, over this season's low standard. I do hope you're feeling better.

meb said...

brent mcgee... "playboy has standards",,, good one! Hope I didn't offend Hugh.

I'm just so tired of saying how disgusted I am with this show. It seems there's nothing else to say. There's nothing to comment on except their vulgarity.


Anonymous said...

Last night was nothing more than a porn show, maybe they think with will get more money from bb if they do.
What I find uterlly disqusting is that they know exactly what they are doing. They stated that they did it all in time for BBAD and wanted to know how much of it CBS will air. Even better is Chelsia and Nat yelling "sorry mom, sorry dad" as they do what ever it was they were doing.
I am not a prude in anyway and it takes a lot to offend me but I am offended at this bunch of fame hunger freaks.
I know I don't have to watch but CBS has turned a show that I like to watch into a joke.
Chenbot and Mooney probably sit in bed at night and watch this crap and love every minute of it.

debbie said...

I have a feeling that something will happen with this mess, I bet there will be no more BB or no more show time airing it., There has to be , I mean we are all describing it real clean, I am not a prude either, but it was real nasty , I mean James was doing tricks with his weiner. It was unbelievable, I cannot imagine CBS not doing anything about this, and I am shocked at Chelsia, I expected it from Natalie,

Sydney said...

Brent -- LOL on that.

If Natalie is voted out it will be interesting to see how the house mood changes -- if it gets down to business. Though Chelsia has turned out to be quite a freak, and maybe will step into the "get this party started" shoes.

Mattalie can then GO DOWN in history as the first reality TV blowmance. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother! Oh BIG Brother!

Last night, for the first time ever, I watched BBAD all the way through. I think it was because my shock at having done my taxes yesterday gave me insomnia, but it may have been just plain shock at the appalling nature of this year's houseguests.

Natalie is just plain a very sad case. As we wondered last year how Amber would deal with her portrayal, I can't help but worry about Natalie learning that the "fun girl" is really someone to be pitied. To continually and constantly throw herself at Matty (and isn't he old enough to be called Matt? Well yes, old enough but not mature enough.) while he literally repeatedly THROWS HER AWAY (he was constantly tossing her away from him in the pool)is just plain pathetic.

Sharon--whoa! Between Alex and Matt(y), she was nearly kissed to death, but she gave as good as she got. One of the houseguests wondered if she and Alex were really a couple, and to see them kissing, it's not that far-fetched.

Chelsia--happy birthday daddy? Indeed!

And virginal Amber gave them all a stern and graphic talking to about contracting Herpes from a simple cold sore and transmitting it as a STD. And then to read here that she loves to perform oral???? All together now...h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t.

But, I have found one thing I like better about this season than seasons past. I think the house itself seems much homier, more comfy, more appealing.

As for favorite player? Right now I think I'd pick Ryan. He behaved himself last night for the most part. While Sheila, Amanda and Allison didn't participate in the pool activities, they didn't hesitate to egg Natalie and Chelsia on earlier.

Karen in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad that I seem to be in the majority about the hg this year. I usually hate the hg that everyone else is cheering for. I have to say that I am very disappointed in the casting of this season of BB. CBS obviously did not spend much time on finding hg this time around. I used to love BB and I have not missed an episode since it started, but with the hg they have, who cares? I am stunned by how immoral and immature these hg are. I am Shelia's age and I didn't even act this immature when I was in my teens. I feel sorry for her son, he must really be embarrassed.
CBS, take a note, don't do this is a failure.

Sydney said...

A little tidbit of itnterest I happened upon....

Slop is actually "Champion's Choice Oatmeal" by Bill Pearl. Jen gave that away last season.
See: []

Natural oats, proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural and a
artificial flavors, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A palmitate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, vitamin D3, alpha tocopherol, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide), cellulose gum, salt and acesulfame potassium.

joy n said...

Sheesh! At least they've got a few oats in there.

Petals said...

Are we this desperate?
"Paradise Hotel 2" is looking like an upgrade.

Petals said...

After viewing James' porn clip, I am convinced he's gay. He was really into it. And no wonder he's naked all the time... he does have one thing to be (sort of) proud of.

I think Les just threw his hands up in the air with this batch. There were apparently no background or bio checks, there is no dress code (unless UNDRESS is the code), and CBS is lubricating the entire folly with limitless alcohol.

What are we all to do?

Petals said...

Jackie ~ uncover the hot tub and slather me with ReddiWhip! I'm applying for the show!

Anonymous said...

I really think some of the HG's think they are supposed to "perform" for the SHO2 audience and feel compelled to do so. I was over on Joker's and Alex had mentioned doing a talk show format tonight for BBAD. If you managed to stick to the end of BBAD last night, Alex was talking to Matt about how great last night was and they should do it again Tuesday night before the eviction on Wednesday. I think the evening activities will be a whole lot calmer and the remaining hamsters will get down to some serious play once Miss "I'm so in love with my body but I don't realize that no one else is" is booted from the house. If they ever make another sequal to the movie "Clueless", she should star in it!


Anonymous said... ask what are we to do? Why we sit here and keep watching and complaining in the blogs, of course! This season is like a train don't want to look, but you just can't help it! LOLOL!!!!!

Regarding James' sexual preference..... frankly, I think he swings both ways. Or at least part of him does! (My bad!!!)


Petals said...

Hoosier ~ LOL, swinging...HAHAHAHAHA

Zoetawny said...


"Mattalie can then GO DOWN in history as the first reality TV
blowmance. Lovely."

You totally killed me with this one. ROTFL!

Thanks for doing the research on the slop. Actually, it sounds nutritious but probably tastes boring. There's plenty of fiber, protein and vitamins. Any word on what caused Allison's allergic reaction?


Those dirty little secrets were really dirty weren't they? ;) What a lowlife classless group of loosers.

Maybe if Mattalie leaves the hamsters will get down to strategizing and actually playing the game...unless Chelsia takes over as sydney said. Chelsia is the one girl I thought I was going to like in the beginning but she's just as bad as the rest of them.

I certainly don't think we should generalize and think that this is what "twenty-somethings" are becoming. These people are wannabe celebs with no talent to get them noticed so they make a disgraceful spectacle of themselves on a reality show.

I really enjoyed reading all your comments.

Shout out to "Mardy"...

Tell us what you think. ;)

Don't push it too hard, Jackie. We don't want you to relapse. Feel better!


sharon said...

I guess the biggest problem I have with this,is that they portray this bunch as "normal" on the show and they are all a bunch of degenerates all the other time. And sure,maybe they are "doing it up" for the cameras,but I think you have to have the inclination to act that way or the garbage that you all are discribing wouldn't come off so freely. The only way their parents could not be appalled by this,is if their aspirations for their offspring is to star in hard core porno films. Yeah ,and Sheila,instead of being the voice of reason and trying to make them think how they are looking on nationwide TV,well,no,she eggs them on. Way to go,Sheila. I wish they could evict the whole house on Wednesday night!