Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Into the Night

Natalie, Matt, and Adam talk game in the wee hours. I do wish Adam would stop playing with his pants.

Here are the evening and late night happenings from that Big Brother House of People I Don't Want In My Life:
  • Allison told Chelsia that Matt has always been genuine with her. Chelsia told her he's said the same things to her -- he's playing everyone.
  • Chelsia thinks that Amanda/Alex and Adam/Sheila will be weak in the HOH comp due to being on slop.
  • James wants Joshuah to expose both deals that Allison made with both couples up for eviction.
  • Meanwhile, it looks like Allison is definitely in with Adam and Sheila and has turned pro-Matt and Natalie. Note I said Allison. She has to get Ryan to agree with her.
  • Joshuah told Amanda he thinks Allison will vote to evict her and Alex.
  • Allison asked Ryan to make a deal with Matt. She told him that Chelsia told her that she and James want to be in the final four with Joshuah and Sharon. Now, where would that leave Ryan and Allison? Not in the final four plans!
  • Ryan is reluctant because both couples they'd turn on had voted to keep them (Chelsia/James, Joshuah/Sharon).
  • Allison and Matt pinky-swore to be in the final four. (There. It's a done deal.)
  • Joshuah wants to win HOH so he can go off on Allison. He says he "hates" her.
  • Sheila says she can't sleep at night because she's always thinking about the game. Before, it was due to the snoring.
  • Matt is starting to get over-confident that he's staying. He might be his own worst enemy.
  • BB had supplied the HG with a huge supply of condoms. Joshuah and Sharon made water balloons out of them. Now, that I can get into!
  • BB yelled at them to stop.
  • Perhaps fitting, Natalie said she worked at Hooters for years.
  • Matt told Natalie to quiet her game down and lay low until Wednesday.
  • Now the three who were still up headed to bed.
  • And I need breakfast.


Tom`S said...

Sheila says she can't sleep at night because she's always thinking about the game. Before, it was due to the snoring.

Ouch - I didn't realize Shelia considered anything else, except constant barking, Matt perhaps is able to identify Allison's weakness( Men ) Had Ryan, Jen and Parker used Matt's charm towards Allison they could have been a tight force. I need coffee, I overslept, I slept 5 hours thats to many haha

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning Jackie and gang.
I thought it was funny that James was upset about Sheila and Allison pretending to be lesbians. He said something about not trusting them anymore because they were "lying about their sexuality." Pot, kettle.
Do you think he doesn't think anyone out here would find the gay porn stuff? Maybe he forgot he did it? Maybe he doesn't know it's online?
I think the poster who said this kind of stuff is the "dirty little secret" twist is right. Perhaps there's more to uncover. (hee hee...uncover)

Anonymous said...


Good morning everyone.

Gosh, this is really the first season where I cannot pick a favorite. I can't even like the person from Ohio.

I can't stand any of them.

Bring back Kaysar. Bring back Kaysar.

(ok, so twice is enough, lol)

Erica from Ohio

Terry in CA said...

Erica in OH - oh yes! Kaysar...but we liked him cause (well not only a perfect male specimen) but nice, kind, caring and look what that got him? Adoring fans yes, but no game.
We rooted for him because of the evil scumsuckers like we have in this game.....we REALLY really want these guys to turn "nice" dont we? We want a winner.and all we get is whinners.

And Jackie, thanks for doing this all before breakfast...that must have been the point huh?

Anonymous said...

Being hungry is a good sign...hope you continue to get better Jackie and that each day brings you closer to being well.

In the last few days I have taken a new, darker view of the house. I think the Dirty Little Secret quote fits what others have said, but I also see it as the producers take on their audience. Our watching the show is our 'dirty little secret', as in 'they' complain but turn in to see who takes their clothes off. The fans are being manipulated into agreeing with the content of the show, in other words. The 'anything goes' atmosphere becomes a statement by the producers to their network I am glad the ratings are low.

I also see James as a dangerous person who will do anything to win. That is frightening to me. The past few weeks have shown us that many of these hgs have no boundaries in their personal lives and that judgment will carry over into the house.

I think the producers are playing with fire by encouraging these hgs to act out on camera.


Anonymous said...

hi jackie.. love your work and never miss your comments. this season tops it all. i remember the righteous indignation when dick went off on some of the housemates last season and how about amber??? but they pale in comparison to this bunch.. this is more action than words.. are they there to play bb or to hook up.. not too clear here.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I love reading your comments, and I don't often respond, but I just want to say I love this corner of the web. Thank you Jackie! But to anonymous, you are probably right abut the "Dirty Little Secret." Big Brother has been my guilty pleasure for the last 6 summers, but I can not watch this season. I am so hoping that this experiment fails for CBS, I so do not want to have quit BB after all this time for good. Even if I do have to give up BB on tv, i will still tune in here. Thanks to all for at least a smile a day! Jean Bean

Anonymous said...

Ok, did anybody watch BBAD? They were talking about implants since Natalie clearly has them. Then, the girls were debating if you could breast feed with implants. All of a sudden, Natalie is squirting "milk" out. She said she had an abortion 3 or 4 years ago and has been able to do this ever since. What is that all about???

joy n said...

Is there anything this Christian girl, Natalie, won't do?

Anonymous said...

Unless Natalie had quite a late abortion just a few weeks ago; I cannot see how she is producing breast milk! The only other answer would be that she gave birth a few months ago and she was breastfeeding before coming on the show. Maybe her secret is that she has a baby that was just weaned.

As that is surely bizarre. Anyone know of women who produce breast milk if they have not been pregnant for 3-4 years?
Something weird is going on.

Sydney said...

After their pool party everyone was inside winding down... Matt and or Alex kept saying how the ratings for BB will be through the roof after that. Then Amanda was musing on what clips of that they could show. Poor pathetic natalie was reliving over and over again a mantra, proably addressing her deeply subconscious personal shame, saying "That was so great, how much fun was that, I just kissed more ppl in an hour than I had in my whole life (romantic life), youonly live once, that was fun, I just kissed more ppl....

Interestingly the only ppl I saw talking strategy afterwards was James and Joshua whilethe others were in the room where Amanda gave a very long, assertive talk on STD's and how you get them. I'm sure it will only make them want to vote her off more but it was interesting to see how little those who'd just orgied knew about the most basic herpes/hpv facts.

Patty said...

At the finale, what is Julie going to talk to the HG about? A few might state they made a pack with each other to go to the end. All we have seen so far is studies of the anatomy and narcs/gossiper, no game plan or strategical planning going on.

It is amazing that CBS has anything to air for a regular viewing audience.

Hopefully something will turn around soon and it will be "game on" and worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jackie! I feel sorry for you that you actually have to watch these immature idiots and report on it. I am so glad I quit watching this season. Bring back the Kaysars of the world! I miss the intelligence of the game. I would watch MTV if this is what I wanted to see. Jackie, I know you love this community and feel and obligation to it, but you don't have to waste your life and lose sleep over this cast of wannabees. Cowboy and his Goden Veto were even better than this joke of a cast.

~~Silk said...

Re breast milk, Anonymous 2:05: Yes. It's not that unusual. I had a 4-month miscarriage 40 years ago, and I had milk for years after, until I got pregnant with my daughter, then it stopped. Milk sans baby can be caused by hormonal imbalances, low level yeast or fungal infections, and simple physical stimulation of the glands. Women who have never been pregnant have produced milk. It's just one of those things no one ever talks about, like hair growth around the nipples. I was over 60 before I found female chest hair was normal.

sharon said...

Well,just got my new TV Guide and there on next Wed. night was a blurb about BB9 with a picture of Chelsia riding on James's back. It goes on about the "anything goes" attitude in the house and speculates about CBS even allowing this kind of stuff. I'm thinking,maybe,if we all start emailing TV Guide and let them know what we really think about this garbage,maybe somebody would start to take notice. Maybe even a letter to the editor? Of course,as I've said,they've had to clean this up and show them as the opposite of what they really act like,or they couldn't be on at 8PM in family time.Poor Jackie,if she wasn't sick before,she has to be
getting that icky feeling in her mouth when she has to watch this.

No question for me this week,I'm watching AI and anything else that's on when BB is. I'll come here and get Jackie's take on things.I hope their ratings tank,big time.

joy n said...

I'm really not too crazy about James (the infamous tape) or Joshuah (who gets mean when he's mad) but I am glad to hear that at least two people in that house are actually attempting to play this game.

I wasn't crazy about Dick's antics last year, but I liked that he played the game (and well).

Strategy is a good part of this game. James and Joshuah seem to realize that, finally. The rest of the HGs have only one strategy; how much camera time can they finagle and what other disgusting things haven't they thought of yet, so they can get more camera time. Even if it's just rooting the others on.

All I mean is that at least J & J have a game strategy.

I wonder why we haven't heard from Deanna this season.

Anonymous said...

Jackie the show is definitely not interesting but your write up have so much entertainment I come in to read it to get a laugh. I hope you continue to feel better