Saturday, February 23, 2008

BB9 - Live Feeds Schtuff

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Yes, it's another Zoetawny graphic for our nominated couples!

My latest feeds report is up over on TV Squad and I'll be posting more here late tonight.


Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie --- your essays are better than the show by far. Who is Shelia screaming at, and what about????

Can't seem to post over there so am posting the comment here.

Also, suddenly i Can't watch utube videos, or get my password to work. I just gave up and signed up again as if I were a new account and it still doesn't work. Just wanted to see the Amanda link.
Is there an electronic forcefield that has come over me in the last few day to mess everything up? Pray for me that it passes! Frustrating!

Sydney said...

The Margs are working. James is walking around with only a pinata on... you guessed it. His formidible willy hath donned it. Bueno.

Laurie said...

Sydney, does that mean he is double-hooded?

Sydney said...

LOL, Laurie. Well, if Adam did it he would be.

Anonymous said...

Was there a season when the hg's could see our comments? Wish it was NOW!

Anonymous said...

Feeds------------Where is my heart? Frickin scientist in the house.