Friday, April 25, 2008

BB9 Live Feeds and Stuff

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. It might be the only interesting news until Sunday!

Although I've had tons to do this week prepping my apartment, running to the DMV and such, they said it was too early for my medical clearance pre-op tests. So, I'll be doing those tests and the autologous blood donation on Wednesday. On the 5th I have my next orthopedic surgeon appointment, the 6th a knee replacement class at the hospital, then the 14th will be the big day. I cannot catch a cold or they'll cancel it. Argh.

Here are some photos I took yesterday while out and about --

This cat lives on the street around the corner from me. I've seen him around for a few years. I worry about him out on city streets, but he has a collar and hangs around a house where I know a bunch of kids live. He thinks I can't see him hiding behind the bush.

The NJ Transit tunnel at the Somerville Train Station is kind of cool. Most just have gang graffiti.

Look up! It's SPRING!

Look over there! It's SPRING!


sue said...

Hi Jackie, Anticipation week, right? That is the hardest time for me...the waiting and doing to prepare. Thanks for the photos, they are beautiful.

I followed the link posted here to hear the boys talk of their time with the jury. I guess I had to hear it, but I can't say it improved my day.

What is funny is that those conversations were recorded last night. I just turned on the feeds, the two are in the back yard and there will be a lock down. The first words I heard were the same as what was recorded last night. "I hate Big Sheila, dude", Adam says as he smacks his cereal. (3:22pm in the house)

I didn't know the jury house got to see as much of the show as they do. Adam said that during the last night rant. Josh hates Adam. They are trying to figure out why.

RyzandShyn said...

Hi Jackie..
Whoo hooo to Spring! Those are very nice pictures.
Sounds like you have a lot of prep for the knee thing. I hope it all goes well and that you remain germs-free so you don't have to reschedule. That would be frustrating!

I've had the most fun here this season! What a nice group of people you've collected over the BB seasons. I've been here for other seasons, but there was something particularly bonding this year. Thanks for providing the place and the fodder!

PlaidChick said...

Happy Spring Jackie, take some vitamin C so you stay well and get
this dang surgery over with!

If I didn't think Ryan was a Piece of S--- I definitely think it now. I cannot believe he actually said "I should of made something up too" in reference to how Adam would use the money towards charity if he won. He and Jen deserve each other

Matt is a close second place and who knows if it will air, but his question to Ryan and Adam was basically, which one of you is going to hook me up with more money or things that are expensive?

Anyway, I posted this on previous post. I think a lot of you would agree with this poster over on BB9Dish...

Pyke said...
I thought I should post this in here too. Changes I want to see made to Big Brother because now I really do believe the producers manipulate to get an outcome they want or just manipulate period.

I also wanted to add, I watched some youtube of Adam convincing Ryan to let him vote Sharon out because the next endurance comp is this (he proceeds to name and describe word for word of the endurance competition, doing examples and everything). that sealed the deal that the DR cheats for me.

So, changes I made to prove to audience nothing is rigged:

1) Live-Feed viewers have a PERMANENT access to the Diary Room with ONE FEED. Add a feed if you need to... I say this because, "If you have nothing to hide, then why is the Diary Room hidden?"

2) We live-feed viewers get to watch every competition... live. No feed cuts... I understand legal feed cuts such as singing to talking about someone not on the show. We should be able to watch the POV competitions and HOh competitions live, all of them. Even as the new rules are being explained. Why hide rules form viewers unless you plan on only revealing those rules in order for certain houseguests to benefit?

3) During HOH competitions, as the QUESTION is being ASKED we already have the ANSWERS on our TV SCREENS. (Especially after that Guinea Pig question!) And no more guessing game HOhs or crapshoots!

4) Get back to the OLD competitions where it dealt with house issues. lets review the last few HOHs: "Guess what houseguest said in the Diary Room." then "Guess what AMERICA things based on OUR editing." "Guess the number." "Guess whats fact or fiction based on no knowledge." I miss the old HOh competitions where it required true mental ability... not a gambling game. If you want to make it a guessing game, let's just roll a dice to see who wins. That actually might be fun and make this game a more SOCIAL game.

5) No more crude behavior. We want intelligent housegeusts... this does not mean crazy, sex craved, insane, sluts, dumbass houseguests. This means houseguests whom vary in age and intelligence. We like dominating competition houseguests (Jedi Jani), Dr Will manipulating houseguests.

6) NO MORE TWISTS! Nuff said!

sue said...

Jackie, I just read your TV report and , as always, it was on the mark. Adam says we should all know he was just bs-ing about his giving his money away. Maybe he was or maybe he was bs-ing Ryan. Ryan seems to me to try to be collecting info from Adam that Ryan can use in his jury speech.

I have a plan. I didn't use power points like Adam would. Remember Loretta Young? She had a swear jar on every set and when someone said a four letter word, they had to pay the jar. I would like Julie to make this speech on finale night. It is Sunday and that would be appropriate. She would say, "HGs, Expect the Unexpected. This season BB installed a swear jar in the DR. Every four letter word you uttered was documented on tape. After counting the final tally, all your winnings and stipends have been accounted for and each of you now have a balance due to BB. Please pay your debt before leaving the studio. " That, I would like to watch. : )

Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie, such a adorable cat.

delee said...

Plaidchick wow I agree with all of that. It is not like we do not know the outcome before the show with whatever on it airs. We still watch the show regardless.

I did not get the feeds this year because of the goings on in the house and I am sure many did not. BB clean-up your act. Think they lost alot of $$ this year on feeds from the polls I saw.

I did enjoy most of the comps this year, but some were lame. I still think having more timed comps could avoid throwing them.

Yes to the feed for the DR room, why not if all is on the up and up.

Jackie, I just LOVE the flower photos. Spring is a springing till next week and the cool weather. The subway walls are nice, maybe if all were painted so nicely there would be less graffiti. Laughed at how you said the cat was hiding, guess the cat did not know he was larger than the bush.

Sue so original, like that idea. Too bad R/A are not seperated after the final HOH, Adam needs to stop flipping his lips, or at least feed Ryan garbage. So want Ryan to LOSE!

sharon said...

Beautiful pix,as always,Jackie. This is the most beautiful time of year and everything is popping out everywhere. I'm in heaven that the lilacs are blooming!

I am so not surprised that...

A)Matty is STILL only thinking about what anybody can give him!Here's some money,Matty,buy a clue...jerk!

B) That Adam and slackerboy are pee-oed that some of them weren't "nice" to them! Why does Josh hate Adam,because he's Adam.And Drama Queen Joshie can't believe that Adam is still there and Joshie isn't.DUH.....dum!

C) These two have to be some of the most offensive,language and morality-wise,that have ever been in the house. I couldn't stnd ED,but understood him playing to protect Dani,but these two,they stink.ED,at least,had a brain,I'm not sure these two would have a whole one between them.Of course,the whole group we started off with this time was pretty offensive,almost to the person.

Nana in the NW said...

As always, I finish commenting on the Survivor post and flip back to find a new post!!! Anyone interested I had some thoughts about BB and Survivor(I don't know how to transfer it over here...sorry).

Jackie-loved your flower pics. When the cherry blossoms bloom it is truly beautiful and makes you feel good about life.

We finally have sun and 60. It might even get up to 65 tomorrow. I need to get outside--the weeds have taken over my garden!

Syd--how was your week at the zoo? What a great place to volunteer. I have discovered that being able to not have to work and volunteer is a real blessing and very rewarding.

laurie and terry--have you started packing? I always start about 2 weeks prior to make sure I'm not having to wash the clothes at the last minute(or go buy something because what I have must have shrunk in the wash!). Only a few more weeks.....

Do you think Sheila went to stay at the SH or was she just there for the Q/A?

Off to dance tonight. I'll check in later.....

PlaidChick said...

OK this is from Dick's blog.. and telling us to watch yesterday's House Calls...

might be better than watching Beavis and Butthead right?

Ok, this is probly it for a while with the blogs, but who knows.

Watch the Real Player Chat with Janelle and I today at 6pm pacific time. It will be fun and memorable, no doubt.


I promise it will live on in infamy.

Todd Hertzog will be a guest, if he can drag his hung over ass down to CBS. If you don't know, Todd is a huge Big Brother fan, besides being the winner of Survivor China.

Ross the intern from the Tonight Show is gonna call in as well.

And all I am gonna say is watch the show today. It is my dedication to Sheila show that will live on long past my hosting time on House Calls.

Tom`S said...

We're about to get slammed here in Texas, Tornados brewing about 30 miles from my home. Central Texas may get hit within 30 mins.

Jackie and everyone Thanks for all the advice you've given me..



delee said...

Take cover and stay safe, Tom. Tornados are scary for sure, at least you know the hurricane may be heading toward you but the T's just pop-up.

Zoetawny said...


Loved the photos! I'm sure you'll find something interesting to take pics of even when you're in rehab. I'm still giggling at the pic of the skeleton in your doctor's office. I know there's a lot to do before a surgery but I have every confidence that you will be perfectly organized and ready. Will you be able to use a computer while you're in rehab? How will we get word that you're fine? We're going to go through withdrawals without you.

I listened to a couple of the videos posted with the link. I wasn't surprised at what they both had to say. They are really flying high right now and I can't stand it.

Is it true that Sheila did go to the SH? Usually the last one evicted stays in a hotel. Maybe this is because the SH is local in the same area and not at an exotic location as the one in Mexico. CBS has been very cheap with the Winter season all the way around.

plaidchick said...
Pyke said...
I thought I should post this in here too. Changes I want to see made to Big Brother because now I really do believe the producers manipulate to get an outcome they want or just manipulate period.

Do you really think that AG gives a darn about our suggestions to improve BB? I'm not so sure if she or CBS actually cares. They should since we are their viewing audience.

I've been saying for years that reality shows are more scripted than we think. The word "reality" is just a misnomer. I often forget that myself. I would love to be on the Survivor set and see all the camera men standing around the camps and in the water filming. All we see is what the lens allows us to see. If you've ever seen a movie being filmed, you'd know what I'm talking about.

I'm almost looking forward to the finale, but mostly to get closure. I'm sure we'll see some drama but also some softpedaling.
I wonder if Sheila is thinking she's going to get a bonus check out of sympathy. She is a single mom, you know.

Hope all is well with everyone.

sue said...

Jackie, I agree with you about the time lag between selecting the F2 and crowning the winner. I have never understood it, but think it also is a bad ratings move. Since everything just seems to go downhill from after third place leaves. Any suspense that was built (some years more than others) for the last eviction is lost by the time the finale comes around. And this year, it is just down right ugly as the boys leave behind any pretense now that it is just them. I guess they think live feeds left along with Sheila.

I wanted BB to sound the siren when Sheila walked out...just to play with the two. I would have loved them to think three were going to the jury instead of two.

I read that Sheila is in the Jury House, even though it isn't usually true of the 3rd place. That makes me think the JR is very close and it was cheaper than keeping her in a hotel while they fly in the jury.

I think what has bothered me the most this entire season is that BB could be so much better.

One fun thing today is the male voice that admonishes the hgs not to talk of DR visits etc. He sounds like he is at the end of his patience with R & A. "Knock it off!" he shouted and Adam responded Why?

Anonymous said...

tom's - we must be south of you. The storms are headed toward us in a little while. Looking bad!!! And our kitty is missing outside somewhere. He NEVER leaves the yard and we haven't seen him since yesterday afternoon. Getting very worried!


Jackie said...

Zoetawny - I still don't have details on the rehab facility but should know when I visit the OS on the 5th. I don't have a laptop, so it's likely I won't have any Internet access until I'm home again. They don't want valuables brought into the hospital but I'm sure I'll risk a cheapie digital camera. I'm surely taking a journal and pens!

PDX Granny said...

I'm just poppin' in to catch up on what's going on in our little community today. I could care less about the boys. I'm much more interested in everyone else.

As I've been reading the comments I got a picture in my mind of our little neighborhood. Most of the time I just sit here on my front porch, rocking away in my rocker, watching my friends walk by - sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. I love seeing all the kids and pets running around. Hearing all the chit chat, I'm able to keep up with how folks are doing. More often than I can say, I'll get a tear in my eye over something a BB Buddy has shared. Sometimes when I'm feeling especially sociable I'll get up out of my chair and wander over to the fence to put in my own two cents, but for the most part, I'm content to just sit back and listen in.

Anyway, back to the real world (HA! I can't believe I actually said "real world" when talking about BB).

I could care less about who wins this train wreck. But like any train wreck, I just can't help but watch it. I'm just curious to see how everyone votes and hear their comments. I just want it all to be over!!

In the mean time, I'll keep poppin' in here to see how our little cul-de-sac is doing.

Thanks for planting the flowers, Jackie!

PlaidChick said...

Jennasmom-- I hope you find the kitty cat soon.

Storms did indeed fire up south and east of DFW today. Hope you guys are safe and sound.

Yesterday's House Calls was classic evel dick. If you hated him, don't watch it. I did, however, laugh through the whole thing. He paid tribute to Sheila's penthouse days.

Is it me, or has this show really gone downhill since AGP took over? Everyone was so psyched when she took the show over, but it's like instant replay. I was so excited to have a winter edition, and it flopped big time. We can only hope July will be better.

Laurie said...

Hi everyone! Like others, I'm checking on the neighbors. Sorry to hear the weather is so bad in the Texas area and hope you all are okay.

It's very hot here in SoCal and this weekend will be a fire danger again. It's going to be a rough summer!

Nana, Terry is packed but I'm not. This weekend we will go over the list and pull things out to get started. I travel to San Francisco next weekend and will pack for the cruise when I get back from there.
The good news about being in SF for work is that I also get to visit with my daughters over the weekend. Yippee!!

joy n said...

What beautiful pictures, Jackie. What's not to love about this time of year? It feels wonderful seeing blue skies and sunshine and flowers again.

Sounds like you've got most of your ducks in order pre-surgery. I'm sure you'll do whatever to keep yourself healthy, because I'll bet you just want to get this over with. The quicker it's out of the way, the sooner your life gets back to normal.

Sharon, your comments at 7:04; very well said.

I am so disillusioned with Adam. He's as bad as Ryan. Maybe worse. I never thought Ryan had a good heart. Matt's reaction doesn't surprise me one iota.

During their "15 minutes", that is, if this motley crew has a "15" in their future, I sure would love to hear what these people's reactions will be to the outside world's perceptions of them. I think they're all in for a rude awakening.

joy n said...

Another note about yesterday's Housecalls with EvelDick. Dick mentioned that Ryan brought no cigarettes to the BB house. He was smoking Adam's the whole time.

That last pack that Adam had hidden "for an emergency" and someone had stolen (he blamed Sharon and Sheila) was probably stolen by selfish Ryan. No honor among these thieves, I would guess.

joy n said...

Listening to justtvnuts. Ryan and Adam saying such disgusting things about first Jen and then Sheila and what Sheila could have done to THEM (ala Gnat + Matt) to stay in the game to the end. These guys are Neanderthals.

joy n said...

EvelDick's MySpace blog says he will be on Housecalls Monday with the winner of BB9.

On Wednesday, he will be on Housecalls again with all the Housecall co-hosts including Bunkie, Kaysar, etc. Just FYI.

PlaidChick said...

Like him or not, Dick has been straight on with these HG's and their personalities. He doesn't mence any words about what goes down in the house. The winner will probably get chewed up quite well.

Sunday can't get here fast enough

Sasha said...

Joyn says: Listening to justtvnuts. Ryan and Adam saying such disgusting things about first Jen and then Sheila and what Sheila could have done to THEM (ala Gnat + Matt) to stay in the game to the end. These guys are Neanderthals.

Thank you! That is just SO true. I made the mistake of listening to some of their talk right after the jury questioning and I was so disgusted, I can't even put it into words. Trash talking is de rigeur among the HG's but I actually found myself gasping at some of the language used by these two. It's not as if I don't know the words but I have to say they easily throw words around that I would never even THINK of saying let alone say...and they're always at someone else's expense. I turned them off very quickly and won't go back until the edited show.

Thinking about it, I just want to thank Jackie yet again. You have to listen to them which is bad enough but then you report it in such a way that spares us their worst words and sums it up with humor and on target evaluation. Thank you!!!

sue said...

pdx granny, you hit the nail on the head! You described us to a T. I have gone to search weather in the Dakota's and Texas today, because I was concerned about commenters. (hope all of you are okay) I was encouraged to hear there are good doctors and hospitals in the country, as well as people who help other people without asking for anything in return. Where else could I go, sit down to visit a moment, have my say at 4 in the morning when I find myself stuck between sleep and being awake.

sharon said...

Hope everybody in harm's way with the weather is okay today,and hope to see you all checking in to let us know you are safe. This is a scary and unpredictable time of the year and we want all our family to stay safe.

Our flowering crab apple tree is just about to flower and we are supposed to have bad thunderstorms here within the hour. I'd like to have just one year where I could enjoy that tree for at least a couple of days.I just hope none of that terrible snow storm comes our way and all of you up in that area,be safe! It was 81 here yesterday and Monday it will barely be 40.It WILL get warm and stay that way,it WILL get warm and stay that way.....I have to keep hoping! LOL

Jackie,hope you are taking some much needed rest and take the time to get ready for your surgery. We need you to get the word to us,somehow,that your surgery went well and you are in rehab,cause we'll worry,you know. But know we'll all be praying for you and things will go just as planned.

My word verification....tillu

RyzandShyn said...

sharon said...
ED,at least,had a brain,I'm not sure these two would have a whole one between them.

Exactly! These two couldn't discuss the weather intelligently.
Neanderthals for sure.

Anonymous said...

Our kitty came home this morning looking a little ragged and limping. He has never left the yard before and we think one of the big un-neutered tom cats down the road tried to run him off. The storms missed us and our cat is home! Today is looking up! Now if I can just make it through my daughter's 4th birthday party this afternoon with 13 little girls ages 3 to 5!

Jackie, thank you again for getting us through this season! Don't know how you do it! Will be praying for your surgery and quick recovery. You've really started something great here. We have a whole new circle of friends. I check in each morning to see what's up with everyone, as well as what went on in the BB house. I've been worried about Nana's Josie and excited for Laurie & Terry's cruise. And Sydney and I are going to try to get together when she comes to Canyon Lake! Let's all keep in touch until BB10.

Now, back to BB9. I just can't stand either of these guys. I guess I would rather Adam win than Ryan. But, EEEWWW, they are just disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my previous post ---


I will figure out how to get my name up there by next season! HaHa! I have been reading Jackie's words of wisdom here for years, but this was the first year I figured out how to leave a comment. I'm slow!

boo said...

pdx granny, you are absolutely right!----and you expressed it all so well! Thanks!

Jackie, you and our neighborhood here are the very best part of BB9--or any BB! I am already having major withdrawal pains about not 'seeing' you all after Sunday. Jackie, we MUST hear how your surgery goes and how you are doing! Please find a way! I hope you know what a huge following you have and how many good wishes and prayers will be with you throughout your time away!

Now, surely there is a way we can meet during the 'reality show' dry spell. Can some of you savvy cyber people help us out here!

I'm so glad every one is safe from the latest weather patterns. You all have prayers coming your way also.

I am so glad to have found this neighborhood and wish you all the best that you can wish for yourselves!

TerryinCA said...

Oh dear Jackie, all of us have you in our thoughts and prayers as you prepare for this surgery. I know its gonna be a great improvement, but gosh darnit, this waiting for it, preparing for it gets to you right? Thanks for sharing all the great pictures, First I thought the tunnels was my fave, then those awesome pink and white blooms, ah heck loved them all! That cat that has a collar looks just like Smokey Robinson our neighbors cat.(their last name was robinson so we all loved the choice)he even liked soul music.
At any are a trooper...this is a huge event, and yet you keep satisfying our pathetic needs to hear about this show!
Love you Girlfriend!

Laurie said...

Good Saturday morning everyone. I'm so glad you all made it through the night. Knowing the cat made it home somehow warms my heart and makes me feel like everything is okay on our little cul de sac. Wish I could really see the trees blooming out in your areas. I love that time of year and it's pretty much finished in SoCal. Today is supposed to get up to the 90's in San Diego, and that's hot for us.

Hearing the comments that the language is even worse now that it's just Adam and Ryan makes me cringe. I just want to put bars of soap in their mouths and tape them up. Disgusting behavior for anyone but unbeliebable for grown men who are on television. Yuck!

And I won't even go into the misogynistic tone of their conversations. No respect for women or for themselves. Their parents and family must be so proud. Somebody prick their egos and let the hot air out.

I'm spending my morning taking care of a 10 month little girl who is just learning to walk. Now that's real life at its best!!

TerryinCA said...

Nana, Sydney,Jennasmom and all of you out there that are cyber-family,yes I am already packed. Its sort of a joke among my friends and family. I've been packed for two weeks now, and just pull together the last minute stuff thenight before. My husband has already raided his suitcase..."I need that shirt' or shoes.....really? Ok....
We are all so excited about it. Maybe except my dog Cruiser, hopefully he will enjoy staying at his friends house for the week.

Where oh where can you read about the Sequester house? I must have missed something...Im glad Sheila went there and hope she spills it all to them.
and Ryan trash talking about Jen? He better not win this money is all I can say. Despictable!

meb said...

Just checking in this morning. Loved the pictures Jackie. My trees are blooming like those in the pics and I just love it.

I, too, so enjoy coming on here and reading everyone's thoughts and happenings. So happy the storms have passed, although we haven't heard from Tom's yet. Let us know Tom's what's going on.

Jennasmom, believe it or not, I was so worried about your cat. So glad you posted again that he found his way home.

I could comment on everyone else's comment here, but then mine would be so long. Just know that I so enjoyed reading this morning about everyone. I don't even care who wins BB. Oh, of course, I'll watch cause I want to see Sheila, Josh and Sharon trash the boys. They've earned it from what I'm reading.

I've got a full day and am just getting started. My grandson (20) had a best friend visiting from Florida (we're in NC) and he's (BF) leaving this morning, so last night they convinced me to play quarters with them. It was a blast at the time, lots and lots of laughs, but... Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

I'll be checking in later to see how everyone is doing.

Oh, Jennasmom...I'm so jealous that you and Sydney are going to get to meet up. One of these days we're going to have to plan another group visit somewhere and hopefully all of us can make it this time.


Nana in the NW said...

Good Sat. morning! The sun is out and not a cloud in the sky! I was dancing last night so am a little sore and tired this morning.

We are like a little neighborhood in a big country. pdx granny was right....we check-in daily, sometimes just to listen other times to comment. Worry when we don't hear from someone, share in others joy, and grieve for the losses. All of this without ever having meant "face-to-face".

jennasmom--I knew it was you without your name being on the comment!! Good luck with the BD party. I taught 4 yr. olds for many years....they are full of energy and lots of drama(in little girls). Be sure you are highly caffinated before they arrive!! LOL

meb--quarters?? With the beer and all?? I bet your remembering "your not as young as you used to be" today! Can't keep up with 20 yr. olds!!

Someday, a group meet-up. I vote for Calif in the spring....sunny, warm, but not humid.

terry--I always pack way in advance too. It makes me not worry that last week about forgetting something. But my husband is the same way...."I need this and I need that" LOL
Is your dog named after a cruise?

tom s'- hope things are OK with you and your family.

Jackie--no computer for several weeks?? You may have to wheel yourself to the office at the rehab. center and break-in in the middle of the night!! Maybe a friend with a laptop can come visit and bring one in for you to use. Do you know how long you will be in the hosp. and then rehab. facility? Sounds like you will be off work for most of the summer!

I need to go and get some work done. My parents have been snowbirding in Arizona and have just gotten home. They are coming to visit in a few hours. Then it's time to pull weeds and tonight my sister and BIL and cousin and her hubby are coming over to play Mexican Train.

sue said...

Jackie, we may start a guessing game of how many emails you will have by the time you check in after your rehab. The cyber post office will be stacked full!

I turned on the feeds early this morning about 4am my time (2am in the house). The two were in bed with the green light showing it was lights out. they were awake and continuing their insulting talk about Sheila. As soon as I heard the topic, I turned them off.

Ryan said just after the jury questioning that he was surprised by it. He seemed to think they all loved him...wait until he sees what the boards think of him. I still think he looks a lot like Bhutto, but even spinach won't make Adam into a hero, in my book. I was sort of leaning toward Adam just being a diamond in the rough, but it was all just game play on his part. I wish he had played the role a little longer, though, so I wouldn't have to be a witness at the train wreck.

Sydney said...

HI Jackie and friends-

I think I said this before ... and god knows I've thought it 100 times.. I wish I lived in NYC so I could come over to help you out. Frustrating! (Meb, I think you said the same thing. From what I gather you're excellent at that kind of thing).

Jennasmom -- I am SO glad that the kitty came back and that the storm ended up skirting around you a bit. I was thinking about the cat (and your family's worry over it) last night.

PDx Granny -- Wonderful images, and I join the rest who are in agreement with you.

I am ALL FOR meeting up in CA... I tried hard to organize the last one on the East coast ...But several more of you are on the West coast or western half of the country, so maybe it would work better.

Is anyone else's word verifications fonts becoming more smushed together and wavy? I am now doing them three times each before it publishes. Near impossible to figure out at least one or two letters of each.

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sydney said...

Oh, and Tom 's... we will wonder til we hear from you how you made it thru the storm last night... I am wondering how much time you spend in Canada. It sounds like you spend most of the year in TX?

delee said...

A & E tonight starting at 7p E is running a mini marathon of Parking Wars if anyone is interested. I know Jackie likes this show and I have seen a few.

Wow weird verification, slanted and smashed together! Just have to guess what the letters are.

Gayle said...

Jackie, when you leave to have surgery will we still be able to post in your blog?

delee said...

For a meet up, I vote for Vegas...I get free room and mucho points to use for food. HA HA

I think Jackie said they wanted her in rehab for 2 weeks. I would go bonkers. With my surgery in Oct, after one day, I was were is the DR, I want out of here.

Too bad there is not a transporter, like in Star Trek, we could take turns popping in to help Jackie.

Nana in the NW said...

I am multi-tasking....eating lunch and reading all your comments.

delee-Vegas works for me! And you know what they say..."What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"!! Maybe we could find Wamber from BB8.

I would love to be able to help Jackie out, but I tend to "mother" people. She would probably evict me from her state!

So this is my dilema....everyone is gone, my house is quiet...Do I take a nap(I am REALLY tired from dancing last night) or go pull the weeds because the sun is shining??? What is a girl to do?! LOL

What's up with the word verification today??!

Sydney said...

well, we have one of us already IN vegas, so that could work too...

PDX Granny said...

I've never been to Vegas, but have always wanted to go!

PDX Granny said...

Nana, I'm multi-tasking too. I'm reading Jokers, looking for an electric mower on Craigslist, and reading comments.

I'm not ready for a nap yet - I didn't get up until 10:30!!! But I do have a lawn that's calling me. Now that we actually have decent weather, I really should be outside. I can see Mt. Hood today, which means it's a good day!!

Plaidchick, are you here today? You mentioned something the other day about weight loss surgery. It's something I'm thinking of and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

Wow, is it ever hard to figure out the word verification this time!!

nancy in pa said...

good afternoon all. spent the day husband was with me and asked if i wanted to go to the movies...i told him we should stop home first to check the times, get everything put away, etc...when in reality i wanted to come check the blogs!

plaidchick...i hadn't heard the red sox story...that is really something! it is typical of the stuff we have encountered at CHOP on a consistent basis. i am thinking of volunteering to be a "rocker" there..where you go and settle in some super comfy rocking chairs and rock the babies for about 20 minutes each. the babies do much better with human touch and some loving. (but moms already know that!) relieved to hear your cat is ok and you and your family are safe!

how did you guys see the jury Q&A time? i can't believe (but yes i can) the things i am reading about R&A and what they are saying. What is the matter with people??? their nastiness has nothing to do with gameplay or is what it is. that is the same way i feel about ED. i too think he is a pretty smart guy....but i can't accept the nastiness. i still say you have to be REALLY smart to win while being DECENT at the same time.

pdxgranny.....LOVED your neighborhood description! the question is, what is the name of our little cul de sac? "jackies way"? "desperate housewives"? everyone are in my thoughts and prayers. i trust all goes well...will be anxious to recieve word you are doing great...i wish i were close enought to help out in some way.

is there a way to keep in touch will all until the july show?

nancy in pa said...

anybody want to go on a diet with me?

sharon said...

jennasmom...I'll jump in and say I'm glad your kitty came home safe and sound! Now that it's warm,we have three cats trying to get out the doors every time it opens.My youngest one is now diving under the throw rug and acting like a total nutjob...she's so funny!

I think we just have to agree to meet up and check in here. I don't think any of us has any trouble finding things to talk about...LOL. In fact,if somebody throws our a subject of the day,we can just go to town.And meeting up in Vegas sounds very tantalizing to me!

This WV is horrible,I see what you all mean.

dla said...

Happy Saturday!

ryzandshyn, I completely agree with you! This has been a very fun season on the blog, thanks to Jackie and her excellent crew! Maybe we feel more connected this season due to the fact that none of us could care less for any of the HG's??? lol

And, there are no heated comments because we really don't like them enough to get heated about anything at all!

I know I check in here to see what is up on the cul de sac, not what is up with the HG's. Sounds like many others feel the same way!

Jackie, the pix are lovely! I have also really enjoyed the changing avatars, which helps to put the face (or pets) with the name!

Las Vegas works for me... I live here! (Henderson) I am flying my Mom down from Portland, OR, for Mother's Day weekend, and we have many fun adventures planned! Great restaurants, shopping, tickets to see The Jersey Boys at Palazzo, ballet set to Frank Sinatra at the Henderson Pavilion, etc. Should be fun!

I adopted three kitties from the NV SPCA on Wednesday!! My boys had been gone for a year, and I have been lurking down there to meet the potential kids... Started out thinking "Well, maybe one", which led to "How can I get one? They will be too lonely when I am away?" And I finally rationalized with three just in case something tragic happens to one, they will have each other to deal.

Have I become the CAT LADY?!?

tom, I hope you and yours are safe and escaped any devastation due to weather.

jennasmom, I am thrilled your kitty came home!

I know that I lurk here year round, sometimes with more comments than others, so hope that everyone hangs around! There is always something to talk about!

Zoetawny said...

Hi all! Of course I had to stop by while I was in the neighborhood...vacuuming this room.

Tom`S said...
We're about to get slammed here in Texas, Tornados brewing about 30 miles from my home. Central Texas may get hit within 30 mins.
OMG! Are you all right? I'll scroll down some more to see if there's another post from you.

Anonymous said...
tom's - we must be south of you. The storms are headed toward us in a little while. Looking bad!!! And our kitty is missing outside somewhere. He NEVER leaves the yard and we haven't seen him since yesterday afternoon. Getting very worried!
I think I found your post but not sure since there's no name signed. I'm so relieved for you that your cat is back home. I hope the neighborhood bully cat didn't rough him up too much. Is the tornado danger past now? I hope you can relax and cuddle with your cat today.

It's really disturbing when some of you are in danger. You all are like my family now.

Jackie said...
Zoetawny - I still don't have details on the rehab facility but should know when I visit the OS on the 5th. I don't have a laptop, so it's likely I won't have any Internet access until I'm home again. They don't want valuables brought into the hospital but I'm sure I'll risk a cheapie digital camera. I'm surely taking a journal and pens!

4/25/2008 10:08 PM


Who was it that said you should break into the main desk and use the computer? Too funny! I'm not sure if it would be invading your privacy but I'd like to know the name of the rehab facility. You can email it to me if you like. I could call you or the main desk there to see how you're doing. Your journal will be quite interesting. I knew you'd find a way to take pics. LOL Those disposable cameras aren't too bad from what I hear. You might be surprised, the two weeks in rehab could go by pretty quickly. The first few days you will probably be taking some strong pain meds and sleeping more than usual. We will all be sharing this experience with you and holding positive thoughts. Your OS would probably get a kick out of knowing that your peanut gallery here on the blog is cheering you on. :)

Back to the show...
Is it Sunday yet? I just want to get it over with. How many times and in how many ways can I say what loosers most of them are? It's such a letdown when the winner is someone you didn't want to win even 2nd place. Oh well, it's just a game, right? ;)

Have a good weekend all and stay safe!

Word verification is mfucc. LOL

Anonymous said...

I haven't left a comment since Season 3 (I think). But I've been a steady lurker!!! :) I love you guys! You are so funny. And Jackie has always been awesome!!! My husband even keeps up with Jackie's blog!

My stuff: My name is Darlene. I will be 59 in June. Live in a very little southern Indiana town called Boonville. Happily married with 4 grown sons, 6 grandchildren ages 19-2 and 1 great-grandson 4 1/2 mos.

Nancy in Pa-I'm on a diet. I just started, but I've lost 8 lbs in the last two weeks. I walk with my neighbor ladies every morning, and I also sell Arbonne and we have a wonderful Figure 8 Diet line that's delicious.

I don't want to be a spammer so if anyone is interest you can check out my website at and/or email me at I'd love to start a weight loss club. Don't worry I'm not pushy...I just have fun!!

Now...hope this goes through...I'm not good at this! That's why I don't usually post..just lurk! :) Nice meeting you all!!

meb said...

Hi everybody... I'm back. Been helping my daughter do her coffee news route... I know, a paper route, but hey, for 3 hours (usually) she gets paid $100. $33 an hour isn't bad. We won't go into the gas prices right now.

Yes, nana in the nw... beer and all. At 70 years old I should know better... that stuff could kill ya. Luckily, we don't do it often. And we run out of beer real fast.

Seems strange, this BB group never did play quarters did they. They got their wine and coveted it instead. Just goes to show you what kind of house it was. Stingy/Selfish. Actually, last BB8 played it so much we got tired of watching them... I guess you just can't win in the BB house. Well not everybody anyway. Smile.

Sydney... thanks for the kind words.

Whoever suggewsted "Jackie's Way" as a name for our cul-de-sac... It's perfect and I love it!

Vegas sounds so inviting. Let's go at a time when it's cheap to stay and cheap to fly. I'd love to go again, been a couple of times but that was like 40 years ago. I would take a guess it has changed since then.

OK guys ... waiting for tomorrow night, just cause I want to see everybody one more time and then I'm finished with this group!

meb said...

Welcome to the family Darlene. Don't hesitate to comment. We all started somewhere.

Who mentioned that we didn't even fight this year. Last year Jackie had to keep reminding us not to pick on each other, only the houseguests.

Again, welcome and join the fun!

nancy in pa said...

hi darlene....welcome! i will be emailing you soon to talk about the diet, arbonne, etc....i am glad you have enjoyed this blog site. i have only been here about 3 years. it took me awhile to go from anon. to nancy in pa...but i am glad i did. it is such a caring and...i think hysterically funny group of people. i can't tell you how many times i am going about my day thinking so-and-so would like this...or chuckle at something someone said....i'm still chuckling at ...and i don't remember who said....their waitress could have been natalies mother. now i find myself looking at people in stores for look phone in pathetic is that?? all in fun i assure you.

meb...glad you like "jackies way". maybe we can get zoetawny to do a little graphic!!

is there anyway to get an address to send jackie some cards? i certainly want to respect her privacy..and not subject her to internet kooks..but i wish we could shower her with well wishes.

glad for sunday to come...lets get this agaony over with....sad to think we won't talk till july?

delee said...

Nana...are you sure you did not take the word verification with you last night? Looks like it has had way too many brewsky's. Never have seen it this way.

Anonymous said...

dla said earlier: And, there are no heated comments because we really don't like them enough to get heated about anything at all!

This is SO true!!! No one is passionately rooting for any of these bozos! It's been a season of, OMG, what are they doing now! Been fun, anyway!


RyzandShyn said...

I'm pretty sure I am actually close enough (within an hour) to help you, Jackie, if you need and/or want it. I'm in Bergen County, close to the GWB. I'm available and willing, so use me as you will. I'm serious too...I wouldn't offer otherwise.

Nancy in pa...
I've got the "rocker" volunteer spot planned for retirement. I think that is a lovely thing to do. I've worked with children who have been born addicted and children who never bonded during infancy...neither is pretty and both have life-long consequences.
I also have that Alaskan cruise thing planned for then too. I have a lot of plans for something that is still only a dream
But I guess that's what keeps us going, eh?

The verification letters are on acid. It's both funny and creepy.

Becky said...

Plaidchick and Sharon: You are right on the money. I wish there was some place we could all email to tell CBS to clean up the house, stop playing favorites and get more of an age varity.

Let it go back to the game playing. I would like to see more mental challanges.

I doubt I will watch the summer show if they have the same types of sluts, druggies, pimps and morons they have had the past few years. Get people who will play with their wits, not their bodies.

PlaidChick said...

jennasmom- YAY YAY YAY!!! I am so glad kitty made it home...

OMG I was so mortified yesterday as I witnessed some afternoon delight. Spring is in the air on my block. I suspect "Mama" the little stray who comes by daily to eat.. will be having kittens the second week in July. I feel really bad for her, and if I could catch her I would take her to get fixed. I'm not sure where she'll have these beebies if and when the time comes, but we have a little house that we got for her and baby Jack for them to get into for the cold nights. They have used it, but not on a regular basis.

I also bit the bullet and went and bought a weather radio that is programable to go off when they issue a warning. When the tornado hit 2 weeks ago about 4 miles from my house in the middle of the night, a tornado warning had been issued for us, and the city did not sound the sirens. We had plenty of time to get into the closet. I was pissed and later they interviewed a city official saying the citizens needed to stay informed of the weather by radio and TV, not depend on the city. That's all well and good if you you don't have sattelite TV, which most people do now, and does get knocked out by heavy rain and POWER!! I think not! The next week, we had a pretty good thunderstorm, no hail, no high wind, and they sound the sirens. What a bunch of idiots. I'm tired of not getting any sleep.

Pdx Granny-- Yep I'm the weight loss surgery chick. It really helps to talk to someone who has "been there, done that." Not just someone who knows someone, who knows this person and such where they gossip and say "this person is a rail and is going to die from starvation, or ya I know that person, they croaked on the table. I'd be happy to answer any and all questions you have. I pretty much tell it like it is-- and I don't sugar coat it-- oops :P

Nancy in PA: That would be a great job to do! Some many little ones get transferred and sadly there are Mom and Dad's who can't be there 24/7 with their children. When I got involved with the cardiac unit, I really didn't think I would be able to handle it emotionally wise. But those kids really teach you. Giving up never enters a child's mind. I cried tears of joy to see these kids who are normal (except they all have "zippers") when they're at camp. I love my girls-- the ones from my cabin, I have watched them grow up for 8 years now!

Nana in the NW said...

Well, I've got a few minutes before company is arriving so I thought I would drop by.....

I was thinking a name for our neighborhood could be
Chatter Lane in JackieTown, USA.

Ryznshyn--if you are that close to Jackie maybe you could find out what rehab facility she is at and make a quick visit or phone call for a medical update???

Of course, Jackie could take my earlier suggestion and just break-in to the office at night ;).

nancy in pa--I'm ready for a diet! After weeding all afternoon I discovered that extra roll of insulation I got around my middle is hard to work with!! It kept me warm in the winter but is doing NOTHING for me now!

So bring it on....are we on the honor system? Do we want to e-mail each other each week for a weigh-in?? I think we are about the same age so we both have menopause working against us!

Darlene--WELCOME!! I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to comment and leave your name. I'm going to check out your website.

meb--you must be a rockin' granny for your 20 yr. old grandson to want to hang out with you.

jennasmom--survive the BD party??

delee--WV didn't party with me...I think it was playing quarters with meb!!LOL

nancy in pa-- re: "sad to think we won't talk till July"....where are you going? We'll all still be here! Besides, I thought we were going to become bikini baristas together(after we lose some weight)!!

Someone's knocking on my door....someone's ringing the bell.....(name that tune and the artist)!!

Laurie said...

I did it! I set up a blog called Jackie's Town USA and you can get to it by going here:

I posted one message so we can start chatting. My idea is that some of you will join in posting on the front of the blog (like Jackie does here) so several of us on the block can take ownership of it.

If you have a blog already, and want to help run the block party please email me through the new blog and I will set you up as a contributor.

Let's make this work, folks. It will be great fun!! Okay, I can barely read my word verification. Yikes

Go to as soon as you can and join us! Of course, this does not replace this wonderful place. It just gives us our neighborhood to talk about all the other stuff!

Delee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darlene said...

Thanks for the WELCOME! I knew you guys were great!! :)

I went over to Jackies Town and introduced myself there.

Jackie you'll be in my prayers. Heal quick. If you want some good vitamins I have some! :)

Take Care all!

Sydney said...

Nana- I'm hearing Paul McCarthy singing that...

Anonymous said...

Eddie Hodges - "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door"

dla said...


Did you have lap band or gastric bypass? I have a friend that had GP with great results, but a couple of medical scared following the surgery... Curious to hear about your experience.

Nana in the NW said...

I'm tired so just a quick comment.....

I lost at Mexican Train!! Darn it! But it was fun to visit and get together with my family.

Laurie-I went and visited JackieTown and left a comment. It will be a nice addition, especially when Jackie is in rehab.

Sydney--you are right about the song. It is the Beatles...I think from the White Album but I can't remember the name!

We haven't heard from tom s' today....I sure hope he came through the tornados unharmed.

Time for bed I'll check back in the morning.

Sydney said...

Hmmm Nana, I was thinking it was when he was with WIngs... lol!

dla--- so glad to hear the good news that your new beebies are in their new home. I want pictures!!! If you get around to taking any and can upload and e-mail them, please send them (like you have nothing else to do!!).

I like your thinking about getting three...I think I'd do the same if I weren't so terribly allergic. In fact, I'd probably have dogs, ferrets, bunnies, etc... (and I live in a high rise so THAT would not be happening!). Then I'd never travel. Cats are so great if you do, so self sufficient for 3-4 days if you have to be gone.

In the mean time, I'm off today and tomorrow to volunteer at the zoo. Applied to be trained as a Keeper Aid for big cats which I expect would be an out of the body experience to do. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Maybe we'll hear from Tom's after tonight's show.

meb said...

I don't know... maybe it's just me... but I'm feeling uneasy about going to another blog, even if we name it jackie's, to comment on what we've always done right here. If we wanted another area to comment, Jackie would have given us one on her sidebar.

Maybe I'm being silly, but I'm think we should just stay right here. Jackie doesn't mind what we talk about, in fact she encourages it with her pictures and Roofus.

And it seems I recall from somewhere way back that the number of posts Jackie gets on her blog count toward something in her professional arena. If so, a separate blog is taking away from those #'s. Somebody help me out here, am I making that up.

sue said...

meb, I think, if I may be so bold to say it, that much of the community feel has come because of Jackie's being a top notch moderator. Her writing style and humor draws us in, but knowing she is there to shepherd and protect us has taken the rough edges off that which sometimes drive away commenters. I don't know the solution, but know that Jackie's wheels must be turning and when she gets her apartment and cat shipshape for her rehab, I'll bet she comes up with something to keep all us, her fans, happy, too.

meb said...

First, let me say, I don't think there was anything malicious putting up another blog. I believe it was done with the purest of thoughts. But it's still another blog and even tho it has jackie's name, it isn't hers.

I'm sure Jackie will give her thoughts as well when she has time to spare.

I'm not faulting anyone. I've been in and read everyone's posts so far and they're very interesting. I just want to make sure we're not stepping on Jackie's "toes".

RyzandShyn said...

I fully understand the concern about stepping on Jackie's virtual toes, and no one would want to do that since she's been so nice to us.
My guess is that there are probably a gazillion people who visit this blog to get their dose of BB updates, but who never comment. I'm not sure they'd be so interested in reading about all the other stuff we've been talking about nor do I think I want random people reading "my stuff" either.
I believe it was in that spirit that the blog was created.
It's actually bringing Jackie's blog back to it's focus, which is helpful I would think for all the people who come in for Jackie and updates, not

Laurie said...

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to clear up my intentions by creating the Jackie's Town USA blog.

It was an action taken from an idea posted by many people that it would be fun to have a place to meet to continue talking about stuff while Jackie is in rehab and between shows.

The name came from posts about what we could call it and I went with that as a nod or our roots.

All intentions were good and actions were taken out of what I saw as a good thing, and something to take the load off Jackie for awhile.

Jackie won't be able to offer new posts for awhile, and we can still chat about anything we want.

I understand those of you who are questioning my actions. I really do, and I'm not mad or hurt. I get it. I tend to act fast (it's my nature and my job) to get things done and meet the needs that have been stated.

The idea of having various contributors is born of wanting to share the blog with the "neighborhood". There are those who want to start diet plans together and someone could start that post and have their group right there.

I'm going to keep it going (with help, hopefully) and we will see where it goes. I'd love to have as many as want to join in the chats, but certainly understand if you don't want to.

Again, all was done with good intentions and nothing but fun and friendship in my mind.

RyzandShyn said...

Not that I'm actually getting worried or anything because we told her to take a break, but...errr...hmmmm...anyone know where Jackie is?

Laurie said...

Joker's contributors are saying the live feeds are finished for the season. I started to read what the conversations were about last night but quit after reading just one. Those boys are scum in how they talk to each other. Disgusting. I still want the money to go to charity!

Nana in the NW said...

Just to add my two cents about Chatter's Lane in Jackie's Town USA.....

I understand those who are concerned about people jumping over and not wanting to take the time to comment on 2 sites.

However, I think Laurie said it well as to her intentions. Many commenters don't want to read the "everyday stuff" that some of us like to talk about....a diet program, a cruise, lap band surgery, etc. This will be a location for those who are interested.

In the past Jackie's blog gets very busy during BB in the summer. It will help to be able to keep this site free of "the other stuff". A person can always make a comment here such as..."I commented about about my dog's surgery on Chatter's Lane if your interested". Then those who have been wondering can pop over and read and those who don't care won't have to filter through it here.

With Jackie out of commission for 2-3 weeks this site could get pretty full(i.e. such as her sidebar site--DWTS,Bachelor). Commenters have asked for her to make a new post so you don't have to weed through hundreds of prev. comments. Jackie will not be available to do that here....

All that being said, I hope people will still comment about their "ups and downs"--pets, surgery, families. I'll be checking both site each day!

It's Sunday...I am spending the day in a gym watching my granddaughter compete at the state gymnastics meet.

Finally, the end of BB tonight. Just give some undeserving person the money and let them all out in the real world to see how disgusted we have been all season!!!

You should see my WV--there is NO WAY I can figure out these letters!!

Nana in the NW said...

Because this is driving me crazy I waited for a new post....

Syd- You are right it is a Paul McCartney song and I was wrong about the White Album. So folks, I need to know the name of this song:

Someone's knocking on my door; someone's ringing the bell....sister susie, brother Jim, Uncle Ernie, open the door and let 'em in, ohhhhhh


tom's--we're missing you??

Anonymous said...

that song is from paul and wings not the beattles. i can't remember the name tho.

delee said...

Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour Album" 1967

You say yes, I say no.
You say stop and I say go go go, oh no.
You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
Hello hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

So on and so on

delee said...

The other side of the 45rpm was "I am the Walrus"

delee said...

Dang forgot the name "Hello Goodbye"

meb said...

Laurie... thanks for the response, and I hope you know it had nothing to do with you personally. Maybe I'm being too protective. But thanks for understanding and not getting angry. That's what I love about this blog... we really can say what we're thinking without being attacked.

Anonymous said...

Going to remain anon on this, but I think Laurie should have checked with Jackie before doing this. I know she wants to have other things discussed there that we do here, but still, she is using Jackie's name without her consent.

Also people are typing stuff there that all the world can see. Dangerous.

I am sure Jackie will/would set up a side bar for us for things while she is gone. It is for 2 weeks only.

Laurie said...

If Jackie doesn't want me to use her name, I'll gladly change it. I am not trying to cause any trouble and I appreciate those who understand that.

Meb, I totally get what you are saying. No problems and you are right, that's what makes this place special. We can get along without getting upset.

Nobody is being asked to do anything they don't want to do. It's called free will.

When Jackie is back on board I'll ask her about using her name. It was meant to honor her ... but we all know what can happen with intentions.

Meanwhile, the subject is closed as far as I'm concerned. See you all tonight when the final is finally here. Go Fur-babeees.

PlaidChick said...

Happy Sunday bloggers! YAY it's Sunday!

dla-- I had the bypass, I chose the open procedure over the lap. The scar is there, but barely visable, plus, I'm not a flash your stomach gal.

I had zero complications. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and was home on a Friday. I knew what to look for as far as signs of infection, and told my surgeon straight up, I'm not the kind of patient who calls because they need their hand held. If I call it's an emergency and he or his resident better call me back.

As I learned to eat again, and it's a learning process, food got stuck because I didn't chew it up enough, or had too much hidden fat and/ or sugar would make me sick-- known as the dumping syndrome. It's unpleasant as all get it out, but it's meant to be so you don't eat crap. Some people never dump. Five years later I still do and glad I do.

Of course there are complications and risk, but you have to look at both sides. I personally know people from my support group who had complications-- intial leaks, bowel obstructions, scar tissue blocking your outlet. If you know what to look for, and you have a great doctor and team, then things will go smoothly.

I did a ton of research on the procedure and the doctors in the area. I chose to have my sugery at UT Southwestern, not a doctor in private practice, because there are a lot of butchers out there who are in it for the money. I'm not saying there aren't other good surgeons out there in private practice, but you have to look at what hospital they're affilated with and I know that entire campus is cutting edge.

Personally, I think it's the best treatment option available for those who are mobidly obese. Most of us can't afford chefs and trainers. I did the liquid diets, weight watchers, and gained all the lbs right back. It takes a lot of dedication to lose large amounts of weight. I recognized I needed help, and something that was permanent. I wanted to be healthy and this was I needed to do for me. I lost a total of 150 pounds, but had some bounce back weight gain-- which is normal, and am maintaining a 130-140 pound weight loss today. I want to get off another 25 pounds, which is quite doable.

I'll go look on obesity and see if my profile is still over there.

If any of you want to e-mail me privately my email is, and like I said I'll answer any questions you may have. All I ask is not to flame me for my personal decisions or send me spam. I'll hunt you down and beat you with a stick.

PDX Granny said...


Thanks for the follow-up on your surgery. I appreciate your being so up front about it.

I do have questions, but it's hard to know just what those are when I don't know much about what I'm questioning.

Know what I mean????

One of the things that has really caught my attention lately is the effect the by-pass is having on reversing diabetes. I was diagnosed with it about 1 1/2 years ago. Even knowing the importance of taking weight off, I'm still not able to get it to happen.

I'm sure for people who have never had a weight problem, or for those who have conquered theirs, it's hard to understand why some of us just can't seem to win the battle even tho we know the "right" things to do to do it.

I really appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and experience!

I'll shoot you an email later.

joy n said...

Nothing against your new blog, Laurie, but this is the only blog that I have ever been involved with and the best I've ever read. Jackie opens up great discussions about my favorite reality shows; TAR. Survivor and BB, as well as mentions of many others that I enjoy. I have never had a problem with the off-topic aspect of this blog and have, in fact, contributed at times. If some are more comfortable talking about personal topics elsewhere, that's fine, too. I wish you the best of luck with your new blog.

sue said...

I was just over at Jackie has it in her sidebar and I like the site for picking up live feeds info. Interesting post on the front page today. The boys have been talking. Ryan made a statement that makes it sound as if he made up 'team Christ" and BB made it into a big deal, including (this part is guess work though) making Natalie appear to use more Christian terms than she would have without BB/DR's direction.

I am doing all those Sunday afternoon clean up things, including reconciling my bank statement. The desk is just too near the computer and the computer is calling me to search BB for one last time. Anything but work! The feeds are now replaying the whole season. heaven help us. I couldn't stomach that, but I do always like to see the guests in the first week or so, since I know them now and didn't then.

monty924 said...

Just over two hours and counting. I'm looking forward to the end of BB9 and on to BB10.

I miss hearing from Jackie the past two days. Hope all is still well.

joy n said...

This has to be the first BB finale that I've looked forward to with both anticipation and dread.

I feel so disgusted by Ryan and Adam now that I don't really give a damn who wins it anymore. Still, I'm looking forward to the jury's questions and comments and hope that someone (or several) of them really rake these two neanderthals over the coals.

R and A are so "nice and sweet" in front of the live cameras. It would be great if one or more of the SHG could rile things up enough to cause R and A to lose their cool and show their true colors to anyone who would even momentarily consider expanding their "15 minutes".

Tami said...

Well this disappointing season of BB is almost over and I have to say that I am relieved. I would like Ryan to win because I think that he 'played' the game more than Adam did, but at this point, they are both so disgusting that it really doesn't make that big of difference to me. I just hope that there are HG on the summer season that I can invest in.
Jackie, just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking and praying for you during your surgery and recovery. My mother had knee replacement last August and I was able to be with her the majority of the time. The surgery went off without a hitch. She was in the hospital portion for three days and then they transferred her to a extended care unit for ten days. I am assuming that the rehab center that you are going to will be similar to the ecu.
My best advise for you is to work very hard at PT, it will make all the difference in your recovery.

I always submit as anon, but I am going to submit this with my name.

Delee said...

Getting ready to flip to CBS to see if 60 Minutes starts on time, golf was on this afternoon.

Yes BB will be on time on the East coast.

monty924 said...

One hour and counting. Woohoo!

Tom in CA said...

Jackie, with your kind permission, I would like to send out the following.

An Open Letter to Allison Grodner:
Many of the comments of this blog refer to BB9 as watching a train wreck. We’ve had the worst foul mouthed houseguests ever, naked hgs, an ex-stripper performing lap dances, sex acts among virtual strangers (and not so strangers) in your face shouting matches of a very personal nature, and the offensive list goes on. The lives of these people must certainly be negatively affected. I think there would be tremendous interest in seeing what the houseguests’ reaction is going to be after seeing all the tapes/blogs/comments once this season is over. A reunion show in a couple of months in a setting moderated by a “Dr. Phil” type certainly would have me watching. Have each hg assess how they were portrayed (i.e. edited), their reaction to other hg’s gameplay after having seen the tapes, family members’ reactions, whether or not they had developed any insights into their own character and their reflections on the character of the other houseguests. C’mon Allison, show a backbone!

Tom in CA

Anne said...

Um, where's Jackie???