Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Feeds ... er, NOT

I think I'm still breathing my long sigh of relief that Big Brother 9 is done and over with. Yes, I still enjoy the show, but they really have to get more diversity in the cast for BB10. A mind or two might be nice! I wrote a brief article for TV Squad with links to the Julie Chen Adam/Ryan interview.

I also went back to work today after having last week off. While I was gone, the poison ivy came to life. I know it's evil, but I still think it's a cool plant!

I also found a flower in the rain.

I should be getting back to Newsy Bits and such soon, but I figure I will be mellow for a few days. Thank you everyone for such a great BB9 season here on the blog. The show was iffy, but you guys (gals) were fantastic!


Donna in AL said...

Thank you Jackie for all the updates you have done. I really enjoy coming here everyday.

I hope you have a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Take the time to take care of yourself.

joy n said...

Poison Ivy - such a deceiving beauty! I have some tulips in exactly that color on my front lawn. I'm loving the pictures you're taking, Jackie!

I find myself checking out interviews of the BB HGs today. I think I'm about done, though. Need to get them out of sight, out of mind. But then again, if anyone hears anything really juicy, let me know!

RyzandShyn said...

Hope you made it through your rainy-Monday-back-to-work day without much difficulty. I hope your knee cooperated.
I always look forward to the next BB when one ends. There always hope for a great cast and a fun season.
Looks like the letters are sober again.

Sydney said...

And , you Jackie, are the only person I know who can get close to poison ivy without paying the concequences.

The flower in the rain is just beautiful. You just have a great eye to see these things in your everyday life...and then to capture it!

Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie!

I see you survived your first day back at work. It's always hard to get back into the work routine after a week off. But, I know that week off was also work for you, just a different kind. The photos are beautiful and refreshing. Even poison ivy can be beautiful but you didn't get too close, did you? ;) I'm so tired of looking at the BB9 house guests. Your photos are welcome and much appreciated.

Just viewed some of the videos of the interviews. There's so much BS about everyone loving everyone after the fact. Danielle from BB8 seems full of herself and apparently has hooked up with Alex from BB9. Alex is so HOT! He said he is in a villa in Newport Beach. Wonder if he meant a condo or townhouse? A villa sounds very grande. Sounds like he's doing well, but what is it that he's doing? Sheila was herself, phony as heck. She said her son was at a concert and didn't want to go to the BB finale. She said that in her imitation of a 16 year old dude dialect. UGH! She still has the hots for ED. Chelsia said her parents still love her and she didn't do anything with James under the covers. AG said she's relieved that it's over but it was a great season. We beg to differ.

Tv show wrap parties and they're all the same. Nobody keeps it REAL. It's always that fake Hollywood huggy huggy, kissy kissy.

On a side note, I stumbled across a scoop regarding Erika Landin, BB4and BB All Stars, hooking up with Adam from Survivor 6. He's not very good looking but anything is better than Boogie. Maybe he's a really nice guy. For Erika's sake let's hope so. I think I read a while back that Erika was working for the Survivor production staff.

joy n...

Tonight was the first time I had the time to check out interviews and such. I think I'm done now as well. I'm sure Jackie will let us know if there's anything really juicy. Jackie knows how to dig up all that good stuff on the net. ;)


TerryinCA said...

Oh my Jackie that flower and the Ivy were beautiful. You really have an eye for the art.
We will all being praying for your glad you did BB9,otherwise who would have cared?

Zoetawny said...

Whoops! The first part of this sentence below was cut off. Don't know what happened.

I've been to a few...Tv show wrap parties and they're all the same. Nobody keeps it REAL. It's always that fake Hollywood huggy huggy, kissy kissy.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on the up-coming surgery. I gave up on BB9, so here's hoping BB10 is back on track.

Now that things are slowing back down a bit, are you going to post about Lost again? So much is going on, and I feel like I am losing ground each week. What has your take been?


joy n said...

Jackie, thanks for the link on TVS to the Julie/Adam/Ryan Early Show interview. It was longer than the one that was aired this am.

I watched today's Housecalls and Adam had found out about losing his job and seemed a bit ticked off about it, to the point where he said he wants to get "grounded" before he gives to that charity. He even said that he may start his own charity for Autism. He said that his using "that word" was taken out of context. He just doesn't get it.

Delee said...

Mellow away Jackie, you deserve it.
I actually have tulips this year and they just started to bloom, then all this rain. Boo hoo.

Zoetawny, what did u expect AG to say, that her idea sucked big time. Laughing hard here! She still wants a job.

Time for Bachelor over and out.

WV looks fixed thank you whoever!

dgmommie said...

I saw an interview with Allison G that Hamsterwatch had linked on the site today. It was from last night in the house. AG said that the next BB will feature a more diverse cast, including a diversity in ages. She said that this season was young due to the nature of the twist where everyone had to be single. We'll see if what she said was true when the next BB comes around. They really do need to go back to a more diverse cast of different ages, races, values, etc. It would make for a much better show.

Becky said...

First, Jackie, thank you for making this season of big brother bearable. You did an outstanding job considering the numnuts in the house.

Second, Zoetwany, your graphics are always top notch. I loved the last one. The GP "beebees" did deserve to win.

CBS, get with it. Porn, even soft porn is not for most of America, especially families trying to teach their teen children to behave and develop morals. Select someone who can utter two sentences without a cuss word. More of an age variety would be great. And, unless you need to be told, sex and bikinis do not interest us.

I have met delightful college age kids who are not into free love and nickel beer. They are smart, fun, have good sense of humor and dress like the average college kid. Pants may hang down too low, tops may be a bit high, but they don't look like thugs, pimps, sluts or streetwalkers.

I think that IF I watch next season I will boycott any products shown in their commercials if they repeat this disaster. And I will write the sponsors and tell them why.

CBS, you need to do demographic study and find out what kind of big brother guest watch. Children are usually up until 8 or 9 and even later in the summer. Give us something YOU wouldn't mind your seven, eight, nine, ten or early teens (be it children or grandchildren) watching TV with you and have to explain,
that No, Johnny, he didn't ask Judy how many abortions she had, he said auditions before she made the show. And, Sally, darling, he is calling her a female dog. I thought you knew a female dog was a bitch. What is a cu*t, I think it is something you do before you are an actual hunter. It means you are almost a hunter, a cu*t is one step before.

As for discussing drugs, STDs, and smoking.... make them sit in the naughty corner. Might be a good time to discuss safe sex to older children.... like the third grade if they are allowed to watch this trash.

Okay, enough of my ranting. I will behave now. And, Jackie, you behave in rehab. There HAS to be books you want to read. Get them bought and ready. You have the perfect excuse to sit on your behind and do NOTHING! Have someone post to keep us up to date on you. Remember, Big Brother is Watching!

Jackie said...

Lucy2 - I watched last week's new LOST and found myself very confused. I'm still blogging Survivor for TV Squad and I don't think I can figure out LOST enough to really write about it. I'm wondering if I missed an episode or something.

Sydney said...

dgmommie-- thats for at least giving us HOPE with that report. That would be great, though I've lost so much faith I'll believe it when and IF I see it. Both fingers crossed all!

Zoetawny re: fake wrap parties... I rewatched the very end of the final BB show to see what you all had pointed out that I missed... Ryan and Jen Kissing, Shelia hanging on to ALex, etc... and I saw Jen give Allison a giant hug,a big long squeeze, instigated by JEN. After she trashed Allison and made Faces as Allison said she had no hard feelings (while getting in a dig of her won. OY.

Hi Lucy2 -- good to see your comments again!

Sydney said...

dgmommie -- that first word should have been THANKS...

monty924 said...
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Donna in AL said...

Jackie, you probably haven't missed anything. Since the writer's strike, the shows have been so confusing. I know why they were showing the previous weeks show then the new episode, because you would always think you missed one if they didn't. They jump to the future each time with a different character and a different year.

I keep clicking the Lost on your sidebar, but it is the old one from February.

monty924 said...

So much fun this season here on the blog. Where do you start? It wasn't the cast that made it great though, it was the blog and all the comments.

I actually enjoyed Adam's (aka A Baller) Housecalls interview today. It just proves that he can speak in complete syllables and not go all crazy all the time. I thought he handled the questions/subject of his firing well. WE all know (on here) how much we hated what he said early on. I think he showed today that it was just a stupid thing, and he didn't realize that his words would be taken in that context. He said that he thought he was talking in laymen's terms. Well, no Adam you weren't, but I can see what he meant and I'll grant him that.

I'm actually happy he won now. He seemed geniune and just a real life normal human being today (not perfect, and flawed for sure but a good guy at heart). That guy many of us saw toward the end of the show.

Great pictures Jackie. I love your photos (I'm highly allergic to poison ivy) so its nice to see the beauty behind my computer's screen.

Thanks again for an awesome season of BB blogging... and its actually you who deserves all the thanks.

Can't wait to see you back here after the surgery and rehab, and I'm looking forward to BB10. :)

I actually have a WV I can see and make out tonight. :)

make that two. I caught all my stooopid errors after my first post. Here's to reposting. :P

meb said...

Jackie... only you could get a picture of poison ivy and make it beautiful.

My tulips have come and gone, but they really are gorgeous when in bloom.

Sheila's son was probably embarrassed and wouldn't come to the finale' / wrap party. She also said at one point in the house that her ex would be there. Was he???

Danielle and Alex... bummer!

Hope with the $25,000 that James can afford some new pink clothes. Those outfits he wore even to the finale' were pathetic.

Losing his job makes it easier for Adam NOT to donate the money to his cause. Wondered how long it would take for him to figure out a way to get out of that one.

joy n said...

Monty, I guess what turned me off to Adam was hearing he and Ryan saying such filthy things about Sheila and most of the other women (including Jen) the night before the finale. (On justtvnuts) Maybe I should just chalk it up to two immature guys with an overabundance of testosterone. It just bothers me the way they play up the niceness for the cameras that they KNOW everyone is watching.

nomad said...

The thing I am going to miss the most about BB9 is the companionship among us here in the comment section. You feel like friends and now it is over.

I will miss you all.

Laurie said...

Jackie, your pictures are great. Please let me join everyone else in saying thank you for making this season fun in spite of the horrid show. YOu will be in our prayers as you get your bionic knee and recover.

Zoetawny, your graphics were awesome and funny. Thanks for giving us those visuals to replace the things we saw on screen. Your final guinea pigs were the best!

All, our spin-off forum is going well. Please drop by if you are interested. Many of your friends from here are also there!

PlaidChick said...

I watched the interviews with Gretchen earlier today.. what a bunch of bozos...

Sheila: She and Adam acted out their hatred for each other. She IS an actress after all. Wish she was paired with Alex. Says Daniele likes her, still wants to hook up with Dick. Regrets not keeping James, and not evicting Ryan instead of Natalie. Said she's 46 and wouldn't do BB again.

Sharon: Things are bittersweet. Ryan lost her vote when she saw the wink on the DVD between Ryand and Adam. GP's names are"yogeta" and "boo-boo"

Natalie: STILL would of wanted to pair up with Matt after all she knows. Would of wanted to pair up with Alex if she had a choice. Regets not holding out longer in glass houses comp. People used her for her niceness, will be friends with everyone except Matt, says the reason why he's not interested in her is because he's hung up on some ex.

Matt: Overwhelmed, glad he got Nat game wise, not relationship. Nat is great, but not for him, she doesn't understand no. Admits they hooked up. Regrets he threw the POV comp in which he was backdoored. Wish he had teamed up with James.

Josh: Didn't come into the house to make friends. Favorite person, James.

Jen: Me, me, and us (referring to Ryan)

Allison: No respect for Matt of Josh, will not to speak to either of them.

I didn't watch Amanda, Chelsia, James or Baller. Amanda looked pregnant in her dress, or she was really bloated and shouldn't of worn a tight dress.

Tom`S said...

Thanks Jackie,
We've had a rough week in my area, I have a head cold, I'll get back with you all later.

Tom`S said...

I've been to a few...Tv show wrap parties and they're all the same. Nobody keeps it REAL. It's always that fake Hollywood huggy huggy, kissy kissy.

4/28/2008 9:39 PM

Ciao, you should go to a VH1 Wrap party, hahaaaaa -- OUCH this last one with Brett Michaels was hilarious, although their not the fake Hollywood kissy types on VH1.

sharon said...

Good to see you here,Tom's,we've all been concerned about you. Sorry to hear you are under the weather AND that your weather has been so bad. Take care of yourself.

For myself,not looking for any interviews or follow ups with this group. Just so glad it's over and by next month,won't remember most of their names. Not happy that it seems AG will be coming back as producer,I really think the quality of the show has suffered under her.

Our warm weather has taken a hike here around Lake Erie and we have frost warnings for tonight with temps below freezing. Where,oh where is warmth! At least the sun is out and shining,no rain today!
have a great day,all!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Greetings from cold, wet and windy NYC. What a difference a week makes! This time last week it was gorgeous, sunny and almost 80 degrees. I haven't had a chance to check out any of the interviews yet, but I will try today.

Didn't that week off from work just fly by Jackie? Glad to see the WV is back to normal!

Donna in AL said...

Morning all..
It's chilly here this morning but sunny and will be in the high 70's today. The rain Sunday has made the grass shoot up about 4" it seems. I'm going to try to wait until closer to the weekend to mow...that is get my sons to mow!

I watched a few interviews on the site Monty gave yesterday but that is it and I don't think I want to watch anymore. You guys have done a good job of reporting here to satisfy me.

Now I guess it's just wait until Thursday for Survivor.

Anonymous said...

hey i was watching desperate housewives sunday nite and eddie from big brother one was on there!!! wtg!!
debie in calif (95) yesterday

nancy in pa said...

morning all. haven't watched anything since the finale...been really busy, not online, after reading this i am debating whether or not it is worth the effort to do so.

jackie, again..thank you. you do such a phenominal job!

zoetawny...will miss your graphics....thank you.

everyone...your warmth, humor, and caring shines thru your writings everyday. this would make quite an interesting BB cast. i can see the finale now......
"no, give the prize to her" "not me, she needs it more than i do, give it to her" .......... and in the end, the grand prize goes to....jackie!!

meb said...

nancy in pa... love your scenario of all of us on BB and trying to give the winnings to someone else, but Jackie wins it in the end... Perfect!

Nomad... and for anyone who is mentioning they'll miss everybody until next BB... remember, we stay here and continue to talk. Jackie comments on other shows as well. We'll even be able to comment when she's out for her surgery and rehab as she has sidebars for some of our shows, plus we can always talk on the last generic location she leaves.

Speaking of your surgery Jackie... our well wishes are with you. I know it's a couple weeks away, but just wanted to let you know we're always thinking of you.

Lucy2 - I've been keeping up with Lost as well. It's still confusing and I'm still loving it.

Welcome back Tom's. Sorry to hear you were sick. Was under the weather myself this past weekend but starting to feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, congratulations on another season of BB. I didn't even watch this season due to the terrible lack of brains and diversity in the cast. Even though I didn't watch the show, I still felt compelled to check in with your site at least once a week. I missed the Jackie comments and community, but not the show.
Looks like this Survivor is continuing to be an interesting one. Whoever casts Survivor needs to help cast BB.
Take Care!

PS, I have a Mac and have had problems posting because the word verification letters don't come up. I just get a question mark instead.

boo said...

Again and again and again thank you Jackie! You are a gifted writer and a gifted artist! We don't have tulips in Florida and your picture of the tulip in the rain was glorious! I enjoyed BB9 because of you--------and Zoetawny! Thank you both!

I'm just glad it is all over and hope for better things this summer. I remember the very first season and how much fun it was to watch. Maybe AG needs to remember KISS. Works every time!

Tom's so glad to hear from you. Feel better. To all my friends here on Jackie's Way and all of you who I see on Chatter's Lane, you are the best! And we owe it all to Jackie!!!

RBennie said...

I just watched some of the interviews after the finale and something Natalie said makes me think that the show wasn't as "live" as they wanted us to believe. Remember that we all thought it was so weird that Julie was preparing Natalie for what she was about to see and then we didn't see anything? Apparently they did show a bunch of stuff about what Matt was saying about Natalie and that's why in her interview she said she would be friends with everyone except Matt. That makes me wonder what else we didn't get to see.

joy n said...

I've read some things over on realitytvworld this am that I thought interesting.

One article concerned Survivor and a spoiler for the coming episode. Some comments by Jeff Probst are included in the piece. I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't want to read it, but be prepared, you may not like it.

There is also an in-depth interview there with Adam Jasinki that floored me. This guy IS an oxymoron! He's a VERY intelligent nitwit. This guy was playing the game every minute he was there. And, man, does he know people! I totally understand now why he is a public relations manager. He's good at it.

He goes into more detail about the "r" remark and the "huge reaction to it, more about his job, about why he "knew" he was going to win the game, about Sheila, and about how he plans to spend the money and about the charity donation. All of it very interesting. When his parents said he was very smart, they weren't kidding. They also talk a lot about his strategy (he definitely had one) and they go through so many instances of how it came into his play. The article is a bit long but worth reading.

The nitwit part of him is that other side. The one that picks his nose, scratches those nasty body parts, says disgusting things with mostly Ryan. Even the filthy talk (my thinking here, not the article's) may have been part of his plan. Come down to Ryan's level to reel him in. ACCCKKK!!!

The show is over and here I am still flip-flopping over whether Adam is really a good guy or not. This article actually is changing my opinion of him for the better again. So I plan to stop reading any more about him. That's it! I'm D-U-N!

But you guys really ought to read this one.

PlaidChick said...

RBennie said...
I just watched some of the interviews after the finale and something Natalie said makes me think that the show wasn't as "live" as they wanted us to believe.
That could be, but I tend to think the HG's go through major debriefing after they are evicted, no matter at what point they are gone from the game. It makes sense because I would want to hear it and see it before I was let go and slammed with it all at once. So I have no doubt she was told and saw how Matt really felt about her, yet she still thinks he acted that way because he was hung up over someone else, that it had nothing to do with her perse.

monty924 said...

I'm so bad. I totally blew the afternoon off at work today reading all the interviews and watching the video interviews. I'm so behind now... at work, not BB, LOL.

I liked that interview with Adam, Joy. I also read the Survivor one as well. Thanks for the heads up. I hope its not James but my head is telling me different. The commercials/promos are making it look like it could be Elexis, but they did that with Erik also when he crashed into that platform in the challenge a couple of weeks ago. I think its "times up" for my boy James! saaaddddd.

I guess I'll have to root for... don't throw cyber spears now... Cirie or Amanda. ::ducking and weaving::

I just don't like Natalie (though she is playing a smart and ruthless game), Elexis, and Parvarti. Anybodybutparvarti!

Zoetawny said...

Afternoon all! Just because the show is over doesn't mean we can't still come here for a visit. Here I am visiting. LOL

Laurie and Jackie's Town...

I will stop by the site you created to see what's up with some of you from time to time. You did a great job setting it all up. I have no idea how to start a blog or upload anything to it...still computer illiterate to some degree. ;) Because of my career and large family taking up most of my time I'll probably be able to stop by only once in a while. Reading Jackie's blog, commenting on BB, Survivor and playing with graphics are my frivolous indulgences. Wish there were more hours in the day.


It's good to see you back. Everyone was concerned about you.
Feel better soon! It was me that commented about the wrap parties.

I'm not sure who mentioned it but someone said that Matt was getting a show on VH1. Will it be his own show or will he be just a contributor?

Anonymous said...
hey i was watching desperate housewives sunday nite and eddie from big brother one was on there!!! wtg!!
debie in calif (95) yesterday

4/29/2008 9:56 AM
I missed it, Sunday night. Did Eddie have a major role or just a few lines? He was the amputee, right? Ahhhh, the good ole BB days.

PlaidChick said...
So I have no doubt she was told and saw how Matt really felt about her, yet she still thinks he acted that way because he was hung up over someone else, that it had nothing to do with her perse.

4/29/2008 2:54 PM
Of course, we knew Nat was slightly delusional. I could offer her some therapy but I might not be able to control my impulses and want to swat the gnat. LOL

meb and lucy2...

I'm intently watching "Lost" and it is starting to make sense to me now that more and more is revealed each episode. Too bad Jackie has so much on her plate because I would love to read her take on "Lost" in her words.


I missed your comments here on the finale. How is your father doing?
I hope you can stop by once in a while even though BB is over.

joy n said...
I've read some things over on realitytvworld this am that I thought interesting.

One article concerned Survivor and a spoiler for the coming episode. Some comments by Jeff Probst are included in the piece. I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't want to read it, but be prepared, you may not like it.
joy n...

The teaser for tomorrow's show looked intriguing. Thanks for letting us know about the piece. I'm going to read it right now.

All of you are such a great group and I'm very appreciative to Jackie for giving us this opportunity to get together. I wish I had more time to watch and comment on other shows with you. Have fun on Jackie's Town. :)


Donna in AL said...

I guess I will duck and weave with you Monty. Those are the two I like especially Cirie.

Zoetawny said...

joy n...

Just read the spoiler piece on RTW, tell me it's NOT so. SHOOT!

I didn't know Amanda and Ozzie are together in RL. DUH! They're living together here in LA. Maybe I should go find them. LOL


I wish I could get away with using the pc at work. ;) If the Survivor spoiler is true I guess I'll have to root for Amanda. Sorry, I just don't like Cirie. Maybe my dislike is left over from her previous season and the way she played or should I say didn't play. I strongly dislike Natalie because she seems so self-centered, disloyal and ruthless. I never like those types but have to admit she is playing a strong game. I usually don't make graphics for Survivor but when a commenter said Natalie reminded her of the "Gringe" I had to make something. vbg Am I on a "Natalie" roll? Apologies to anyone named Natalie. I'm with you on the "anybodybutparvati" bandwagon. She rubbed me the wrong way in her previous season and I still don't like her. I didn't like the way she tried to play James with her feminine wiles in the beginning. I thought he was actually falling for it for a while. James is much smarter than his first impression suggests.


Nana in the NW said...

Good afternoon all--for some of you it's evening! I have had a busy day and just got a chance to sit down and comment.

I watched some of the videos of BB. I didn't see any interviews of Chel...are there any? If so, please tell me where. I would like to hear her take on James life outside the house.

I find it interesting that almost everyone says "This is not how I am outside the house"...." I had to be like that to play the game"! I don't believe a person can turn on that behavior/language and maintain it for that long unless it's the way they are.

tom's-glad to see you back--we were worried that the tornados had hit you! Hope your feeling better soon.

zoe-hope you can get a few minutes to check out our neighborhood around the corner...most of us live on Chatter's Lane. We always welcome visitors...even if it's only occasionally.

Thanks again for the great graphics! Maybe you will come up with one for Survivor Finale??

Speaking of Survivor-I believe James is going to be gone on a medical emergency. What a crazy season. I think I will be pulling for Amanda or Cirie. I really don't like Nat. and Erik is so naive he's going to be gone soon. Amanda and Ozzie living together--where did you read that?

Did you all see DWTS? I hope Christian isn't injured too bad....I'll bet it's more than a muscle strain!

It's Neil Diamond night on AI....wonder what song David Cooke re-mix and Brooke will forget the words to.....LOL...just kidding :)

Time to start dinner...will check in later.

Oh yay....WV is normal again!

joy n said...

Has anyone caught the Survivor Ponderosa clips over on

Ponderosa is what they call the place where Ozzie, Eliza and Jason are between tribal councils. I can only get the last clip to come up, but it's fun to watch. The three of them are getting along great and having a ball together.

Ozzie says Jason is a cool kid and wishes they'd known each other better in the game. He says they could have helped each other by working together.

Ozzie's pulling for James and Amanda, of course, but thinks they won't be able to stay in much longer.

Jason thinks he was crazy to stay in as long as he did. He's lovin' the Ponderosa. They're having a fantastic vacation. It's very worthwhile to stay on in the game until you reach juror status, if only for the R&R.

Eliza's actually pleasant to be around.

I wanna go to the Ponderosa!

joy n said...

I just figured out how to watch ALL those Survivor Ponderosa clips. Every time you click on one, you HAVE to watch the same 30 second commercial first. It's worth it. You can see each one leave Tribal Council and arrive at Ponderosa. What they have to say is interesting.

sharon said...

Re:AI tonight. I loved David Cook,as usual,I am going to iTunes after I'm done here and download his songs. david A was good and I think Syesha improves every week,but she's slways in the bottom two. I so want Jason to go this week,I will be so dismayed if he makes it to the top four,he is horrible,IMO,and must be the votefortheworst pick! I think it may be Brooke or Syesha,but am hoping for Jason.My whammy on Shannon on DWTS worked tonight,so why not for him.

meb said...

Sydney... just curious how your two days at the zoo went. That's sounds like so much fun. Would love to quit both my jobs and volunteer with animals as well. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen too soon.

Has anyone else ever gone into a Reverse Mortgage? I have gone thru the counseling part of it (required by the government)to make sure it's "good" for your situation. I think it's going to be a God-send for me.

The end result is that I'll have no house payments and I will have a line of credit for a portion of the equity in the house and yet enough equity that I can't get to that will pay the "loan" off when I move, sell the house or pass on to a better place.

The "loan" is on paper only, and nothing happens until one of the three things I mentioned above happens. Then my daughter will sell the house after I'm gone, and whatever equity is left is hers.

Has anyone ever done this before. It sounds too good to be true, but the down part of it is that it does cost you a large sum up front out of your equity... mine is around $7,000... but that's not anymore than a regular mortgage would cost if I refinanced, and I would still owe a house payment.

I'm seriously considering doing this unless someone has a horror story they'd like to share.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I'm glad to see the WV has been reset to the dummy edition, LOL.

I thought the Davids did very well on AI last night and that Syesha also did justice to both her songs. IMO Jason and Brooke need to go - in no particular order. At least Brooke didn't start over last night, but I have a feeling if she sticks around it will happen again. It seems that Jason has lost all interest in the show. He puts no energy at all into his performances and everything he sings lately sounds like elevator music.

RBennie said...

I don't know much about reverse mortgages MEB, but I live by "if it sounds too good to be true then it is". Just make sure you have done all your research and know exactly what you are getting into. Good luck.

Nana in the NW said...

It's Wednesday already! I've been waging a war with a head cold and sinus infection....I think I lost :( Woke up this morning feeling like sh*t.
Too many things to do to stay in bed!

AI was not as good as I was hoping for. I love Neil Diamond and thought there were alot of other songs Brooke and Jason could have chosen. I agree with rbennie it's time for them to go. I didn't see a sidebar for AI so I guess we "discuss" it here?

meb- I have never done a reverse mortgage but know of people who have. I have never heard any regrets about doing it. I think for someone who is the sole owner of a home and on a fixed income it may be a smart move. For many their home is their only assests and it can help make life easier in later life.

joyn-I haven't been able to watch the Ponderosa either, but I'm going to follow your advice and see if it works.

sydney-how are things at the zoo? How long are you training before you actually start "Hands on" work?

Josie update--her surgery is set for May 7th. The surgeon is hopeful not as much damage has been done as first thought(she walking around with only a slight limp!) and recovery will only be about 6-8 weeks....keeping my fingers crossed!!

Time to get ready for my day. The sun is out and it might reach 55 today!

Sydney said...

Hi Meb --

Sent the snippet of info you wrote here to my friend who is a crackerjack real estate guy in Portland... just to see if he knows anything about it. And then it's only his 2 cents. Let's see if he has anything to say and then if it looks good, I'd still have a good lawyer look it over for the fine print before you sign.

Also, with the market the way it is, I would only do this sort of thing with a very well known and very stable lending institution, as what's happening with the loans done across the country 5 years ago is crashing. I saw that coming a mile away and I don't know that much. People were being offered zero interest or very low interest loans and bought places that they could not really afford when their 5 year arm came due and boom, here we are.

The banks are being bailed out now by the government to save the economy, so things can be unsteady for the next few years. Saying the institution is government bonded and insured would help... or maybe you want to wait to see who becomes President and give that administration a whole year to see any real shift occur in one direction or another.

But I just keep thinking how lots of notable name brand banks folded during the savings and loan crisis a ways back. That's not to scare you off, it's just things to think thorough so if you make this choice, you can feel you did your research.
Everything we do in life is a risk, even crossing the street... but all we can do is try to make the wisest choices we can.

And the zoo was great!!! I'm trying to write about my time there on my blog (Adventures in Nature)>

joy n said...

Nana , glad to hear some upbeat news about Josie. Sounds like she's determined to hang in there. Hope she has a much better recovery this time. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot. Flu season is over and now colds and allergies seem to be kicking in. Tree and grass pollen is high around here and my sinuses are driving me nuts even with meds. Still loving the springtime, though.

Wish I could help you with some advice, Meb. but I know nothing about reverse mortgages. Hope it works out for you.

RBennie said...

Hope you feel better soon Nana. A lot of people are suffering with allergies and colds right now. I usually get sinus headaches that last 2 or 3 days around this time of year, but so far so good. Promising news about Josie.

joy n said...

Nana, just read an article on TVSquad that doesn't sound good for CANE. After Stanley Kamel's untimely death, (he played the psychiatrist on Monk) Hector Elizondo has been signed to play the role.

Even though CBS has made no official announcement of CANE's cancellation, this isn't looking good. Damn that writer's strike! I really loved that show.

Well, I can only hope they find something else for Jimmy Smits to do.

It's such a shame, I loved the cast of CANE. Gonna miss the show and we're all kind of left up in the air in re the storylines. Guess we'll have to use our imaginations.

meb said...

Thanks all for responding re the reverse mortgage. Believe me I have checked it out and I belong to Pre-paid Legal, so have them looking it over (good suggestion Syd), but I wanted that last little "story" if anyone had one that might change my mind. I know that for someone in my situation, fixed income, and you have to be 62 or older to even consider it, it appears to be the way to go.

Sydney I'd be very interested in hearing what your friend in real estate says.

Another good thing about a RM is that you're not locked into anything. You can sell your house if your situation changes and there's still equity left.

Anyway, at my age, it appears to be the thing to do. I'll let you know if I go through with it.

RE: AI... I love Brooke. I just like her way of singing, and her presentation. She's so clean and pure looking. LOL.

Didn't care for the way David A. sang his songs...loved the songs, just wasn't impressed with his rendition.

And I just can't see what all the hoopla is about Cook (is that his name). I've liked one song he has sung this whole season. Guess it's just me.

Sydney said...

Hi Nana- I guess as I was writing my post your news came up so I didn't read about Josie til now. Of course I'm thrilled and am wishing for all the best for your dear doggie.

And Meb, all that sounds good, and I was encouraged by what Nana had to say too. I'll let you know soon as I hear from my friend too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much Jackie ..I love reading your blogs

Anonymous said...

Meb- From AARP about Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgages
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5 Questions To Ask Before Considering a Reverse Mortgage
1) Do you really need a reverse mortgage? Why are you interested in these loans? What would you do with the money you would get from one? Are the needs you intend to meet really worth the high total cost of these loans? If you want to take a dream vacation, a reverse mortgage is a very expensive way to pay for it. Investing the money from these loans is an especially bad idea, because the loan is highly likely to cost more than you could safely earn. If anyone is trying to sell you something and recommending you use a reverse mortgage to pay for it, that’s generally a good sign that you don’t need it and shouldn’t be buying it.

2) Can you afford a reverse mortgage? These loans are very expensive, and the amount you owe grows larger every month. The younger you are when you take out a reverse mortgage, the more the compound interest will grow, and the more you will owe. On the other hand, due to high up-front costs, these loans can be especially costly if you sell and move just a few years after taking one out.

3) Can you afford to start using up your home equity now? The more you use now, the less you will have later when you may need it more, for example, to pay for future emergencies, health care needs, or everyday living expenses. This is especially so if your needs suddenly grow or your income does not keep pace with inflation. You may also need your equity to pay for future home repairs or a move to assisted living. If you are not facing a financial emergency now, then consider postponing a reverse mortgage. Homeowners who decide to wait have “a reasonable expectation of securing a better product at a lower cost in the not-too-distant future,” according to a report by the Fidelity Research Institute.

4) Do you have less costly options? Do you have other financial resources that you could use instead of taking out a loan? If you don’t, and if you could easily make the monthly repayments on a home equity loan or home equity line-of-credit, these alternatives are much less costly than a reverse mortgage. Many state and local governments offer very low-cost loans for paying your property taxes or making home repairs. Have you seriously looked into the costs and benefits of selling your home and moving to a less expensive one?

5) Do you fully understand how these loans work? Reverse mortgages are quite different from any other loans, and the risks to borrowers are unique. Before considering one, you need to do your homework carefully and thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of information if you google it on Reverse Mortgages and the pros and cons to them.

Very interesting just typing the word "Reverse Mortgage" on

Nana in the NW said...

joy n--No more CANE?! At least they could run a short 4-6 season and finish up the storylines. Jimmy Smits will pick up something-he's too good an actor, but I liked the whole ensemble cast. That writer's strike really screwed things up....shows got cancelled and we all got suckered into watching BB9!!!

I just watched the Pondersosa. That is fun to see what happens after they leave. Now if CBS can do that for Survivor why can't they do it for BB? They all seem to be enjoying themselves...Ozzie has gained 14 lbs. and Eliza 15 lbs. She said she weighs more than she did when she started the show!

meb--it sounds like you have gotten some good advice here...ask and you shall receive!

I, too, like Brooke. My husband can never remember her name so he calls her "his girlfriend". LOL
I believe her voice is meant for a cetain genre(more folksy, mellow rock,Carly Simon-ish) and she struggles out of her comfort zone. I could easily see her doing a children's musical show on PBS.

The judges like David Cook because he's different. He is good at re-mixing songs(i.e. Blake Lewis from last season) and they believe that is what will sell records.

Jason should have been gone 2 weeks ago. He doesn't seem to show enthusiasim about anything he does. Sometimes I almost think this is just a lark for him.

What was up with Paula Abdul last night??? Criticing two songs when they only had sung one, Randy and Simon both seems to be "covering up" for her. There were times that it appeared she didn't even know where she was!! That behavior fuels speculation of a drug problem.

I'm going to take a nap before it's time to pick up the grandkids.

RBennie said...

Oh yeah, Paula was definitely off somewhere in LaLa Land last night!

meb said...

WOW.. Thanks anonymous for the AARP article. I guess if I read my AARP magazine, I might have seen that at some time or other.

Since I'm 70 years old, and since I definitely plan on living in the house until... I think now is a good time to consider this type of mtg. I know they are expensive, but as that ad says: "It's my money and I need it now".

I work two jobs, and I'm really getting to a point I don't know how long I can keep it up.

I do so appreciate all the information and am so glad I asked.

Nana in the nw... really... what was up with Paula last night. She was either drunk or like you said, on drugs. Even if they're prescription medications, she needs some help, cause she's taking too much.

She tried to cover and tell Cook it was his song she was critiquing as David A's second song. Sorry Paula... it didn't work.

And while we're on the subject of Paula, it bugs me when she gets up and dances thru some of the songs. She looks silly and the people behind her must be thrilled that they can't see the singer.

Donna in AL said...

Oh nana, I burst out laughing at your comment about Paula standing and dancing!!! LOL