Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening

Well, this is it. It's the final three and, gosh, they're boring. I wrote a full review of the show for TV Squad, but I'm not sure when it will go live.

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of The Excitement's All Gone:
  • Sheila told Adam she'd campaign for him in the jury house. She doesn't seem to know that the last evicted usually doesn't make it to the jury house.
  • They sat around rehashing and trashing all of the other houseguests.
  • Sheila said she never was a part of Team Christ. Ryan and Adam think she was. Didn't they even know their own team?
  • Whatever they did in Part 2 -- Sheila took 14 minutes and Adam took 3, so it wasn't even close.
  • Adam thinks Sheila will go to a local hotel, not sequester.
  • Adam told Sheila that he can't even let Ryan have a thought that he'd take her with him to the final two or Ryan would smoke him. Hmmm ... will he or won't he?
  • Adam assured Ryan once again that he'll take him to the final two if he wins. Will he or won't he? Hmmm...
  • Adam kept doing things to make the BB voice yell at him.
  • Sheila says it's the most stress she's had in her life being in the house.
  • She also said the DR wanted her to campaign, but she doesn't see what good it would do.
  • She seems resigned to third place.
  • But I think Adam may still be a wild card if he wins HOH.


Anonymous said...

well isn't ryan a bit of wild card as well

he could just as easily skrew adam and take shiela, that would be a victory!

maybe shiela is that lucky seconds place after all

Thanks for the updates Jackie!

formerly anon said...

Sheila and Adam are getting real about F2 right now. Adam is telling her the facts, that he might not take her, he doesn't know.

She's not handling it well, though. She could be making it easier for him to not take her!! Dumb!

formerly anon said...

Adam is telling Ryan he has to win, because Adam does NOT want to make the decision. Sheila just convinced Adam to throw it to Ryan!

Like I sais, she's her own best competition!!

formerly anon said...

But Adam did slip in to Sheila that she's "covered" no matter what, no doubt his code for telling her he will throw some $$ her way - but she frikken didn't even acknowledge that he said that! Man.

Adam is convinced that if he and Sheila were F2, that Sheila would have the votes.

Anonymous said...

you're kidding me? sharon went home? no use watching anymore...

Anonymous said...

god bless you god is all i can remember wamber saying

Patty said...

Please Shelia, just take your tylenol and go to bed. Poor Adam.

formerly anon said...

lol patty, yeah, poor Adam does have the patience of Job doesn't he?

He's said his mom was pretty abusive, and he loves her to death, so that explains alot about his relationship with Sheila imho.

formerly anon said...

Oh Gawd! Now Sheils is trying to convince them that the jury members really hate her, lol.

And she just said that she will be campaigning hard in jury house (lol, if she even goes there!) but not sure who that comment was directed at (both Ryan and Adam are there)

Sheila "I'm not going to campaign" is on an intense campaign right now!! LOL, it's so... Sheila.

Zoetawny said...

I agree with you, Jackie, Adam may still be a wild card if he wins HOH. We'll soon know.

I read this on Joker's and thought it was hysterical. Sheila is talking to Adam.

Sheila: You don't have to do anything, I just don't want you to treat me like 'you're throwing this single mom card at me'.

Isn't there a word defining when someone says they're not going to say something but by saying that they're NOT going to say it, they have actually SAID it. Did I describe that so anyone understands what I mean or have I been listening to Sheila too much?

OK, I'm going to turn into a pumpkin if I don't get ready for bed now.

Jackie, thanks for keeping all the details straight for us and making a tedious season entertaining.

All together now...Jackie Rocks!

Patty said...

Is it Laurie that has the flip flops? I'm not sure if we wear the same size, but my I borrow them please?

After listening & watching to Shelia and her reasoning for going to the F2, I no longer want her to be in the F2. She goes on and on and on and on and....

Suck it up and just accept things the way they go Shelia.

I do hope there is a doctor that can get Shelia in check. Her hormones are soooooo whacked out of balance. She is going to hate watching her own self.

Adam and Ryan deserve anything after putting up with all the nonsense they went through with this loaded gun!!!

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Have they shown clips of Gnat arriving at sequester?

sasha said...

Hi All,

Thanks for providing some smiles while I became a lurker. My father had the flu and complications and I'd been doing hospital time with him. He's better now, so I can read again and even comment.

Still I don't care too much about any HG but I have come to wish that Ryan would not win. LOL...and I know it's highly likely he has at least 2nd place. Oh well.

Zoe...the word you're looking for is preterition, when you say something like "I won't mention that..." and by saying you won't mention it, you've mentioned it. Yep, I followed you totally. I think it's also sometimes called paralepsis (sp?) but I learned it way back in Latin class as praeterition. Ok, now I'm exposed for the geek I was (am?)

Night all...good to "see" you again.

Anonymous said...

Well darn Gnat arriving at the SH! Doesn't AG have any clue as to what the fans want to see? Fire her, please.

I was going to hope for an Adam win, but the last 36/48 hours have me wishing for a...omg, Shelia you go girl!

Ryan ticked me off when he threw Sharon(sorry everyone)under the bus, backed up and ran her over again. His good-bye speech...Liar Liar Liar!!! Hope to HEL_ Shelia and Adam are F2 and ...sorry again...and the single mother takes the cheese!!!!
GirlQQking in from West coast of FL

smiling at my wv is : ouija

Anonymous said...

I remember a drinking game from last season...every time she said "I" we were supposed to take a drink.
LOL Could be cloudy on that memory though...
GirlQQking in from the West coast of FL

sue said...

From what many of the hgs themselves have said throughout the last few has been years since they came into the house, hasnt' it?? sounds like the BB house was actually Rehab to them. Adam talks of still getting his needed prescription pain meds. But, Sheila had to settle for Ibuprophen the other night and, as far as I can tell, she never did get any Tylenol PM. The boys (more than just Ryan and Adam) talk of the additives they take when outside the house. This might be the cleanest any of them have been in years. But, none of them seem to have appreciated that and they speak of partying as soon as they can when they leave the house. They have even had very little alcohol...which might be because BB knows what prescription meds various people are on and know they shouldn't have alcohol with it. Long way around for me to say that we might have watched weeks of withdrawal and not even realized it for what it was. And they might be clearer thinking than they have been outside the house. If so, too bad that none of them see the gift of that and vow to remain clear. As I say, all I know about them is what they say about themselves.

Anonymous said...

The drinking game was whenever Jen said I or maybe it was me. Anyway it was about Jen being so self-absorbed. The funny part is the guy who came up with it is not dating her. To tell you the truth, I'm actaully surprised she would date him considering how he treated her in the house over Dani. Maybe she's just doing it to get back at Dani and so is he. LOL

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon, Nick is now dating Jen. I typoed.

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon, Nick is now dating Jen. I typoed.

Tom`S said...

Good morning..
Let's stir up the house!

Thanks Jackie

TerryinCA said...

thanks so much Jackie, this round has been very brutal for you, Im so sorry....well off to work, I ve had my fix
and yes PATTY, Laurie has the flip flops! contact her on her blog and she can get "your size" from her!
my word verification is sjd bsus

ORKMommy said...

Adam should let Ryan win the HOH. He knows Ryan will take him to the F2 and he won't have to piss anyone off in the meantime!

Hi all! I'm sneaking a peek in while the new boss is in a meeting!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Another beautiful day here in NYC - expected high in the mid 70s and tomorrow is supposed to go to 80!

I'm so glad to hear that Adam won P2. I think him throwing it to Sheila would have been a disaster. I can't imagine any way she would have won P3 against Ryan.

I know a lot of you want Sheila to make it to F2, but Adam's odds of winning over Ryan are far better than his odds of winning over Sheila - and I want Adam to win!

Anonymous said...

I really hope Ryan wins it all!

Laurie said...

Sue, I was thinking the other day that we'd been watching people go through withdrawel these past few weeks. I was sure Sheila was since she's been requesting the Tylenol PM and jonesing everyone's beer. The guys talk so much about their drugs when the are out of the hosue, and then the other day Adam and Ryan were discussing whether or not they would go back to "perks" which is percodan or percoset when they leave the house. I think much of their earlier behavior can be chalked up to the larger amount of alcohol available and the drugs still in their system.

I hope BB10 has healthier people. But then again, do healthy people apply to be on a show like this? Hmmm...

Laurie said...

Patty, the best thing about virtual flip-flops is that one size fits all!

I agree, Sheila will not like how she looks and acts when she sees herself. She will probably blame it on editing, though. She's not one to own her stuff, you know?

Sasha, thanks for giving us the right word. You saved me from mulling that over all day.

Anyone but Ryan
Anyone but Ryan
Anyone but Ryan

My new chant!

Laurie said...

Thanks to Sasha, we have our vocabulary word of the day!


\Par`a*leip"sis\, n.

A pretended or apparent omission; a figure by which a speaker artfully pretends to pass by what he really mentions; as, for example, if an orator should say, ``I do not speak of my adversary's scandalous venality and rapacity, his brutal conduct, his treachery and malice.''

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Sharon is GONE! That was the best thing that has happened lately.

Adam to win! :o)

Patty said...

Did any of you catch Shelia last night on BBAD? If you did not see it, count yourself lucky! Wack job!!! I had nightmares over watching it. If I was Adam and Ryan I would go out when she comes in and come in when she goes out. I feel sorry for the guys and most of all her son.

I am still baffled this morning over her brutal ways towards Adam. She was not nearly as bad with Ryan. She had such a "pity party" for herself. Shelia is a "sponge". The guys tried their best to calm her down and reason with this out of control woman. I know being confined has some to do with it, but there is more to it than the house. I know that going through "change of life" can sometimes being a task, been there, done that, but ask for something other than Tylenol, please. Maybe this is why she has a difficult time in relationships. Who could put up with her for very long if she goes off on men like she does Adam?

Laurie-thanks for loaning out your flip-flops. My feet feel better already.

Have a great day everyone!

Nana in the NW said...

Morning all!

I have never been less interested in who wins a reality show than I am now.

I suppose some would call Adam throwing Pt.1 as gameplay but it is the finals...grrr....this whole 3 part comp. has become a non-event. And now it sounds like Adam may be going to throw Pt. 3 so he doesn't have She. blood on his hands!! I would love to see a battle to the end.

Re: Ryan's GB message to Sharon. At the time he taped that he thought Sharon was going to the F3 so he wasn't lieing about not knowing why she was evicted(AT THAT TIME). He and Adam made their deal about 15 mins. before the POV cere.

Interesting comments about many of the HG going through drug withdrawal....probably a lot of truth there which could explain some of their behavior---definitely Sheila's mood swings!

sasha--sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad he's getting better and had you to help him through.
Thanks for the english lesson--I had never heard that word! That's why I love this place.

donna in al.--Are you feeling better? Just take it slow so there are no relapses.

orkmommy-glad you were able to sneak a peek!

laurie--"healthier people on BB10".....healthy people are out leading healthy productive lives and wouldn't ruin it by being on this show!! Just the influence of "the others" would ruin them!

The house will be very boring today so we should all be able to get alot done(either at home or work). Chat with y'all later.

RBennie said...

I should be able to use that word a lot today (at work). People are always paraleipsising around here, LOL.

Sydney said...

Anon 1:09 -- If Ryan were smart, that would have been his plan all along. I think he'd have a better chance to win against Shelia than Adam.

Dla-- No footage yet of Nat in the SH... we are hoping they might show it tonight, but there may be too much to show of the HOH comps as well?

Sasha, When a loved one is in a hospital and you are going there all the time it can really take it's toll on you! You sound well though, glad you're back.

Laurie said...

The ending of this season reminds me of the card game Hearts. Nobody has the balls to "Shoot the Moon" and go for it all so they are making deals to share the top 2 places.

I would love, love, love to see Adam kick it up a notch and go for it, then choose Sheila as number 2. Now that would be karma! Alas, I don't think he will do that even though he already has the queen of spades and most of the hearts.

RBennie said...

I don't think Adam will turn on Ryan. He's made too many promises to him and Adam likes to live up to his promises. I'm not sure that he's actually promised anything to Sheila.

sue said...

It is a little before 9 am in the house. The lights are on and the pink beds showing. Adam and Ryan have been talking, but must still be in thier beds and under the covers. A little while ago Ryan said "we have about 1 hour and 15 minutes." I am unsure if that meant until they have to get ready (which makes sense) or until the comp starts. I have only been on line a few minutes and no sign of Sheila yet.

meb said...

Who's gonna be in F-2? At this point, I don't think either one of them has a clue who they'll really take to F-2 if they are the one who has the option to choose.

Adam is certainly betwixt and between who he'll take if he has to make that decision. Promised both of them... wants to give Sheila the money...

Ryan says he'll take Adam, but he must know he'd lose against him, so he's debating who to take with him if he has to choose.

Sheila say she'll take Adam, but even if she had a chance to make the decision, (bit if) she knows she'd lose against him... her best bet would be to take Ryan...

Hmmmmmm???? Beats me... I don't know who I'd take with me of the three of them either (if I had to choose).

Sydney said...

Rbennie -- I want to agree with you but last night Adam's DR said he'd say anything to anyone to get into the F2, and they edited him saying both things to both Shelia and Ryan... I don't know if anyo fo them have a true final plan. Until the final comps are set, they can only hope for their plan A's but have to keep playing all sides til they know that final line up... and then play out what options they have. I would not want to play this game!

I was chastizing Shelia for all her sobbing about how hard and stressful this is, but this morning I think, it would be pretty hard at this point, the 11th hour, last week, you're almost there and yet you could lose it all.

sue said...

I just checked in on the feeds. All four screens have Sheila sun bathing in the back yard alone. The only sound are the birds.

She has done nothing, except break the tie for Natalie's eviction the entire game. That makes her a good person to take with them. The down side of that for either 'boy' is that they would be alone in the house with her from Wednesday to Sunday.

I do not know how it will play out. If Adam wins HOH, I think he will take Sheila. I don't think he wants to win it, but it might happen.

Sheila just called to the DR and now one 'boy' shown in bed. Can't see which one. No bird sounds now.

I am leaving to go to lunch at Panera (soup and half a tuna salad sandwich)

sue said...

On feeds, Ryan just said to Adam, 'are they trying to tell you that you owe her" and we get flames. Half an hour until something...comp? jury questions? getting up and dressed?

Must leave.

nancy in pa said...

hi y'all. i am sitting here in childrens hospital of philadelphia while my grandaughter (AGE 2) is having an echocardiagram. she was born with a problem with her aorta as well as a small hole in her heart. she had open heart surgery when she was 2 days old and is doing rather well considering..but must have these echos for the next few years. fortunately, the hospital is also like a luxury hotel and has a zillion which is computers for me to get my mind off my stress and look to see what is happening at our little house of horrors also known as the bb compound. have not read the blogs yet this morning. as well as the baby, there is a 3 year old and a 6 month old. i have to go..will check in later......

~~Silk said...

Another vocabulary contribution: Apophasis - mentioning something you won't mention, such as "I won't even mention his arrogance!"

It was the "Today's Word" from a few months ago.

joy n said...

Nancy in PA, hope all goes well for your granddaughter.

Off topic: just read that Star Jones has filed for divorce from her husband. Filing was marked as "Uncontested Matrimonial". Why does this news not surprise me?

Happy to hear that Adam won the HOH2 comp.

Sasha said...

Ahh 'tis good to be Jackie's blog that is! Thanks for the wb, Nana nw and Sydney and glad I could help out with the vocab thing, with thanks to Laurie for further definition and to Silk...that's another good word and one I hadn't heard of!

Big thanks to Jackie for allowing us our little digressions. Nancy in pa, glad your granddaughter is doing well, isn't it just so hard to see little children with serious conditions?

About BB, hmmm, I would think Sheila would be either guy's choice for F2 if they really want to win the bigger money. I have a hard time picturing the jury voting for her for the win. I have to say at least it's hard to know what's really going to happen until it happens. So many promises, the same ones to each HG and the promise that Adam at least will say whatever he has to so I never know what to believe. At least it's a bit suspenseful. That's about it for a positive.

LOL@myself...I was away so long that last time I forgot that I had learned how to get my name in blue.

PlaidChick said...

Maybe it wasn't Amber I was thinking as far as the drinking game went, it was Jen and all about me, and her saying "I" and "me"

formerly anon said...

Feeds were off for about an hour, between 11 and noon today, don't know if the comp was happening then though.

Sheila has one last ditch attempt left in her arsenal if she's smart enough to use it.

She has sort of been talking this morning to the boys about how she now recognizes that she was not a good player, how much she sucked at this game. She might be trying to get them to rethink who they take to F2, that she has played so poorly that she's a no-brainer to win against.

But she should forget the subtlety and just state it outright to both of them, repeatedly, until she can get Adam to think that Ryan would be a big(ger) idiot if he didn't take Sheila. She needs to get both of them thinking the same thing and pit them against each other.

But will she do it?

PlaidChick said...

Nana said....
Re: Ryan's GB message to Sharon. At the time he taped that he thought Sharon was going to the F3 so he wasn't lieing about not knowing why she was evicted(AT THAT TIME). He and Adam made their deal about 15 mins. before the POV cere.
I think Ryan knew exactly what he was doing. I think he ever really had any intention of keeping Sharon, because if he did, he would of stuck to their alliance, and at the very least taken her off when he won POV. He's so easily influenced that Adam told him exactly what he needed to hear to get her out.

PlaidChick said...

joy n said...

Off topic: just read that Star Jones has filed for divorce from her husband. Filing was marked as "Uncontested Matrimonial". Why does this news not surprise me?

NO WAY!! I never really cared for her, and was quite pissed when she didn't admit right off the bat she had weight-loss surgery. She is a public figure and should be proud she got healthy. I realize it's a very personal and private decision-- I had it done 5 years ago, and was the best thing I could of ever done for myself.

PlaidChick said...

Formly Anon.. It's live show day, the feeds will come and go. Part 3 HOH will be live tonight.

Another week and another round of storms due, I hope they hold off until after 8 PM tonight.

formerly anon said...

plaidchick, I think I disagree about Ryan. He did not take Sharon down because he was continuing to play both sides, just like Gnat did (and he slammed her hard for it, which was a real laugh - "You're playing all sides, and you just can't do that in this game!" he self-righteously proclaimed to Gnat).

If he had taken Sharon down, he would have risked alienating Adam, and he wasn't willing to do that since Adam could win comps.

I do think he taped the goodbye to Sharon before he really knew what would go down. Of course, there's always doubt in all of their minds, or should be.

What I was surprised at was that he didn't express mock outrage when Adam voted Sharon out. That was supposed to be his plan, and I wonder why he didn't do it.

PlaidChick said...

Formerly Anon--

I would agree with that-- Ryan has definitely turned into Gnat. I just don't think his alliance with Sharon was ever genuine-- as none of the alliances in the house ever were.

I just want some shock and awe tonight. I want to see Adam win this last part so HE has to choose between the two. Everyone knew he was evicting Sharon-- it was just a given, because I would hope if it were those three she would still be out there fighting in Part 1 HOH.

Sarah said...

I think its anyones game at this point. I think Adam or Ryan would win taking Sheila but I could be wrong.
I started off this season hating her and couldn't wait to see her evicted but shes grown on me.
I've been rooting for Adam & Ryan and wanting Adam or Ryan to win but now I can't stand Ryan and his attitude. He had a fit on Nat and Adam for catching them making deals with other HG's and hes the biggest deal maker of them all. And adam well hes just gross but I'd be happy with him winning too.
I'm mainly rooting for Sheila at this point to win but we'll see. She played a different game than they did but she did play, and she definitely played harder than Sharon.
I'm also starting to think alot of her meanness is an act. I read somewhere where she said she knew she had to pull a lil Evil Dick in the house or they would chew her up cause shes older and wouldn't fit in.

We shall see soon! Go Sheila!!

PS. Why isn't my comments showing? I commented way before PlaidChick's comment and hers is there but mine isn't. I didn't say anything wrong, that I know of?

Sarah said...

Oh well never mind, it finally showing my comment. I posted the same thing much earlier and it never posted for some reason.

PlaidChick said...

Sarah-- I see you :)

PlaidChick said...

This is from BB9 Dish. Unfortunately, it may be a little too late for Sheila to get to Adam to talk to him. And the more she asks to send Ryan to DR, they're less inclined to do so...

"1:13pm BBT
A Soliloquy
Sheila: (her tone is calm) So here it is, I get it now. OK. If Ryan doesn't win against Adam, he feels like Adam should take him to the end of this game and not take me, cause if Adam takes me, Ryan's not gonna vote for him. So what does that mean? That means that Ryan doesn't have his back, and has sour grapes, and is a big frikkin bully. Talk about threatening people... So if Adam wins going up against you, he doesn't deserve the money? And I told Adam all along, I'll vote for him... Why doesn't Ryan wanna pick Adam to win the money? Cause he can't beat him? So that's what Julie meant. I get it. Now.. How do I explain that to Adam before the competition? I don't know. Cuz Ry Bread is guarding him like a frikkin pit bull. Ryan Producer, I get what you were sayin last night. But I don't know how to make Adam get it, unless Ryan goes in to the DR for a half an hour. Ryan doesn't feel like Adam deserves the money if Adam beats him and takes me. What a poor sport. If anyone deserves to win that money, it's Adam.. or me. Ryan hasn't been a stand up guy. He's been a bully this whole game. He wont let me get anywhere near Adam. I just need to tell him the truth. Sorry I didn't get it last night, Ryan Producer. I'm getting it now. Your bro doesn't have your back, Adam. Come on. Talk about a threat. Uch. I hate this game. These people suck. Adam, even if you don't pick me, I'm gonna still give you the money."

"BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your DRs with other houseguests."

"Sheila: I'm not talking to anyone. I'm talking to myself here, so it must be Ryan and Adam. Life hangs in the balance. My life. My game."

sue said...

Formerly Anon said: What I was surprised at was that he didn't express mock outrage when Adam voted Sharon out. That was supposed to be his plan, and I wonder why he didn't do it.

Yes, I expected that too. Then, to compound it, he told Sheila that he would have voted for her to leave if it had been up to him. That sounded like an incredibly bad thing to say to a potential jury member. Unless, he knows she won't be on the jury. Or, more likely, he knows she will vote for Adam no matter what, so it made no difference to tell the truth.

Ryan has made a plan and they all have to go along with it...according to Ryan, at least.

When Sharon was talking with Julie, she said that 'maybe' she and Jacob would get together. After all they have animals and furniture together. Paying for the furniture was one of the things she talked about in the house. But, I think that the 'boys' teasing may have gotten to her. She kept saying in the house that she and Jacob were broken up, etc. I hope she listens to every tape of every hour she was in the house and will hear the picture she painted of him. But, back to my story. One of the boys had a dream about a wedding dress and told of it on Sharon's last day in the house. They were all talking about the dream and someone said it meant there would be a proposal at the finale. That led to the boys teasing Sharon about it being Jacob. I think a part of her was remembering that and didn't want to say anything on air that might ruin her moment in the spotlight with Jacob. gag.

Just me being fanciful as I wait for another storm to come this way. mid 80s with high humidity

sue said...

plaidchick, Thanks for posting that. Sheila has her moments. At this point, she could say it all in front of both Ryan and Adam without trying to get Adam alone. There used to be an old saying that was something about people who hear a joke Saturday night and catch on to it during the sermon on Sunday morning. A little slow in understanding, that is Sheila. My favorite of her talk:
"or me" as in who deserves to win.

formerly anon said...

I wonder if there's any chance that Ryan will take Sheila instead of Adam. How would the jury vote if that were the case?

The jury might give him props for playing Adam like that, even though they all like Adam.

We know for sure that Ryan is shady. The only thing that might prevent him is that he and Adam already made a deal that the winner will give the 2nd place person some $$, and at least if he gets 2nd with Adam, he might get something more.

I'm getting a strange feeling that he might screw Adam in the end.

Whaddaya guys think?

Sydney said...

Nancy in PA--

Wow, that has to have been a tough thing to go through, but it sounds like she came through it and hopefully if these echos come out OK in the next few years as she grows, do they think she'll be out of the woods? Amazing what modern medicine can do and at the same time, it's stressful no matter what.

How great that you could get on a computer and get your mind off things by being here!!! Pretty amazing this group!

Sending you a big hug!!!

RyzandShyn said...

WOW...thanks to all of you who filled in the live feed haps all day! I really enjoyed reading through it all and reflecting on all your comments now that I'm home.

I loved the fact that Sheila spoke in the backyard so that we would all know that she "gets it" now.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry about it.

I find the talk about durg withdrawl interesting. I would be full-out disgusted if that's the case. No denying there's been a lot of behavior up in there. Pill popping idiots!

I've been confusing a paraleipsis with sarcasm my whole life! Thanks for setting me straight.

I guess I want an Adam and Sheila
F2 now. I don't want Adam to throw it to Ryan. I don't want to see Ryan have the power and witness anymore of his arrogant prickiness.
So, I'm short on options...SIGH.

Anonymous said...

off topic to nancy in pa --

Will keep your granddaughter in my prayers. My little girl was born with a different heart problem and was on a heart monitor 24/7 until age 4 months. We had to do the echocardiograms every few months for the first few years, too. Now she is a happy, healthy 4 yr old!


sue said...

Those hgs, in sequester and in the house have missed so much by being out of circulation in the real world. I have read some great books since BB started, kept really busy, put off doing some important work, filed some taxes, kept up with a few TV shows besides BB, googled a little, learned that you can find anything on youtube, and met some really good people here at Jackie's. Thanks to all of you and especially to Jackie for your talent and the space you give us to visit.


formerly anon said...

Now I'm thinking that it might not be a good move to take Sheila to F2, for either of them. Here's how I see the votes - what do you think?

Ryan vs. Adam
Matt - Ryan
Chelsea - Adam
James - Adam
Josh - Ryan
Gnat - Ryan
Sharon - Ryan
Sheila - Adam
Ryan vs. Sheila
Matt - Ryan
Chelsea - Sheila
James - Sheila
Josh - Ryan
Gnat - Sheila
Sharon - Sheila
Adam - Sheila
Adam vs. Sheila
Matt - Ryan
Chelsea - Sheila
James - Sheila
Josh - Sheila
Gnat - Sheila
Sharon - Sheila
Ryan - Sheila

formerly anon said...

Just curious what you all think a hotel room looks like after Sheila leaves?

Dollars to donuts all the towels are gone.

Zoetawny said...

nancy in pa ...

Your're such a good grand mother to be there for your grand daughter. It's heart wrenching to see such a little one go through so much. Her birth must have been traumatic for all of you. It's amazing how surgeons can operate on such a little tiny heart. I hope the echo comes out fine and you will be celebrating many birthdays to come. The hospital sounds wonderful. I've never seen a hospital with computers for visitors. I'm glad you stopped by to get your mind off of it for a few minutes. Wishing you the best.


It's good to see you back. I haven't signed on to check my emails in the last couple of days, as usual. Sure hope all is well with your father. You were a good daughter to look after him. But of course I wouldn't have expected any less of you. Thanks for the word expressing what I was trying to explain. Now I've forgotten that word already. LOL Have to go read your comment again. vbg

I wonder how good of an acting job Sheila will do when she knows the show is live. Is A going to throw it to R?

BB just told them to put their luggage in the storage room by 5.
I'm going to try and stay on the EC live feeds and share it with you here.


Zoetawny said...

Sheila campaigning to A at the last second. She's so depressed thinking that she's not going to win anything. We'll see soon.

formerly anon said...

Sheila is getting her last minute chance at Adam's ear!

Zoetawny said...

Jackie, where are you? It's almost ON. :)

Anonymous said...

I know that I am in the minority with this group (but that is what makes this a fun group to hang out with) but I would like to see Ryan win part 3 and choose Shelia for the F2. I really don't like Shelia at all, but at this point I think that this scenerio would be the most unexpected...and therefore exciting. And let's face it, this game could use some excitement. I have never liked Adam but lately, I have become very annoyed with his refusal to get his hands dirty. He didn't want Gnat to think that he was the bad guy, he didn't want to be at the receiving end of Shelia wrath if he voted her out instead of Sharon. He threw part 1 of the final HOH to Ryan so that Ryan might be the bad guy and get rid of Shelia.
I don't think that Adam deserves the money. Ryan is a jerk to be sure, but at least he is giving these comps his all.

monty924 said...

Cannot believe 7:59 and the feeds are still on. Are they apologizing to us for the HOH1, lol?

Forget it, there they go to flames.

Zoetawny said...

Here we go! Stop with the recaps.

delee said...

Jackie where are U it has started!!!!

monty924 said...

Julie looks nice tonight. nothing wierd.

Zoetawny said...

I'm concerned about Jackie.

Zoetawny said...

I don't think that yellow top is a very flattering color on Julie.

Zoetawny said...

Not a smart move, A, just to get R's trust.

Anonymous said...

jackie's new post is up. She's here.