Saturday, June 07, 2008


Nope, I didn't post that TV post last night. It will go up sometime over the weekend. When I posted yesterday, Sydney had posted an extensive look at June television which I think warrants some more attention as my post a bit usurped it.

Her post is here.

I also want to throw out kudos and huge thank yous to both Sydney and Zoetawny for all of their work in keeping the blog going! They both rock, as do all of you hanging in the comments!

In my physical therapy yesterday, I was up to 102 degrees bend. There is an issue with pain and swelling in the back of the knee. That's holding my bend back more than the actual knee or other issues at this time. My physical therapist has a few theories -- it could be blood clot related, or a Baker's cyst, or something wrong with the Popleitius (sp) muscle. Although I can feel the swelling and the back of the knee was hugely bruised post-op, the only time I have pain from it is when I push the bend of the knee. If it's still an issue when I next see my surgeon a week from Thursday, I'll have him check it out.


Anonymous said...

good to hear you're doing better jackie...we all miss you..even those of us not really in the loop or commenting much
take it easy, don't push too hard..
we'll all be here...amusing

sue said...

Hi Jackie, It sounds like you are in good hands and your medical people know what to look for and how to make it better.

I wanted to thank you specially for allowing Zoetawny and Sydney to be your helpers while you were away from the keyboard. Selfishly, it gave me a place to meet, greet, and vent with people who add a lot to my day. I would have missed your blog home had it not been open during your absence. I'm not sure how graciously I would have been able to allow someone to keep it going, if it were mine. But, both S and Z know the integrity of your intent, I feel, and kept it coasting as we waited for your return. But, no body can turn a phrase like you can, girl. Good to know you are at least able to get near the computer, even if sitting there for too long a time is uncomfortable.

Did you see network TV (either CBS or ABC) is running the movie Sybil tonight in primetime? Is it the Sally Field one or did someone come out with a new version?


Sydney said...

I heartily second what Sue said! I know so many people come here daily if not multiple times to check what's going on and to share. I don't know what kind of withdrawl I would have gone through to not have a way for it to keep going, and to check in on a daily basis with the friends I have made here too!!!

Thank you Jackie for letting me feel I could do something to help on behalf of all of us when you've done so much for us. I may have posted, but everyone else chipped in by continuing to comment and give people something to read as well. Especially those who looked up the day's TV shows for us and people who live blogged a few of the shows like Bachelorettr. Everybody's contribution kept us afloat!

Thank you also to Laurie who came up with one solution over on JackieUSA aka Chatters Lane, and all the people who came over and visited... proof I'm not the only one who was wondering what I would do if there was no Jackies to commune at.

A BIG smooch goes to Zoetawny, who really helped keep the fires going with a little more color and humor when we'd lost Jackie's. It as also nice personally to have her to commiserate with as we both stressed about Jackie's health in those first few days... um, or weeks, lol.

Jackie, I don't know if you're reading all these comments but I'll put up next Monday's Bachelorette post again as we spoke about, unless you get inspired to set up that sidebar TALK area for us, which I don't know how to do ;-(

And I will complete the Post on July shows I was working on. I leave for a week in New York and Memphis on 3/13. IF by then you are not still able to post full force, I can do whatever you need til you do feel up to it, just let me know!

Zoetawny said...

Hi all! Checking in like usual. What would we do if we didn't have a place to check in? ;)


It's comforting to see your voice here once again. I know you have complete confidence in your surgeon and I'm sure he will address the swelling issue at your next appointment. I'm sure you are working very hard to get your knee as good as it possibly can be, but don't push it too hard past the pain. You're doing great and I have no doubt will continue to improve over time.

I consider it an honor to contribute my little bit to your blog and I know Sydney feels the same. We only wish we could do more for you personally. Sydney is doing a great job as I'm sure you know. She has a lot on her plate but continues her tireless efforts to keep us entertained and informed. Kudos goes to our entire community here for contributing so much.


You're really knocking yourself out here and with all that's going on in your life. I don't know how you do it all but we're fortunate to have you in our little community.


Thanks for all the support. I'm happy if I can put a smile on everyone's face with a few graphics. I did see "Sybil" on the cable guide. Hold on...let me go check to see if it is the original with Sally Fields. No, it's Jessica Lang and Tammy Blanchard in a 2008 version. I remember seeing the original version and needing a box of kleenex on my lap.

I'm going to watch "Derailed" with Jennifer Aniston on the Lifetime channel at 9 p.m. It looks intriguing to me. Now that I think about it I'd better DVR one of them. With such few good shows that interest me on right now wouldn't it figure that two of them would air at the same time. ;)

Well, I'd better check my emails now before they reach the hundreds mark.

((((Jackie)))) Please update us after your OS appointment on Thursday, if you can manage. Hang in there and go easy...slow and steady wins the race.

Have a great weekend all!

Zoetawny said...


I forgot to give you a BIG smooch back. ;) We're having a little love fest here today. LOL


TerryinCA said...

Oh Jackie, so gooooood to hear you posting again, and yes you are right Zoetawny and Sydney and dla,meb,nana,Laurie all kept the flame alive...and I for one am so thankful....I have total withdrawals when I cant check in on this site, I do feel if ever I am lucky enough to meet any or all of you we will chat easily and freely! Thank you!!!

Im totally rehooked on Bachelorette again adn I do so thank the gals for keeping it up for us West Coasters especially...I think it s a good sign we all seem to have the same thoughts and express them about the different guys....

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Jackie, please keep us posted on the feedback from your surgeon, and take it a day at a time... You certainly do sound chipper, which I am thrilled to "hear" through your latest post!

Sydney and Zoe TOTALLY ROCK!! We can't say that enough! Thanks so much for keeping us going!

Still in OR, and visited Cannon Beach today for Sandcastle Day! Not the best weather but it did not rain, so that was all good! The Rose Festival Parade was also happening downtown today, but you just can't be everywhere! lol

I just watched reruns tonight ~ the final episode of Army Wives to get re-acquainted with that prior to the season premiere Sunday night, and then I caught The Family Stone (which I have seen before, but it is cute).

If anyone is watching Army Wives, I will be excited to hear what everyone thinks as this new season begins.

My sister invited me to see SATC again tomorrow, as she has not yet seen the movie. Just a good excuse for me to go again! :)

delee said...

New for tonight...HGTV at 9p E starts Design Star. Also new Law and Order/Criminal Intent starts on USA at 9p E.

Jackie so wonderful to read your new entry. Very happy at your progress and may it continue.

Hope all stay cool and safe. The weather sure is whacky! LOL "icy" in my WV. I wish!

Sydney said...

I definitely watched all of Work Out's first and second seasons. This year, I am tiring a bit of Jackie's ego, though I like to watch how she handles herself in challenging situations. She puts her walls up and never takes any blame for a situation.

I do enjoy watching all the amazing bodies on the show, and try to get inspired, lol.

meb said...

Hello everyone... just got home from SC and was thrilled to see Jackie is back (even parttime) and Sydney and Zoetawny are having a love affair (but we'll try to keep that our little secret) and there was a new poster (I think named's back on another post) so welcome to the group Bet.

We had the best time, but I'm glad to be back home. Myrtle Beach is unbelievable... I haven't been there since I was a young adult, so I had no idea how much it has grown. If you want to go south and don't want to go as far as Florida, then this is the place to go. Everything you can imagine and want to do they have!

Quickly wanted to thank Sydney for the comments on her breathing situation. I'm also sure it's not my heart either, and was going to go see a pulmonary doctor, but maybe I'll start with an allergist. I do have a dogs and cats and they all shed everywhere, so....

Again... welcome back Jackie... and thanks for all the well wishes on my trip... they worked, and also thanks for the ideas for my breathing problem. Gonna get this taken care of NOW!

Sydney said...

Meb- Just about everyone I know who has never had a problem with cats and dogs grows into allergies and some breathing issues as time marches on... ain't it all grand?.. so that may factor in too....