Thursday, July 31, 2008

BB10 HG on Ferguson Last Night (7/31) - Video


RBennie said...

Woo Hoo first again. Thanks for the video Jackie. How are you feeling today?

Donna in AL said...

Isn't this the video from last week? I know the dress is the same. I haven't ever watched Craig only what I see on here.

jokats said...

Hey Jackie, This is an old clip, not the new one from 7/31. I missed it last night, so hopefully you can post the new one so I can see it. Thanks, Jo

Jackie said...


Jackie said...


Laurie said...

LMAO ... JessMe is probably all proud that he got so much attention and has no idea he was the butt of a joke ... again! Too funny. I can't believe that in the middle of an earthquake he took his shirt off because he was out in the sun. Who thinks like that in the midst of an earthquake? Oh yeah, someone who doesn't know anything outside of himself exists.

RBennie said...

It's too bad Craig Ferguson comes on so darn late! He's a riot. I thought Julie looked very nice.

Sydney said...

Well, I really LIKE the Non robotic, non fashion disaster version of Julie. Is this who she is in real life?

sharon said...

Then why does she act like she has a stick up her heinie on BB?? I can't wait for Dan to call her Mrs. Chen again this week!!LMAO You'd think the diary room would tell him to knock it off,per Mr. Moonves...haha!

It will be poetic justice if Keesha has them vote Angie off and then any of the unholy trinity win HOH,serves her right.....dummy!

Nana in the NW said...

Morning to all! It's sunny here so I guess I have to paint today...ugh!

I think the OCD thing with April has been limited to her constant cleaning the kitchen(even after someone else has cleaned) and the way she folds the laundry. Everything has to be folded the same and without any wrinkles. For the most part the HG are pretty good about keeping things clean and picked up.

As for HOH being an endurance comp....aren't there still too many HG left? I thought they didn
't do end. until there was only 7-8 HG. I guess we'll know tonight.

Laurie--were you with us here a few years ago when we decided they should do a senior BB? Many of us spent the day writing in what the comps. would be like....
Wheelchair races
Walking Cane hockey
Name the medicine
Is this Your Doctor(pics. shown)

I wish the HG would revolt against Keesha, too. In the last few seasons the HOH really does have the power.

Time to get to work!

Laurie said...

Nana said Laurie--were you with us here a few years ago when we decided they should do a senior BB? Many of us spent the day writing in what the comps. would be like....
Wheelchair races
Walking Cane hockey
Name the medicine
Is this Your Doctor(pics. shown)

Oh those are great! Adding:

Timed denture insertion
Get the childproof cap on the meds relay
Get out of a comfy chair without help

Laurie said...

Updates from Jokers:
The houseguests now thing the earthquake was fake and that CBS did a good job. LOL... they sure did!

JessMe, in his infinite wisdom, said now that he's lived with Libra he won't date another black woman. Then he went on to say the Cs and Ds get degrees. He's just such a font of wisdom, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Craig is so quick! He knows who the but of the jokes and D-heads are in this game. He clearly said so in his talk with Julie and the HGs! LOL

A big fan of
the [TV] SHow Must Go on
and its (((commentors)))

SueGee said...

I think it is soooo funny that they think CBS staged the earthquake!! So maybe they moved the house to Universal Studios???

Now I wonder what would happen if they were on an indoor lockdown and one happened?? There have been some pretty good aftershocks!! I guess CBS caused those too??

Sue (who has been through the real thing!)

Laurie said...

Sue, they should have felt those aftershocks, too. My mom lives further away than the BB house and she said she felt 2 strong ones and several lighter ones.

It is really warm in southern CA today. It's at least 85 here in San Diego, so it's probably 90 where they are.

Looking forward to tonight's show. Better check to see if it's at 8 or at 9!

PlaidChick said...

Here is what I don't get... I have looked all over and the Rotweiler and JeesME cannot be tolerated on any blog. They're both the laughing stocks of BB. We pretty much see what they see... why in the hell are they not seeing this?

I'm going to laugh my a$$ off when the Rotweiler or JessME wins HOH tonight. Because you guys know that is just how the BB gods roll.

Yes it's early for an endurance, but they're short 1 HG, and from my readings usually the first endurance comp is held a week from now, so it makes sense that this week would be the first.

I loved how Julie told JessME like a stern school teacher: "Jessie you know why you're on the block."
Awesome, and he hot even realizing Craig was indeed picking on him because he looked like an absolute fool for yanking his shirt off-- wonderful. It's like his thought process is: "OOOOO earthquake, they'll show us running to the center of the yard, must take off shirt so American can once again see my steroid body!" WHAT THE F EVER JESSME!!

joy n said...

One of those celeb gossip shows on TV said they will be showing the earthquake footage and the HG's reactions on the show tonight.

Nana, a couple more comps: Call Buttons-Name That Tune, Ensure Chug-a-Lug.

Laurie said...

Plaidchick, so we are not the only ones who think the duo are dastardly? Go figure! I wonder if their parents are still so proud of them. I'm guessing not so much, ya know?

I am glad they are off lockdown early enough to get some sunshine and fresh air. Soon it will be time to primp and preen. I feel pretty oh so pretty ...
I need to get off these meds!

monty924 said...

Love your new avitar Plaidchick! I'm hoping Memphis gets HOH tonight. He's said he would put up Libra and April and that would be right fine with me.

I want to like some in the big group of 7 but they are starting to creep me out a little. They're acting more nerd herdish every day. Renny's become my new favorite but even she gets on my nerves with her constant trashing of Jerry. Come on Renny, you're better than that.

Looks like the Craig show will become a regular deal. That could become a fun diversion for us BB addicts.

Probably won't be online tonight during the show so if not have fun all. I'll be watching but may not have an internet connection. :(

joy n said...

One more off topic note on Shayne and Matt (I promise).

RTVW-new article. States: Shayne says Matt's inability to handle her hard-partying Hollywood lifestyle is the reason for their split. There's more if you want to read it.

I said that she was immature and not ready for marriage. I said it seemed at times that she only wanted to win. I wish I'd been wrong. I feel sorry for Matt but, he must have been thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy when he decided he couldn't live without her. Now he has to and she's even keeping the ring. Matt has to be feeling very foolish right now.

Sydney said...

Oh Joy -- I am TOTALLY interested in news about Bachelor peeps. Really, I do have a higher consciousness too folks, it's just not that apparent when we talk about reality TV shows.

I feel bad for Matt too and if I weren't married, I'd offer to cheer him up. I actually think he was thinking with his heart as much as his ..... and if so, it would be a bummer all the more.

He is suggesting they sell it and split the $ to donate to charity, which is great because she will look really bad if she turns that idea down. He didn't pay for the $65,000 2/5 carat ring though, the network did.

Sydney said...

I have an appt from 7-8 central time tonight so I will not be on live blogging, boo hoo.

joy n said...

Sydney, Matt also said that the network actually purchased the ring but gave it to him to propose. Semantics, I know, but, yes, it will make Shayne look even worse if she refuses the charity proposal, and I have a feeling she will.

And, yes, I agree that Matt truly had love for her, but her youth and vitality, I think, probably triggered some other thing(s) in him. Shayne is a wild child and some men drool over that.

Live and learn, Matt.

Laurie said...

Sydney said Really, I do have a higher consciousness too folks, it's just not that apparent when we talk about reality TV shows.

So that means we won't be seeing you actually ON any of these shows? Dang, and here we all wanted to blog about you in the BB11 house.

Seriously, you cracked me up with that comment. We all have our guilty pleasures, my dear. Here we are safe to chat about them!

Hi, my name is Laurie and I watch Reality TV. My own daughters got me hooked. Yes, my own daughters were my source! The are no more proud than their mother.