Saturday, July 19, 2008

BB10 - Latest Feeds Report up on TV Squad

My latest Big Brother 10 live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. My apologies for the long gap between updates. I will be updating more a bit here before the wee hours as the TVS one dates back a few hours.


Sydney said...

no need for apologies Jackie -- you are our posting wizard!!

PDX Granny said...

I don't have the live feeds or Showtime, so I've never seen BBAD. After reading the plans for tonight's show on Jokers, I decided to watch it on justtvnuts. What a hoot!!

I loved the "10 Things to do When There's Nothing to do". And Jessie as Pierre and Memphis (?) as the gay antique dealers.

It almost makes me want to subscribe to Showtime!!

This group definitely has entertainment value and seems to be worth watching!!

joy n said...

Isn't it wonderful that they find something other than sex to keep themselves occupied this time around? People with imagination. How great is this?