Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BB10 Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I'm sure Memphis wants to read it!


joy n said...

Well, the bulldog got kicked off, Jackie, so maybe that's a sign that Jessie will have the same fate. Trying to be optimistic, ya know?

So the HG's are going to be on Craig's show again tonight. Wonder if Jessie can keep from embarassing himself this time. Probably not.

joy n said...

I wonder if Ollie will "dress down" this time. He wouldn't want to waste another outfit. LOL!

Jackie said...

:::sniffle::: I enjoyed Tillman.

joy n said...

Me too. Tillman was laid-back cool, gas and all.

Jen said...

Good evening everyone!! I've been away from my computer most of the day so I am just checking in to say hi!

Jackie, I know what you mean about it feeling different tonight not watching BB's live eviction. At least we'll something to look forward to tomorrow!! Plus it looks like the buzz is there will be an endurance competition for HoH! That would be COOL! I don't have the feeds though!! I will be dieing to know what's going on!!

I've been commenting on BB10 Gossip website and this morning an anonymous person left a negative comment about one of my comments and it really bummed me out!! I told myself I wasn't commenting on anymore BB blogs but then I remembered how kind and welcoming everyone was here on this blog so I've changed my mind!! Just thought I would share that all of ya'll!!

Thanks for being so friendly! It means a lot to me!!


Sydney said...

I was looking for you today Jen and glad that you had here to come to! This is a bully-free zone and you can just see from folks responding to your comments the last few days that everyone is great here and appreciates each other!

Well, I'm reading that tonight Jessie was really quiet and well behaved. If there was a last ditch chance for Keesha to get smart and want to get rid of him, a blow up from him or his continued annoying behavior from this week would have been our only chance... and it ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

Everyone was talking about earthquakes earlier so I thought I would tell you my earthquake story. I've in fact been through one. It was kind of neat. I thought a plane had crashed in the field behind our house. Our whole house shook for about ten secods. I was lucky I was still awake or I would have missed it. It happened at like 5:30 in the morning. I was so freaked out I had to turn on the news to see what was going on. They were all kind of amazed too. I know that most of you have lived through them and it's no big deal but I live in Chattanooga. We didn't know we had any fault lines here as this is the first earthquake we've had in over a hundred years and apparently everyone forgot about them. It probably wouldn't be a big deal here either but TVA built all the nuclear power plants on the fault lines so if you hear about another earthquake in Chattanooga, you might not hear from me again. Oh well, I always wanted to go to China. LOL

I'm going to jump on the vote for Renny train. I like her more and more too. Depending on who wins HOH she might even be effective as America's player. I haven't heard of anyone catching her in a lie but I have no doubt she could pull out a good one if she had to.

I also dislike Jessme more and more with each passing day. What a dill weed!

PlaidChick said...

I hope this is going to be a weekly thing with Craig..

Craig dissed JeesME because he wanted to know why he had to take his shirt off during the earth quake yesterday.

AWESOME, ohh and JessME also said that part of the reason why Keesha nominated him was because he brought shame to the house when they were on the Late Late Show last week @@

Ahhh Julie will be back next week with Craig to check in on the HG's!

Anonymous said...

I liked Julie's dress tonight on Craig's show. I couldn't wear it, but I liked it!


PlaidChick said...


She looked good! I think Sydney just might approve!

Witt said...

Jen, I agree that this is the best blog out there and your fellow readers are fabulous! I never leave the computer without having laughed and seen many points of view. Welcome back!

JessMe's actions even landed him a spot on The Soup last week. It wasn't a very flattering spot either!

Looking forward to tonight's show; still think it will be Angie but you never know.

Witt :)

Donna in AL said...

Oh Plaid,
Douchebag is my son's favorite name to call someone!