Thursday, July 24, 2008

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin - Noms are IN!

The feeds just returned and it's JESSIE and Angie on the block. Keesha doesn't want to be alone with Jessie due to his temper. More later!


Sally said...

Someone should explain to Jessie that nominating him is the ultimate sign of respect. All his muscles combined with the keen intelligence he's been demonstrating make him just too great a threat at physical challenges, intellectual competitions, game strategiZing, etc. He's such a threat, they have to get him out of the house soon. Bet he'd believe it. :)

Sydney said...


Even tho the plan is to evict Angie, I am hoping that with the stink Jessie makes about all this he will turn them all on him in the process and he will be O U T!

Dont' win VETO

Sydney said...

you go Sally.

PlaidChick said...

They'll get of Angie, because they're idiots... I would of rather seen a Rotweiler/Magenta-Pinhead/Jessie Nom

joy n said...

Just getting online today and ecstatic to hear that Jessie has been put up. Excellent idea, Sally! Angie has to be saved somehow.

Now I'm getting to the rest of the day's comments to see how this all came about.

Sydney said...

Out having some fun I hope Joy?

Laurie said...

Sally,that was a great write up and yes, he would believe it!

I still think backdooring him would be easier. He could win the POV and then make Keesha's life miserable.

Personally, I would love to see him lose POV and then get the boot. Yeehaw!!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Sounds like Jessie got punked. I bet he didn't see that coming AT ALL. Love it! Unfortunately for Keesha I think it might be a little too early to be making big moves.

joy n said...

Hardly fun, Sydney. I was at a garage all day getting a new air pump and they're not through with me yet. Have to go back tomorrow. I HATE just waiting around. Even a book and my crosswords don't alleviate the tediousness of waiting for the bad news about repairs. I need to think about a laptop.

Any new news on Meb? Been thinking about her today.

Jackie, sorry to hear about your setback. Really hope things swing back to the improvement side soon for you again.

Anonymous said...

Yay, go Keesha!!! Angie needs to win POV so that either Jessie or Memphis get the boot from the house.
And the best situation is if Angie wins POV and Memphis is put up in her place, then either Jessie or Memphis go home. (Michelle would be a wasted nom. no matter what.)
I love it. I think Dan's game is pretty good too.

It goes without saying that I'm rooting for Jessie to say bye bye.


sharon said...

Darn,I think Keesha may have overplayed her hand,nominating Jessme right off the bat.He will make it miserable in the house,no doubt.I,too,hope that Angie can win POV and then Keesha has the guts to pit another groupie against PH.Or Libra,either way!

ORKMommy said...

Way to go Keesha! I knew ya had it in ya!

I hope Jessie does make a huge stink this week because that means A) he gets evicted or B) he pisses the rest of the house off enough that they keep nominating him until he's gone!

I'm loving this season so far!