Saturday, July 26, 2008

BB10 Live Feeds - Jessie is Freaking - Heh

Heh ... it's great watching Jessie implode. Although the target is Angie, hopefully he'll annoy enough people to get the boot.


joy n said...

Aw, does widdle Jessie wanna cry now? Please get that jerk out of there, Keesha.

jamie said...

It was fun to watch the feeds this afternoon. Jessme is going to take himself out of this game. I really hope that they vote him out this week.(I know it seems very unlikely right now.) I like Keesha and Angie and wish they were working together instead of against each other.

Nana in the NW said...

Ok--all together now....."Awwwww, poor Jessie"! :( What an idiot! He reminds me of Matt(BB9). All macho when things go his way, then a big crybaby when they aren't!! All those muscles must shrink the brain size.

nancy--I totally agree with your post 6:24p.m. Being a retired pre-school teacher I saw it all the time--sometimes reasoning doesn't work and you have to be a parent and not a friend!

As for the alliances--Libra, April, Ollie, Keesha, and Renny are in one. Michelle, Jessie, Angie, and Memphis are in one. I'm not sure where Jerry and Dan fit in(I don't think they know either).

Laurie--the knitting needles will have to stay home...they could be a deadly weapon. LOL

joyn--we can only hope she is taking birth control--but what about everything else out there?

flipflops--around here it's viewed like watching a train don't want to see it but you can't help yourself. If it makes you feel any better I watched all 3!!(I know I think there's a name for that...voyuerism LOL) But hey, what else am I going to do at 5:00a.m.?

zoe--it's definitely time for several banners!!

mrs. whiggins--I was pictureing you as a retired grandma who was up most nights watching all the crazy stuff on TV!! I also thought you are full of spunk and gave some lucky man a run for his money in your youth. So glad you have joined us....your sense of humor fits right in here with the rest of! :)

Well, I got a free $10.00 coupon from the casino in the mail so my hubby and I are off to turn it into thousands!! Will check back later.....

Anne said...

He'll just go love himself in the closest mirror and feel all better!

On another note, here's a suggestion for Ollie's daddy's sermon topic for tomorrow:


Laurie said...

I think it's time for the chanting to begin.

Jessme go home!
Jessme go home!
Jessme go home!
Jessme go home!

Nana, go enjoy your night and win thousands!

Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose they block the feeds when the HGs talk about the banner? Has anyone heard what it was about?

mrs.whiggins said...

Nana in the nw: Hope you and your hubby turn that $10 into hundreds of thousands more, but odds are always with the house. Hoping Jessme gets kicked to the curb too, again odds are not in our favor there either. sigh.
You were close, I am retired, got married late in life so no children. Widowed 6 years ago so I have a new motto, would love a man in my life, just NOT in my house!!
Thankfully I'm on good old dial-up so no viewing video of the antics in the house. Though I would love to see the Jessme melt down!
Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Zoetawny said...

Watching Jessie implode just makes my day. I'll be doing the happy dance if he gets evicted.

Thanks for putting up the video, Jackie!

I just checked to see if justtvnuts had any BB live feeds broadcasting but they didn't. In the chat window I read something about Jessie seeing a banner plane flying over the back yard. According to Jessie it read, "Keesha, Libra is a liar, love Steven." Not sure if this is true or Jessie made it up.

Coincidentally,I just emailed Jackie a banner plane graphic I made but it didn't say the same thing as the banner Jessie is claiming to have seen. LOL

Anne said...
He'll just go love himself in the closest mirror and feel all better!

On another note, here's a suggestion for Ollie's daddy's sermon topic for tomorrow:


7/26/2008 7:32 PM


I think you're on to something there...Jessie's muscles shrinking his brain size. Good luck making those $$$$ tonight. :)

"Welcome newbies!" Join the party here and have some fun with us all. Jackie's blog ROCKS!


nancy in nj said...

laurie....thanks for the knitting video. will watch it tomorrow and see how it goes. excited about viewing it!

nana....luck to ya! get the big bucks! thanks for the alliance renny a true alliance memebr or is she just protecting herself?

does jessme know the target is sngie or does he think there is a real possibility he could go home? wish i could watch him melt down!!

Tamajama said...

Let's get a Banner and fly it over the house GET RID OF JESSME!!

What a pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

LOL Tamma. Keesha is still eating. -itch!

Anonymous said...

I have this vision in my mind of Jessie imploding - his head just keeps collapsing inward. Zoetawny, that would be a great graphic!

(& glad I'm not Jessesmom! Or Ollie's, or April's for that matter!)

Anonymous said...

I wish that everyone would revolt against K's wishes and get rid of Jesse. I wouldn't want to put up with that. Crossing my fingers.

What was the big fight between Memphis and Jerry? All I could find out was Jerry called Memphis a womanizer and Memphis apparently went off because he later apologized to the girls because he usually doesn't talk to women like that.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm thinking that Jessme isn't thinking at all. He's his own worse enemy. I'd vote for him to go even if I was thinking Angie in the first place.

And Jerry...oh my...what happened to that sweet husband/grandpa man who has watched the game since Season 1 and knows how to play the game? He's lost his mind.

Nancy in NJ....I'm a Nancy in NJ too, Bergen County, where are you in this great state?

Nana- keeping my fingers crossed for you, a casino win (or break even even) would be fun!

Laurie said...

Good morning all.

Nana, did you come home with full pockets last night? Baby needs new shoes!

I was just catching up at Joker's this morning. Apparently April and Ollie continued with their shenanigans last night ... with Jerry in the room. I guess they thought he was asleep or wouldn't notice. He made a comment after about "You kids are something else"... ewww!

Everyone is sleeping now (of course). We can all get half a day's work done before they wake up!

sharon said...

Hope you did well at the casino,Nana!

Jackie,thanks for that video,it was a hoot. Just watching Jessme shoot himself in the foot was priceless! He's always right and he doesn't hesitate to point that out to everyone and he doesn't give a flying fig whose toes he tromps all over. I think he has sufficient time before Thursday to piss most everybody in the house off! Except for Manchelle,of course.

That promo on CBS makes me want to hurl. More of AG's "creative" editing? Nobody in the house has the hots for that jerk,oops...except for himself!

Good to hear the word from MEB and here's hoping she's home as quick as she can manage. Thanks,Syd,for making the call and letting us know.((((MEB))))

Sydney said...

Yeah, I am wondering what got into Jerry -- BUt I have to say, if he didn't have it in him, we would not be seeing it at all, so who knows who people really are inside.

I tried to listen to this clip of Jessme and I just could not get through it. I t was hard enough to be that dumb once (was I? Um, I guess I have to say yes) let alone relive it, lol.

I can't wait for a new post from you Jackie so that pic of Ollie sucking his thumb will not be within sight when I go to comment.

Hey, I checked in with Albglinka to see what's going on with him. He's been busy with work and had not been on computer much but he is watching BB now. I told him we missed his comments and he said he tried to get on here but apparently had trouble loading (maybe he's got dial up and the film clips are the issue as he got onto my blog fine). ANyway, maybe we will hear from him soon.

I also ran into someone who loves BB and invited her to check out your blog. Maybe she'll pop in and add her 2 cents.

Speaking of which, where is pickles?

Sydney said...

OK, I have to correct that -- I may have been that young and naieve once, but not in the all about me me me way. Just had to say that for my own sense of pride, lol.

Nana in the NW said...

Ollie and April seem to be setting a pattern--one day on, one day off(literally)!! LOL I can imagine what would happen if they had the HOH room--don't think I want to imagine that!

As for becoming the state's newest millionaire...didn't happen. I didn't even break even! My hubby won his money back so at least some money came back to our "gambling pot". Had alot of fun though. Today I'm going to the horses races maybe I'll have better, I don't have a gambling problem it's all about timing. My dance friends are getting a group together for the races.

Jackie should be putting up a post soon so I will write more later.

debbie said...

I would love to see Jessme in the circus in the house of mirrors!! Can you imagine how triangular his head would be!! He could make some good money!!
I gotta give credit to Jerry for taking up for himself, he is not afraid to open his mouth, He gave Jessme a piece of his mind, as matter of fact I think I saw Jessme's head shrink before my eyes!
Put a shirt on!!
I still think I am favoring Rhennie.