Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big Brother 10 Cast Reveal and Early Show Video

Yep, they're here! I have to say right off the bat that I'm not too impressed with the diversity in casting promised by executive producer Allison Grodner. I have a cast post in pending over at TV Squad (expected to go up before noon ET). I will delve more into the cast here a bit later after I get their photos edited better. The official website is live.

The Early Show segment today was much shorter than in past seasons. Hmm, interesting. But I did find it online and here it is for you!


sharon said...

Me too,less than impressed. Let's see,one in their 70's,one in their 50's,one in their 30's and the rest 20 year olds. Now let's see,how about all us young'uns get together and vote all the old geezers off and then we have a fun house for the summer! They really,really need a new producer and selection committee! All it is is babes and bodies for the young crowd.And I soooo want to give AG a haircut! Thanks,Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Diverse my ass! A two minute clip and I can alreasy see carbon copies of past houseguests. Keesha might as well be Dani's twin. They look alike, work at Hooters and they even have the same stupid and annoying voice.

Hope your getting better Jackie. Keep up the great work.

Joanne NY

VeraC said...

Same, old, same old!
Still, I'm ready!

PlaidChick said...

Joanne-- yep my husband and I said at the same time-- there's a carbon copy of Dani.

The girl with OCD is going to be interesting. And of course you're going to have fireworks with the 20-something Catholic school teacher vs. the lady who is an Obama supporter. They're going to be early targets.

From what I can see on the bios, they have half the group being liberal in many aspects of their lives, and half the group very conservative. For instance, the Amber look a like is probably vegetarian and the Dani look a like is a supporter or PETA. The catholic school guy thinks vegans are weird.

So I would have to say race, religion, and politics, sexual preferance, what you eat, are going to have a lot to do with this season.

Sets up for some good drama.. I hope.

cha cha said...

did you notice all houseguests are big sports fans as well.
Dani squared.I read that they called hooters and requested a blonde to try out.That is scary.
I have never heard of the Gay Rodeo. Isn't that a little discriminatory?
The lady from New Orleans really doesn't look 53. I have to pull for her. Thats my hometown. I am sure she will be out early unless she takes the Cool Mom role. Cook Clean. etc
I think the catholic school teacher will clash with a few people. I am sure he will get along with Ollie.
I can't wait. Both my Tivos are set. Real Player set up at work and home{I just got speakers for my computer at work}. Jackies blog My home page and Jokers not far behind.
Come on Sunday!!!!!!!!

Delee said...

OCD girl should be fun. Hope she has the repeat and repeat type. That could get real annoying for the others.

I do not think there is a gay rodeo, he is a gay rodeo performer. Not sure but that is what I heard.

Agree that 2 over 40 not really diverse. AG is really clueless.

Laurie said...

*sigh* I'm joining the less than impressed group. Diverse would be a few in each age group, not a token old guy and one woman in her50's. Come on!

This does not mean I won't watch the show, of course, it just means I'm wishing we had all the ages add up to a higher number.

joy n said...

A. Grodner needs to be replaced next time around.

Keesha not only has this season's voice to irritate, but says she would use sex as a weapon. A touch of Gnat there?

I doubt I'm going to like Dan. Besides being a narrow-minded conservative, he sounds very anti-female in terms of power.

I hope Jessie's ego isn't as big as his muscles.

Can't pin it down yet, but, for some reason, Michelle, already irks me.

Ollie, the preacher's son. Hope he's not the bible-thumper.

April, the OCD lady, will probably drive everyone up a wall, including me.

Brian and Angie may well be the showmance this time around with the guy's-guy thing going on.

Not getting much on Memphis yet.

Libra seems competitive and also seems to have her head on straight, so far.

Jerry, the older gentleman, what a life he's already lived! I'm rooting for this guy from the git-go.

I'm also liking Renny, the salon owner and Steven, the gay cowboy. Just liked what they had to say.

Of course, all this could change on day one. We'll see.

Can't wait for Sunday.

Tom`S said...

Basically it's another season of BB 8!

Ouch get ready for " Mousy " tangy teeny voices,( Dani ) @@ The problem this year is Allison actually believes it's a " controversially " motivated group.

OIMO it's designed to be one of the most politically evolved BB casting, nothing more, lack for a better word Obama Vs Mc Cain inside campaigning which BTW isn't great TV plug -In's,
thus with no actual BB entertainment, following same ole, same ole " political backbiting, a lot of campaign shouting matches, CBS will cease all political inside plug - ins prior week 3,
it'll be back to vulgar name calling, sleazy nights amongst the singles, @@@
Hey it's only my opinionated view.


Tom`S said...

A. Grodner needs to be replaced next time around.

I agree 100 % I strongly feel it's in the works, perhaps these political plug in's,
which I noted a mile away will eventually get her canned!

Laurie said...

Just because I'm a numbers nut, I figured the average age for this year.

Average age using all 13 contestants is 33.3

Throw out the highest (75) and lowest ( 22) and the average age is 30.6

No matter how you look at it, this is a young crowd who will look good in bathing suits and towels.

sue said...

I think that reality show casting usually pick a few that they think will be gone in week one or two. That way they can add some demographics to the mix and still have the strong players there at the ratings-race ending. I have thought that about TAR and Survivor. But, with BB, the one I thought would be out first actually won the thing for two..no make that the last three seasons. Either I am a bad judge of what works on BB (obviously!) or my guess about casting immediate outcasts is wrong.

Tom`S said...

Renny Martyn, 53, hair salon owner from Metairie, La. is the only name I hadn't heard, of course I can't say how I heard all the other names, basically its my own way of identifying various patterns, Hahahaaa I realize it's mumble jumble confusion on my end, however I figured out all the HG names via they're locations, amount of letters in they're names, I knew three would come from Texas, I connected Gerry only because of Magnolia flower, Libra because of her name, also I thought of Spring water, Steven because of Dallas along with I felt someone from a rodeo, I recently sold one of my bulls, Hahhaha I have written in the past about my bulls, I've sensed the typical name of Robert, I sensed Bloomington Minn and Iowa greatly except I believe one of the HG's isn't listed as residing in IOWA, Keesha Smith and Angie Swindel the two 29 yr olds Hmmmm Perhaps are booted out first, who knows perhaps in final 4, Magnolia Texas where Gerry resides hopefully I've sensed to do well. I'll give you guys lotto numbers I cannot play for myself I get superstitious
a friend of mine won 5 numbers yesterday.

1. Gerry MacDonald, 75, retired marketing executive from Magnolia, Texas

2. Steven Daigle, 35, geographic consultant from Dallas

3. Libra Thompson, 31, human resources representative from Spring, Texas

Robert "Memphis" Garrett, 25, mixologist and party planner from Los Angeles

Bryan Ollie, 27, marketing sales representative from Bloomington, Minn.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break.......Sheeeeeesh, what on earth is a 75yr old man on big brother for? I'm a die hard fan and they didn't call me and I'm only 47....LOL

Seriously, this cast is different?
This season better be worth my time!

Anonymous said...

did you see the great grandfathers guns on those arm. Then he was doing pushups.....

cha cha said...

I know Keesha is a hooters girl living in Ca.
Does anyone else think that the BIG TWIST is its Dani Donato? and can the houseguests beat her. The resembalance is crazy.

PlaidChick said...

I got the news for the rest of the country: The state of Texas may be considered "Bush Country" but when the primaries hit, I was in shock of how many people were out and and about voting for Obama and Hillary.

OK the only thing at this point that would catch my eye and get things really interesting fast is if Libra the Liberal (from Spring Tx. outside out Houston) secretly alligns herself with Dan the Catholic school teacher. We can't get that lucky can we, they'll crawl their eyeballs out. Other than that, I hope to see how Jerry does, and OCD girls does. She'll be a total DA if she comes out and tells people she's OCD, but it's ammo for people to mess with her: ie: line all her things up, and then someone go right behind her and mess it all up. Can she come clean and organize my house?

I also read up on how these people got on the show. Only a few were casted by open calls. The powers that be actually called Hooters looking for a "hot girl." UGH.

AG still doesn't have a clue, but this show is going to have to be big this year or I think BB days are numbered.

debbie said...

I am looking forward to BB10, I hope the older ones vote out the 20 somethings right off the bat, I am not interested in all the sex that went on for BB9!

Lucy said...

Whether there is diversity in the cast or not I will be glued to my set on Sunday evening.

I have been a die hard BB fan since season one and find it a great escape from reality. There are times I want to throw something at the TV and there are always cast memebers I love to hate but I will not give up on BB.

I am addicted to BB and I need my fix. Bring it on!

joy n said...

Same here, Lucy. As disgusting as BB9 got, I knew I'd be waiting for 10, and would watch every minute of it. I'll do the same for 11, 12, etc. etc. etc.

Sydney said...

well, I can see why they do need to keep it youngish and good looking, as their major audience is young... I think we are the exception. We have been watching since the beginning but they have a lot of new fans who were too young to watch it much when the first season was on... and they are the ones who give it the big ratings, they like the crap that has been this show for the last few seasons.

I guess I am glad for what differences I do see in terms of age.

That not all are in their early 20's... Danielle was only 19... is an improvement in my book. That difference in age does make a difference in maturity level. And they threw in a few older folks, better than none. I would like to see more too, but when you think about it, who between the ages of 35 and 55 has the kind of life circumstances that they could give up for 3 months?

And who in that age group who is at all stable would want to go on this kind of show and be trapped with the kind of casts they've had on in the last few seasons? You need a lot of free time and little responsibilities and that is not what's happening for most folks in that stage of life. That is the age bracket gap that's missing. People have kids, jobs and possibly aging parents in their care now-a-days. It's just not conducive to casting so they probably did all they could.

Every year we pray for Allison to get gone and she still hasn't, so I have no idea what would make them fire her at this point.

monty924 said...

I'm ready... bring it on! I love the video showing what the house looks like this year. I love the kitchen, the bathroom and the waterbed in one of the bedrooms.

I don't know why, but I'm putting my early money on Jerry to senior in the house. Sunday can't come soon enough!

Laurie said...

Sydney, as usual you speak the voice of reason. You won't find people like the ones who post here on the show. None of us are able to be there even if we were foolish enough to want to. It's hard enough for some of us to get a weekend off!

I am hoping Jerry knocks the socks off everyone and manages to stay. I love the idea of an older man who has lived a full life being on the show.

joy n said...

Christina won on Hell's Kitchen. I really thought that Petrozza would. That's quite the position for a young, fairly inexperienced girl. Head chef at $250 thou a year! Yikes!

Zoetawny said...

I'm late arriving as usual. ;)
I was disappointed in the diversity which AG touted. But,at least the cast isn't all 20 somethings.

I'm still reading the bios getting to know their names which will take a couple of weeks for me. I can almost see the conflicts arising before the show starts.

OK, going to read the more recent posts now.

Robin said...

I'd love to see a cast of all seniors or all over 40 year olds. It would be very interesting to see how the older group would act compared to the younger crowd. Hopefully this season will be good cause there just isn't much else on tv right now!


Anonymous said...

cha cha said...
I have never heard of the Gay Rodeo. Isn't that a little discriminatory?

No more then bet or the united negro college fund

Anonymous said...

international gay rodeo association

plus nemrous states have associaiotns as well -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

>>>it's designed to be one of the most politically<<<

i agree! i think it has a lot to do with this year's election possibly making history. -jeannemarie