Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Do Wishes Come True?

I posted a new article over on TV Squad with a video interview featuring executive producer Allison Grodner. (No, she didn't talk to me. Sigh.) Oh, my! Could she be listening to the fan base? A more diverse cast? Older, middle, and younger? I may just faint!

Also, I was contacted (via TVS) by the AOL staffer who will be sitting in on the press conference this week for Big Brother 10. I was asked for questions to ask the houseguests and I hope some will come through!


cha cha said...

OMG. I can't wait. Diverse cast, ages, backgrounds. Its like we are getting back to the original days.
I have never watched the UK version but from the sites i have visited it seems to be the same.
Jackie, thanks for all the updated info on everything. As soon as the puter is on your site is the first i check.
Can't wait to July 13
Happy fourth to all

joy n said...

One of the first questions I would ask is, "Will these HGs show some self-respect on national television?" Please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jackie! Enjoyed the AG interview. I do hope they ARE going back to the way it used to be! As we have all said about BB9 many times, the only thing we enjoyed was our blog buddies. Joy n, your question was the same thing I would have asked!


sue said...

Question #1: What prompted you to give up your life for three months and move to the BB house?

Question #2: Which former hg are you most like?

TerryinCA said...

Cant wait
Thanks Jackie!!!
Maybe this will speed up the healing process for you?

cha cha said...

just read at jokers that today is the Press day and that they will be under gag until officialy allowed to, as in one magazine gets the real scoop.
Shucks...I am dying to see this cast of people.

meb said...

Just listened to Grodner Jackie... Can hardly wait!

Being glued to the TV again! What a concept!

nomad said...

Oh, you all!!
It is so nice to see that you are already discussing BB! I am excited about the show beginning again, but mostly that we will all have something impersonal to talk about again. I really enjoyed you all last time, I look forward to seeing just how good or how bad the next edition will be. Mostly, I look forward to discussing it all with you all!!

Zoetawny said...

We are not addicted to BB! We are not addicted to BB! YES we are and we're proud of it! LOL

Welcome back old friends! This is the place to hang out for BB 10.

AG's video sounds like a good promo but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm sure she did take some flack for BB9. From what I've read on various sites the conflict between the house guests will be philisophical due to differences in generations,
religious,cultural and political views...just like in real life. VBG

It's going to get heated with those issues. I can't wait to read Jackie's take after each episode. We will have plenty of fodder to discuss.

OK, now I have to think of a question but I'm sure Jackie will have some really good ones of her own to pass along to the AOL staffer.

Here are a few of mine:

"How will being a house guest on BB change your life?"

"How will you maintain your integrity while lying, scheming and plotting?"

"What is more important to you, loyalty to your alliance or winning the game of BB?"


Great questions!


Forgot to tell you that I sent you a new 4th of July graphic for the blog. I thought I should mention it here in case you have trouble with your emails again. But please don't tax yourself too much because I know the recovery process is long and tedious.


RBennie said...

Hi Guys,

I finally got a chance to check in! I wrestled my daughter's laptop out of her hands for a few minutes.

Well we made it to Orlando. But what a journey it has been! Hope you have a few minutes, it's a long and tragic story, LOL.

We left home on Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. heading to Newark Airport for a 6 p.m. flight. The normally 30-45 minute ride took an hour and a half. Luckily I'm obsessive about being on time and left plenty early enough to still make the flight. We boarded the plane at 5:25 p.m. - so far so good right? We then proceeded to sit on the runway for the next 4 hours with no real explanation of what the problem was. After our 4 hour wait, the pilot finally tells us that we have apparently used up too much fuel circling around the runway and we will have to return to the gate to refuel. So back to the gate we go. Refueling took another hour and then we got to circle around the runway some more. We were told we were now 28th in line for takeoff. I'm sure you can just imagine the anger and frustration level on that plane. Did I mention that all we had to eat or drink in all those hours was a tepid cup of water and a bag of peanuts? We finally took off at 11:30 p.m. A mere 5 and 1/2 hours late!

We landed in sunny Orlando - no wait a minute that would be rainy Orlando - at 2 a.m. By the time we picked up our rental car and drove to the resort, it was 4:00 a.m. Now I called the resort twice to alert them about our delays and was assured each time that there was no problem - they have 24 hour check in. But when we got there, the 3 bedroom condo we were supposed to have was not available and we had to take a 2 bedroom until the next morning after checkout and then we would be moved to a 3 bedroom. Check out time is 10:00 a.m., so when 12 p.m. came around and we still didn't hear anything about moving, we started calling the front desk and were told the room was being cleaned and would be ready shortly. So we can't go anywhere, we can't unpack, we can't get comfortable. After several more calls, we were finally able to move to our nice, roomy 3 bedroom condo. Finally a happy ending right. Wrong. The minute we parked the car and pulled out our luggage, all the power went out at the resort! The elevators were not working and we had to walk up 5 flights with our luggage! The blackout lasted for 3 hours.

Thankfully, things have gone well since then. Other than getting rain at some point every day. I'm hopeful that all the bad karma is behind us.

I hope all is well with you guys. Thanks for letting me vent.

joy n said...

Just listened to AG's video.

I agree that Allison may have realized from the blogs (and all over the rest of the internet) that BB9 was a total disaster and getting back to the original concept would probably be a great idea.

Total strangers from all walks of life, people of all colors, sizes and ages is what made this a good reality show to start with.

AG pushed the envelope with BB8, and then blew it to pieces with BB9. I believe she may realize another disaster like the last one might put her in the unemployment line. Lucky for us.

One thing not mentioned. Could we possibly skip the hypocritical bible-thumper this time around? Pretty please, Allison?

joy n said...

rbennie, what a comedy of errors! I know you weren't laughing as these events unfolded, but hopefully the venting here will help you to smile about it now.

I hope they at least put extra chocolates on your pillows! LOL!!

meb said...

rbennie... just go have a wonderful time, now that everything is settled down, cause that must have been a terrible experience all around.

We're staying put this 4th. I'll take my trips on non-holiday week days... don't even want to go on the weekend when everyone else is out. I like people, I just don't like crowds.

Did you hear AG when the interviewer asked her if she was always involved on this level with BB (since she had said she had been with them from season 2). She said something like not being as "big" and quickly changed her terminology. Now unless she was talking about her weight, and I don't think so, then she's really full of herself IMHO of course.

PlaidChick said...

The "expect the unexpected" and "the game has begun before they even enter house" comments make me think some silly twist, like project DNA is going to go into place.

Evel Dick confirmed on his space that when the feeds go down on eviction day (Wednesdays) they will broadcast a show with him interviewing people about the past week in BB. He said it will be totally uncensored. He agreed to do Housecalls once a week on Thursdays, and a show on Showtime almost happened, but no dice.

Totally off topic: I told yall back in the spring I was pretty sure my little stay cat Mama would be having babies in early July, and I found her babies today! I kept seeing her come out of my next door neighbor's bushes, and I thought surely they're over there. So I looked and sure enough, there was one little cream paw, then a grey paw, and then another grey paw, and then a striped paw. I just about starting bawling. One let out a teeny meow, and I just wanted to wrap them all up and bring them inside. Instead Mama marched quickly back to the spot where she left them, and hissed at me (a first) they all took to nursing and burrowed under her. I have no clue where the orangy/cream one came from since she's grey, and the dad is cream/with grey striping.

Have a happy 4th all!

Sydney said...

I can't wait to see diversity too cha cha. I can't believe that Ms. G hangs on to her job... but I guess ratings have been good? Even if I have not quite loved BB for the last two seasons, I guess as a viewer, I am in the minority...

Nomad! Great to see you back. And Rbennie, so great to get your report from Orlando!

tropicalapril said...

Hey all - can't wait to share BB10 with all of you!!

Side note - if you haven't happened to catch it, and you have HBO. Great documentary on lately -Ganja Queen - very interesting show, but I really enjoy a documentary! If you get a chance, I recommend it!

Zoetawny said...


OMG! Sounds like a Chevy Chase movie. I'm so sorry you had such a rough start to your vacation. I hope you're enjoying it enough to make up for all the hassles and your return trip home is uneventful.

A friend of mine recently went on a trip to Puerto Rico. On her way back home to CA her plane was on the runway for 5 1/2 hours in a layover in Philadelphia. They were told there was too much air traffic. There was no food to buy bottled water for the passengers.

One more story...

My best friend/neighbor left for an Alaskan cruise, her second time to Alaska. Her husband tripped, fell and broke his hip on the ship docked in San Francisco. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital there and had surgery. She had to stay at a motel for two weeks before her husband was discharged from rehab. Fortunately her son drove to SF from LA in his huge suv to take them both home. Now that was a cruise from hell, but it could have been much worse.

I'm staying home for the 4th and having a BBQ. We can see the fireworks show our city puts on every year from our backyard.

Hope you all have a good holiday!
Remember our heroes.

God bless the USA!

delee said...

rbennie, that is what the airline industry is becoming. This will happen more and more as there will be fewer planes and personnel. I always pack food for on the plane just in case. Just enjoy the rest of your visit, but Florida is sure rainy so far this week. Daughter is in Jensen Beach for the week and all she wanted to do was beach-it. Now downpours most of the day.

BB10, what can I say BUT WHOOPEE, bring it on!!! I also agree, NO BIBLE THUMPERS!

sue said...

rbennie...what a trip so far. I hate the thought of the long wait in the plane. Did you see the Jon and Kate plus 8 episode where that happened to them? Hopefully you didn't have many little kids on your plane with you. Your story, as painful as it was to live it, made great reading at Jackie's.

plaid..good for you to help out Mama cat. I'm glad you posted it.

You all are making me feel better about staying home this summer. Each day has had its own set of calamitys. (calamities? calamity?)
However, today I made a fresh peach cobbler and it turned out great. Two plants in the back yard bloomed and I had been hoping (and fertilizing them) for a long while. Still no hummingbirds yet. What I seem to be trying to convince myself is you take small pleasures where you can find them.

Hope you are having a good day, Jackie.

Sydney said...

Donna in AL -- you asked on my blog if I got my movie camera and indeed I did, and I took a few experimental bits of some ducks I feed.. but I am a bit further away from posting movies than I figured. Tomorrow I go to the apple store for a free seminar on how to use imovie with my HD camera and we shall see. In the mean time, I have been posting a little more. You asked me to let you know here when I did so I am. I am trying to post more regularly on there so when you do visit there will be something new to read on one or the other of the three blogs I keep.

And Tom's -- so great to hear from you... I saw ads for the Japanese game show show and it does look really funny. Hope I can catch it. TO answer your question, haven't been to the zoo for a few weeks- out of town -- but I will be going back by the end of the week or next week. In the mean time, I continue to write about animal stuff at the zoo and beyond on the same blog that I mentioned to Donna if you want to stop by. The one called Adventures in Nature.

Anonymous said...

wishes come true...
i written cbs for years now to have more than a once-a-year showing of bb. i asked if they can at least do it twice a year, and looka here. they did it. i was happy in january. july came quick and then january again hopefully
thanks jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sue said...

A couple of more questions I would ask if given a chance to talk to hgs.

question: What is a lie? Lying is part of playing the game of BB, do you think there are lies that are okay within the game? And is there any 'lie' you would not tell? Do you think it is possible to play/win the game without an alliance?

Mom 2 My Bees said...

I can't wait!!!

How has everyone been?

I used to post here as an anonymous user and signed my posts with Erica from Cleveland.

I finally (just this morning) joined the blog craze!

Good to "see" you all again and here is to a better season than season 9 was!

sharon said...

Thanks so much,Jackie,for that interview with AG. I think she saw the light or it was shown to her in glaring color and,golly gee,we're going to try and go back to the past when this show actually worked! I am not sure I would like to see our US version evolve into the UK one,they are really over the top and viscious,at times.

Religion and politics,two subjects best left unsaid in polite company. Sounds as if that's the theme of the day this time. This has the potential to get very nasty.But then,it wouldn't be BB if somebody didn't like somebody else's politics,life style,beauty,
personality or just the color of their eyes! I wish they'd just let go of all the "twists" and just let human nature rule the house,that's often interesting enough.

Sorry to hear your vacation started out so badly,rbennie,but I agree,you have to just let it go and enjoy the heck out of what's left of it. Hope your trip back home is trouble free.

Good to see some familiar names popping up for BB10.

Awwwww,baby cats,what can be more precious!But like, doggies,I think the Mama may have more than one Daddy at a time,thus the odd color or breed of kitten.I have an awful tale of nature at work. Day before yesterday,after it had rained for three days in a row,my hubby decided to pull some weeds from our front flower bed.In the process,he came upon a bunny nest under some of the tall weeds and flowers. He just left it alone and went on. So yesterday morning,my son came in and said the stray cat that stays around our neighborhood had been "mousing" and drug mice out of the bed.I had a fit and called my hubby and told him the cat had found the nest. Sure enough,the cat had ran away with one in it's mouth and killed two of the babies and one was left alone in the nest. Hubby brought that frightened little guy in,because it tried to run away,but I had him put it back,but was almost sure the mother might abandon the nest.Sure enough,when we came back from running errands later in the day,it was gone from the nest. I took pix of the baby bunny,but not sure how to post them. I know the cat was just doing what cats do,but darn it all,anyway!

TerryinCA said... sad about the bunnies and the cat....we have lots of cotton tails around here..they usually for some reason find their way into the grass catcher, and when my husband goes to use it they pop out and dog will chase them but stops when they cross the street. Im always glad to see them flourish (most people here have rock lawns but we have grass) cause when you stop seeing them the coyotes are coming down into town.
Back to BB though...I personally cant bring myself to believe AG on anything after last season. I enjoyed the DNA season, and I always miss our blonde bombshell,Jani, cause she was such a good competitor.
Jackie I hope you are healing properly and fast
rbennie I feel your pain on the plane fiasco..
Zoetawny, your friend sure beat my Alaskan cruise ankle is healing nicely but still twinges. And I got to finish the cruise!

susan in fl said...

Rbennie - I live in the Sarasota/Bradenton/St Pete/Tampa area and summer is the rainy season down here. The rain usually does not last all day though, unless a hurricane is in the offing. Pop into a store or a cafe for half an hour and the rain is usually gone when you come out. Have fun on your vacation.

meb said...

I have a bunny story also. Years ago I had a very large dog (Lady) and back then you let your animals run free. We lived on a dead end street, so it wasn't dangerous and lots of woods around us...(in fact our road was called Woods Road). Anyway...

One day I heard this awful screaming sound coming from my front door, so I ran to see what it was and there was Lady standing there staring at me. No screaming at that moment, so I went searching for the noise. Lady stayed on the porch by the door... Suddenly I heard it again and it was coming from her direction.

Long story short, I held out my hand and told her to open her mouth and when she did, there was this tiny little baby bunny. Lady had been so gentle with her that she was just sitting in her mouth. I took her, and raised her to be about the size of a cat. She was the sweetest thing.

I still marvel at my Lady tho... she obviously found her and decided to bring her to me. Animals are wonderful creatures.

AS for BB... bring it awn!

Nana in the NW said...

Not much to add-just wanted to say "Hi".

My bunny story--we had one for a pet(given to my girls for a present by my sister), kept it in a cage in our garage at night. My hubby had forgot the bunny was there and put our beagle dog in the garage, too. Wouldn't have been a problem except the bunny had gotten out of her cage and what are beagle bred to hunt?....rabbits. When my girls got up and went to bring in the bunny she was dead on the floor and the dog was laying beside her. There was not a mark on the bunny, I think she got literally "scared to death". No more bunnies for us!

rbennie--how horrible to start your vacation. We sat on a runaway in Seattle for 4 hrs. because of an ice storm and not enough de-icer at the airport(this is Seattle!! We always have ice in the winter!), missed our connection in Houston,got the last flight out to Tampa Bay, our luggage was lost but showed up on the Cruise ship an hour before we departed!! The suitcases had gotten so wet about half of our clothes were ruined. The airline told us because we didn't report it within 24 hr. they weren't responsible--never will fly with Continental again!

I can't wait for BB10. TV viewing is horrible most nights. I have resorted to watching Wife Swap and The Baby Borrowers!! Deseparate times LOL

4th of July will be quiet for us. The kids are all doing their own thing this year. We will go to my sister's for dinner and the air show and call it a night. My dogs will be happy to have us home before all the loud booming starts.

Glad to see a few new names and lots of old ones back posting....BB tends to bring everyone back--YAY!

joy n said...

Back to normal on TV Squad. Even with a new password, they still won't accept new comments from me. Frustrating!

sue said...

Over on TAR post I put a comment about MoJo and their wedding. Remember them?

nancy in pa said...

i would like to add my two cents on a question to ask....

DO the powers to be on bb feel any responsibility to the viewing audience when they make decisions on manipulating the game and/or edit the show for television, or is every decision monetary?

Donna in AL said...

I hope I can sit still and remember three times a week to watch BB10. I am always busy doing something or family or friends are at my house during the summer.

rbennie, I spent several summers in the 70's in Orlando. It would rain everyday but most of the time we would not even get out of the pool. It just lasts a very short period. If you like old architecture, drive around in the old downtown section of the city. It is (or was) really beautiful.

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Be careful if you set off fireworks. My nephew almost lost his eye 2 years ago by a bottle rocket. I am staying at home, grilling and having a pool party for friends and family.

Jackie, you "sound" like yourself again. It is great to have you posting on a more frequent basis. Thank you to Sydney and Zoetawny for a wonderful job filling in while you were tripping on pain meds! Smile.

Auntie Leigh said...

Looks like everyone is gathering at the site to await the new BB. I love seeing all your familiar names: Rbenny, joy n, Sydney, Sue and dlee. And that Orlando trip! Meet you all back here on the 13th
Oh yeah, Jackie, looks like you will be just about recovered in time for the new season. Good timing. Chow from Auntie Leigh