Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Winner

The feeds were blocked for well over an hour ... and Michelle has won the power of veto. During the comp a slop pass was given. Libra didn't take it because she was part of a team. Keesha took the slop pass. Keesha was crying apparently because someone (Libra?) said something to her about it.

My latest live feeds post should be up on TV Squad around 8:15 PM ET or so (unless scheduling changes).


Anonymous said...

lol, thanks as usual Jackie

I was checking out the feeds myself on justtvnuts but I can't follow most of what the houseguests talk about.

I guess this means Steven's a gonner!

Laurie said...

*sigh* I have to go look at the CBS site and see who Michelle is!

joy n said...

I'm almost picturing Portuguese Michelle as an Amazon woman who is about to show the "men" who is really the boss around there.

Just got a feeling.

monty924 said...

This house has so much drama, and it's only week 2 (well for us). It's either going to be a great summer or a repeat of S6. I'm really liking Angie and Memphis right now, I know... SHOCK! He is laying low and Angie is on the fringe of the alliances. If she can get her head in the game and off the 'poor pity me', because Brian is gone, she could go far.

I'm still iffy on Libra. She sort of reminds me of Maggie at this point in the game. Sigh!

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments regarding my kitty situation. I don't normally talk about personal things on here so it meant the world to me to have friends in cyberspace to share my feelings with. This is a wonderful community you've built here, Jackie!

p.s. All the kitties (around 8 of them) were fine this afternoon when I visited them. Life goes on, or so my brother keeps telling me. :)

Kimberly said...

I just wanted to thank Jackie for this great site. I just gave birth to twin boys last week and between that and my 5 other children I just dont have time for bbad this year so thank you very much for everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kimberly! Twins - what a blessing! And we wouldn't know what to do without Jackie & the gang! Those of us who can't watch the feeds, etc. get so much from this site. Just watching the show is boring without all of Jackie's insight & Zoetawny's great graphics. And reading everyone's comments really gives you a different perspective on some of these characters than what you see on tv.


PDX Granny said...

WOW!! Twins plus 5! Congratulations, Kimberly, and best of luck to you!

I also have to give a shout out to Jackie. Without her and all those commenting here, I'd be missing so much! Not to mention how I've perfected the art of flip-flopping! Last season I changed my mind so many times based on things I've read here!

Oh, whatever would I do without you all????


dla said...

Happy Saturday!

kimberly, congrats on your twins! You have your hands full! :)

monty924, I am thrilled to hear that the rest of "your" kittens are happy and healthy!

I have decided that I really do not like this schedule they are on. Too much happens very quickly and then there is just way too much downtime.

Nana in the NW said...

It's Saturday...YAY....I'm going to our local community theatre tonight to see "Grease". I loved the movie and the production has gotten great reviews.

Kimberly--twins and 5 others??? How do you even have time to check in here?
Are the other 5 young, too?

You are right, this is a great place to catch up on what's happening(thanks Jackie) chat with a friendly group. Most of us are older so when things get stressful remember we are here with words of advice and a shoulder to cry on....

Jackie you really are getting better...everytime I check in you have a new post up!! I love it!

I know Zoetawny has mentioned it a few times but for those who don't have live feeds or ShoToo(BB After Dark) you can watch BBAD on "" at 12a.m. ET. I must say most of what happens is pretty boring! I watched for awhile last night and this is what happened:
*Renny made slop cookies and talked about how quiet the house was.
*Ollie/April talked about people's personal hygiene "down there" and what turns them off.
*Steven/Jessie/Dan played Chess
*Angie/Memphis watched everyone on the spycam
*Libra/Michelle/Keesha talked game--kept saying the same thing over and over.
*Never did see Jerry

Many references have been made to Jerry being "a dirty old man". Something must have happened that we didn't see.

I think I'm starting to like Memphis and Michelle! Both of which I didn't think I would like before the show started. But don't write that down in ink....I will probably change my mind next week! LOL

I, too, hate this schedule. There is too much time between Wed. and Sun. The HG are going to get really bored by week 5-6. Everything happens Wed.-Fri. for them.

Time to get my day started. I'm making a scrapbook album for some friends 50th Anniversary. It sounded like a great idea when I started and now has turned into a BIG project. But the good news deck is painted and the house won't be ready to paint for another few weeks!!