Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV

The feeds were blocked for over 3 1/2 hours and when I finally heard the news, Blogger was down. Argh.

Keesha won the power of veto. Libra came in second.


Nana in the NW said...

Looks like I am the first post but by the time I finish probably #3-4.

Nancy--hope you were ready for the videos. There are 2 in the spa room and one in the bedroom(which is much more explicit).

petals--ROTFL The visuals you created in my mind....:)

ork--interesting points you brought up. If Angie is on the block because of her assoc. with M/M/J then why did Keesha target her and not Michelle?

I'm so happy Keesha won POV. Now that is having the power!! I haven't heard her mention wanting the noms. changed so I assume things will stay the same.

Jackie--THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO KEEP US UPDATED!!! Please do what you have to for TVS and then go to bed! We will muddle through here and it's down time in the house. Are you off work all summer? Hopefully, the dr. was able to make some adjustments on your meds.

Sydney--where are you?? We are hoping you have info about Meb. Sending prayers her way......

nancy in nj said...

nana...what happened to your foot? i must have missed something somewhere. brain is just not attached this summer. i guess i'm the floater.!!! that was totally gross (so why did i watch all of them?)
i keeop thinking of that song from the 70's..."the only one who could ever...(???)...was the son of a preacher man" anyone know the words that get filled in there?

Nana in the NW said...

nancy-- The song was Son of Preacher Man--I think sung by Cher(?)--and the words are "The only one who could ever please me...was the son of a preacher man, yes, he was, he was, ohhhhh, yes he was."

Somehow I think there have been many who have pleased April!! I did laugh at the video of the first time they "did it". Afterwards, Ollie layed there with the look of "Oh Sh*t, what have I done?" LOL Of course, it didn't stop him from doing it again 48 hrs. later!

As for my foot--I have Plantar Fracitias(sp.). 5 days of walking on concrete at Disneyland just about killed me! But I understand this a slow healing injury so I keep iceing and rolling a soup can under my foot!

Nana in the NW said...

I think I'm wrong....I think it is "The only boy who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man...the only boy who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man" That sounds better... ;}

jef said...

Dusty Springfield, although it was originally offered to Aretha Franklin. She ultimately recorded it after Dusty. More recently, I believe it was done by Joss Stone.

dla said...

Sorry if this is a repeat, but I just saw the information.

Picture a choir of angels singing HALLELUJAH!!



"Big Brother" Live Eviction Show Returns to its Regular Summer Thursday 8:00 PM Time Period

BIG BROTHER 10 WEDNESDAY will move to Thursday, beginning next week, switching time periods with GREATEST AMERICAN DOG.

The switch returns the weekly BIG BROTHER live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, to its familiar summer Thursday (8:00-9:00 PM) time period, effective July 31.

joy n said...

Jef, you've done your homework. You must be a fan from way back.

Glad to hear that Keesha still has the power, meaning at least Jessie and Michelle don't. Hope the tide turns more towards Jessie, rather than Angie.

Off topic, Bachelorette news: ABC has set up a separate email account for runner-up Jason, as a way to accomodate fans who want to reach out to him, not as a way of finding a match for him. Jason checks it once a day and tries to respond to every fan, even if it's just a simple thank-you. The whole article is from The email address is

Was hoping to hear some more about Meb.

joy n said...

Dia, absolutely the best news of the day! Love it!

sharon said...

Just watched "the Soup" on E! and it had me laughing my butt off. The reality clip of the week was BBX and guess what it was? The reveal of Jessie's HOH room. The host says,the room was full of pictures of the person Jessie loves most in the world...him! And then they had mock ups of magazine covers he had graced...won't say a couple of them,but the last one was Shrunkenballs Monthly!! That gave me a giggle,I must say!

Thanks for the news,dla,and it's good to hear that Keesha won,but so it seems Angie is packing her bags to go home! Jessie,go away!!

Sydney said...

Nana- I could have called her today but I wanted to give her one more night to sleep. I know they said she could go home between 3-7 days after surgery, but how can they take 85% of your innards out and expect you to get in a car and go home, cook, eat, shower and sleep OK????????????????

I know Meb was thinking on the 3 day side of that scale, but she said to wait til Friday at least to call her.I asked Kim to write with any news, but I bet she has just been pooped between visiting MEB in the hospital and going home to take care of meb's dog, and her own two kids and their cats.

I did ask how the planters fascilities was going a few posts back. Mine flared up again last night.

Sydney said...

sorry Nana- IO should read everything before I write here.

DLA -- great news!

Thanks for the bacheloetter news Joy! Now if only Brian had the same set up!

Sydney said...

OK, I went back and caught up on all the comments.... I decided not to call MArge today because I felt wtih that type of surgery she needed one more day. My husband's Karate school just closed and tomorrow AM we are gathering about 7 of his black belts to move that heavy padded floor and everything else in there to storage in this lovely TEXAS HEAT. If I can call her while that's going on, I will, otherwise I'll call in the afternoon when I get back. I am sorry to disappoint anyone. I just think that since she started surgery later than expected and when I called the nurses station Tuesday around 6:30 EST she was not out of surgery that she would need today to recover.

I did, however, write Kim earlier to see how SHE is holding up and ask if she has any energy left to give a brief update. One way or the other, I should be able to tell you something by tomorrow afternoon.


Laurie said...

Question: Does everyone get to partcipate in the POV challenge? I'm just thinking that not only did Jesse lose ... he lost to a girrrrlllll. That must be a blow to his ego!

Now may the tide turn so that he washes away on Wednesday night.

DIA: Good news about the time changing. I think that will be great!

Sydney said...

HI all-

Well, I called the hospital to ask to speak to the nurses station, which they let me do Tuesday, but tonight they said no go unless I was a family member. I did ask if she was still in the room number I had for her cards and they said yes, so we at least know she's still in there, not released at the 3 day mark. Not much, but it's sumpin.

Sydney said...

And PETALS, my dear did you really go through that total body make over you wrote about a few posts back!!!!! six weeks ago I think you said... I wonder how YOU felt when you woke up from that, assuming you had it all done at once! We want after pix as soon as you're feelin up to it! That's a big deal.

I'd be happy with little ones too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I'm too chicken to do it.

PlaidChick said...

Sounds like Pinhead is wearing a catsuit... I'm going to have to put my avatar back up.

Sydney-- that does not sound fun. It's suppose to be 104 in DFW, I'm laying around in the dark.

I can't believe BB is going back to Thursday night live shows. YES For 6 months I was so backwards on eviction night thinking the actual day was Thursday and it was Wednesday.

Why can't these nit wits see Jessie is a HUGE threat, they are bound to have an endurance HOH comp, and he's a shoe in.

April is concerned with the way she's being portrayed?? Please.. CBS hasn't showed a thing on her.. and poor Angie, anyone who just watches the show is probably saying... WHO?

Jackie, feel better, hope to hear an update on MEB soon.

PlaidChick said...

And there he is! Pinhead Avatar

monty924 said...

Yay Plaidchick! The pretty boy PINHEAD is back. He's in the HOH filling Keesha's head with crap as I type this. Although he is dead on about Libra, Keesha should beware of Jessie. Jessie does not have her back... he has Michelle, Memphis and Angie's.

Me thinks the boy just grew a brain. ARGH!

Auntie Leigh said...

Hey Sydney, thanks for checking on MEB. Now I want you to check on Jackie!! And someone please, please tell me why it is already known by some of you all that Memphis will be HOH next week?

monty924 said...

Someone should seriously go rescue Keesha right now. I think her better move would be to keep noms the same, campaign for Angie and kick Pinhead to the curb!

joy n said...

Thanks Sydney. A little news is better than none.

monty924 said...

On second thought... keep it up Jessie, LOL. He annoyed the crap out of Keesha.

Sydney said...

Zoe - BTW, that Alien Graphic is MESMERIZING!!! FUNNY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sydney & Nana -- let's start a plantar fasciitis club! I've had it since last November. It gets a bit better and I think its going away and then it returns with a bang! We are heading to DisneyWorld in Sept and I am wondering how that will go! Maybe I'll make my daughter push ME in the stroller!

Glad to hear Keesha won the POV. Oh, I want Jessie to go! And Libra right behind him!


Sydney said...

Oh No-- I just checked Randy Pauch's blog two days ago and he was doing well it seemed. Now I learned that he passed away yesterday morning. I am so sorry to deliver this news. His website is

From an article on the internet: RANDY PAUSCH, who inspired millions with his LAST LECTURE, has lost his battle with cancer.

The college professor-turned-self-help guru became a regular guest of TV host Oprah Winfrey after his emotional speech about life lessons became a sensation online.

Pausch gave the speech after learning he was dying of terminal pancreatic cancer.

He has also been the subject of uplifting TV news specials in the U.S. He was 47.

Sydney said...

Gosh, I just feel terrible. He was diagnosed in September 2006 and given a few months to live, so at least he made it in reasonable shape all the way up until last month.

He got national attention, inspired millions, wrote a book, got that much more time with his precious wife and kids and let them know profoundly how much he loved them. He was an example of good humor and incredible personal strength and emotional/mental fortitude. I bought his book as a tiny way to support him, which I assume he wrote not just to touch people worldwide but so his family could hopefully pay for his medical bills ---or if those were being somewhat covered due to his trying new, unproved stuff, it might help pay for his kids college.

So so sad. :-( Sending up a prayer for he and his beloved family.

Sydney said...

Sorry, meant to include this:

Jackie said...

Auntie Leigh - Memphis is only sure he'll win. It's not actuality.

dla said...

Sydney, I have selfishly had the blues all day after reading about Randy Pauch's passing this morning. :(

Such an inspirational and brave man. I guess it is a blessing to have released him from the pain.

It does not matter if you hear The Last Lecture, or read the book. You will be moved to your core.

He has touched millions of lives, and we will all be better for having just a piece of him as we live on.