Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Friday 7/18

I managed to get a nice screen capture of the kitchen neon last night. Did you know they don't have a microwave this year because the kitchen is retro?

If you didn't catch the quick bulletin I put up last night, the nominations are in. Jessie nominated Steven and Dan for eviction. And, here's the goods on the happenings since in that Big Brother House of Mama, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to be Cowboys:
  • Jessie mentioned that the key order was almost exactly the order in which they were sitting at the table.
  • As with going on about Renny calling him immature, Jessie is on a "Steven has given me no respect" kick. (I think Jessie has issues. He's a 22-year-old child.)
  • Steven is the target.
  • Memphis and Libra think Dan is playing the "I'm loyal" card with Jessie. They don't think Jessie is dumb. (He may not be, but he's immature and he's letting Michelle make the decisions.)
  • The others are blaming Renny and Jerry for the one team being on slop.
  • Memphis said Angie really freaked out when Steven went on the block.
  • Steven doesn't think he was being "disrespectful" when he didn't run up to see Jessie's HOH the first night.
  • The BB voice has a new one in addition to how many laps make a mile and how many windows are in the house -- the largest weather vane in the world is in Spain. Um. Okay.
  • They have been away from home for 17 days now.
  • Steven thinks that Angie would be the only one who might use the veto to save him.
  • Angie apologized to Michelle for trying to keep Brian in the house. She says she wants to win the veto and then not use it to save either Dan or Steven. She thinks that will prove her loyalty to the Michelle/Memphis/Jessie camp.
  • Steven drank almost an entire six-pack of beer and got drunk.
  • Jerry and Angie had a long talk -- Angie is stressing out.
  • Jerry told Angie that he thinks Libra is hoping the others are blind to her power. He thinks the girls are ruling the house and Libra is the leader of the girls.
  • Dan and Michelle can't figure out the attraction in the April/Ollie showmance.
  • Keesha is campaigning for Steven to stay.
  • Jerry pounced on Michelle and they declared they're a showmance.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.


TerryinCA said...

Morning Gals & Guys
I guess I missed the whole Jesse's HOH room blog.....and Jackie you are so right he is so immature.
Jerry....a showmance? He is 75 right? Hope the EMT's are ready and up on their game.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Darn it Terry, you beat me again! Thanks for the update Jackie. It sounds like the tide is starting to turn against Libra. I really hope she can hang in there. At this point she and Jerry are my favs.

sarah said...

sadly, bb is wrong about the weathervane...or maybe that was on purpose? the largest is actually in whitehall, michigan (i know bc i live here). thanks for all your awesome work, jackie!

Laurie said...

No microwave? Now that is something to think about. Most of those people probably never lived without one.

Is the stove an old one with a pilot light? It would be funny if it was and someone had to get down on the floor to light the pilot ... ah the memories!

I must go study the pictures again and get some more names matched with faces.

Good morning all and happy Friday!

lynn1 said...

AS usual I am a day late an a dollar short! @@
On a previous post I tried to explain about Renny's accent. In case anyone who is interested missed it I am re-posting it here.

Many folks have been mentioning Renny's accent. I can't say where she is from originally but I can tell you as a current non-native resident of the New Orleans area that her accent is definitely a Louisiana accent.
It is a very similar accent to that of Boston, in that people here don't pronounce R's.
James Carvelle (sp?) and Harry Connick, Jr have a slight Louisiana accent. Renny's is very heavy. Lot's of my neighbors and friends have a heavy accent similar to Renny's.

Pat in Branson said...

PLEASE, PLEASE tell us that the Jerry/Michelle showmance is just a "play on words"...say it isn't so.

cha cha said...

I am from new orleans also lynn. Her accent sounds alot like either Gentilly, or possibly Chalmette..I have alot of family in St Bernard. She sounds like all the Chalmations...

Anonymous said...

Jessie has got "natural" 'roid rage goin on in addition to bein young

delee said...

Jessie has built up his muscles in determent of exercising his brain. So that is the one thing that is immature about him!!! @@

Supposedly his body is all natural (@@), whatever! That is what he says and his bio.

Becky said...

I have noticed that several have mentioned that this group appears to have more intelligence and imagination to amuse (which goes along with being intelligent IMHO) themselves. I totally agree. They also (especially the girls) appear to have more self respect and morals that previous (like last year) competitors.

Jerry is still my favorite, but I don't look for him to last long. Jessie needs to grow up. I am glad to see Brian gone.

Libra is okay, not one of my favorites. I can't believe that she took offence at the Bible reading. She should take a positive track and think that something good might come from reading it.

Dan's attitude that he will do what he wants, then go to confession and all will be okay again is not the strength that a Christian should use as a goal.

Zoetwany, thanks for the wonderful graphics. Jackie, thanks for the great write-ups.

Sweltering in South Texas.....

lynn1 said...

Hi Cha Cha,
I agree with you that Renny sounds like a Chalmation.
I live on the Northshore.

Laurie said...

Now the word Chalmation makes me think of a mixed breed dog. I am trying to think differently but the visual just keeps coming back to my mind. It's amusing me this afternoon!

joy n said...

Lynn1, I mentioned earlier that I thought Renny's accent sounded kind of Boston-y. Thanks for the explanation.

I'm not a fan of Libra either, anymore.

joy n said...

Is that tipsy Steven in the water? He's definitely feeling no pain.

Jessie thinks he's getting no respect from Steven? Now he's thinking he's the Godfather or something? I didn't think I was going to like ya, Jessie-boy, and I was right. I have to say, Renny is right-on about your maturity level.

Anonymous said...