Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 7/25

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I don't know what graphic artist Zoetawny has against aliens, do you? I don't think the aliens really want Jessie on their side. Probably the weasels aren't too thrilled with the comparison, either. My apologies for being a bit behind on things -- here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Weaselish Aliens:

  • Apparently Michelle's key was the last in the box.
  • Keesha, Libra, and April worked to draft Jerry to their side -- this happened before the videos I posted last night.
  • Jessie is determined to win POV. He told Michelle that if he does, she'll probably end up on the block but have the votes to stay against Angie.
  • Angie, Michelle, and Memphis seem to be holding out for some sort of hope that Libra can be backdoored. I don't see that happening this week. Keesha needs her alliance people right now and Libra is part of that alliance. If she plays smart, she'll keep with Libra and let the bad light shine on Libra instead of herself as numbers dwindle.
  • Jessie told Memphis that they (him and Angie) are on the block because of Memphis -- guilt by association.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like the core group of the Keesha alliance is targeting Angie instead of Jessie this week.
  • Angie isn't sure of her standing with show fans. She doesn't think she has any sort of fan following.
  • Memphis asked Keesha if she planned to backdoor him. She told him that wasn't the plan.
  • Memphis told Keesha he wants Jerry gone. Keesha has already promised Jerry she won't nominate him. Plus, they need Jerry for numbers in their alliance right now. But she didn't mention the latter to Memphis.
  • Memphis thinks Jerry doesn't like him because he called him a womanizer.
  • Libra told Dan that Jessie threw her under the bus trying to get her on the block.
  • Libra told Dan she has his back. I don't know how that is going to work out what with Dan having Jessie's back. Oh well, baby's got back, I guess.
  • Libra thinks she's a female Dr. Will. Oh, that's SO wrong!
  • Renny told Keesha that she thinks Ollie, April, and Libra are playing her. Keesha said she's not worried -- those three will turn against each other soon enough.
  • Jessie told Memphis and Angie that he thinks Memphis will go on the block if the veto is used. What happened to him thinking it would be Michelle?
  • Michelle agreed that if she wins the veto, she will not use it. That was after Keesha told her if she didn't use it, she wouldn't be backdoored.
  • Libra rationed the chicken in the house. A mix of control issues and bad food comp results, I guess.
  • Renny and April had a minor catfight over something Jessie said. Meow.
  • Jessie approached Angie and Memphis wondering if he should approach Keesha about Operation Backdoor Libra. I don't think that will work.
  • Memphis said that if he wins POV and she doesn't put up Libra, he'll nominate her (Keesha) next week when he's HOH. @@
  • April and Ollie made out more. Yawn.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


nancy in nj said...

ok, call it petty....but that whole bit about Libra rationing the, has she been appointed to decide the food for everyone or is it just her controlling, i-know-best personality that just drives me up the wall? nothing would make me happier than to see libra backdoored. of course, that will leave keesha to have to deal with the wrath of pinhead. i am starting to think that keesha indeed may have a decent brain in her head. interesting to see a bb houseguest with a brain. i getting synical or what?? i am beginning to see jerry as the real floater in the house..well, alongside of angie. why do they want her out so much? has she made waves that i missed? i was under the impression that she hasn't made a peep yet. of course i don't have any feeds..and in fact MY brain seems to be taking a bit of a vacation this summer.

jackie and meb...hugs galore. take care. thinking about you both and wishing good things. prayers also.

Donna in AL said...

Who was it that said in their pre-game interview they were OCD? I have seen or heard anyone except Libra that is obsessive about anything.

Jackie said...

Donna - That was April. She told the others, but I'm not seeing much OCD behavior. I'm seeing more sex fiend behavior from her.

Donna in AL said...

Maybe she confused the obsessions!!

nancy in nj said...

hahahahaha donna jackie...changed obsessions.thats funny! maybe she just said that to up her chances of getting on the show. i'm a tad ocd and there are things you just can't hide or fake!

ORKMommy said...

Jackie said:

Jessie approached Angie and Memphis wondering if he should approach Keesha about Operation Backdoor Libra. I don't think that will work.

Steven wanted Jessie & Michelle to backdoor Libra last week and they wouldn't do it. Why do they think Keesha would do it for them when Libra is in her alliance. If Jessie wanted Libra out so badly he should have made it happen when he had the power.

What makes Memphis so sure that he'll get HOH next week? Did everyone in the house agree to not play for it and just give it to him by default? I don't get it...

joy n said...

Maybe Memphis is just being a little cocky about the HOH thing next week. We've heard others say the same and it never transpired. Just my guess.

Another funny graphic, Zoetawny. It's probably why the mirror image didn't really frighten him.

Libra thinks she's a Will? Now that's delusional.

Nana in the NW said...

It's friday!! All my kids are going camping for the next week and I plan on getting some house painting done!

I'm a few posts behind so I may get long-winded.....


Jackie-sorry to hear about your setback. When my mom started taking Comudin she had alot of adverse reactions, too. She's been on it for years and even now if they adjust her dosage she gets sick. Just remember why you have to take.

Zoe--LOVED the graphic. One of your best ever!! I laughed thinking about Jessie's reaction to it!!

tamajama--welcome to this group of BB addicts. Sounds like you have been posting under anon.--glad you felt comfortable enough to come out of the closet. LOL

donna--how short did you cut your hair?

syd- have you been in contact with Meb's family? I worry about post-op complications.

love seeing the distant relatives back in contact...plaidchick, petals, anybodybuthillary, silk,orkmommy, and others. I am missing Joe in NY and some of you others(if you are reading and not posting)

As for me--my foot is slowly getting better. Lots of ice and stretching exercises. It helps that I'm not dancing much this summer.

Josie is her own worst enemy! She was chasing BlueJays in the yard and actually killed one. The other 3 started attacking her and my other dog. Luckily, I was home and got them in the house! Now she is limping alot--I just gave her some Bufferin and have been keeping her inside!

Today I paid $3.99 for gas!! It's pretty sad when that's a good deal.

On to BB:

How is Memphis "guaranteed" HOH next week? Someone wrote that a few posts back and I wondered what I missed.

Ollie/April are disgusting!! A few days when they had their evening romp they didn't even try to hide what they were doing--yes, they had a blanket but all the "clean-up" and putting themselves back together was pretty evident!! The only funny part was when they got up to leave the room Ollie realized he had put his shorts on backwards!!

I think Jessie would tell Libra in a minute about Keesha trying to BD her last week but the rest of the group knows that's info that is better used later in the game.

Keesha won't put up Jerry or Libra. She has given them her word and unless they did something to her she won't go back on that.

I think alot of the Angie "hate" comes from the first week with Brian, and then she continued to wear his hat after he was gone. She also is not one to suck up to anyone for a vote or be pressured into changing her vote.

Keesha really wants Angie gone but also Jessie. She could have waited to BD him but that only works if one of the noms. wins POV. However, I wouldn't want to deal with him for a week! But he might piss everyone off so they vote him out.

I would like to see Angie win POV and Michelle go up. That would break up that 2-person alliance.

I'm starting to see Renny floating through as "not being a threat" and ending up like Sheila, in the final 3-4.

Will check in later to see who won POV.

joy n said...

I agree, Nana, that Angie is an independent player. She was asked into that alliance with Jessie, Michelle and Memphis and accepted, but I doubt her heart is really with them after what they did to Brian. you know, "Be close to your friends and closer to your enemies." I don't think the others realize that and that's a shame.

RBennie said...

Hope you are feeling a little better today Jackie. Hang in there.

Hope all is well with MEB. Anxiously awaiting news of her.

Trying to think from Keesha's perspective, I think if Jessie wins POV and takes himself off the block, she needs to put in either Memphis or Michelle. Memphis is probably the bigger threat, but not by much. I think Memphis is more loyal to Jessie than to Angie, so it would be interesting to see what he would do if he won POV.

I agree that Renny brings back memories of Sheila. If you all remember, in Sheila's first week it looked like she was a shoe in for eviction, but managed to evade it and then evaded damn near to the end. Renny seems to be following that pattern.

Donna in AL said...

Nana, my hair was all one length below my shoulders and with bangs. It is now about an inch long all over, and curly with the flip outs in the back. I think I will like it once I get used to sons however are a different story. They want to know why as women get older, they think they have to have short hair.

I am trying to get into BB but it's just not happening yet. I haven't even been to Jokers or Utube just what Jackie writes. With what little is really shown on the show, it's hard to tell how they are with how it's editted.

Sydney, you said you were going to call MEB today. Have you called yet? Give us an update as soon as you can. Thanks

ORKMommy said...

Nana talked about the Angie & Brian which made me wonder...

Why did the HG's target Steven & Dan because of their association with Brian but Angie is skating by and in an alliance with them? I totally missed that and it's one of those things that make me go "hmmmmmmm". Why is she immune from her association?

Zoetawny said...


So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. :( Hopefully your doctor will get the Coumadin dose adjusted to a level that's not making you feel ill. I'm reiterating what other posters have said about taking a break from BB and making yourself the priority. I know you have an obligation to TVS but we'll be just fine here if you need a break.

I was WHOOHOO happy to read that Jessie was nominated. If he doesn't win POV and Angie can convince the others that Jessie IS the biggest threat maybe he'll be gone. I can dream, can't I? If Angie wins POV will Keesha have the courage to put Michelle or Memphis up? I doubt it, but I didn't think Keesha would put Jessie up and she did. Whoever wins POV other than the noms might play it safe and not use it. POV is very powerful this week. I'm wondering when POV will be played.

Jackie said...
Donna - That was April. She told the others, but I'm not seeing much OCD behavior. I'm seeing more sex fiend behavior from her.

7/25/2008 11:40 AM

Actually "sex fiend" behavior can be classified as OCD. And here we thought April was a neat freak. ;)
I'd like to know why Keesha didn't nominate April considering their conflict with each other.


I'm glad to read your foot is somewhat better and you're taking care of it. I can't believe Josie caught the blue jay and the others actually attacked her. Too bad she hurts herself just because of her instincts to chase birds and critters. I've read that blue jays can be mean. My cockers will chase birds in the back yard but never even come close to catching one of them.


Any news on Meb? I'm feeling very anxious because the surgery was very serious.

I saw there was a tornado in NH on the news this morning. I hope all of you are safe from the wicked weather.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo done with Libra, Keesha, April and Ollie...they are on the BIGGEST power trip! Someone needs to tear them apart!!

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--I don't think Angie has been "immune" but last week's noms. from Jessie were totally personal. He was "DISRESPECTED" by Steven and Dan was too smart for Jessie to want to keep in the house. With the 3(Dan, Angie, and Steven) she was the lesser of the evils and therefore, not nom. by Jessie.

This week's noms. show that she is a target and it was all about timing of her nomination.

Does any of that make sense?

ORKMommy said...


Angie is a target because of her association with Jessie, Memphis & Michelle not because of her association with Brian. Jessie didn't nominate her because of her friendship with Memphis. At least that's what my take on the whole thing is. I heard Jessie & Memphis bashing Steven & Dan because of their association with Brian but never once has anyone mentioned Angie's friendship with him.

Maybe I missed something...

sharon said...

ORK...I think it was because Angie has been playing a very low key game,so far and her friendship with Brian wasn't really "out there" so much. The other group,Keesha,L,O,A,didn't like that she hung with the guys and did the puppet show,etc.

And April is now on the "ins" with Keesha,that started when she won HOH and will probably blow up if Keesha looks at her cross eyed. I really think April is just using Ollie(who is more than willing to be used) to keep her face in the spotlight. Isn't it always a honor to be known as the house slut?? And,of course,Chen has to always bring up their "budding" relationship.......gag me(sorry bout that)!

Does anybody else think that the live audience adds nothing to the show?

Hoping today is a better day,Jackie and we could all use some encouraging news about MEB.Prayers and healing thoughts,MEB!

ORKMommy said...


The live audience is more distracting than anything and it adds less than nothing. Although those people who wave & mouth "Hi Mom!" are probably glad they get to be there! :-)

Laurie said...

Sharon, I agree, the live audience adds nothing to the show value. I also think you are right that she is using Ollie (who is getting an E-ticket ride of his life). Neither family is going to be thrilled with their behavior. April is the same one who offered her boobs for free feels, right? My, my ... that girl has some issues.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dolly has headed into Mexico and it is a beautiful day here. We got 2 1/4 inches of badly needed rain, but there were some tornadoes in San Antonio & the area around us. We just had a little wind.

Trying to catch up with BB stuff today. Zoetawny, the graphic was great! Jackie, take care of yourself, girl! Sydney - let us know what you hear from MEB. Keeping her in our prayers!

I really hope Angie doesn't leave this week. She might be an interesting player further down the line. She seems intelligent & would like to see her game plan unfold. PLEASE, PLEASE, if there be any BB gods let Jessie go home! He makes me ill!


Petals said...

I really hate Libra. And she seems to have her hand in every pot. I'm all about any plan, no matter how remote it seems, to get her out the back door, front door, laundry chute, just OUT with LIBRA.
Throw a steak over the fence & see if she'll jump after it. Grr

Petals said...

Someone mentioned that Jessie takes things too personally, and nominated based on being "disrespected", with which I totally agree.
It seems we've discovered something in the house bigger than Jessie's shoulders, and it's the CHIP that sits on them.

Laurie said...

ah Petals, I do enjoy your sense of humor. Between tossing Libra out thru the laundry shute and then visualizing the giant chip on J's distorted shoulders, I got a good laugh out of your posts!

Petals said...

I have to say that aside from the two showmances (April/Ollie and Jessie/Jessie), I like that this cast seems to stay game-focused, and CLOTHED!

nancy in nj said... crack me up! back door, front door, laundry chute....steak over fence..., jessie/jessie showmance....funny stuff!!

so with keesha winning pov am i to asume the noms will stay the same?

am going to youtube ollie and april now to see what i am missing...

Petals said...

Nancy - watch out with that YouTube... it's short but graphic.

nancy in nj said...

oh GROSS!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Petals, you're killing me here. I was wondering who the other showmance was and you give us Jesse/Jesse. OMG ... That was funny.

I missed the reveal of his HOH room but I had to laugh at the pictures all being of him. Seriously, isn't that the last thing a normal person would want? Where's the family, the pets ... the house? Nope, all Jesse. Amazing, but now that I realize he's a showmance all by himself it somehow makes sense.

Auntie Leigh said...

I am wondering what is up with just assuming that Memphis is HOH next week? Why do people think that?
Hope you are feeling OK Jackie. Rest! But don't stop your posts because I LOVE them.
Sydney. be sure and let us know when you hear from MEB's daughter. I sent a card.

TerryinCA said...

Hi Everyone...Laurie and Petals thanks for the laughs...I vote for Libra and Jessie to go in a double eviction!!!

Laurie,,,,,just got my laptop up and running on the internet Yay FOR ME......Kristin pushed me to make the call!

PDX Granny said...

Hi All!

I'm playing catch-up tonight, reading the oldest comments first, so as of now, I have no idea what's gone on in the house today. I saw enough of the heading to know that POV happened. I'm really hoping that Jessie is still up!! And I wouldn't mind if Angie was off the block. I'm liking her and would like to see her have a chance to play the game.

I don't usually sit here laughing out loud all by myself. I smile a lot, and sometimes chuckle. I've even been known to shed a tear or two. Beginning with Zoetawny's alien pinhead, then April's sexual dysfunction (aka "fiend") being classified as OCD, and the many visuals from all of Petal's comments, tonight has been one of those nights that laughing out loud is the only way to go!!

Thanks everyone for sharing an evening of laughs with me.

Now I'm off to catching up some more.