Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Live Feeds into Sunday Dawn

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Yep, just when we needed it most, Zoetawny created a banner plane for us! It's very unusual to see one houseguest with no fans whatsoever. But I haven't seen anyone even try to defend Jessie. His latest actions aren't helping his case. Unfortunately, he's not the target this week -- Angie is. While I'm hoping he'll sink himself, I don't think it's likely.

Here's the skinny on the Big Brother House Day of Banners and Brouhahas:
  • Jessie spent most of the day whining how he shouldn't be on the block and telling everyone they should backdoor Libra.
  • He doesn't think it's fair he went on the block because April and Libra promised him they wouldn't put him up this week.
  • Of course, they didn't. Keesha put him up.
  • Dan seems to have solidified with the Keesha, Ollie, April, Libra, Jerry, and Renny group.
  • Michelle and Jerry had a brouhaha over who supposedly said what about whom.
  • Speaking of that, Jerry thinks he's clever calling Jessie and Memphis "whats." I'm just not seeing the sparkling wit about it.
  • I don't even want to mention Ollie and April. Use your imagination.
  • But ... April is still denying to everyone that they've slept together. Let's watch to see if her nose grows.
  • A banner plane flew over -- BB must be off their guard as Michelle, Memphis, and Jessie were in the yard.
  • According to Libra, Memphis said the banner read, "Keesha, Libra is a liar! Love, Steven"
  • Later Memphis told her he was kidding and it really said, "We love you, Libra."
  • We didn't see the plane on the feeds. I had my cam on the group in the HOH room when the feeds suddenly cut out due to the banner plane.
  • Memphis is still ticked at Jerry for calling him a womanizer.
  • Jerry doesn't think it's a horrible insult and it's true about him.
  • Angie has resigned herself to going home this week. While she offered Keesha some advice, she's basically laying low and mellow.
  • There was a brief power outage after a flickering of the lights.
  • Despite all the talk from Jessie, Angie, and Michelle -- Keesha is sticking with her alliance. She promised both Jerry and Libra she wouldn't put them up this week and she won't. There is safety in numbers.
  • The HG are wondering about an empty frame with a key slot on the memory wall.
  • Memphis is wearing down. He said it's the most he's felt like going home and he won't talk ever again to Jerry.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


Laurie said...

Good morning! Maybe April is taking "sleeping" literally ... They definitely haven't been sleeping. Now if she says "I did not have sex with that young man" we will have to ask her to define sex! I still can't believe they were going at it with Jerry in the room. Yuck!

How are you feeling today Jackie? My thoughts are with you!

I do so hope the tide turns and Jesse goes home. I'm just tired of looking at him.

Zoetawny: Love the graphic!

nancy in nj said...

morning all!! are so flippin funny! your posts crack me up.

ollie and know, we can't really call it a showmance cause they jumped into bed so fast together there was no "getting to know you getting to even like you" was la-la jump in bed. what is THAT???? i don't know...i just always saw a showmance as two people who grew to like each other in time (albeit a SHORT period of time in the house. but my oh was just so....i don't know who you are or anything about you--lets
have sex a lot......ugh! rabbits i'm teling you..rabbits.

nana..better luck at the races today. as long as your having fun and not betting the mortgage! LOL

ryznshin (i forget how you spell it) the nj part of me is ocean city. i am also nancy in pa. :)

i too think angie is a done deal...and i think that this next HOH will determine if the current regime continues to reign or will blow apart. LOVE watching jessme implode!

Laurie said...

Nancy in NJ, you are right. There is no "mance" in the shomance ... It's shosex, that's what it is!

Do you think that Michelle is trying to get a little showmance going with Jessme? I can't tell if she's just hanging out with him or if she wants some of that muscle... you know as in arms around her. heh heh heh

Delee said...

Can you imagine Ollie's Dad in the pulpit this morning? If I was him I would take a sabbatical until all memory fades of his son's behavior! "Do not embarrass the family", yeh right!

Also, A & O to say that the feeds will not cover that...I guess neither of them have had the feeds, before entering the hamster cage!

Anonymous said...

If I were Keesha, I would have told Jessie long ago, if you all keep bugging me, I will use the veto, take off Angie, put up Michelle and let the house decide from there.

Of course, I would have cut a deal w/ Angie along the way.

Jessie is like a child you tell no over and over and over and over and he keeps asking anyway.

Hopefully, Jessie keeps digging his own hole and they get him out of there.

I wish Keesha would get word that Jessie is coming right after her if he stays, so she will give him the boot.

Anonymous said...


Hi Everyone, I don't know how many of you are aware of this yet, but I just this minute read this on another blog. Apparently BB10 is moving back to Thursdays for the live eviction show. I copied the portion of the other blog that gives the info. BIG THUMBS UP FOR CBS! Read on for the official CBS press release - Sherry

"...Here’s the official press release from CBS:

BIG BROTHER 10 WEDNESDAY will move to Thursday, beginning next week, switching time periods with GREATEST AMERICAN DOG.

The switch returns the weekly BIG BROTHER live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, to its familiar summer Thursday (8:00-9:00 PM) time period, effective July 31..."

Jen said...

Hi Sydney,

Thank for the invite to this blog! I will definitely be checking in often! I am a TV junkie but Big Brother is by far my favorite! I am a teacher and love watching it during my time off in the Summer!! I also have a blog so feel free to check it out anytime!!

Hope everyone's having a blessed Sunday!!


dla said...

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

jen, welcome!! We love adding to the group, and there is no better referral than our friend Sydney! :)

I watched BBAD for about an hour last night, and Michelle would absolutely make me crazy! She told story after story about her life, and each story got harder and harder to believe. It actually appeared that she was making some of it up as she went along.

And April & Libra were having a conversation (and crying - literally) about being in the house. April mentioned that if she had had more time to consider going into the house, she probably would not have done it.

Do these people not understand what the concept is all about? I have to say that I would NEVER go into that house, so, thankfully, there are those that will to give us something to watch.

I so wish that Keesha had put up Jessie and Michelle. I still don't think it is time for Angie to go. I like her.

Laurie said...

Hi Jen and welcome to our friendly forum. Any friend of Sydney is a friend of ours!

dia, I would never be on the show either! I don't think the players really think about what the isolation will be like even if they watch the show regularly. I would already be a screaming banshee if I had to live with all those people day in and day out.

I was thinking this morning that Jessme must be feeling very "disprespected" now. He went from being king of his world to being on the block. I don't think his little brain can actually grasp that concept, so he's trying to explain to everyone that he's been wronged! Poor baby. I'm sure everyone will understand if he just keeps acting out!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Jessie's gotta go! Some of the things he says - I'm just like "Are you in the same house as the rest of these people?" His theories are so out there! And Michelle is almost as bad.

I don't know why in the Jerry/Michelle blowup yesterday - that6 Angie didn't use that as an opportunity to point out that Michelle was twisting her words. I think that could have been Angie's saving grace.

I'm still not giving up hope, I give it a few days and the house will turn into just wanting to be "rid" of Jessie. I'm not giving up!

sharon said...

All I can say is ,please,if there is a reality show god,that Jessme does NOT win HOH next! If we thought he was unbearable before,can you imagine? The only problem will be...only two slots for nomination,instead of being able to put all the people who "disrespected" him up!Obviously,the world has revolved around Jessme at home until now. Time for a reality check,boy!

Memphis surprises me,too. What did Jerry call him that was so bad? He,too,seems to wear his feelings on his sleeve,but then,look who he hangs with.I'm hoping the other group can win HOH and start cleaning house on the Jessme,Memphis,Manchelle alliance.Then they can turn on each other!

Welcome Jen,hope you have fun here!We sure do!

monty924 said...

Love the BANNER Zoetawny! Evict the pinhead! :-)

Maybe if we all chant real loud together he will sink himself. One can hope. ;)

Nana in the NW said...

I definitely think Michelle would love to "hook up" with Jessie. She is always making little comments and then says "Oh, that's right you have a girlfriend". Even last night he was making reference to "needing to fix a problem(being h*rny--I hate that word) and she said "You should have told me. I could have fixed it". Don't like either of them.

As for O/A--- there's no showmance and I don't think there's even romance! Last night after the deed was done April laughed and said "I should be moving into the girlfriend status soon". Ollie gave her a hug and laughed. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THESE PEOPLE!!!

Have a good day. Won't be home for the EC feeds but will be watching on WC time.

Sydney said...

Nana said: Even last night he was making reference to "needing to fix a problem(being h*rny--I hate that word) and she said "You should have told me. I could have fixed it".

Augh, you're kidding me. No wonder MIchelle is so into him. I figured she was comfortable with him because he reminded her of the kind of guys she might have known in her hood or maybe her brother or his friends. Gee, you coulda hit me in the head with a brick that she's attracted to him. Doh!

PDX Granny said...

Welcome, Jen! This is a great place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of good folks caring about, and commiserating with each other while discussing our favorite addiction.

I'm with everyone else - GET JESSME OUT!!!!

I appreciate Keesha's stand on keeping her word, but sheesh! Doesn't she realize how much better it would be if he was gone? I'd like to see her team up with Angie. I think the two of them could go far.

Well, I'm of to play with the pirates. It's my grandson's 5th birthday, and guess what the party theme is?

Have a good day everyone, and I'll catch ya all later after the show.


Laurie said...

Nana said: Even last night he was making reference to "needing to fix a problem(being h*rny--I hate that word) and she said "You should have told me. I could have fixed it".

Ugh! I thought she was after more than friendship. Guess she wants a little summertime showmance even if he does have a girlfriend back home. Wonder if his g/f thinks he's as wonderful as he does?

Jen said...

Sydney you are right this is a great spot!! Thanks for all the welcome wishes! It has truly made my day!! I've been commenting on a few other BB blogs and have not gotten this kind of warm welcome! So thanks!

About BB!! I agree with all of you!! I REALLY hope Jessie goes this week! As of right not I doubt that will happen but I can hope right? I can't believe Keesha is letting her jealousy of Angie make a huge mistake gamewise! I too would love to see Angie and Keesha align together but again I feel it is not going to happen! I wonder what Steven thinks?

Well that's my two cents for now anyway!!

Again thanks for making me feel welcome!!


Petals said...

So....what did the banner really say? Does anyone know?

The Ollie/April sex is boring now. Same old hurump-hurump-get-a-towel. I think it'd be more fun to watch Jessie amke love with himself. It'd prolly last longer!

And I'm glad to see Renny & Jerry staying off everyone's radar for another week. The "old folks" may have some game, baby!! Just no showmance there, please God.

Later all! xoxox

Petals said...

And welcome Jen. This is better than the show.

Petals said...

So if Ollie and April aren't really a showmance, what CAN we call it? A bro-mance? A faux-mance? I've got it! A HO-mance!

Jessie's love affair with himself can best be described as an "ego-mance"!

joy n said...

Ollie and April rolling in the hay is bad enough, but now Jerry's become a peeping tom? Sheesh!

Perfect graphic, Zoetawny! Now if only the one they saw flying over the house said the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, Jessie would get a clue? Nah! He'd spend the day trying to figure out who the pinhead must be.

I'm finding it hard to believe Angie's "Brian" connection is what's getting her kicked out of there. Her independence is what's hurting her the most. Even her getting along with guys better than the gals can't be it. They're not going after Michelle for that.

I think Ollie was right about one thing, it's pretty stupid not getting rid of the strong, ego-inflated, unpredictable muscleheaded momma's boy known as Pinhead when you have the chance. Especially when you already know how easily he can feel disrespected, and therefore, make you his next target. If he wins HOH again, Keesha will be a goner. Why doesn't she see that?

I still believe that Michelle will do anything to keep Jessie in the game. Not because she's so into him, but because she plans on riding his coattails to the very end. She makes the decisions for him and he puts up who she wants put up. She floats. He showboats.

Jen, welcome to our group of fellow BB fanatics.

MEB and Jackie, hope this day finds you both feeling better than yesterday.

joy n said...

On, Jerry, Libra and Keesha sitting outside having a convo. Keesha mentioned that she lives in a gated community. La-de-da! Jerry and Libra talking and Libra knows his neighborhood. Says it's a VERY nice neighborhood with huge beautiful homes. Jerry immediately started backtracking, saying his was the smallest in the neighborhood though.

dgmommie said...

Libra knows the neighborhood Jerry lives in because they live so close to each other. (Really surprised BB did that.) He's from Magnolia, TX, and she's from Spring, TX. According to Mapquest, that's only 25 miles from each other! They are both really near Houston.

Helenann2k said...

Hi All! I hardly ever post, but I've been here for many seasons. Pinhead must go! But I am also getting the creeps from Jerry. At first, he was OK, but he really doesn't handle any game play very well, and gets too agitated. Anyone agree? Also, I fear Keesha is not gutsy enough to get rid of Pinny, even though he will come after her.

monty924 said...

Oh no he didn't just say that?!!! Yes he did... Jessie talking about something (I wasn't paying close attention) brought out the "Jews" card ala Amber. I did hear "they own all the banks". Geesh Jessie, now you're a racist.

I hope someone caught the entire statement.

Keep digging little boy!

monty924 said...

Well, racist is harsh, but doesn't he know how hurtful those sayings are to people? Of course not. He's an ignorant pinhead little boy. UGH!!!

Petals said...

I'm NOT defending him, but Jessie is young and apparently has spent most of his young life in a gym, not talking to anyone except his biceps. He seems to lack ANY social skills, and is prolly only repeating stuff he heard his parents say...

monty924 said...

Yes Petals, I agree. He really is immature and is just continuing an old stereotype of certain folks. I'll be po'd though if this leads to a media blackout like Amber and Justin's comments did in BB8. No Early Show appearances, etc. One bad apple can spoil it for all of us. :)

Laurie said...

According to Jokers, Jesse first said he didn't trust anyone from California and then he said something about the Jews owning everything. I don't think that was related, btw. Then the screen went to fishes.

If the don't do the veto until Thursday he could still manage to hang himself. Oh please let it happen!

Sydney said...

Petals said:I think it'd be more fun to watch Jessie amke love with himself. It'd prolly last longer!

OMG Girl, I am DYING at this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO funny (and so sad how true!)

debbie said...

I would love to see Jessme in the circus in the house of mirrors!! Can you imagine how triangular his head would be!! He could make some good money!!
I gotta give credit to Jerry for taking up for himself, he is not afraid to open his mouth, He gave Jessme a piece of his mind, as matter of fact I think I saw Jessme's head shrink before my eyes!
Put a shirt on!!
I still think I am favoring Rhennie.

Sydney said...

You too Joy N with your comment : "if only the one they saw flying over the house said the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, Jessie would get a clue? Nah! He'd spend the day trying to figure out who the pinhead must be." ROFLMAO!!

Helenann2K -- SO glad you broke down and posted! Great to hear from you!

Zoe- right on the money you are with your graphics and your humor!

dgmommie --- You may know I'm in Houston... Maybe I should have gotten to those open calls and dragged them both out of line.

nancy in nj said...

"trying to figure out who pinhead was" LOL!!!!! totally cracked me up!

welcome jen!! i think you will find this a very comfortable, caring, and fun place to be.

Anonymous said...


Hey, I guess I am the only one who even bothered to read your post and is thanking you for the information about the permanent change of eviction night from Wednesday to Thursday nights! Heres a big hug to sherry for this news!!!

monty924 said...

Shout out to jen and helen2k. Welcome to the community here. As you can see it's a nice place to hang out on BB days and throughout the year.

Jackie, hope all is well and you're feeling better.

monty924 said...

Oops, Helenann2k. :(

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday all!

I don't think the banner plane will do much good. :( Keesha is dead set on Angie going. I just don't get why she doesn't see "Pinhead" as a bigger threat. Is Keesha intimidated by Angie, who isn't "stupid"?

I just watched a video on YouTube where Jessie was bashing CA people. It definitely offended me because most of what he said is not true. The cost of living here is high but so is the income in ratio. But, that doesn't mean CA people are all cut-throat. I find CA people more laid back than cut-throat. Someone out of camera range mentioned that many ppl have migrated to CA from other states. This is certainly true. I don't know very many people who were born and raised here. Jessie also mentioned Jews, etc. I wonder what he thinks of April & Ollie? Jessme is very ignorant and bigoted. I'm wondering where he learned his narrow minded opinions?

Just checked out Jessme's bio to refresh my memory. He lives in Huntington Beach, CA and migrated from Iowa. Maybe he's feeling disrespected because he hasn't made it "big" in Hollywood yet. ;) I just about choked when I read this part: "His favorite activity is communicating with people that contact him whose lives he has helped to change". Wasn't that something like the exit speech he taped for Steven?


I definitely think Michelle is attracted to Jessme and would be open to a sexmance with his muscles. She's always hanging all over him. Did you see Michelle give Jessme a pedicure? He hasn't even given her a massage in return. LOL I wouldn't put it past her to start begging.

Going to get the east coast feeds up in a minute.

joy n said...

Anon 7:36pm, that news about the BB Wed. to Thur. change had already been mentioned by Dia on another post. July 27, 10:14pm. We all appreciate the info.

Laurie said...

Zoetawny, I had forgotten about the manicure. Didn't she say she wished someone would do that for her? I'm sure that went right over the pinhead and didn't stick. If she wants muscleman she will have to be more obvious. Maybe a lap dance? Ewwww!

Anon 7:36, I'm hungry and cranky right now so I'm just going to say that the news of BB10 moving to Thursday night was already posted and replied to so we didn't bother to reply again.

Does anyone remember the Charles Atlas ads for body building? Jessme could bring those back again!

joy n said...

Make that Dia's post on July 25. Sorry, just caught the typo.

formerly anon said...

Petals @ 3:55 PM said...

Jessie's love affair with himself can best be described as an "ego-mance"!


Or... a YO-mance!

An I-mance? A Me-mance? a My-mance?

Linda said...

I can't believe Michelle wants Jesse so bad. Why in Heavens name??? And why hasn't anybody called her out on her life stories. It is so obvious they are made up. She actually has to stop and think of what to say next. Her own stories confuse her. Like Judge Judy says "tell the truth and you don't have to remember."