Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Thursday

I obviously didn't take this screen cap during the overnight hours! While I did watch the latest HG appearance on Craig Ferguson, but didn't transcribe it. Jessie still came off as a goof. I'll dig around YouTube to see if I can find it. Julie Chen was a guest again and she'll be back next week, too. This might be a weekly deal from now on.

In other news from that Big Brother House of Too Touchy Young Men:
  • As I mentioned in the TVS report, Jerry apologized to Memphis for calling him a womanizer. @@
  • By playing up to Memphis, Jerry made himself a heck of a lot more suspicious to the girls. Even Renny is ticked. Libra claims they only needed him for the week anyway.
  • When confronted about the apology, Jerry told the girls he wanted to apologize all along and wanted to do it when neither he or Memphis had power.
  • Renny feels what Jerry did is a betrayal.
  • April and Libra got mad because Ollie and Dan started hanging out with Jessie, Memphis, Michelle, and Angie.
  • Uh-oh.
  • Heh. Dan told Renny she looked like the mother in Mommy Dearest and she hit him. Too bad she didn't have a hanger. Not a wire hanger, of course. We never use wire hangers.
  • Michelle got all upset and called Ollie, April, Libra, etc. losers. She then went off to cry by herself.
  • The house majority vote still seems to be for Angie to go. Libra told Dan a lot of folks would rather Jessie, but it's not their decision.
  • Memphis said that if he wins HOH, he'll put April and Libra on the block.
  • They're all asleep as I post this. Since they were on indoor lockdown since last night, it's very possible an endurance comp may be being set up in the yard.


Anonymous said...

A bit out of nowhere---but curious---so must ask---Did living in the BB house cure April of her OCD? i haven't seen any unusual behavior. Is she a fake?
Patty Q

sharon said...

So,is Memphis a shoo-in for HOH again this week??It seems he's always thinking ahead,but can't deliver the goods. Kinda like Jessme predicting he was going to take the problem! I love it when their words and actions come back to bite them in the butt.

I'm really frustrated that Keesha is still hanging on to the "oust Angie" plan.And if AG IS planning an endurance comp for HOH,just to give that PH an advantage,well,that's just par for the course,isn't it?Why don't they tailor a comp the "old" people would be good at,that's just as fair. If it is an endurance,I hope PH loses and they all never let him live it down. Probably Manchelle will have to do the dirty work for her "boy"!

I was sad to see Tillman go last night,too. His owner picked the wrong pic of him,IMO.I loved that he farted,one last time,on the way out.....too funny!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused about something, Keesha is angry at Angie for Steven being evicted but didn't Keesha vote to evict him? Whatever happened to the days when people didn't all decided how to vote as a group? And now the different groups aren't allowed to mingle or speak to one and other? If you ask me, April and Libra need to go real fast. And they are all idiots if they have a chance to evict Jessie and don't. They have no one to blame but themselves for his actions after tonight.

Melissa said...

I really hate that they say its not THEIR decision. I mean, you do want to do what the HOH wants but if the majority is against it, just go with the numbers. USUALLY that many people cant be wrong. JMO

ch a cha said...

I believe since the original NERD HERD came to be in season 6 thats when the group voting began not each HG decides for themselves.

I think that houseguests should not be able to talk so freely about who to evict.Not really the HG but the HOH shouldn't be the one to say what is going to e done. Don't they remember the HOH doesn't vote unless theres a tie. THere is rarely a tie. Unless you are Adam and Ryan and don't want to look like the bad one.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I was so glad BB wasn't on last night. I got to watch SYTYCD uninterrupted! The finals are next week already. It feels like that competition went so quickly. I'm lovin Twitch, Joshua and Chelsie and wouldn't mind any of those three winning.

I think Keesha's alliance needs to go to her as a group (they seem to like that anyway) and tell her that they are going to vote out Jessie. As much as they want to honor her wishes, Jessie going is the best thing for the whole group and her in particular.

Donna in AL said...

Melissa, that was exactly what I was going to post about the decision. All it would take is one of them saying they are voting Jesse out to change the tide and all to follow.

Witt said...

rbennie -- I think that your idea of the alliance telling Keesha they want to vote out Jessie is a good one. She doesn't see that if he gets HOH he will put her up in a second since she DISRESPECTED him. @@

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Oh my, the screen shots of those young faces scowling in the sun are not attractive. Plus, they are putting their skin in such danger. Tsk tsk tsk ...

Reading about the alliances and the bickering about anybody even talking to someone in the other group is so junior high school. You know those "mean girls" in power right now will turn on each other by tonight.

I like the idea of one rogue person saying "I'm going to vote JessMe out"... and then watching what happens from there.

I also like the vision of JessMe losing an endurance comp. Remember when our roofer fell off the beam in BB9? Oh that's right, he did that on purpose. I remember. :-)

cha cha said...

I think they should go as well since they have no opinion of there own in voting.

They had told Jessie all week that he was safe...I still can't believe he was acting like a 22 yr old PH. Oh wait, Yes i can cause he is.
The houseguests should think long and hard today but very quickly with the HOH being set up last night...HELLO ENDURANCE!!!!! They should know that a question and answer doesn't really take 15 hours or longer.

cha cha said...

oh god Matty falling....I know more believe he threw that comp than the man on the moon..I bet the moon is also made of cheese.LOL
I just can't believe these people have no ORIGINAL thoughts of there own

Anonymous said...

The thing I don't get about these stupid people is that they keep saying it's not THEIR decision who gets voted out. HUH? Of course it's their decision. Keesha's job was to nominate, the rest of the house get to vote the person to be evicted. Keesha should NOT be given that power. It's ridiculous. What a bunch of followers. I hate how this game has turned into no one having their own mind. It IS like watching dumb animals.


Laurie said...

Cha cha, yes he did that on purpose like I'm still 32 years old. Uhm... no!

Patty Q, there was some reference the other day that April was cleaning a counter over and over again. I don't think that qualifies for OCD. Maybe she's discovered a cure whilst in the house! *grin*

Sharon, you didn't get the memo that Memphis is a shoo-in again this week? Turns out he's a shoo-in every week this season. Just ask him!

Now you have me curious as to what a comp for the "Old people" would be. It would have to be a brain game with questions about things that happened in the years the others were kids. Or maybe something like Scrabble. I dunno, Renny doesn't seem to be able to focus very well. What would she be good at...

Jen said...

Good Morning everyone!! I have to agree with everyone on the whole voting as a group thing!! What's that about? Even Libra saying "it's not our decision." Um Hello yes you do, you are the one voting!! I just don't get it!! I understand not wanting to put a target on your back but if the majority of the group wants to vote a certain way then do it!! Once the HOH does the nominating the power is out of their hands!

If they do vote out Angie (which I am pretty sure they will) I hate to say this but I hope Jessie, Michelle or Memphis wins HOH just to make the other side squirm a little!! The only thing better would be Renny winning HoH because she is becoming my new favorite!!

Jen said...

Oh and Patty Q I've been wondering about April's OCD thing too! I don't see it! All I see her doing is wiping down the kitchen counter. May it's a clean counter thing! I don't know.

Sydney said...

Patty Q -- good question!

patty said...

Sydney-I thought of you when I watched it. On Youtube type in "Christian the Lion," I believe you will enjoy the video. I did.

(((MEB))) I'm thinking of you and hoping that today is going wonderful for you.

Jackie-I was wondering the same thing about the HGS being a weekly appearance on CF Show. I guess time will tell.

I am glad to hear that IF Memphis wins HOH, his choice of who to put up is April and Libra. I would not care which of the two left.

Anyone notice the "cool down" with Ollie and April. Maybe someone clued them in that everything is shown. Maybe Ollie received a letter from home LOL!

Have a great day everyone!

Petals said...

Re: April's OCD : Isn't she obsessed with sex? Didn't she have sex like, the 1st or 2nd night? With a man she'd known for 48 hrs???
There is her disorder... Perhaps nymphomania is a better description than OCD. Makes us other OCDers look bad. haha