Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Late Into the Night

They're talking about how weird Renny is and how she gives a shout-out to every race and practically every person in the world. "Here's a shout-out to my peeps at Walgreens!" They think she's very odd.

Here's what's been going on inside that Big Brother House of I Can't Get These Names Straight Yet:
  • Keesha and April discussed how they think Dan needs to go. Keesha thinks he could very well win it all and is scared. April thinks Steven should go after Dan.
  • See, Steven, I warned you not to hang out with Dan!
  • Keesha and April were talking about Playboy when Ollie said "classy shouldn't be used in the same sentence with Playboy." At least some home training has stayed with him.
  • According to what Ollie said, this week's eviction votes will be live. They're usually taped when so many are still in the house.
  • There is now an Ollie, April, Keesha, Michelle, and Libra alliance.
  • Renny gave a shout-out to her Asian friends at the nail shop. @@
  • Brian is planning to campaign for votes on Tuesday.
  • Steven and Libra have cooled down with their disagreements. Steven thought he may have made a mistake going in the house because he doesn't like drama and she told him it may have been her fault.
  • Michelle told Jessie that she thinks Steven needs to go because he's into everything and everyone.
  • Ollie apologized to Dan (for betraying the alliance).
  • This is getting sickening!
  • The houseguests want games or cards.
  • Jerry isn't apologizing to Brian. "He screwed me."
  • BB gave them beer and wine again.
  • Jerry thinks that Libra's arrogance will get him in trouble just as his own arrogance did for him.
  • Angie cried because Jerry called her a psycho.
  • Brian consoled her and actually was very sweet about it.
  • Libra told Angie that she didn't think Jerry meant it.
  • Jessie and Michelle think Angie is too close with Brian.
  • Jerry apologized to Angie for calling her a psycho -- he said he didn't mean it in a bad way. (Yeah, right!)
  • Renny cried today too. Hey, maybe Amber will drop by to counsel them!
  • Steven plans to do Slopformercials during tomorrow's BBAD.
  • Steven made sock puppets, put on a show, and all are giggling now. Well, all of those who are still up.


joy n said...

Sounds like everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this AM or they're overtired and need some nappy time. Even Jerry is sounding grumpy.

It also sounds like Steven is trying to provide some needed entertainment.

Laurie said...

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so maybe it's a California thing!
They've been in the house about a week now, haven't they? I'd be stir-crazy by now.

Patty said...

I stayed up to watch all of BBAD for the first time.

First, they all seem to talk, wait "scream" over each other all at the same time. Next,they had a difficult time deciding what they wanted to do for entertainment. They decided on chrades, which lead to Angie's feelings being hurt when Jerry called her "psycho". She felt that is what the HGS thought of her as. She went inside any cried. Brian was the first to console her and hang with her to make sure she was okay. Michelle went inside to look for Angie. Michelle found Angie in bed crying and Angie wanted to be left alone. This lead to Michelle being upset that Angie leaned on Brian first to comfort her. Michelle and Angie had a long conversation about what took place and how it appeared to her that Angie wanted Brian's help, but not Michelle's. Michelle thinks Angie hangs with Brian too much.

JMHO, I think that Jerry's comment about saying "psycho" was that someone asked again what the answer was and he told them "She's Psycho." I do not think he was personally calling or meaning she was "psycho".

In the end, Angie and Jerry talked about it and Angie herself thought she overeacted and told Jerry all was well. (Maybe PMSing-Libra stated maybe that was the reason for her own breakdown recently.)

For now, it looks like everyone just wanted to have something to do and have a little bit of fun together to pass the time.

Right now the only one I would trust is Jerry. The rest I can see flipping in a heartbeat, if need be.

Harland Crom said...

From what I'm reading, it looks like the cowboy is going to be first to go. Glad I don't have him in my game.