Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Since POV

Sucking his thumb isn't a good look for Ollie.

Rub-a-dub-dub, three houseguests in a tub.

So, this week it's the mighty Keesha who is both the HOH and winner of the power of veto. Jessie must be freaking out, eh? Up on the block are Jessie and Angie and that's not likely to change since Keesha holds all of the power. Alas (for me, anyway), Angie is the target, not Jessie. Sigh.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Bubbles and Thumbs:
  • Dan hosted the POV comp. Good. I didn't want to hear Jerry screaming hoarsely again.
  • The comp sounds like it was complicated -- something about having to rest their heads on buttons and worms.
  • Jessie has a plan to tell Jerry that everyone wanted him out to win him over to his side. He also thinks if he tells Dan that Libra is the one who wanted him on the block, that will win Dan over.
  • Keesha knows the others want Libra out, but right now she needs Libra for the numbers.
  • Jerry went and told Jessie he's safe this week, Angie is the target. Argh, Jerry!
  • Shades of Nakomis, April and Keesha pinkyswore tor a final two pact.
  • April told Keesha that Libra is really getting on her nerves. Keesha has had Libra's number all along.
  • Ollie told Keesha and April he often removes himself from the group because of Libra.
  • Renny's birthday is Tuesday. She wants BB to do something for the occasion.
  • Angie tried to get Michelle more on her side.
  • MIchelle thinks that most of the house wants Libra out. She's right, but I don't see it happening right now.
  • April thinks this week is a good opportunity to get Jessie out. (YES!) Ollie agrees, saying that America will think they're stupid if they don't. (YES!)
  • Angie finally went to go have a talk with Keesha. Michelle encouraged Angie to try getting Keesha to put Libra on the block. Now, I know that won't work at this time.
  • Angie also told Keesha how she missed Steven and just didn't want to be the target.
  • I don't think the talk changed Keesha's mind.
  • Michelle and Jessie seriously thought that Angie's talk with Keesha would immediately result in Keesha agreeing to put Libra on the block. Silly hamsters.
  • Jessie told Keesha that he did what the house wanted last week and is upset that he's being used as a pawn. He wants her to put Libra on the block. Keesha told him that she won't do it -- she had given her word to Libra that she wouldn't put her on the block this week and she won't.
  • Jessie tried to pressure her -- putting him up was just wrong and based on a lie according to him.
  • He told Keesha she was mindwashed by the mob, Libra would use her for the next three days and then be done with her, on and on. It's really not helping his case. (Good.)
  • In a HOH room gathering Jerry said that if Jessie didn't go home he'd be coming after them.
  • Jerry and Ollie don't like that Dan is talking so much with Jessie and Memphis.
  • Jerry was on a Suspect Dan kick for a long time. When he talked to Dan about hanging out with "them," Dan said it didn't mean he was part of their (Memphis, Jessie, etc.) alliance.
  • Jerry's latest is that he thinks Memphis should be backdoored this week.
  • The girls with Renny nearby had a bubble bath in the HOH bathroom.
  • Oh, geez ... as I'm typing this the camera switched to Ollie and April having sex AGAIN. "Oh, I think we need to get a towel." Blech.
On that note, I'm outta here.


Mrs.Whiggins said...

Thanks for the middle of the night update. I thought I was the only night owl around.
I'm soooo hoping Keesha gives Jessme the boot. Kudos to who ever was clever enough to come up with that nickname.
Dan seems to be a bouncer, not a floater. He runs from one allianace to the other, squealing on everyone. Bet that bites him in the bum soon enough.
Oh, by the way...Jerry's voice bothers me more than any of the females, past or present, with the exception of the blonde from a few years back that sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium.
Hope your DR. appt. went well and you are now feeling better. I'm with the rest of your fans, if you need time to get healthy, take it. We will survive.

Mrs.Whiggins said...

ps: April & Ollie at it again, ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. They need a towel, I need a bucket.

debbie said...

April and Ollie are tacky doing the "tango" on live TV. April getting "April Showers" in the middle of the night is gross. Tell Ollie to go water his plant elsewhere

Jessme I cant stand

Jerry does have a voice that is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard!

Angie is getting a bumb rap, I think if she sirvives this week she could go far, they need to break up the Libra alliance.

Jackie I hope you are feeling better

Sydney said...

You're right about that look for Ollie. I don't get Oillie (OR April's) appeal at all.

Did Keesha look sincere with that pinkie swear? she's not as smart as I hoped..... I still don't know what Angie did to have them hate her so much. Big deal she liked Brian...old news at this point. Oliie was also on Brian's side first week, and no one seems to hold that against him. He gets two advantages from bonking April........

Angie has hardly been obnoxious or in people's faces. Just because she isn't with the other girls -- neither was Renny at that point. I'd have steered lcear of Libra and APril too if in the house. But I do like Angie and Keesha and they are on separate alliances. Would they hate me for that?

I felt a little less desperate at the few things you put in where Jessie is making himself more annoying (is that possible?). Keesha will keep noms the same and the question is, does he have ENOUGH time to hang himself????? I HOPE SO!!!!!

RyzandShyn said...

Blech for sure...I don't want anything to do with watching Ollie and April. I made the mistake of watching the video with Gnat, and that's my lesson learned.

I like Keesha, and wish she wasn't in with Libra and April. I hope she ends up as the one still standing from that group.

Dan is quickly getting himself into trouble. Many a houseguest has tried the bouncing around strategy, and it comes back around in a big hurry.

Jessme IS a punk kid. I was embarrassed for his mother the other night trying to defend him.

Sydney said...

ryzandshyn- I actually was emberassed for her too but I think she really meant it, and is blind. Aaah, a mothers love!

tbc said...

Did anyone catch the commercial for BB last night featuring Jessme as the "Summer Hunk". I threw up a little in my mouth. Where did this come from....Jessme's imagination???

JOKATS said...

From personal experience, I think Angie is a threat to the other girls, because she & Michelle relate better to the boys than the "girly-girls" do. That's why they want her out. If they have control again next week I think Michelle will be up on the block.

Jessme is a punk too full of himself to take seriously.

Ollie's father should be real proud of his son...(NOT!!).

Even tho Jerry's voice is annoying, I like him and hope to see him awhile longer....but I'm doubtful.

Hope all is moving forward w/ your recovery Jackie. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When did Ollie move onto Angie?

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all. It's 5:30a.m. WC time and I can't sleep(mexican food and a migraine). After catching up here I have a few thoughts:

Mrs. Whiggins: Welcome! I just have a picture of you in my mind but I bet it's nothing close to the real you. You talked about being up in the middle of the night--what time zone are you in?

Syd--thanks for taking time to make the call to Meb. At least, she is in the same room. I'm going to guess that means no complications just taking a little longer for recovery/release.

dla--I was blue yesterday, also. I know Randy Pausch was an inspiration to so many but it is still sad when someone who had such a zest for life loses his at a young age.

Laurie--not everyone plays POV. Only the HOH, the two noms, and the 3 names they draw from a bag. Perhaps Jessie didn't even get to play.

Jennasmom--isn't your daughter about 5 yrs. old? She would probably LOVE to push you around DisneyWorld! Be sure to wear your most comfortable shoes--that concrete will really cause your Plantar's to flair up!

plaidchick--you go girl!! If I was 20 yrs. younger I would be having lipo, too. This "belly fat" seems to get bigger every year(gotta love menopause...grrr). My daughter is considering the breast red., too. She is young(32) and already having back problems.

I'm not sure Jessie would do well in an endurance comp. Past seasons have shown us that the "muscle man" is usually good in comp. that require strength but not good at cardio or standing on things for a long time.

Jerry was being a perv. again last night. When the girls said they were having a bubble bath he wanted to join them. They told him no and then he asked if he could come in and "talk to them" after they got the bubbles placed on their bodies covering them up! Ugh! They actually wore swimsuits.

Keesha/April in the F2?? What happened to April's all. with Ollie?? He's good enough to have sex with on TV but not take to the F2? I think Keesha agreed to it knowing she could win against April!

Speaking of Ollie/April....(mrs. whiggins--pass the barf bucket) again last night. This time with the lights on, openly talking about needing a towel, and April taking off her shorts!!! At this rate they will not even be under a blanket by next week!!! Yep, Ollie, your dad will be proud of you just as long as you don't disrespect a woman!! Wonder what Dad's sermons are about these days....the evils/temptations of a woman(Adam and Eve)....the wrath of God on Soddamn & Gamorra....or maybe "free will"!!

So far they have done it 3 times w/o using a condom. April was talking about them being the first inter-racial couple--they may also be the first pregnant couple!!

I think Ollie escaped the chopping block as a result of Brian, because he ratted him out to the others and quickly jumped alliances. Hooking up(literally) with April helped, too.

Jackie--I hope you are feeling better today. I'm sure your patience are wearing thin on "taking it easy". Sounds like your heatwave is gone so that should bring some relief for you.

nancy in nj said...

good morning all.

nana...i really am sorry to hear about your foot. my daughter has had similar problems with her feet and i know it was really painful!

ollie and april at it again? no need to have hamsters in the house....we already have a couple of rabbits. pass the bucket.

i have to tell you....if any of my kids acted like that on tv (and i would be so shocked if they did...they're just not like that) i would be mortified, and planning the HUGE lecture they would get no matter HOW old they were. maybe i am just old....i just can't imagine self esteem and self respect allowing that behavior KNOWING where they are with cameras all over the place. SOMETHING just can't be right.....

i too have wondered if pinhead could handle the physical comps as well as the others unless it was on strength alone. i would LOVE to see my precious janie go up against jessme. something tells me that would be kinda funny.

jerry's voice..oh my....i remind myself not to be mean..but ...yea..nails on a chalkboard! (and i'm a teacher...i can kinda handle it a little)..but not that voice. ugh,,here's a thought...ollie and april going at it...with the voice of jerry giving a play by play. UGH!!!!!!

i better quit now before y'all ask me to leave....

Laurie said...

Mrs.Whggins,welcome to our little group and thanks for the laugh. They need a towel, I need a bucket. So true! I watched part of one of the videos and that was enough for me. Actually, more than enough!

I'm laughing at the picture of Ollie with his thumb in his mouth. I was wondering if there are any good pictures of him. So far I've only seen him slouching, shuffling, and hanging his head. Oh my, his preacher papa must be so proud.

Nana, thanks for the update on how many can play in the POV. I guess we will find out if JessMe was in it eventually. I'm praying that the house sees him as a threat and shows him the door. His ego is too much for even his body!

Nancy, did you have to put that visual/audio in our heads. :-) Now I'm throwing up a little! Where's that bucket?
*looking around*

Jackie, take care of you. Clearly we can entertain ourselves if needed.

Syndey, thanks for the updates on MEB. I know you are a caring and loving person, and it really shows in this instance. We are lucky to have you as our go-between. Hugs.

Auntie Leigh said...

Sydney, I agree with Laurie.
Jackie, thanks for answering my question! About Memphis. And thanks to all of you for previewing the sex-kapades and sparing me the images. I am too old for that stuff. Chow4now

Lucy said...

Jerry's voice only annoys me when he curses and swears. He is all about respect and giving his word but he doesn't think twice about speaking vulgar and swearing up a storm. I had hoped Jerry would be a gentleman in the house and set the standard for the younger men. Alas, Jerry is just an older version of previous foul-mouthed house guests.

RyzandShyn said...

Hi all!
Sydney - Yes, I guess a mother's love can be that blind. I guess it was embarrassing since his shortcoming is obvious to everyone and no one probably knows it better than her.
I'm more like Miss Lillian (Jimmy Carter's mother) when it comes to discussing my children. She once said "When I look at my four children sometimes I say to myself, Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin."

Sydney said...


Not much of one, as we had a very brief call. it's always tough to be the one with the phone number as no time after major surgery is good to call. With lingering anesthetic, the dawning of what just really happened, trials of new meds, first meals, trying to get up, washing etc..., then dozing or being out of it from pain medication, or just needing to sleep -- well, I never know when to call.

But I did, around 9:30 EST. I told MEB all here were clamoring to know if she was OK. She said to tell everyone she was alright, but that she'd not going home probably 'til after the weekend. (yay, that means the cards sent earlier this week should all get to her).

She was just getting pain meds from the nurse at the time I rang up, and she said "I may fall asleep within minutes after I get this (lol)". Always thoughtful!

I believe her daughter walked in right then, and we said our goodbyes. It's not much, but ...

Jackie said...

Thank you for the MEB news Sydney. It's good to know she's hanging in there and will hopefully be home Monday. I know from recent experience that the hospital is one of the worst places to be when you're in bad shape! I'm sure that MEB would rather be home, but there are things a hospital can do that you can't do for yourself at home. Sigh.

Laurie said...

Thank you Sydney. It's actually a lot of information when you think about it and we do appreciate you getting it.

You are right, it's hard to know when to call when someone is in the hospital. The truth is that's there's never a good time with all that goes on during the day.

I'm very glad you got to talk to her and hear her voice. She is a trooper, isn't she? So are you!

Hugs to you my friend. You are special.

Anonymous said...

I think April is auditioning to be a Porn Star. I think Ollie got lost on his way to a Dating show or Bachelorette the X rated version.

Renny is my favorite now.


nancy in nj said...

sydney...i appreciate (as we all do) the MEB update. poor meb....i find myself thinking of her often wishing she did not have to go thru this. are such a trooper.but please...take care of YOU first. we would all rather know you are healing and doing well rather than having set backs. you've got a LOT of people here cheering you on!!!!!

renny still remains my favorite HG. the rabbits are just such a ....yuk factor....angie i can't figure out for my life. not that sure about dan or memphis. jerry creeps me out ( i wonder what his wife thinks)......still early in game i guess. isn't it funny how some HG's that annoy us to death during the show become "better" afterwards? case in point....evil dick. if you remember the posts dedicated soley to how rude and gross he he's like...what would dick say???

i still say jackie and her bloggers should be BB11. i think ya'll would drive the producers nuts. try editing a bunch of you sitting around encouraging one another and helping one another all day!!!

Nana in the NW said...

Nancy--if any of MY girls acted like that there wouldn't be an army big enough to stop me from marching up to the door of the BB house and pulling them out by their ear!!!

Caroline--Renny is moving up on my list of favs. too. I think she is playing a really smart game right now. Thank goodness she got whatever meds. she needed early on.

Syd--THANK YOU!!! It's good to know Meb doing alright just progressing slowly.

lucy--I agree...for an older man Jerry has quite a foul mouth. I wonder how he talks around his family?

tom's--I'm going to the horse races tomorrow....any numbers I should bet on or colors??

Back to scrapbooking.....

joy n said...

From what April has said, I believe she planned to select someone to sleep with once she got to the "house". Hopefully, she, at least brought along her birth control pills.

Let's all hope that, somehow, Keesha comes to her senses and realizes this is an excellent opportunity to get Jessie out of there before he wins something else. If she doesn't, he will be after her. Jessie thought he was disrespected by Steven because he hadn't fawned all over Jessie's HOH reign. Can you imagine what we'll hear about Keesha's outright mutiny?

Sydney, thanks again for the promising news about Meb.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say Renny was one of my favorites from the start. Jessie is a disrespectful little punk and his parents should be ashamed of his behavior, I know I would.
Keesha is one of my other faves and I also hopes she gets a clue and gets rid of Jessie, if not for any other reason than bugging the hell our of her.

Sally said...

Jackie--thanks for the update. Hope your doctor was able to work some magic and make you feel much better.

tbc--I did see that BB commercial yesterday. Shook my head in disbelief. If anyone believed the "summer hunk" description, they likely changed their minds with Jessie's condescending attitude and comment.

laurie--the POV competitors were Keesha, Jessie, Angie, Libra, Ollie and Memphis, with Dan as the host. Keesha won and Libra came in second, so Jessie was beaten by two of the women. Too bad.

nana in the NW--you mentioned that Ollie and April might become the first pregnant BB couple. I remember reading in her CBS bio that she has an identical twin who is pregnant. Maybe she's trying to catch up.

Laurie said...

Nancy, we bloggers would make for bad tv these days, wouldn't we? We'd be sharing our stories and laughing and crying ... but we'd be doing it all together and in a supportive way. We'd also get all organized as to who likes to do what and not have a bad meal or a messy house! Oh yeah, we'd be very boring to any viewers! I wouldn't be able to go unless I could take yarn and hooks and needles with me. So you see, I'm quite the exciting woman!!

Sally, thanks for the update on who was in on the POV thing. Now I'm smiling even bigger. Big ol' Jessme was beaten by two women. That has to be a blow to his ego.

As to the sexcapades, I would jerk my daughters off that show faster than anyone could imagine. They are welcome to their sex lives but not on national television. And it's not like April/Ollie don't know they are being watched and filmed. It is truly disgusting.

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Ok, I can't believe I am about to admit this.

But, I had to look up the Ollie/April romp on youtube this morning.

Somehow I couldn't look, but couldn't look away at the same time. I can't explain it!!

Laurie said...

Bwahahahahaha... I just realized I used the words jerk, beaten and blow all in one post. All words were used in complete innocence, I swear!

monty924 said...

joy n, I completely agree about April. I keep thinking that she cannot be that studpid and is actually protecting herself against one thing at least.

Jessie or Jessme is completely digging his own grave. I want Keesha to pull an EvelDick and change her mind (ala Mike) and get Jessie the tool out of there.

He's an idiot at this game!

monty924 said...

Laurie (4:36), it gets even better regarding Jessme. He is losing his mind in there today. Its a great day to have the feeds. :)

Laurie said...

Oh Monty, is he starting to lose his cool? (not that he was cool, but you know what I'm saying...)

I just hope he digs his own hole to be buried in. They don't vote anyone out until Thursday! That's a lot of time for him to become unraveled.

Zoetawny said...

Afternoon all!


Thanks for calling Meb and posting a report. IKWYM about being uncertain when to call a patient in the hospital not wanting to disturb or burden them. I know you wanted to be as considerate as possible.

It's good to know that Meb made it through surgery but unfortunately it will be a while before she feels better. We'll be cheering when we see her post. Remember how excited we were when we saw Jackie's updates?


I hope the Coumadin dosage adjustment will allow you to feel much better. Sending you hugs and caring thoughts.

April & Ollie...GROSS!!!! I'm seriously thinking that April's OCD
could be sexual. I'm with you, Nana, I'd be trying anything to get word to my son or daughter that they're making fools out of themselves on the Internet for the entire world to see. To snag a line from Jackie, April and Ollie will have to be in the "witless protection program" when they get out of the BB house.

I'm glad that Keesha is staying strong with her nominations. Hopefully Jessie is hanging himself in his attempt to campaign to stay. I don't think Jessie's biggest fan, "Manchelle", could be swayed to vote against him but maybe others could be influenced not to keep him. Is it time for a banner plane already? ;)

Yes, I did see the BB commercial about the "summer hunk" in the house. I shouted at the TV that we BB fans all hate him. LOL I'm sure CBS must read how unpopular the pinhead is on the blogs. Jessie's mom must have loved it, still denying what a weasel he is.

Well, I'm off to make a banner plane now. LOL

Thanks for the latest updates, Jackie. You ROCK!

LEE said...

Thought I would kick back and watch some BB. OMG PLEASE SEND

JB said...

"He (JESSME) told Keesha she was mindwashed by the mob..."

MINDWASHED???? What a boob.

Mrs.Whiggans said...

Nana in the NW:
Does your image of me bring Tim Conway and Carol Burnett to mind? I'm on the east coast, retired and completely nocturnal. I enjoy both the best times of any day, sunrise is bed time, then coffee watching the sunsets.
I too, was wondering if BBX supplied the hamsters with condoms this year. Last season they had them by the bowlful. Perhaps April is trying to one up Libra? Her and Ollie can have triplets, one white, one black and one mocha!

nancy in nj said...

laurie.....please do bring your kneedles with you into the house. i want so much to learn how to knit. i have the easy beginner books...and cannot get the yarn on the needles! AGH!!!!!

nana.....i'm with ya on the kid situation. i love my kids will all my heart.....and didn't take crap from them either. they are by no means perfect ( loved the quote from mrs carter about looking at her kids and sometimes wishing she was a virgin hahahaha been there!!) but i never really had too much trouble with them in restaurants, public, etc..they were too scared to act out. i consider that...a GOOD thing. politically incorrect or was always ok with me that the kids were too scared to act out. today, they are adults ....responsible adults..and we have a blast together. as a teacher i can tell you..many parents today are afraid to take charge in their home. scared their kids might not "like" them. i see it all the time. i think that is how we end up with the april's of the world. sad sad sad my soapbox. sorry...just so tired of "politically correct" being so ridiculous that people are afraid to say what is TRUE and real.

i really am starting to think that april faked the whole ocd thing to get on the show. i just don't think you can turn that on or off.

can someone divide the alliances up for me? is the house split in two or are there more factions?

Sydney said...

Laurie 4:38 -- Totally fabulous... I read them in innocence too, lol.

Mrs.Whiggins said...

nancy in nj : what a nasty image in my head, and before the coffee was done! Did make me chuckle after the initial shock.
tbc: I think that maybe how the producer, AG, thinks of him, ugh.
I love the nicknames this blog comes up with! Jessme and Manchelle, I peed a little!

Laurie said...

Mrs Whiggins, I wondered if you were actually old enough to remember Tim Conway and Carol Burnett. Those skits were so funny, weren't they? Even they got caught up in them and made each other laugh. Oh, how I loved that show. Really great comedy that the whole family could watch.

Nancy in nj, I do more crochet than knit because I think it's easier. However, my next project will be a knit one just because I need the practice. Too bad you are all the way across the country from me. I'd love to do needlework with you!

Here's a really good site with videos on how to knit. The nice thing is you can play them over and over until you "get it".

I totally agree with you that too many parents forget they they are the ones in control. You aren't supposed to be their best friend, and a loving parent is one who prepares their child for the real world. It's our job to teach them life skills, including the fact that you don't always get what you want. *insert music*

Anonymous said...

I like Libra I think she is smart. The houseguest have to find someone to target and unfortunately it's her.