Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Update

There's a pool tournament going on in California tonight. Alas, while they're all playing pool they're not doing too much report-worthy. But I figured it was a good time to catch up to the latest since my last report on TVS.

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Pool Hustlers:
  • The Steven/Jessie talk went on forever without really resolving much. Sure, they talked calmly. But it seems Steven is still a dead man walking.
  • The guys are meatballs. Oops. That is, the guys made meatballs.
  • Michelle, Angie, and Dan jogged around the yard. Exciting stuff.
  • Thanks to the BB voice, we know it takes a bit over 19 laps to make a mile.
  • Everyone exercised except Renny and Jerry.
  • Memphis told Angie that they should get rid of Renny and Jerry because they're floaters.
  • Keesha and April think that Libra's been playing them and they've just been her puppets.
  • April (getting along fine with Keesha now) told Keesha that she told Ollie she wouldn't take him to the end.
  • Libra seems to have drawn a lot of negative attention to herself -- Jerry and Renny were also bashing her.
  • With Jerry, it's a mix of her control issues and arrogance which have him ticked off.
  • Keesha hopes that Jerry wins HOH because he'll put Libra on the block. Memphis said he doesn't mind waiting a bit longer to get her out.
  • Meanwhile, Steven is seeing the anti-Libra sentiment in the house and wants to try to work it so Michelle uses the veto and Libra goes on the block.
  • Michelle hasn't said if she's going to use the veto or not.
  • Libra thinks the girls should make sure a guy goes home each week.
  • Libra, Keesha, and Michelle are still leery of Angie.
  • When asked by him, Memphis told Steven he'd be voting him out.
  • Memphis told Libra that he didn't want either Renny or Jerry in the sequester house so they must get the boot before that time.
  • Libra, without going into detail, warned Renny to watch her back.
  • And now there's billiards.


PDX Granny said...

OMG!!! I can't believe I'm the first! I'm never up earlier than you guys on the east coast!! It's almost 9:00 there. Where are you????

Doesn't sound like a real eventful evening last night - which could be a good thing if you compare it to last season!!

Have a great day, everyone! I'm getting to watch my grandson today - otherwise I'd still be sleeping!!


TerryinCA said...

This really is a tame house isnt it?
pdx granny I congradulate you on on being first today, its a cool feeling!
We went to see Get Smart last night and I laughed so much...I was so surprised because I didnt expect to like it.
Its another hot one today here in CA so maybe that will stir things up in the BB house

Jackie said...

We're in the midst of a heat wave here. I haven't had a great health week and I'm going to be happy to stay inside in the air conditioning without having to go to PT, blood draws and doctors.

Hopefully the houseguests will be entertaining over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all,
First of all,I want to say to Jackie-THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU!!I've been a fan of yours for 3 or 4 summers now.I look forward to bb,just because I know you will be keeping us well informed of the goings on in the house.It would't be the same show without you being here to tell us what really is happening in there.
I'm not sure sure I have a favorite hg this year yet...but I know who I don't like(renny,jessie,libra)I did have memphis in that group too...but for some reason he's starting to grow on me.
It's going to be a great summer!!


dla said...

Jackie, I hope you have a restful and cool weekend in the AC. You deserve it!

Thanks for all you do! :)

Anonymous said...

I cant remember is it Saturday or Sunday they havr the pov ceromony.

Tom`S said...

Today July 19, 2008 - Off Topic Long Rant, I feel better..
I've decided to use my power of veto Hahahaaaaa - I won't go into get detail ( Libra )
Basically I'm going to play the lotto, I know its time. I'm 110 % positive I'll win prior Sept 15 2009 Haha
Living well in advance can drive one crazy!
I could explain over and over to various individuals why I just know about this or that, of course only if it pertains to various dates surrounding me, however it'll never sink!
One thing is for certain, it always takes me back to Sept 15.
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My sister goes out dancing every Friday night with relatives to a small town dinky C & W old timers SPJST Hall ( Jackies description on an earlier thread regarding Jerry/Renny reminded me of this place )
since January I made sure my sister had assistance returning home, I feared she'd snap, she recently had a hysterectomy ) last night I wanted to drive to her home near her pond area, I got in my vehicle I couldn't have driven any better than a drunk driver, that's how exhausted I was, I instead cried told myself she'll call because she'll be in a depressed mood, not to mention very angry if she saw her ex husband with another women.
Since Tuesday the 15th my phone rang every 5 min's, I literally wanted to break the phone. I have never snapped at my daughter ( Royal is her nickname ) I wasn't angry I basically answered her phone call in a " if you need anything go buy it yourself tone, " today its hilarious ( she requested marsh mellows ) exhausted having given up on a project I've been attempting to work on, I decided to go to sleep, it was after 1 AM.
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Jackie, Sydney, and all of you it's time we vacation.
Nana my thoughts have been with Jose is everything okay? I hope all goes well.

Tom`S said...

I forgot to add one reason I never watched Lost or Ghost Whispers is because it's my story from 2 years ago, it literally drives me crazy watching something that's 2 years behind my life. I actually believed various numbers were cursed, I'm sorry, I realize I confuse many people, but try reliving your past via your story, this chapter has to end by finally accepting numbers are only cursed when you've allowed your emotions into distracting your daily life with bitter anger!

My 13 year torch curse is only going to end by cashing in Haha
Okay I wanna prove my point..Texas lotto is 125 Million - yep I know it's wishful thinking but when you know because you just do, why not share it once and for all!
I'm viewed nuts, crazy regardless. But it doesn't mean its the lotto you all will be the first to know what I'll be referring to, right now I want Jackie's Blog to be the first to know who I really am. I really do suck at English. Haha

monty924 said...

Happy Saturday All!

Drama, drama, drama. Libra, Jerry and Renny into it now. Libra has went down a few more notches in my opinion. She was caught in one of her lies by Jerry this morning and now she's back peddling. Me thinks Libra is not long for this game.

Zoetawny said...

Happy Saturday!


Just read your older post about your mom's kitty. It's so sad that little furbaby didn't make it. :( It's very admirable of your mom to take care of them. I'm sure it must have been hard on you to be the one to have found the kitty. Bless you for taking care of them while your mom is absent.


I'm still giggling at your comment. If Dan leaves now he won't have as much to confess. One of the things that irks me the most is a hypocrite.

I haven't been keeping up in depth with the latest this past week. Is Steven not compaigning to stay?
I would much rather see Dan go home.

How is it that Memphis is staying under the radar? Maybe Brian was right about Memphis being the one to watch win BB.

I only have a few minutes so going over to TVS to read Jackie's latest.

I've been wondering where Sydney is this week? I've been a bit concerned about not seeing her posting about BB. Maybe, I missed something and she's on vacation or?


Thanks for keeping up with it all. You mentioned health issues this week. I hope it's nothing serious and you're taking time to rest and take care of yourself. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

What's happening on the feeds? Anyone?

Sydney said...

OMG I'm so far behind. I 'm just a little hesitant to lose my entire life to the show this time around. But if there was finally a cast that seems to know how to at least play the game from the get go, this cast is worth watching this season. Jerry is sharp and the girls seem on to things pretty fast. Liking this better.... at least this crew seems like they are thinking and can strategize, AT LAST!!!

Like the house decor much better too. And seems we all agree Renny's accent is not N.O. but more a cross between Brooklyn and Boston and burbon (not the street, mind you).

CHA CHA -- I will just die waiting for you to go into Renny's hair salon and get back here to tell us everything!!!

Donna in AL said...

Tom's, what are the lucky numbers since you want to share. However, I would have to drive about 2 1/2 hours to the Tennessee or Georgia state lines to get a lottery ticket. Sweet home Alabama of course does not have a lottery. It would be a 5 1/2 hour drive to get a Florida lottery ticket.

I don't have a favorite on BB yet. You guys that have the live feeds seen any political talk yet? I thought by what I had seen on the previews and read that Dan and Libra would be very vocal on that.

Take care and stay inside in the AC since it is so hot outside. Prop up your leg and watch more of the feeds. I was outside for 30 minutes today and the humidity here about made me sick, I had to take an Aleve for my headache and sit in the cool for awhile.