Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Update Into Late Saturday Night (7/19)

Why is Ollie wearing a wig and eating a banana? Well, I'll tell you why he's wearing the wig in a bit. Just don't ask me about the banana.

Here's the latest skinny from that Big Brother House of Let's Put on a Show:
  • I last left you with my TVS report during which there were brouhahas all over the place.
  • Libra's still ticked. According to her, she only wanted the teams for the food comp evened out. I guess that means one "old" person on each team. In other words, she's still blaming Jerry and Renny for her team losing the food comp.
  • Jessie told Libra he won't defend Jerry because he put him on the block.
  • Steven plans to go to each houseguest asking for them to vote for him to stay. Or, to be more accurate, vote for Dan to leave. That is if the nominations remain the same, of course.
  • Steven ran around naked. Well, that's better than Jerry running around naked.
  • Keesha, Ollie, April, and Steven discussed how Libra goes around planting seeds. The anti-Libra movement is gaining momentum in the house.
  • Jerry had heart bypass surgery when he was 64. Since then he's been very careful about his diet. He's on slop this week.
  • Dan doesn't want to have kids now because then his life would be over. I was going to roll my eyes at that. But then I thought about it. I felt the same way at his age.
  • Libra's mother lives five minutes away from her and is the only person who's ever babysat her children.
  • The BB voice told the houseguests that there are over 300 species of turtles. Remember that. There will be a quiz at the end of the season.
  • They planned a show they'd be putting on during the BBAD hours. Yes, that's why Ollie has the wig on.
  • The show includes Renny dancing like a flapper, a Top Ten List of What to do in the BB House when You're Bored, a commercial, a makeover, and a relationship segment featuring Ollie, April, and Steven. Libra is the psychologist in that segment.
  • I recorded the show they did but my first segment with Renny dancing ended up having a huge error message across the screen. (Grrr.) So I'm giving you some screencaps of before their show and part one of the video below. YouTube is taking forever to upload and I have four more parts to upload. So they might not be up until tomorrow.
  • At least, despite differences and brouhahas, they do get together and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coverage.

Anonymous said...

has anyone read Jerry's hoh blog? I can't find it...

Nancy said...

what did Steven say to Jessie that was disrespectful that he is on the block? I don't like Jessie he just turn's me off as a person.

Jackie said...

Nancy - Nothing he said, per se. Jessie thinks Steven didn't congratulate him on winning HOH (he did). He's also mad that Steven didn't run to his HOH room for the tour. Steven had been in the DR for almost two hours at that point and was upset.

Sally said...

It seems like a long time between Wedmesday's and Sunday's shows. Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained in the meantime, Jackie.

This group does seem like they can play well together. Is any one person the creative ringleader for the house, initiating the races, skits, etc.?

I have a dial-up internet connection, so watching videos is a very slow process that I usually don't have time or patience for. But these videos look promising, so maybe I'll try to make time later.

I couldn't find Jery's HOH blog either, when I was at the CBS Big Brother site the other day. That web site seems to feature a lot of pictures/videos from the BB house this year, with no print information being updated.

monty924 said...

Anon 9:46 and Sally,

The CBS site goes downhill more and more each year. They dropped the Revenge of the Houseguests in S8 and now it looks like they've dropped the HOH blog and photos.

What's the point of giving them a camera on Tuesday if the viewing and feed audience(s) can't access the pictures? Boo hiss to the CBS webmaster and powers that be.