Monday, July 21, 2008

Latest Live Feeds Report

Hey, folks ... my latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. Alas, they haven't been all that exciting today. And Jerry continues to creep people out.


joy n said...

If Jerry doesn't start behaving himself, he may be escorted out of the house.

I'm not too surprised that April is the one he tried to jump into bed with, since she set a precedent of jumping into the sack with someone she hardly knows. Shades of Gnatalie!

monty924 said...

Okay, I have to say that I like the bubbles but do they always have to cut to them whenever a good convo starts? Libra was just biotching about losing 12 pounds already in two weeks. Huh? I'd be greatful! :)

Anonymous said...

good morning everyone! i noticed the other day there seems to be some kind of contest over who gets up to post first in the morning. i usually am up by 5:30am. the past few weeks thought I've been lucky. i've got to sleep late. since i'm up at a little before 6am est i thought i'd say 'hi!'

hope your knee is doing better jackie! i messed mine up big time about a month ago.i hope you know how much we all appreciate your hard work. -jeannemarie

RyzandShyn said...

Hi everyone!
Anon at 5:53, jeannemarie - I used to catch Jackie's first post and be the first to respond. I figured we were on the same morning schedule. However, with her recovering and all that goes with it, I doubt (and hope NOT) she is up that early these days. Aferall, with a name like Ryz and Shyn, I figured it was my duty.
I hope Jerry cools his jets soon too. I'd like to see him stick around as long as he can.
I'm sorry Steven is in the position he is with the hansters. I'm really really sorry to see the positions Ollie and April are

sharon said...

Here's healing thoughts and prayers going out to MEB and her whole family today! Who knows what curves life is going to throw at any given time,but,thank God,she was where she needed to be and got fast action on this health problem.We are all praying for only the best and come join the rehab team here when you get home,sweet MEB.Jackie,we're all so glad you are back with us daily and on the road to good health. You know,all too well,what surprises we often get handed. Good to have you back,Miss J!

Sounds like Jerry is on his own path to distruction. For all his talk of "military honor" and such BS,looks like he's turning out to be just another dirty old man. That's sad! And where is all the drama that AG promised this time,it seems they are having a love fest almost every day and night?

I really think Memphis,with his unemotional play,could be the big winner. If he forms no attachments to anyone and only thinks of himself,he can win it all. I have never understood that concept,maybe it's a "house" thing,but how these complete strangers can profess undying love and loyalty after only a few short days. What about your own family and needs,do you lose all thoughts and loyalty to them just because you go into that house?Yvette,Cappy and Maggot come to mind...why Yvette even gave up the big money for her "true friend" and still idolizes that creep,Cappy.Huh?

Caroline said...

LOL, Sharon bringing up the Nerd Herd. Do you think they're amazed how much the viewers of BB still dislike them so much so many seasons later? I find it rather hysterical since they so deludedly thought America loved them while in the house. Not only couldn't we stand them then, but their names still come up in every discussion of disliked houseguests years later. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayer are with you MEB.

In terms of BB, I didn't mind the nerd herd b/c cbs had great editing of them on the shows. I suppose the live feeds were insufferable and showed all of their poor characters.
I'm happy with the houseguests as long as there is someone or a couple of peeps to root for. This season I like Dan, and possibly Rennie, Angie, Keesha and Memphis. I have those five down as the best players and most likely to win.

Anonymous said...

Anon. cont.
Except Amber, very icky, definitely my least favorite of all time. (Actually in retrospect some were really bad, I guess I blocked it out, thanks to this blog! lol)

debbie said...

That is too funny!! Jerry and his creepy creeping!!! Just when I thought.....oh well, Renny I like, I thought she was irritating but she is growing on me!! I was thinking the other day, "you know, she reminds me of someone" and I thought real hard, when she wears that beret hat, and she is in the diary room, she reminds me of Ashton Kutcher!!! I know that is nuts, but watch her and what she sounds like and her demeanor!!!