Friday, August 08, 2008

BB10 Bulletin - Nominations

My apologies for being late with this -- Libra and Keesha are nominated with Libra being the target.

Oops, I had taken a nap.


Susan said...

Considering April hasn't said two words to Michelle until she won HOH, she sure is attached to her a$$.

joy n said...

April's no different than Jerry, a follower of the power.

I've never seen a group of people that take things in a game to such a personal level.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jackie! You need the rest!

joy n said...

Kind of quiet around here, Jackie. I'd curl up with some popcorn and a movie or a book or just go back to bed. And bed is where I'm headed. G'nite!

Susan said...

How can the house not know April and Ollie ... 'together' ..oh lets just say it, having sex. I'm glad Jessie is gone (SO glad) but I want April gone (after Libra).

monty924 said...

Great nominations considering. If she put Dan in the mix rather than Keesha it could spell disaster for Dan. If Keesha wins POV she would probably take Libra off, or so Michelle thought. I could see it, but I think Keesha would keep it the same.

The only thing that would kill my mood is Libra winning the POV. Dan's gone if that happens, and that would suck.

Hey Petals...


I'm on the train with you! :-)

Anonymous said...

For those of you who wanted to see Dan's huge assests here is the link:

Start the video at 4:30 and watch CAREFULLY...some people say it's something in his pocket, but ever since I saw this, I've been checking that area a lot....and the last time I checked carrying bannanas in your pocket is not a Catholic requirement or something that most people do that often.....

Sorry for being so dirty

formerly anon said...

anon - wait are you saying he was really "excited" about being asked to become AP? Which pocket, the left?

I thought the mic transformer thingy was there, but then I don't have the dirty mind that you do! (hehe)

Although he did keep putting his other leg up like he may have been trying to hide something.

But it was too dark to really see anything.

formerly anon said...

1) as has been noted previously, if Michelle is so smart (not!) and keeps thinking Dan is AP, how come no jump to the logical conclusion about why he voted the way he did?

After watching Jesse on Housecalls (thanks for the link Monty!) and realizing that he is MUCH dumber than I ever thought he was, now I realize why he and her got along so well. They just can't seem to finish a logical thought process. My god it was painful watching Jesse, he just could not follow what either ED or GM were saying, and they were being very clear and repetitive. The only thing he seemed to get was that his biggest fans seemed to come from the gay community (those calls were funny).

And why didn't anyone tell Jesse about either the "fake" earthquake or the "fake" banner plane?

Which brings me to Michelle's other thing she keeps harping on: how she swears she saw that plane and knows exactly what it says. Now, she keeps repeating (she does that a frikken lot doesn't she? repeating. over and over and over and over) she keeps repeating (heh) how CBS doesn't "condone" banner planes, so the very fact that Julie asked her about it on TV PROVES that it really happened! Um, Michelle... if CBS does not "condone" such banner planes, perhaps you might take the logical step forward and wonder why in the world they would ask you about it on TV? Perhaps, Michelle, perhaps they are mocking you? Perhaps CBS (and everyone else) already knows that it was NOT a banner plane for the BB house and that's the only reason they would even mention it. Right? Right Michelle? Because if it really was a banner plane from Steven, and you admit that CBS does not condone such things, then Michelle, WHY would Julie bring it up? Hmmmm?


Sydney said...

Well deserved nap Jackie! That's what summer's for.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that maybe CBS got the "reject" pile of contestants this season, switched with the "keep" pile?

RyzandShyn said...

I thought an April/Libra nomination would be the best for a good shake-up, but anything that gets Libra out is ok by me.

I just heard about Libra's unusual twins yesterday. I have to say I think that's very cool, and have been web searching more about it.

I thought that when Julie asked Michelle about the banner plane, Michelle's expression was a clear indication that she knew she was fibbing when she said she saw it, and knew Julie was calling her out about it. She couldn't say anything other than what she said in front of the other houseguests, but I thought it was clear that she was fibbing and knows it.

I also can't figure out why they can't put 2 and 2 together about Dan's vote for Jesse's eviction if they think Dan is AP.

I like Keesha and think she is about the only one really playing the game.

Anonymous said...

No Anon1...not "excited", and his right our left..just keep watching it from now on'll begin to see all of the's funny, each time they show him that's where I look, its a habit now

Petals said...

G'morning all!

Okay, I did see the action in the right side of Dan's pants, but I thought it couldn't possibly be THAT, since he would certianly have had underwear, at least boxers, on during a live show? I don't know...I'll keep looking,too.
Heehee - this is a fun type of treasure hunt, isn't it?
Monty - welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

I also have a hard time understanding the thought process of the people in that house.

April and Ollie's butt kissing should be so obvious to Michelle. But, uh, nooooooooooo. Idiots.

How she cant see that breaking them 2 up should be everyones goal number one just boggles the mind.

I am so sick of hearing about the banner. They could at least throw the banner in as a T/F question in a comp, just to get the truth out there so we dont have to hear about it ANYMORE.

But what really gets me is how April thinks America loves her. OMG, how is it always the most disliked think they are the most loved? Ego, I spose. Does anyone like her? Funny, I think she has more people disliking her than Libra does. Really, I do.

I am still rooting for Renny, Keesha and now Dan.

Petals said...

I just watched Housecalls with Jessie & ED. I think he did well. He didn't sound stupid. He & Dick got along well (they both blew-off Grethcen), and he stuck to his convictions. IMO, there is such a strong bias against this kid that anything he does or says gets totally blown out of proportion and context. No, he's not a humble Einstein, but he isn't an over-inflated egomaniacal monster either.
YouTube can be as addictive as BBAD, or this blog, I've discovered. hahaa
Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone!

One thought was about April thinking the fans love her. Maybe they do but not for the reason she thinks. Can you say free porn?

I think Michelle may have more brains than she is getting credit for. She's pretty observant and has watched the the people who follow the power. I think she knows exactly what April (and by extension, Ollie) are doing and is just playing along with them.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Petals said...

OOOO, yeah, Laurie. I think you're right about Michelle smelling the sex & desperation on A/O

Jen said...

Happy Saturday everyone!! I missed most of what was going on last night in the BB house due to the Opening Ceremony, which was awesome, I might add!!

Once it was over I did flip over to BBAD and I was disgusted to see once again Michelle, April and Ollie bashing Libra!! It's just getting ridiculous!! I am not a Libra fan at all but enough is enough!! I am officially stating that I really dislike April (and Ollie for that matter)!!

I hope Keesha wins POV! OR even better DAN or Renny!! I know Renny would use it on Keesha and then she would be safe too! I really want Julie C. or CF to expose April and Ollie just to bring them down a notch!! And I hope those 2 get split up SOON! One of them needs to go!!

Ok I am done now! Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!!


Anonymous said...

Hi All, Feeds have been blocked for hours. Any idea what is going on in the BB house? Going on the treasure hunt now.

Anonymous said...

Great forum! For those who didn't see it, (TIVO is a wonderful thing), the airplane banner said "Happy Birthday (unreadable name), we (heart) you". I think Julie didn't say what it said because it would have spoiled Michelle and crew's game. but I agree with the previous poster that when Julie asked Michelle about it, she got really nervous HOPING that Julie wouldn't tell what it really said and spoil her lie!