Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BB10 Latest Live Feeds and Stuff

Today was one boring day in the BB10 house. My latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. I think I prefer when Ollie is freaking out.

In other news:
  • I was saddened to see Bill and his orange dog Star go tonight on The Greatest American Dog. Although I find him to be on the obnoxious side, I felt sorry for JD when Galaxy started to limp. I hope Galaxy is okay and that he'll withdraw the dog if there's an issue.
  • I finally caught the finale episode of Bones. I had already heard long ago about the ending, so it didn't surprise me. But I found the whole ending rather weak.
  • I overdid it with my knee today and I'm sitting here with ice on it. I really should refill my pain meds -- I've been out for a week and thought I was doing fine.
  • They actually stopped my rat poison ... er, Coumadin for a few days this week and put me on a lower dose. Last week I was very tired and felt blah. I feel better this week on the lower dose but have had real problems sleeping. Tomorrow I go for my weekly blood draw, so they'll probably change it again. I so love being poisoned slowly!


Anonymous said...

Feel better Jackie. Pain is no good.

Am I first? Tee hee


carol said...

Jackie - have they checked your iron? I don't think you need to be tired on coumadin, but I was anemic in conjuction with my coumadin and now have to take iron three times a day (ugh more pills). You should have your doc do bloodwork since they are playing dracula every month anyhow!

Jackie said...

Carol - My iron level were fine the last time they did that kind of blood work. As for the draw for INR, I go weekly not monthly. Part of the tired might still be from the knee, too. I've talked to people whose stamina was gone for months after TKR. Maybe it's the mix of the two.

Anonymous said...

According to Ollie, Dan is a plant because the morning of the veto meeting they played songs with gunshots in them and then Dan played "russian roulette" during the veto meeting

Michelle said...

Awww I have been recording Greatest American Dog for my kids after school when there are rainy days here. I hate that Bill and Star got voted off. I liked him.

Hope you feel better soon.

Nana in the NW said...

FYI--Dan's HOH Blog diary is posted. I found it at the bottom of Joker's. He sounds like a great guy! Talks about the game, his family and values.

Clementine said...

Anybody else try to watch justtvnuts lately? It's been showing the quad cam with everybody talking at once.

Anybody know if there's a way to change it to one feed?

I can't listen to more than one conversation, it drives me nuts! Well, that is the name of the website, I guess :)

dla said...

Clementine, try this link:

I have had better luck with this site. They still drive me crazy, but no quad cams.

Jackie, I hope they get your coumadin levels to a place where you are feeling better. No energy is no fun. Take care of you!

Laurie said...

Tonight PDX Granny and I went to a giant rose garden in a city park. We were looking at one of the garden areas and I said, that's a pretty plant. Granny said that's not a rose, and I said, no it's just a plant. She looked at it closely and said "Dan, is that you?" It was very funny!

Anonymous said...

Jakcie, I hate it when it hurts. Kick something!

lynn1 said...

Hoping that you get your stability, stamina and energy back soon. It really does seem that many people take about twice as long to recover as the Dr predicts before doing the surgery.

TerryinCA said...

Laurie , what PDX said about the plant was hysterial! No wonder you are having such a good time with her...
Jackie thanks for answering my ? on TV Squad about the this one will be anxious...I wonder when they will let them know its going to be double? Maybe as Michelle walks out? Cool....Ollie can go with her to Jury house.....what a trip that would be!!

Laurie said...

Terry, I told elaine tonight that you have to come visit Portland with me. You would totally enjoy her, too. We could go across the river and meet up with NW Nana... and the world would never be the same again. We would do more fun stuff and have lots more laughs.

monty924 said...

Jackie, hang in there. My SO's mother is on Coumadin for life as is my boss at work and she is much younger. It can be managed albeit tiresome and draining.

On to BB... Dan's HoH blog is up at the site. It's a nice read.

Night all and see you tomorrow for the live show. It will be a nail biter.

Laurie said...

Mrs Whiggins said Just got home from one of my nights out and what do I see... Laurie is using a picture of me!!!
Thank heavens it's not the one in which I'm wearing only the hat!

LOL ... Remember, the camera is always on you! The paintings and photographs at the place were amazing. I just loved this old lady with her hat and big glass of wine. When I get old I want to have that same sassy attitude. Oh wait, I am old and I do have that attitude. It's me!!

Anonymous said...

having had two knee repacements I can tell you this two shall pass.
My doctor put me on a drug called lovenox and that prevented any clots. I am a retired rn so i understand what u are going through with the coumadin

hurry and get back to normal
judi in medfor or

Nana in the NW said...

too much chatter!

Ollie/mich. talk about the same thing over, over, over......

Jerry looks like he's in a deep depression and went comatose!

The other are just random talking.....

Renny's fixing waffles for breakfast. On one of the only evictions day that there is no waffling! LOL

Someone questioned when the HG learn of a DE. I think they will catch on as soon as the first eviction happens right away. Then things move in FF so there is no conspiring. Last night Dan was trying to get his alliance to talk about "What if it's a DE" and they all said "We don't even want to think about it".

Laurie--I definitely need more notice when you come this way....we all could have so much fun!

Off to bed....I need to rest up for the DE tomorrow!!

Sissy from DE said...

I was sad to see Bill and Star go last night too on The Greatest American Dog. The only ones left for me to vote for are Travis and Presley (or maybe Theresa and Leroy). I'm hoping Galaxy is ok too (as much as I don't like JD).
I can't wait until tonights DE on BB. I want to tell the people at work what happens (thanks to you Jackie) but they don't want the surprised ruined so I usually just give hints as to who won an HOH or POV!!!

Anonymous said...


I hope you feel better!
It seems on jokes that Michelle just may be getting to renny to changer her vote!!
Renny thinks Dan is acting strange with memphis UH OH!
Michelle is a way better competitor than CKA
Here in Miami the show is at 8 pm so let me know if you want me to update.


ps go memohis , keesha and renny
get ollie or cka out!!!! after michelle of course!!!

Anonymous said...


I saw that too yesterday. Renny kept pushing Keesha (and Michelle a little bit) about what Dan said to Ollie during the last HOH. Renny seems a little too nervous about Dan. She should relax a tiny bit, she's probably the only one who is actually safe, at least i think. I'm worried she's getting on the conspiracy train with Ollie and Michelle. Lets hope not!


Anonymous said...


renny can win the next HOH she seems to be a good judge of people and what america may think as well
she should stick with her alliance and take her chances, does she really believe that ollie and michelle would take her to the end??
she stands a good chance of winning the money against Dan, memphis and keesha.
I would not mine CKA leaving but I fear Michelle in the HOH comp!!! so... Renny stick with the plan!!!


Laurie said...

Good morning everyone! Surely Renny won't be persuaded to go to the conspiracy side. Please say she is wiser than that ... please! I know she's got a soft spot for Michelle but if she wants to win the game she needs to stick with her team. Anyone who witnessed the Ollie reaction and still stays with him is whacko. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about Bill and Star. She was definitely my favorite dog, and Bill seems like such a good guy. Too bad!

TerryinCA said...

PDX Granny.....I dont know how else to get in touchwith you...The leader of the conference called me and Laurie slipped on a balcony and fell face forward..they took her by ambulance to the hospital...she had numerous scrapes and she is swollen, the biggest problem is her teeth, some chipped and they dont know the extent of the damage yet...she doesnt have her cell phone with her they wouldnt allow it in the ER...She had the gal ask me to have people pray for her and help her through this...I will try and find out the name of the hospital and any other info I can ....thank you everyone for your prayers for my dear friend.