Monday, August 18, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

Memphis relaxes in the yard above while Dan has a praying mantis trapped under a plastic container below. And, my latest live feeds report is up over on TV Squad. With the exception of the veto meeting, today has been rather uneventful. Since my report was written, Renny had a long talk with Dan about Memphis. Dan said he could be trusted in a group, but he has concerns about him, too. Renny told Dan she trusts him more than she does Memphis. Good. I like Dan better than I do Memphis.


joy n said...

Dan, the Catholic school teacher, studying a praying mantis. Somehow seems very fitting.

Laurie said...

Joy, I was thinking the same thing. It's like all is right with the world!

I like Dan better than Memphis, too.

Sydney said...

OK, I think I commented on this waaaay back in week one. What's with the Swingtown sunglasses Memphis? All he needs is a members only jacket and a quiana shirt with pointy collars...

joy n said...

He's also kind of yummy-looking in his serious mode. I never had a teacher who looked so good. DARN!

joy n said...

Oh, yeah, BB stuff: I'm glad Dan didn't use the POV. He won't have anyone p**sed off at him except April and Ollie, and Ollie will get over it quickly once April is out of there.

Can't wait to hear April telling Julie that the only reason(s) she was voted out was because of jealousy plus the fact that nice people always finish last. We may actually see Julie gag!

Anonymous said...

dan gets on my nerves..why is he always capturing bugs and insects and torturing themm..I am sorry but putting a praying mantis in a container to bake in the sun which is what he did till Jerry went and gave it water before it croaked is mean..I cant wait till he gets the boot
-Jamie Mae-

Clementine said...

Dan said the Mantis was tired. He said he would give it CPR and put it in Keesha's bed to rest. LOL

Meanwhile, Jerry gave it chlorine water from the pool.

joy n said...

Good ol' Jer, giving the mantis a chemical bath instead of suntan lotion and an umbrella. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Any other place and that bug would be stepped on, especially if it bites. Boredom saves the life of the wicked bug, News at 11.

Zoetawny said...

Hi all!

Was Dan praying with that praying mantis? At least he wasn't asking the praying mantis to bless him. (Maybe he should have punctured a few air holes in that plastic.) I can't imagine the boredom of living with those people.

I really like Dan and I certainly didn't think I was going to. He has pulled himself out of some tight situations since the beginning. He even got Jerry to appologize for the "Judas" insult. He seems to take things in stride and doesn't over react emotionally. Go Dan!!!!


ITA about April using the jealousy and strong competitor defense. She seems to be as dysfunctional as Gnat was last season. Pathetically, she won't even get it when she reads what the Internet has said about her.

Figures just when I get back to BB it will be a boring week until Thursday's live eviction.

Will Ollie be the only vote to keep April? As much as I don't like Michelle, she needs to think what it would mean for her if she votes to keep April.


Off topic - I've been watching Mad Men and loving it. Since I missed the first season, I'm trying to figure out why Betty is so hard on little Robert. It's really starting to bother me. ;)


Thanks for all great reports here and on TVS. You always nail it. BTW, have you checked your emails?
Sure hope the good healing progress is continuing forward.



Anonymous said...

When I lived in Maryland it was against the law to kill a Praying Manis. All they do is eat all the bugs that anoy us. I say leave the bug alone or let them go after a quick study, do not torture.

Auntie Leigh said...

I never expected to like Dan. He is not at all the religious hypocrite that I thought he was headed towards being. I bet the kids he coaches are pretty proud of him so far. I like Renny alot better than I used to, also. At first she seemed so fake. Do you guys think the show is getting better? Which, thankgod because at first this season I could barely stand to watch it. But now, I am back into it. So glad to have all of you to gripe to, too. Thanx to Jackie and all her faithful fans/bloggers.

Petals said...

Zoe ~ Hey girl! So glad to hear you're getting onto Mad Men. It's awesome. But you didn't miss anything with Betty & her son in season 1. Rent the first entire season, or watch it On Demand. It'll cathc you up.

Laurie - LOVE your new picture. So innocent, yet...yet so evocative.

This is becoming one of my favorite seasons of people. They aren't always a party, but they aren't sex-crazed, maniacal psychos, either. Rather refreshing, IMO.

Laurie said...

Petals, Sometimes a banana is just a banana ... and sometimes it's not! I thought the partial peeling was a nice touch, but I am a twisted woman.

Petals said...

I'm twisting right there with ya, haha!! Finally we have a handsome, well-mannered, articulate, somewhat mature man in the house to admire. Past coupla seasons have given us Dick and the Lost Boys from the lost winter season.

Danana is the MAN!

PDX Granny said...

OK, I need help! I can usually figure out the abbreviations, but this one has me stumped. What does OTA stand for? I'm sure I'll be slapping my forehead when I hear, but I gotta ask.

I haven't had a chance to catch up on all the comments that were posted while I was on vacation, and this one might be covered there, but I'm also wondering about Col. KA. I can't figure out that one either.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is thinking with emotions. There are no nice players. What about the game? ARGH!

Witt said...

Hi Granny,
I am wondering if OTA is really ITA, which is "I totally agree." CKA is short for Colonel Kiss Ass (aka Jerry).

I think Dan is adorable, but since I could be his mother it's not what you think. He and Renny are the biggest surprises; if you asked me week one if I liked them I would have had a different answer. I don't know how far they will go in the game but they are the few houseguests I would sit down and have a beer with in real life.

Witt :)

formerly anon said...

As Jackie points out in her post, Renny was smart to not say who she would nominate if Dan used the veto.

But you know what? If she were *really* smart, she would be paying close attention to why Dan didn't use it.

If Dan truly had no alliance or deals with anyone (mainly, Memphis, which is the one Renny is most concerned about), Dan could have used the POV and not cared if Memphis was nominated.

If Renny is really paying attention, she'll realize that.

PDX Granny said...


That's me slapping my forehead.

Thanks, Witt! ITA when it comes to Dan and Renny! I think it would be a hoot to join Renny for a beer.

CKA! That had me ROFL!!! Oh so fitting! Now I'm going to have to go back and read what I missed just to see the details of what lead up to that - as if I don't know!! :)

Nana in the NW said...

laurie and Petals--you girls are sooooo bad!! LOL
I'm doing "the pretzel" right beside you!

Oh and we can't forget Clemetine--asking if we could get a shot zooming up the leg of the shorts ;}

Memphis does look like he belongs in the 50's at a backyard BBQ or the country club.

I really liked Michelle's hair straight. It makes her whole appearance softer.

Watching a youtube video of April--she thinks she's a sex addict because she likes it so much. Says it's part of her OCD!! Did we say that about 4 weeks ago? She's just a little sl*t!! I'm waiting to hear her bark since "doggy-style" seems to be her position of choice!! Sorry for being so graphic....she just bugs the hell out of me!!

ITA about this group of HG. I think it's the best season....yes, we have A/O but otherwise, they are creative, diverse, and if you keep the alcohol away not mean, vile and vulgar.

I'll bet Dan's students love him. He is energetic, fun, and seems to love life.

Renny is totally the kind of person I would hang out with. She doesn't take herself seriously, acts young at heart and is very committed to her family.

BTW--I'm wondering if she recently lost her mother and is still grieving. Obviously, she was VERY close to her parents.

I have to say if it was me I probably would have went to the pictures of my grandkids first--they really are my world! And my hubby and daughters would totally understand!

pdx granny--was it hot enough for you the last few days?? I was miserable! By Sat. night I couldn't even cool down in my house with air conditioning! Glad it's raining and 65.

I'm with you on some mind goes through all kinds of words trying to figure some out.

Off to watch Olympic volleyball.....

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but tonite on the feeds the HG's are in the backyard looking like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Especially Jerry. Or maybe it's just me. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh and Nana - don't hold back. hahah sl*t?

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is no more bleach in Los Angeles, it's on April's head.

Nana in the NW said...

anon 12:44--sorry but when I watch her I just get so fired up!! My daughters are about her age and they would NEVER embaress themselves like her and laugh about it!!!! She needs to get some self-respect.

OK--I feel better :)

Nana in the NW said...

Love the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. That is kind of what they act like when they have had alcohol!

Anonymous said...

Very funny tonight Nana.

Mama2Matthew said...

Ok..I'll say this first as a disclaimer. I love Dan the Man. Regardless of the rumored banana size!
I love the way he can turn a seemingly boring time into something actually fun. The coaching.. the swim teacher.. the speech therapist.. the screenwriter.. prankster... I can't even imagine being locked up without books, TV or anything to fill the time. I think the teacher/boy in him was most likely excited to find a praying mantis and was just checking it out.

ok.. that's all .. just defending my favorite in the house! Yes I'm Hot for Teacher!

Thanks for the pics and the updates Jackie.. you are amazing to do this for us!

Patty in Oceanside

Sasha said...

Laurie...I know it's one post back but thanks for your response to my thoughts about Ollie. Guess that makes two of us in the "delusional" club. I'd rather be in our delusion than in April's. LOL. I hadn't seen your earlier post or I would have known I was only almost alone, not totally.

Zoe.....welcome back, hope you enjoyed your company even if they kept you from being here. Missed you.

PDX Granny said...

Nana, not only would my 27 yr old daughter not act like most of those on BB - especially April - but she has more sense than to go on a show like that in the first place!! But then, I'm usually the one embarrassing her, instead of the other way around, and I must admit, sometimes I do it on purpose!! LOL

Lucky for me, I was at the coast for the worst of our heat wave. When we left Seaside on Friday it was 67. We watched the heat rise as we got closer to Portland. By time we got home it was 101!

Now they're talking about a winter type system over Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington. I don't know of you're far enough south to get hit, but here's what the Severe Weather Alert says:


Actually, this sounds very good to me! I'd much rather be too cool than too hot! Besides, this is nothing like what Fay is doing to Florida. I'm praying that everyone there is doing OK.

I'm not good at remembering where everybody's from, but I know there are some in our "family" here that live around the Key's. If any of you are reading this, how about letting us know how you're doing.

As much as we all get caught up with BB, there's nothing like a good storm to remind us of what's really important in life!

mrs.whiggins said...

pdx granny: Fay is still just a storm...I don't believe she will become a hurricane. Living 25 miles west of Tampa, I'll be at the beach later today, should be beautiful, but a little out Orlando!
I've been reading but not commenting the time I get around to it, all has been said, and probably better and kinder than I would say it. LOL
I still want to be part of a BBSeniors! I would make a point of giving shout outs to y'all. Telling the other hamsters to check out Jackie's blog after the wrap party for REAL insights of Americas thoughts.
3:00 am here in Pinellas County and no rain or wind in sight... Hope all north and east have an easy time with Ms.Fay.
Go Dan, I hope you win it all! He has played the most honest, respectful game. If I was his Momma I would be proud!!!
ps: April you are not a nice person, period. You are not prettier than Keesha, hell girl, you are not prettier than Manchelle! Run Ollie run.

formerly anon said...

I just watched the segment from last night's BBAD where Dan goes to talk with Renny upstairs, to "ask her advice" about the POV. I thought Renny gave him bad advice, geared toward her interest, not his.

But she did let slip one interesting tidbit that I don't think Dan caught -- I don't remember exactly how she said it, but whatever she said confirmed that Ollie would have gone up if Dan had used the POV (at least on April, since that's what they were discussing).

At first I wasn't sure what Dan was doing, but then it became really obvious. He's telling Renny that April offered him $5k (he said she didn't say a number, so he was only conjecturing the amount) and how he was having a really hard time justifying to himself how he could not take it (well, that's not how he said it, he kept saying how $5 is a LOT of money to him, more than he's EVER EVER been offered in his WHOLE life (except for the AP $20k, but he didn't mention that) and he's just wondering what Renny thinks, blah blah blah.

First off, Renny says you'd be stupid to do it because then everyone would be after you and you'd be gone next week. Oh really Renny? I bet April (and Ollie if he's still around) would be on his side, and both of them would be playing for HOH, unlike Renny). Michelle would be on Dan's side. So what numbers is Renny talking about? (not that I want him to take April down, I don't - I thought he should have used it on Jerry).

But I learned some things. One, that Renny is not so much on Dan's side, but is just using him. And two, Dan did what he did, not because he was struggling with taking the money, but because he wanted Renny to feel indebted to him for not using it, to know that he actually sacrificed something tangible in order to keep her nominations the same. Plus, he was flattering her by asking for (and then following) her advice.

Dan is really manipulative, and good at it!

Renny didn't even seem to pick up on any of this, she seemed to just take it at face value.

I still don't understand why he didn't play the "forgiveness/religion" card about taking Jerry off, it would have been ideal (but only if he had done it right after winning POV, not after all these other conversations he's had. He'll realize it after he gets home.

If it's even possible, I'm disliking April even more, the more I see her -- and I fast forward through virtually any scene she's in, especially if Ollie is there to. I almost equally dislike Ollie because he's an enabler and co-participant in her pathology.

And I just do not understand the thing that grown adult women do with the baby talk thing! Any modicum of sympathy I feel for Michelle just completely disappears when she goes into her infantile bullshit mode. How guys tolerate (or even enjoy?) this, I'll never ever get. It's sick.

I'm not even locked in a house with them, and I almost hate all of them!

TeaBbfan said...
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TeaBbfan said...

mrs.whiggins said...
ps: April you are not a nice person, period. You are not prettier than Keesha, hell girl, you are not prettier than Manchelle! Run Ollie run.
lol nuff said

Petals said...

Jackie or anyone ~ Have the HGs realized that the Olympics are going on? I wonder if they'd believe how great the USA was performing...

Petals said...

mama2/Patty -

LOVE that you used "Hot for teacher". Wish I'd thought of it, but if you don't mind, I'm mgoing to quote you (and Van Halen) for the rest this season:

Danana is da-mana! I'm hot for teacher!

joy n said...

I agree with former anon, that babytalk from Michelle, in particular, is driving me up the wall! It does not sound cute, it is TOTALLY annoying!