Saturday, August 30, 2008

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin - POV Comp

The feeds were blocked for hours. When they came back about 10 minutes ago, a brief shot of Jerry had the POV necklace on and no one else seems happy at all. No one is talking about it.

Hmm ... I thought it was the POV necklace on Jerry, but it was a really brief shot. Then the necklace was up in its place on the Memory Wall once again. Hmm ... I think I'm going to say I think that Jerry won, but I'm not 100% sure. I know Keesha didn't win. If either Dan or Memphis won, they would be scheming. Memphis went right to bed after the feeds returned and Dan looked glum. If Renny won, she'd be talking to Keesha about saving her. It had to be Jerry and he didn't mix with any of them before heading to bed. All are in bed now as I update this.

1:30 PM ET UPDATE: They're still asleep. I'm still uncertain on the winner (although I think it was Jerry). And I'm heading out for the afternoon with a friend. When I come back, they just better have spilled the beans!


Anne said...

Well now don't that just take the cake?

Jackie, I hope you can go back to sleep! Cloudy & gloomy in these parts.

Jerry POV - jeez luiz

meb said...

Good Morning all...

Keisha always has that pained look on her face. During the DE, she looked like she was going to pass out at the beginning of each competition.

Jackie, you've captured her facial expression perfectly. Of course, from reading previous posts, it appears she's simply drunk or hung over.

What type of competition could it have been that Jerry won it over Dan?

Anonymous said...

well this just gets better and better, NOT
geez that old geezer is gonna win the whole shebang
hindsight is twenty twenty, sure wish OLLIE were there, just cant imagine him winning all this.
Jackie, CKA can't compete for next HOH correct?? altho he seems to be winning POV an awful lot
come on guys lets chant, anyone but JERRY


Anne said...

Jackie! I was lurking on dish for an update earlier and the comments seemed so desperate - folks staying up all night for info - so I posted (my first time) "word has it Jerry won" - now, I'm not worried so much if it turns out that I sorta gave out some bad info - but I'm wondering now if I broke a rule here and if I did I am oh so sorry.

Hanging my head....banging my head might be a better idea right now!

I feel like I cheated on you wahhhh please forgive me it'll never happen again!!

meb said...

Since Jerry has the POV, it leaves Renny and Memphis to vote. Rennie will vote to keep Keisha and Memphis will vote to keep Dan, thus leaving Jerry to cast the vote to evict, which says goodbye Dan.

Well, at least Jerry should be on the block next week, and hopefully doesn't win the power of veto again.

Jackie said...

Anne - I don't go to that site, so I wouldn't know. But after I initially posted, I wanted confirmation my eyes didn't play tricks on me, so I went around to Jokers and TV Clubhouse. I could have sworn that was the necklace on Jerry right when the feeds returned, but then we didn't see him again, nor did we see who put the necklace on the wall and no one talked about it. I'm beginning to wonder if my mind played tricks on me and it was his mic. I don't think so, though. I think it was the necklace.

Jackie said...

Chris -- All compete in the next HOH comp.

RyzandShyn said...

Well, nuts!
After Ollie went home, I knew I was going to have problems with noms because I pretty much liked everyone who was left, except for Jerry. I was hoping he was next to go.

I've been BB fan since Season 1, watching/spying/plotting/loving/
hating with zest!
I can't stand it when hgs get so angry at the hg who is actually playing the game. The "you gave me your word" blacklash, or "you lied, that's why I nominated you" speech is absurd! Ok, so they got you, you believed they were going to do one thing, and they do another. That's the game part of the BB experience. How do they think anyone is going to get to the end?
While I understand that it is the outcome of the experiment of putting that many people in a house together and trust issues and blah, blah, blah, when the hgs get indignant about it, I'm turned off.

tbc said...

I hate to see Dan go! Jerry is good at the POV competitions. He just may win this whole thing.

Tom`S said...

I'm only adding my 27 cents, there was a time I actually believed I had to see it in order to believe it, but soon I thought WTH?
I'll sugar coat my language a tiny, tiny, bit I'd see two of everything, I'm again WTH?

But I also knew what I saw, but my family believed what they'd hear, but they swore up and down what they saw, Haha - Nope some of us couldn't have been in that area, I literally talked my voice into being hoarse, my ears hurt, my throat was raw, it turned out pretty much what I just wrote- One Big Confused mess!

But there are two of everything, I did see Jerry the first time, exactly the way you wrote, but when it's moving quickly,
it's not going to be as gloomy as what HG's expressions actually have fallen into.
I'm seeing a double of something, maybe I need a double drink, or double bubble gum!
Hmmmmmmmm maybe I'm offically crazy!

Tom`S said...

Since I'm offically crazy, my family had a wild Hamster his name was Johnny, we wore gloves each time Johnny was held, my close family called gloves " the Johnny gloves " I have a cousin name Jerry, his father's name was Johnny.

I never saw Johnny the way all of my other distant family member's did, but in BB's case this Jerry is the Johnny my distant relatives saw.

My hamster Johnny was tamed, we no longer used Johnny gloves, but we never knew what ever happened to our hamster, I thought geezz isn't it our luck, we tamed old Johnny for what??

Maybe Jerry's a hamster hahaha

I better quit, my ears hurt, my eyes hurt, and my neck is hurting, I'm not drinking, it's my head injury kicking in, some of ya'll know I do take medication for a head injury, but its you guys who I always give credit to for having awaken me.

sue said...

When Jerry was on the block and was giving his reasons for them not to vote for him, he stated that he had won some POVs and other comps. I thought at the time, that he was telling them he was a strong player and that usually that is what people on the block don't want to say. He said it, and they voted out the other guy instead of Jerry. I thought it interesting that, even though he told them he can win, they weren't listening. The younguns have even said, they can take Jerry out 'whenever' and will target someone else every week.

There should be a lot of DR sessions as BB tries to mix up the voting..or rather mix up the voters.

ahjustamemory said...

If they're not talking about it and just going to bed then I am hoping it's a two part POV and that Dan can still win!


Connie said...

Looks like Dan will join Janelle in being one of the most popular houseguests but will not walk away with the grand prize. He will have many opportunities open up to him after this show, though. I have to ask myself if I would rather win the 500k and have America hate me or not get the money but know that I am a likeable person and seek other opportunities. I like to think I'd choose the latter.

I am, of course, riding the ANYBODY BUT JERRY train so I hope Jerry ends up with no money from this. He is not a dumb man and has actually played the game well, playing on people's sympathies and fooling them into thinking he is a pushover. He has used his wife's illness to elicit sympathy (and the money, he hopes) for himself. I just think that he is personally a contemptible person who masquerades as a nice person. At least Evel Dick didn't pretend to be someone he's not.

Memphis is in the best position to get to F2. He has successfully ridden other people's coattails. I don't think the jury will vote him the grand prize, however.

Keesha should be glad that she will not yet have to vote against someone in her alliance. She also has a great chance for F2. She seems to be a nice person and with Dan gone, I will be rooting for her.

The stress is taking a toll on Renny and she is acting strangely, as she did during the first few weeks. She will not be going to F2since she cannot win and no one will take her.

Tom`S said...

My close relative J - told me a bit ago his dream, I know his dreams are about things in my past, but I get bad headaches, he told me he was driving backwards in his car, and he saw what looked liked shelves, but I know it's not its gonna be a wall. But he saw a lake, I kept dreaming about a lake.

I don't maybe he's nervous, but isn't telling me. Nope I'm taking his place if I have to

Anonymous said...

oh ahjustamemory, i hope you're right. i pray you are right. i just cringed when i found out jerry got hoh...but now pov? oh my! lets cross our fingers that our fav's arent the biggest morons in the house.

anybody but jerry!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think cbs is pulling for dan and that sucks!

loneseven said...

I'm definitely 'ANYBODY BUT JERRY'. This is as bad as the two times Kaysar got booted. He was too smart to win the game. It seems like it takes a real dumbass to walk away with the money. Jerry should have been booted long ago. BB is not a charity show that people apply for because they need the money. That's what screws up the gameplay. People act all pitiful because they "need the money" and the REAL gameplayers view them as weak and easy to evict. Just like the real world, it's the manipulaters who get all the free stuff from the government - jobs, food stamps, ADC, medical help - because they are users!!! And the real WORKERS and those who deserve it get heavier taxes and just roll over and let themselves get run over. That's the way Jerry has played this game. I don't understand how I can get so addicted to this show and love the game so much when for the last few years, it has ended so badly. I'm just sick :( If Jerry wins, I'll probably take a fever!!!

tbc said...

How is cbs pulling for Dan?

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO!!! I don't want to see Dan go - did you see Memphis tell Jerry he'll take him to the final 2?? Renny is soooo right about Memphis - WOW - totally sold Dan out!

Anonymous said...

I don't want Dan to go home! I am mad because Marshmallow Memphis isn't the one on the block next to Keisha. He is the ultimate floater!


Patty said...

I guess I may have under estimated Jerry's abilities to compete.

Tom-speaking of dreams, I hope that is all it is when it comes to hearing Jerry won the POV. Wasn't HOH enough for him to win?

Laurie-sorry I am late in sending well wishes. I don't always come on because I have been a lurker this season. I hope you are doing fine now and your smile has returned to what it use to be.

Jackie-I hope you are doing well also. Insurance companoes can be a pain. Then they complain if what they don't cover to begin with causes more expense later. Go figure that one out. They never have a problem taking money from you, but they don't like to give it back when you need it.

MEB-I am glad to hear that you are feeling much better again. I hope it stays that way.

For anyone else that is going through any trying times, I wish you well also.

Now back to my regular viewing station,BBGN. (Big Brother Goes Nuts.) LOL!

lynn1 said...

I wonder if Jerry might consider using the POV to remove Keesha and backdoor Memphis?
No doubt Dan is Jerry's target but if by some fluke Keesha got voted out he would not be happy, if he backdoors Memphis then it is a win win situation for Jerry.

Several people have commented on how Renny was acting yesterday even before the alcohol was added to the mix. I have another of my theories on that ( God, I am sounding as bad as Ollie and Michelle with my theories! LOL)
Yesterday Aug. 29 was the 3 year anniversary of Katrina. For the people of LA and MS it is a difficult day even 3 years later. The loss of life of friends and family, homes, personal possesions,or even being one of the few who lost nothing material, Katrina still impacts us. Our lives have been changed forever.
Although Renny may not have said a word about it to the other HGs I think she had to be thinking about it.

RyzandShyn said...

"Anyboidy but Jerry" - singing out loud, singing out strong.

I doubt Jerry thought this far, but maybe...maybe he put Keesha up so she couldn't take Memphis down and now will take her down and put Memphis up. If memphis went I wouldn't be so upset because he really is a textbook example of a floater.
It probably wasn't what Jerry wwas planning, but maybe he'll think of it now.

Mianna said...

I'm so lame. I had to bring our laptop on our Labor Day beach weekend just to follow these details....and to read JERRY won POV too!!!

Nooooooooo! The waves out my door shall now roll backwards!

That is just too much too believe!

Anyone BUT dirty ol' Jerry train here!

TerryinCA said...

hating with zest!
oh ryznshyn you gave me the laugh that made me choke.....My Mom started watching BB the first season and since she was almost 80 at the time I would listen to her tell me about who was against who and secret alliances and I would say pffft! not for me! then five years ago she got me hooked...and I have been so into it. She passed away last year in September and each BB I watch I wonder what she would have said about it all.

Back to Jerry..yuck. If he was REALLY a game player he would backdoor Memphis..that would show if he does make it to final 2 he really has been a gamer all along..Then if he was in Final 4 with K&R&D whoever wins earned it!

Nana in the NW said...

I watched some video on Youtube of the HG after the POV--boy it is really hard to tell what happened! They do all look really glum. Regardless of who won POV one of the 4 is leaving and it appeared to me that they were all deep in thought about having to decide who to vote for. I know Renny and Memphis have told Jerry they would honor his wishes but........

It sounds like the comp. had them all competing at different times and they had to wait in seperate rooms. It must have been morphed pics., unscrabbling word puzzles, or putting correct names to events. The person with the best time seems to have won....Keesha was close.

Looks like a gloomy weekend here....I feel gloomy knowing Dan is probably gone :(

John&Claire said...

I feel like I've missed something...been watching for years and never realized there was so much time btwn actual POV comp and eviction vote. 5 DAYS?!?! Has it always been this way?

Anonymous said...

YEHAWWW! Now we have a BB Ballgame! I just love it when they get cocky and then smack down. Home Run! Yerrrrroutttaaahere!!!! Sorry but even the ones I liked act horribly. hee hee Underestimated the old guy too, what a riot!

Anonymous said...

I have been wunderin...DE=?

sue said...

It is always tricky to know what is a smart play this late in the game. But, HOH and Veto are valuable, not just because the person gets to nominate, but as a bargaining chip. Jerry says often he is alone now, with his alliance gone. If that is true, his power ends at the next HOH unless he can keep winning. That would seem to me that, after the next eviction, he would be next, unless he wins something to keep himself in. Now is the time for him to use his veto to make a deal with someone. I know he can't trust any of them, and I don't know who he should (in his mind) want to keep around. Dan is popular outside the house, but on the jury they will have had enough time together to not like want him to win, and perhaps to see that with all Jerry's comp wins, he was playing as hard as Dan. Dan might be someone Jerry could win against.

Let me make clear that I wish Jerry was going home this nom instead of holding HOH and Veto, and what I just wrote pretains to every season at this time of the game. And I am looking for a way for Dan to stay.

Nana in the NW said...

The POV comp. is held on Sat. (which technically it was). Then the ceremony is on Mon. But then it makes a really long week for the HG before eviction. I guess BB does that to create drama and give them time to scheme and backstab!!
My guess is no one will be up before noon.

Anonymous said...

johnny gloves sounds perverted

Nana in the NW said...

DE= double eviction.....which is what happened on Thurs. night.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it's not easy being 75. And caring for someone with Parkinson's? Also not easy. Give the old guy a break. He's set in his ways. Lonely, no one wants to hear the same ole stories out of him again and again. Just like any 75 year old grand papa. I would rather he win the marshmellow or the blonde human garbage disposal. Renny and Jerry, Renny and Jerry, Renny and Jerry. The rest of 'em can get a job like real folks do.

Anonymous said...

Doh! Thanks nana

Anonymous said...

lets all root for Jerry so the opposite happens and cka can get is arse kicked out the door.
thanks jackie for answering my question
ugh hate that he can compete.


Clementine said...

Somebody shake that hamster cage and get them out of bed!

I just can't (or won't) believe that Jerry had a faster time in the Morphomatic than Dan. Dan was even studying the memory wall before the comp.

lynn, that's a very insightful possibility for Renny's behavior yesterday.

I wonder if we'll ever know what Renny's "great tragedy" was, and if it involved her parents or Katrina, or both (or neither)?

Just saw a youtube clip of a horror movie that Keesha had a small part in, where she was topless. She seems very modest in the house, but I guess many wannabe actresses in Hollywood would do the same.

It doesn't seem that Memphis wanted that pov too badly, as he was drinking before the comp. I wish he was more committed to his alliance with Dan, but on the other hand, I think Dan was probably working toward final two with Keesha.

I really enjoyed the D/M/R/K alliance while it lasted. They were much more interesting as a group, than as individuals. It was nice to see friendly conversation that I could relate to, much like the days of Kaysar, Janelle and Howie.

And I think the way they reacted to Jerry winning HOH (in comparison to some of Michelle and Ollie's behavior) says a lot about them as people.

Sorry for the long post... I'm just avoiding the possible reality of Dan going to that sequester house with the jurors from hell. I think they should offer him solitary confinement somewhere.

Oh, Danana (sigh)

Lars Eller said...

Anonymous said...
johnny gloves sounds perverted

8/30/2008 11:48 AM

Exactly, your thought's directed you into this conclusion because??

Anonymous said...

To anon at 11:55am:
I guess you don't read Jokers, because you wouldnt be feeling so sorry for Jerry if you did. He has a garbage sexist mouth and I hope he is ashamed of himself of the way he talked about Keesha when he was drunk and talking to Ollie & Michelle the other night. He didn't act like any 75 yr old man I ever knew or would want to. When the show started I wanted to like him but I am sorry, I think he is disgusting and if he was in my family I would be totally ashamed of him. (I am 57)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, you said all compete in the next HOH, but that doesnt happen until the HOH for the final 4, it goes down to 3 and then all compete.

Jerry will not be able to compete in the next HOH.

Auntie Leigh said...

It is starting to look hopeless for Dan to stay. And BB is going to need to offer him "protective custody" in the jury house. Which makes you realize that if he made it to final 2, he would not have had any jury votes. Or at least not many. Boo. If Dan leaves, wouldn't Jerry deserve to win more than Keesha or Memphis? Or Renny?

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't read Jokers, because you wouldnt be feeling so sorry for Jerry if you did. He has a garbage sexist mouth and I hope he is ashamed of himself of the way he talked about Keesha when he was drunk and talking to Ollie & Michelle the other night. He didn't act like any 75 yr old man I ever knew or would want to. When the show started I wanted to like him but I am sorry,

Anon: I don't like any of them. I don't like sexism at any age. I think it's very common in men at that age. I think he is real, doesn't mean I like what he says. Others are pretty phony.

Clementine said...

Lars Eller, that was too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I thinks it's a riot that these idiots think this is the way to be an actor.

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. I'm going to assume that it's just the drugs talking ... surely Jerry didn't win POV. Nah, that's preposterous!

I just imagined me saying preposterous out loud right now. It would sound like preposhteroush. LOL

I can't believe that Dan may go. That would be very sad. We may have to throw another pity party for all of us who want our banana boy to win. I hope he has a plan.

Again, thanks to all of you for your wonderful support during my ordeal. I do believe PDX and I met and bonded for a reason. My teeth are a mess and I can't eat solid food for quite awhile, but ... I had 2 good friends (neither of whom I knew before Monday) with me every minute of the experience.

I also believe we have lessons to learn in life. Perhaps this lesson is twofold. Watch where you are going and appreciate relationships. Okay, one more lesson might be something about vanity. I can't believe I have to go for weeks with broken and crooked teeth!

Is it really true that Jerry won POV? really?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06
I don't believe that all old men are like Jerry. I never met any that talk like he does. I have heard alot of young punks talk likd he does though...a lot had to do with Keesha's female body parts. At least the others aren't so disrespectful when they talk. I think they are doing what they think they need to do to win the game.

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, "preposhteroush", too funny! I can just see you saying that. Hope you're feeling better today.

I checked to see what Jokers has to say. Not much! There's all still sleeping.

There was not much talking at all by any after the POV. Renny did tell Keesha that she did good, and she replied "Not good enough". Keesha also said something about not believing they were put together as a couple, then FISH.

It makes me wonder if they're not talking because they were told not to, or it it's just because they're all down about it and tired.

Has BB ever told them not to talk about competitions?

Anonymous said...

anon 1:29. Unfortunately I think you are wrong. It's not that he's old. He's a 75 year old Marine who thinks he's Adonis for god's sakes. Just because you haven't heard it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. As I said I don't care for any of them. Ollie and freakin April having unprotected sex? Gawd! Dan swore on his girlfriend, mother and Mary? I am not catholic but did he have to do that? I know it's game play but none of them are deserving of the money for their appearance this year. The temper trantrums were even silly.

monty924 said...


monty924 said...

Memphis will take down Dan if he votes out Renny!!!! :(:(:(

Laurie said...

Monty, seriously? You're not fooling with my mind here?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm watching the feeds now.

Memphis indeed won and is cutting a deal with Dan now to vote out Renny.

Renny certainly had Memphis pegged. This is terrible.

Clementine said...

The Danana is saved!!

Clementine said...

Maybe the Danana is saved?

Jerry still talking to Memphis like they have a final two deal, and wants Dan to go this week.

Dan should not be leaving Memphis alone with Jerry, and Renny should be making some offers to Memphis soon. Wonder what she'll have to say?

monty924 said...

Its great for Dan but awful for Renny! :( Laurie, I would never mess with ya.

Oh well... as long as CKA doesn't win it all, I'm fine with Memphis, Keesha or Dan winning it. Dan's actually sitting quite pretty right now.

GO DAN!! the remainder of my fav2

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clementine said...

I can never get on justtvnuts anymore. It justs clicks and clicks and doesn't open. Oh, well.

Monty: sorry about your favorite, Renny. But you never know, it's a long 5 days until eviction. Dan should be worried about Memphis making other deals, with all that time.

I wouldn't mind if Keesha were to leave this week, but that's unlikely.

Erika said...


Memphis is the one who won, checked on Jokers update!!

Thank God, now Memphis has a hard decision as to who he is taking off but still Renny would go up and she would be the one voted off

Sounds Good to me!!!!!

PDX Granny said...


I've been catching up on emails, and just read that the old fart didn't really win it!! That makes me feel better! Now Laurie doesn't have to say preposhteroush!!

Now I'm off to jokers to see what's shakin'. I should be doing housework!!

Anonymous said...

What does Dan wear when he washes the taken shirt and the swim trunks. Damn, that kid does not change his clothes.

lynn1 said...

Oh it is looking bad for my girl Renny. Of course I can't fault Memphis, Dan, Keesha or Jerry if she is evicted. She would likely beat any of them if she was in the final 2.
At this point in the game everyone has to forget friendships and think about how they can stay in the game and be the last one standing.

Laurie said...

ah Monty, I should have known you wouldn't mess with my mind. This is such great news that i had to call Terry and tell her! Wish we could let jackie know.

A lot could happen between now and thursday. We will certainly be seeing some wheeling and dealing going on. Yippeee!!

Clementine said...

Dan lives at home with his mom... maybe he doesn't know how to use the washing machine?

Much as I like Dan, I am sooo tired of that outfit!!

TerryinCA said...

oh yeah, doing the happy dance, oh yeah.......Memphis honor your word to Dan and take him off! Renny is a bigger threat....poor Jerry better take his meds when he finds out he has been played by Memphis!

Thanks for the call Laurie!!
Zoetawny maybe you can call Jackie???

PDX Granny said...

Over on Jokers, it shows Memphis telling Dan he'll take him off. He just doesn't want anymore of his antics and wants him to promise to vote out Renny.

But then, he talks to Jerry and tells him he still wants the two of them (J&M) for the F2.

I wish I knew what was going on in his mind. Is he thinking the Renagades to the end, or the Marshmallow and Old Fart?

Laurie said...

I hope it's Renegades to the end!

Anonymous said...

Dan lives with his MOM? hahahahaah How OLD is he?

Anonymous said...

Hurricane Gustav is very possibly heading toward New Orleans, and definitely LA in general. I wonder if Renny stays in the house this week, they will let her know what is happening, even if it means her quitting the game. I know I would want to know. Finding out all this happened after the fact, and who knows where your family has gone to, or had to go through without you, or to find out your home has been damaged or destroyed is beyond cruel, and not worth any game show.

fa said...

Warning: paranoid conspiracy theory ahead.

You have been warned.

I'm feeling a bit like how Ollie must have felt when Dan pulled one over on him.

1) We KNOW, KNOW for a fact, that BB editors play games behind the scenes, in the editing room, in the DR, etc. We KNOW this because of the phony Ollie quote to Memphis. If they are willing to do that when the feeds are ON and millions know what was really said, I ask you: what are they willing to do when the feeds are OFF and nobody really knows what is happening?

2) this POV comp apparently was one of those where the HGs competed individually, so everyone was locked away while one player played at a time. So, not even the other players really KNOW what happened except when they were playing.


How do we KNOW that a fair game was played???

I for one do not trust BB anymore to behave ethically in the execution of this show.

BB is the plant!!

PDX Granny said...

fa, I think you might be on to something.

BB is a plant!!

Should we start calling BB Phil, short for philodendron?

fa said...

Lynn and anon re: hurricane and Renny -- very astute observations, and I wonder if perhaps BB *did* tell Renny something but swore her to silence about it, and that's why she's acting out? She may be conflicted about whether to continue one, being so close, or to leave and be with family.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the people are evacuating LA this time. I can't imagine another devastating hurricane there. Were the levies repaired? Will they hold?

fa said...

I want to clarify one thing, it's been in the back of my mind but I keep forgetting to post about it.

When Dan "swore" on his girlfriend etc, is was very explicitly with regards to keeping Ollie safe that week. Dan is smart and careful, and if you go back and find those clips (and least to the best of my knowledge - maybe there are other instances I wasn't aware of) - but the one I'm referring to was when he was hanging on the vine -- he said something to the effect of "I swear on (whatever) that you'll be safe" -- far as I know, the oath did not extend to the other aspects of the deal.

And, he did keep Ollie safe that week, even when he could have put him up.

Anonymous said...

FA: I saw it twice. Ollie dropped for a 3 part deal. They also showed it on the show. Dan even said, "Who would believe I would do a deal like that?" in the DR. And he was so concerned how much of the "deal" he shared with Memphis and others. He wasn't sure how much he planned to honor the deal until he told them the 3rd part. He's as bad as the rest of them. And I bet he's not that big. LOL

fa said...

anon 4:08 - I'm only talking specifically about him swearing on his girlfriend, family, etc -- when he used those words, it was specifically about keeping Ollie safe, no?

I never heard him say "I swear on (...) that I'll keep Michelle safe" or 'I swear on (...) that I'll let you pick the POV nom" -- but I DID hear him say "I swear on (...) that YOU are safe this week"

That's the only point I am making here.

fa said...

Mmephis won POV????

fa said...


It was MEMPHIS who won POV!!

lynn1 said...

fa and anon

I doubt that Renny knows about Gustav. If I remember correctly and I may not, we had a discussion in a previous season about if and when BB would inform a hg or the entire household about an outside situation.
As I remember it the HGs were not told about 911. Our country was being attacked and none of the hamsters were told.

AS to the levees being repaired...well it is doubtful that they are repaired enough to sustain wave action and major storm surge. New Orleans is below sea level and an afternoon thunderstorm floods certain parts of the city even today.
An independent engineering firm did a spot check elevation on some of the levees and pumping stations more than one year ago and found major problems with some of them. In fact one levee is reported to have been repaired by using old news papers!
There are mandatory evacautions for certain parishes (counties) including Orleans parish where New Orleans is.
I live in St Tammany parish which is bordered on the south by lake Ponchatrain, Orleans parish, on the east Hancock county which is the most directly hit from Katrina of the MS Gulf coast. We have voluntary evacuations at this time.
While we are not an island we are surounded by the lake , the west pearl river, swamps and bayous. The flooding from Katrina was devastating in my town. I personally know several people who had more that 14 ft of water in their homes.
We are leaving in the morning. I hate to go but there is a strong chance that my home could flood. We know there will be pawer outages and wind damage is likely too.
We will be in a nice air conditioned room and I will be able to watch BB on Sunday and Tuesday night! and continously read Jackie's blog. LOL
Glad I have my priorities straight! LOL

Sorry for the long posts I have been making the past fewe days and also for talking more about Gustav than BB.

fa said...

Jerry is trying to explain to Renny how this things works. Renny is trying to explain to Jerry how it works.

Jerry is an idiot.

Memphis won POV and will likely take Dan down. Which means Renny goes up. Which mean a female goes home. Which is why Jerry is an IDIOT.

Renny is trying to 'splain that to him and he thinks he knows it all.

But he's an idiot.

fa said...

Well no wonder Renny is all down.

She will be going home.

Jerry thinks that Memphis is more trustworthy than Dan, and he believes that he (Memphis) will honor Jerry's wishes to keep the noms the same.

WOW. This will be interesting. Time for Memphis to man up!!

fa said...

I think Keesha is secretly happy but she has to act all worried - she and Renny are talking.

fa said...

Renny got really bent out of shape by stuff Dan said yesterday - in print it looks bad, but when I actually watched/heard Dan saying it, it was typical Dan playfulness, and Renny totally misinterpreted and overreacted, and now she'd dogging him to Keesha.

Renny needs to go. I'm almost 100% certain she will be going.

fa said...

Keesha is playing smart.

Jerry thought he was so smart by telling Renny that 1) Dan put Memphis on the block and Memphis won't forget that!! (hello? Jerry is doing exactly what Dan had planned, which was exactly why Dan put Memphis on the block!) and 2) Dan protected Keesha, not Memphis (hello? again, Dan's plan is bearing fruit for him -- nicely played Dan!)

Now if Memphis has been as loyal to Dan as Dan has been to Memphis, then Renny is going. We don't yet know how loyal Memphis is to Dan, but we will be finding out very soon.

Clementine said...

Lynn: my thoughts are with you and all who have to evacuate. May you have safe travels.

Anne said...

Just woke from my nap - this reminds me of the who shot JR episode of Dallas - it was all a dream!

Anybody but Jerry WOO HOO!

Maybe there will be a twist and the POV holder gets to nominate the replacement.

Maybe I'm still dreaming...

lynn1 said...

Thanks Clementine.
Iknow cha cha lives in New Orleans and I hope she and her family will get the heck out of Dodge and be safe too.

Anonymous said...

Well the POV holder indeed DOES get to name the replacement nominee!

fa said...

oops, that was me - if Memphis uses POV, the only person who CAN go up is Renny.

fa said...

OMG, Renny is dense!!!

She still thinks Dan was talking about her children!!!

Yikes. He was talking about himself being her son, and Keesha being his step-daughter!!

She thinks he was dissing her family!!

OMG, she's almost as dense as Jerry!!

Dan's humor is waaaaay under appreciated!!

PDX Granny said...

Lynn, you have nothing to apologize about! What makes this blog so good is that we can all talk about what's going on in our lives as we enjoy BB together. That's how we get to know each other and form lasting friendships!

Plus, hearing about Gustav, tornados, floods, etc. on the news is one thing. But knowing someone going thru it makes it more personal. It gives us a "face" to go with the prayers we're sending up for all of you.

We want to continue to hear how all of you are doing. We worry until we know all are OK. . . just like a bunch of mother hens!!

monty924 said...

No way could Renny have convinced CKA that she was right (which she was). Renny doesn't know that he had a F2 deal with with Memphis and didn't even consider putting Dan and Memphis on the block together. CKAs little deal is going to backfire big time and I will LMAO when he walks the plank.

Its gonna get ugly in there today. Fire up the feeds. Keesha and Renny are plotting. :-)

fa said...

I want to go on record saying that while I don't tend to post too much about personal situations going on, that I do read them and my thoughts are always with those of you dealing with health/family/weather/disaster/etc issues.

monty924 said...

Lynn, stay safe. I've been glued to FNC all day. I can't believe this just 3 years since Katrina.

Prayers going out to everyone in that area.

fa said...

Keesha is play-acting for Renny's sake. Keesha knows what's going to happen. Keesha is not personally worried, but she's trying to calm Renny down by making it seem that Keesha also worries about being a target.

Keesha knows that Renny is going home.

Anne said...

I just jumped aboard the dense train. In my dream world Memphis would get to nominate Jerry but of course the HOH can't be nominated. DUH

Lynne1 Godspeed. I'll be praying that you and your loved ones will be safe. It's horrible to imagine that this could happen to LA again. Sort of puts everything else (BB,etc.) in perspective.

fa said...

Lynn or anyone else that was personally involved with Katrina: I DVR'd (and then DVDd) the news for 2-3 days during Katrina (CNN/MSNBC/possibly Fox but I hope not)

Don't know if such is easily available anyway - it might be. But just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness CKA didn't win the POV. I've felt a little down all day since reading that this a.m. GOODY, GOODY GOODY Pat in gloomy fla

fa said...

Memphis is sincerely pledging to Keesha that she's safe. He's telling her (straight up) his plan, that Renny will be going.

fa said...

It's interesting. Memphis is finding himself in the same position Dan was when Memphis was on the block. Dan kept telling Memphis he was safe, but Memphis was still concerned.

Memphis is sincerely trying to convince Keesha that she's safe and that it's better for Memphis to take Dan off the block.

She's freaking out though, just the same way that Memphis was freaking out when Dan put him on the block.

It's sort of funny.

fa said...

Jerry to Keesha "what the matter baby? why you cryin?"

Ewwww Jerry is yucky.

He's going to try to hear what she knows, or will try to tell her what he thinks will happen (which isn't what will)

fa said...

Dan made a comment earlier about wanting to see the unedited tapes of the POV comp. Seems I'm not the only suspicious one.

It makes for better drama if Memphis won it doesn't it?

becky said...

I have enjoyed reading the almost 100 posts today. Thank all of you and TG that Jerry didn't win POV. I think that Memphis will take Dan off and that Rennie will go home.

My thoughts and prayers are will all of you in the path of Gustav. I am glad they are evacuating the city this time. I certainly hope they let people take their animals with them. A lot of people refused to leave before Katrina because their pets are family members. I cried when I saw all of the poor pets that had to be left behind on the roofs. Corpus Christi had an evacuation right after that. They made it clear that if anyone did not have a ride to the evacuation center to call them and they would be picked up. The also assured everyone that their pets could go with them, even on the city buses. They were all taken to San Antonio. Photographs of the owners and pets were taken and ID bracelets and collars were put on them. The pets were taken to an airconditioned warehouse. The people in San Antonio donated food, crates and other items to the warehouse. The citizens went and walked the dogs and cleaned cages. It made one proud to be a Texan -- like we need any other reason!

fa said...

Yesterday when Renny was "cleaning" out the fridge and throwing all those leftovers away -- I think she had a premonition that she'd be leaving and she didn't want the fruits of her labor left behind for anyone.

fa said...

There is the possibility that Memphis will pull an even bigger Judas-move than Dan did, and vote Dan out. I hope not, but it's possible.

I want the F3 to be D/K/M and then all bets are off, whoever goes to F2 is fine with me.

fa said...

It's got to be 100 degrees out there today, and Renny is wearing long sleeved black jacket, outside. And black pants.

uh...? yikes

Anonymous said...

Dan tried to deceive Ollie using family, gf and Mary's name. You can take pieces out of context but the intent it there. Ollie should have known better after what happened to April. Trust No One.

fa said...

I don't know why Memphis or Dan are stressing about anything (they're talking about why Keesha is stressing) - who cares at this point? Dan/Memphis know what's going down, so why worry? Memphis is upset that he was not able to console Keesha when he told her she's safe.

Dan and Memphis are in kitchen, but what they may not understand is that Keesha needs to maintain her worried persona so that she doesn't freak Renny out. Whether she's really worried or not doesn't matter. Men are so cute when they can't figure women out, lol.

monty924 said...

fa said...
I want the F3 to be D/K/M and then all bets are off, whoever goes to F2 is fine with me.

Even though I want Renny #1, it ain't happenin'. I could live with D/K/M also. Dan would be my preferred but the others are okay as well. ANYBODYBUTJERRY

Anonymous said...

Jerry is a dumb ass. I wish he was gone a long, long time ago. Unfair that lazy Keesha and ignorant Jerry get to stay and Renny leaves. I really only liked her.

Anonymous said...

Jerry on the feeds makes me want to get my money back. Icky old fart.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, ChaCha & anyone else out there on the Gulf Coast:
PLEASE, PLEASE leave if you need to and BE SAFE. Take your pets with you and go. Here in the San Antonio area, our animal shelters are making room for animals from the Houston shelters, so Houston will have room for Louisiana animals. I'm sure other cities are doing the same. Besides, if you stay behind and lose power, you'll miss BB! Please everyone let us know you are okay when its over. We'll worry & pray until then!


Anonymous said...

Now I know why Keesha works at Hooters... She is a crappy actress.

Erika said...

I forgot to ask this yesturday..does Jerry still believe he can play for HOH this coming week, can't wait to see his face!!!!!!!

sue said...

lynn1, I always enjoy your posts, whether about BB or life in general. You are our eyewitness to your part of the country. Please keep us posted. You are doing the smart thing right now.

Anonymous said...

It sucks BIG TIME that Renny will be leaving--she had Memphis pegged from the get-go but did nothing to get him booted because he was KEESHA'S friend...I indirectly blame Keesha for this because she would not listen to Renny because she likes to have male attention on her more than she cared about being committed to Renny to take it to the final 2. How sad for Renny. Renny should have been smarter.

It really sucks that Dan, who has already won $20,000 and Memphis, who has won a car (and cannot stop whining about wanting MORE luxury comps--INGRATE!!!) will end up the final two and walk away with the $$.

When will women learn to work together and not against each other?


Anonymous said...

Isn't about time for Jackie to clear up her mistake about Jerry winning HOH. Blogging needs to be consistent. So much has been discussed today.

Anonymous said...

Jackie rocks but she has health issues. That's why she relies on all of us to fill in the blanks while she's away...for whatever reason. She doesn't OWE us the updates.
Miss you Jackie and hope you are ok. Same to you Banana Mama. Glad you're home and on you way to recovery.

Anonymous said...

haha JabiFLA. It's ok, Anon 6:56 misses Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Someone remarkded that they couldn't get Just tv nuts to work for them. I had the same problem. You have to go to the top of the screen and click on the FOTD button and then the BB feed will come up. They are updating their site.

I wish Renny got to stay. If Memphis were smart, he would keep both her and Renny. He would have a better chance against both of them in the F3 comps for HOH and Pov than he would against either Dan or CKA.

Jackie said earlier that she was going out this afternoon and that's most likely why she hasn't put up any postings. Have fun Jackie. Take the weekend off. We'll cover for you. You deserve a little time for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I meant he should keep r and K. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Watched my tape twice on Ollie and Dan's HOH comp. Dan only swore on Monica, etc. when he said he would not put Ollie up. Check out the episode on

Jackie said...

Anon 6:56 -- I added an update on the post at 1:30 saying I would be gone this afternoon. I'm offended that you're accusing me of being inconsistent after several years of this. You're anonymous, not even bothering to post your name. You're not welcome here. Let's see how you'd manage doing something like this.

Jackie said...

Anon 11:10 PM - That was my recollection, too. The big "swear on" only seemed to be in the first part. Another later episode mixed it in with the whole three parts, though. They had the feeds blocked as I watched that part (or listened to theme music and watched fish) -- so I'm not sure which is the real timing of the swear.

After the cabbage patch edit, I don't trust the show anymore at all!

Laurie said...

Anon 6:56

It is never "about time" for Jackie to do anything. She does this blog voluntarily and has a life. How dare you even suggest that she owes us anything.

You owe her an apology and you should fork over some money to her for even viewing this blog. You will find the link to do that on her main page.

I am spitting mad and I won't be the only one who feels that way. The real members of this blog (the ones who use their names) kept us all up to date on what was happening. We all make this blog what it is and you, anonymous, are not what we want as part of our group.

Anne said...

Anon 6:56 - missed your nasty message last night. You have got to be kidding -perhaps you've confused this blog with one of those aol boards where you and your fellow mean-spirited types spew your venom all over the place no matter what the topic.

Jackie owes you and the rest of us NOTHING. WE, on the other hand, are deeply indebted to her for the YEARS of hard work and dedication she has given to this and the other shows she blogs.

It's unfortunate that you have chosen to pollute this board with your negativity and all around bad karma.

For now, do us a favor and crawl back under your rock. Next season see if you can get yourself on Big Brother, I have a feeling you might be able to surpass Jerry. I've already given you a BB name and here's a hint - it's 2 words - the first one starts with a D and the second one ends with a D. You should have no problem figuring it out -I'm sure you've heard it before.

Anonymous said...

What did I miss about Michelle and Dan on his trip from the house?