Friday, August 29, 2008

BB10: Live Feeds Bulletin

The feeds were blocked for a little over an hour and I'm now (not so) patiently awaiting for someone to spill the beans. All five hamsters are in the kitchen and no one is talking about the noms. What they're talking about is Memphis makes sandwiches without bread by rolling up the other foodstuffs. And Renny told Keesha she needs to learn to cook. BTW - Memphis and Dan can actually cook, at least to an extent.

Waiting ... waiting ... as soon as they talk, I can nap again ... waiting ... Dan seems very subdued and has gone off to lay down by himself. I think with this reaction and Jerry's pre-nom talks with people, it's pretty safe to say he is one of the nominations. But still no clue who's up there with him or confirmation that he's on the block.

Confirmed -- Keesha and Dan are on the block.


fa said...

Keesha doesn't seem too concerned. Dan is quite subdued.

delee said...

Just what we expected.....

TerryinCA said...

shoot! I pray Dan will win POV!!
then Jerry will put up Memphis and Renny and Dan choose right?

zkgscqb said...

fa--that's because Jerry has assured Keesha that Renny will vote to evict Dan and even if Memphis vote to evict her then Jerry will break the tie and evict Dan. Of course, that's all assuming no one uses the POV!!

Nana in the NW said...

omg!!! I am really losing it! Instead of typing my name I typed the word verification!! LOL

So the post from zkjscqb is really me.....Nana in the NW!!!!

TerryinCA said...

nana!!! hah!! glad its not only me!

sue said...

Thank you Nana, you made me laugh for the first time today....and the day is almost over. I have been out of it for a couple of weeks and typing word veri instead of my name sounds just like some of the things I have done. I am so glad you wrote to tell us!

PDX Granny said...

Nana, that's too funny!! If it wasn't for having figured out how to get my name to come up automatically, I can see me doing that very same thing!!

This is totally off topic of BB, but on topic of our great community here.

First, I want to thank everyone for the prayers and good thoughts for Laurie. Second, a lot of you commented about me, making it sound like I had done so much. Someone even suggested it was like I was Laurie's Guardian Angel (Aw shucks, that one gave me warm fuzzies!).

I have to tell you, reading the comments made me feel good, but what I did wasn't anything that special. I'm sure it's no more than any of you would have done in my position. I'm positive had the roles been reversed, Laurie wouldn't have hesitated to step up and help.

I really believe we have a special group here. From reading your comments over the past couple of years, I don't think there's anyone I would love to meet. I encourage each and everyone of you to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to meet one of our "friends" here face to face.

I have made a lifetime friend in Laurie. It seems like we've know each other forever. During the first adventure on our day of meeting we met two ladies from Toronto. Laurie mentioned to them that we had just met that day. I gave her a look of disbelief and started to correct her, when I realized she was right!! I can see the same thing happening with so many of you!

Thanks to all of you for being the kind of people I'm happy to call my blog friends. And a special thanks to you, Jackie, for setting the standards that draws such a great group!

PDX Granny said...

....just got a call from Laurie! She's safe and sound at home and in her jammies. GOOD!!!

fa said...

Renny is being all pissy, trying to pick a fight with Dan. She's whining because she thinks *she's* the real target, even though Dan and Keesha are on the block.

She lost points with me when she didn't put up Ollie when she was HOH, and she's losing more how she's behaving now.

fa said...

I'm so glad Memphis has been wearing his hear normally lately. I've been meaning to say that and keep forgetting.

Now if only we could get rid of those v-neck tees...

fa said...

Even with two older people in the house, I have to say (again) that I think that Dan, Memphis and Keesha have behaved, overall, with more maturity than anyone else.

Even now, when things can get really stressful, they 3 are keeping cool, but Renny (who isn't even on the block!) is losing it!

Memphis showed who he was when Ollie attacked him.

Keesha by being gracious to just about everyone, even after she's argued with them previously (how she can still be civil to Jerry is beyond me)

And Dan who has to be one of the most level-headed people I've seen in BB ever (except maybe Dr. Will). Plus he's cute and has a good sense of humor.

But Renny and Jerry? not so much

Anonymous said...

as expected but not what most of us wanted.
Jerry does not get to play in the next HOH that is when it is final 3, is that right Jackie???
just keep the creep from getting a POV
I knew keeping him around would come back to haunt them!
Go Dan get the veto.
Does anyone think memphis will try for the veto and take dan off thus preserving the renegade alliance?
A girl can only hope!


Laurie said...

I'm just popping in to say I'm home and unpacked and ready for bed. My husband bought me a burrito for dinner. I opened it up and ate the inside. It was good and filling and enough food to take my meds on.

Keesha and Dan, eh? Well, the POV will be important. Can't wait to see it. Go Dan!

Off to bed for me. I am exhausted and ready for sleep in my own bed. Only problem is nobody will change the sheets and clean the room up for me in the morning!

fa said...

Jerry has sort of found himself in a pickle hasn't he? On the one hand, he really really really wants to be the guy who sends Dan to the jury house so he'll score points with the Delusional Duo.

But, he and they have loudly proclaimed to everyone with an ear to hear that when in jury, they WILL vote for ANYONE but Dan. Which means Jerry should want to keep Dan around just in case he (Jerry) ends up in F2.

But instead Jerry seems to want to keep Memphis around (???) I guess he thinks that since he won that car, nobody would give him the big prize?

For a fleeting moment I thought that it'd be funny if Jerry struck a deal with Memphis whereby Memphis gives Jerry his car in exchange for going to F2 (or whatever Jerry might think to offer). And then of course he'd either go back on it, or actually take it but deny it during the appeal to the jury. If Jerry was a player at all, he'd be thinking along those lines. But Memphis isn't that gullible, so it wouldn't work anyway. But it'd be funny to see him try.

TerryinCA said...

I wish you had that great room steward from the cruise to pamper you....welcome home my friend and God Bless

joy n said...

Dan just HAS to win that POV! I'm getting more and more disenchanted with Renny.

TerryinCA said...

I wish you had that great room steward from the cruise to pamper you....welcome home my friend and God Bless

joy n said...

Laurie, glad you're back home all safe and sound (so to speak). And glad, too, that your hubby is there to baby you a bit.

I left a message for you 2 posts back.

I'm dying to ask. How the heck did you slip off a balcony? And please tell us it was on the first floor!

Anonymous said...

Jerry gives me the creeps. I cannot believe he is still in the game. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Please don't let him be in the final 2. For me, ANYONE would have been better than Jerry.

Go Dan/Keesha :o)

joy n said...

Laurie, I guess that message was 4 posts back on the second page of the long post.

Auntie Leigh said...

Dear Meb, (and glad you are back and well again.) I searched through hundreds of posts, looking for the explanation for what happened to Laurie and pdxgranny. I appeal to my new blog-daughter, orkmommy, to take pity on me and fill me in. After all, it was Meb's cute daughter who filled us all in on her brush with disaster and recuperation. I will be watching and hoping....oh, and a shout out to "zkgscqb"...that was a good one.

Erika said...

Of course it never goes the way you want. Leaving Jerry in there knowing he wins competions leaves me to believe Ollie should have stayed and maybe we would see the the final four we wanted but NOOOOO..... leave one in there and it happens. As much as I want Dan to stay they should vote him off if Veto is not won( for their game and chance @ winning)...Personally I want him to stay because he is a Great Player....OH BIG BROTHER!!!!

Nana in the NW said...

auntie leigh--Laurie didn't fall off a balconey(although that's what I thought at first). She tripped over the edge of the track for a sliding glass door while she was carrying a tray with her lunch on it. She took the brunt of the fall on her face, thus causing all the tooth damage. I'm sure she will have more details tomorrow, but her last post said she was off to bed so I thought I would post an answer for you.

Auntie Leigh said...

Nana....thank you so much!!!!

Nana in the NW said...

What I failed to tell you all was that I didn't realize I had typed the wrong thing until I checked to be sure my comments had posted. When I couldn't find my name I thought "What did I do wrong"?.....then I read the comments by zkscqb and realized that was me!!!

I'm going to check out BBAD and see what's up with Renny.

Anonymous said...

I am watching BBAD, where is Memphis and Renny?


PDX Granny said...

Auntie Leigh, I think I can fill you in. There have been soooo many comments posted these past few days, it would be had to find those about Laurie's trip to Portland.

It all started when I noticed in a comment from Nana in the NW that she wished she could make it Portland to meet Laurie when she was going to be here. Nana lives in Tacoma, WA which is just an hour or two from Portland. After reading that, I asked Laurie when she would be here, and where she would be staying. As it turned out, her training class was just 2 blocks from my office! We made plans to meet one night after work for dinner. We wanted Nana to come, but it was too far.

To make a long story short, when i suggested it, she was up for more of an adventure than just dinner! We made plans for a 3 hour jaunt on Monday afternoon to see several waterfalls, ending with Multnomah Falls. That's one of my favorite scenic drives close to Portland. Then we had dinner at Edgefield Manor. Edgefield started out as a poor farm, then was an sanitarium for mental patients, among other things. Now, it's a hotel with several restaurants and pubs and gardens on the grounds. Our 3 hour trip turned into over 6 hours, but we were having so much fun we didn't even notice the time.

We got together again for dinner on Wednesday at a little Mexican restaurant with great food. I figured with her class and test, and my job, we probably wouldn't see each other again before she left.

However, just as I was leaving work Thursday I got a call from her asking if I had any plans for the evening. She was still in the ER at that time. Not wanting to be alone when she got back to her hotel, she asked if I would mind staying with her for a while. I'm so glad she called!! I was able to go pick up her prescription and a bit of nourishment, making sure she was comfy before taking off.

I felt honored to have been able to help, and I think she felt relieved that I was able to.

While she was a lunch earlier, she was walking thru a sliding glass doorway onto a patio. She had her lunch on a tray and couldn't see that there was a high lip (sounds like about 3" or 4", which is more than a lip!). She tripped on the lip and did a face plant! She knocked several teeth loose and chipped at least one pretty good. She also landed on her knees, so they are bruised. She got a ride to the hospital in an ambulance, where the doc "reset" her teeth and checked her out.

She's now at home and resting, feeling sore and tired, but is OK.

And that is the story of the Adventures of Laurie & PDX! :)

meb said...

auntieleigh... I should have just done this, since I knew pretty much where they were. The following are but a few of the comments about Laurie and what happened. I didn't list who wrote what. Jackie...sorry this is so long...

If you haven't checked the prev. post Terry in Ca. informed us that our friend Laurie had an accident today and is in the ER being assessed....some tooth damage, swelling and bruising!!! We all need to pray for a minor diagnosis for her and quick healing.

Thanks Nana, no further word on Laurie, Im hoping to hear something soon. Im just hoping it was being a klutz and nothing else.
How much fun if you could have met with PDX Granny, she just has had the best time...until now.


I'm soooooo sorry to hear about your accident. :( I hope your injuries are mostly minor, although tooth damage isn't minor, imo, but hopefully can be restored. Praying that the diagnostics in the ER come back without any major injuries.

Terry in CA...

Thanks for keeping us posted about our good friend.

Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Let us know as soon as you can (or terryinca, you let us know) how you're doing. You've been having such a great time, I hate that you had to end your trip like this.

My prayers are with you. I'm thinking of you because you're so special and pray you feel much better by tonight!


Hi everyone...just talked with Laurie...she sounded alert and fine. she said the dentist was able to move her teeth back to where they are supposed to go...dont even ask, it sounds painful. She says she doesnt look so much like a hockey player finally...and the chipped one will have to be repaired when she gets home. She tripped on a sliding glass door ledge that led out to a patio..they were carrying their food outside. shes thankful for all the good wishes and prayers...

I just got a call from Laurie and just found out she's been in the ER all afternoon. I wanted to let you all know, but it looks like Terry in CA and Nana already did! Good!! I'm going to head over to her hotel as soon as she gets back so she's not alone. I'm glad she thought to call me, instead of just sticking it out on her own!!

I'll keep you posted on her condition!

There's more auntieleigh, but I think this pretty much covers it. I'm sure Laurie will go into a little more detail when she feels better. Just glad she's home and has her husband to help her.

meb said...

Sorry pdxgranny... I was searching and typing while you were posting.

I'll say again, it was destiny that you and Laurie got together on her trip. You were meant to be there to help her when she needed you.

I just love this blog Jackie, and all who share their thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity.

drceline said...

watching everyone sleeping is just SOOOO exciting for BBAD!!! Can you believe it?

Nana in the NW said...

I'm glad I don't pay for the feeds. It's only 9:30 in the BB house and everyone is taking a nap(they've been sleeping since 7:30). It sounds like they think the POV might be held tonight and they all think it will be endurance.

auntie leigh are you on the west coast?

PDX Granny said...

MEB, I agree! We were destined to meet. I believe God puts people in places where they need to be, and he did that with us. I think you and I must have both been typing at the same time. :)

Nana, where are you watching BBAD? I went to justtvnuts and first found old footage, then fish.

Am I missing anything?

drceline said...

Veto IS tonight at midnight their time!!! I heard it announced on BBAD!!! People with the live feeds...please tell us what happens!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to join the ANYBODY BUT JERRY club?

I find him utterly despicable.

I just heard on BBAD that POV will be held at midnight Pacific time! I hope for the best for Dan. I don't think anyone will save him except himself.


Anne said...

Renny might be having a case of the 'shoulda woulda couldas' as far as her buddy Ollie being ejected goes and is regretting the outcome.
She's probably seeing a back door in her not too distant future and it's getting to her.

Nana in the NW said...

pdx granny--on justtvnuts if you click FOTD it will come up(sometimes). But it did keep going to fish.

Yep...POV begins at midnight and K/R/M have just finished off 2 bottles of wine. Sounds like K/R are drunk. They better hope it's not some sort of balancing or hanging on to something!!

It's a good thing they all took a 2 hr. nap this evening!

I won't be able to stay up....will just have to find out what happened in the morning.

All I can say is GO DAN GO!!

Nana in the NW said...

Renny and Keesha are sooooo drunk!!! I can't wait to see how they do in the POV!!

They are going from sappy "I love you so much" talk and tears to hugging and laughing at nothing. The guys are off getting ready for the comp.

I really am going to bed!

PDX Granny said...

I have a feeling the girls will be out quickly, based on how tipsy they are! But they are having fun!

PMS in Kzoo MI said...

pdx granny I agree

ginnyjulie said...

Of course I haven't seen the HOH contest, but I have a feeling they set it up for Jerry to win. Everybody knew he was counting the days each person was evicted and certain events happened. It sounds like most of the questions pertained to that. If Jerry hadn't won, everybody knows he would have been gone.

I'm sooo glad BB likes to keep us entertained.

dla said...

pdx granny, what Mexican restaurant did you take Laurie to? We were always in search of good Mexican in Portland, and it was slim pickin's, so to speak. :)

Would love your recommendation for my family up there.


fa said...

I predict some pretty nasty hangovers in the morning when whoever loses POV realizes what happened.

What were they thinking? They had 2 hours notice, did they stop drinking then?

Makes one wonder about BB orchestrating things. Dan and Jerry weren't drinking.

fa said...

If it's endurance, I bet Dan and Memphis are hanging on. The others probably went out early.

I can't stay up to wait, much as I'd like to.

PDX Granny said...

I was sleeping like a baby and something woke me up. I have no idea what, but thought I'd check in on the POV while I'm up.

It's still going on!! I'm sure Keesha and Renny have sobered up by now. If it's endurance, I think they have a better chance of hanging in there than if it were a thinkin' game. If that were the case, I'm sure they'd be outa there soon! I can hardly wait to see!!

FA - I believe they were drinking the wine (2 bottles) that were in Keesha's HOH basket.

DLA - Aqui Mexican Cafe is where Laurie and I went. It's a little tiny place on SE 12th, between Hawthorne & Madison. What part of town did you live in when you were here? By the way, when you asked me the other day if I had heard about Duckworth, I was listening to news about it when I ready your comment. It's just that with everything else going on, I forgot all about responding. Something to do with senior memory!!

That was so sad! He was a special guy with a heart of gold. When the story first broke, they weren't sure what happened, but it's since been ruled a heart attack.

OK, I've checked in enough! I'm going back to bed! See ya all in the morning!

Auntie Leigh said...

You guys!! PDX is Portland?? Years ago I lived in Lake Oswego and Multnomah Falls was always on the short list of where to take visitors. We only lived there a short time but it was so beautiful. Thank you so so much for filling me in on the story of Laurie and Granny. Oh yeah, and now I live in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Aww to laurie
I am sorry u hurt urself but am glad ur back home and on ur way to healing
PDX granny ur a good person!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Thank God the people are leaving LA this time. I can't imagine another devastating hurricane there. Were the levies repaired? Will they hold?