Sunday, August 10, 2008

BB10: Live Feeds Last Night and Into Sunday

Libra is up early this morning cleaning up after the big feast.

I think I forgot to mention that I had a feeds report posted at TVS which updated until the POV comp yesterday. Oops. Not to fear -- there was plenty of action during the evening hours after the comp! Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Horrors:
  • As I mentioned before -- Jerry won the POV and Memphis has to wear a garland of onions. Now, if it was garlic that would keep the vampires away! Or is that werewolves?
  • The comp had something to do with cutting or slicing onions. It was called "Cry Me a Veto." In the comp it seems the girls won some sort of expensive shopping spree.
  • As Libra and Keesha were talking about Jerry not using the veto, Jerry was at Michelle's side telling her he's always been on her side. @@
  • Jerry doesn't want Michelle telling Keesha she's safe, but he wants to tell her and no one else can know. Um, duh, Jerry. Everyone knows that too many want Libra out. Whether the veto is used or not, Keesha is bound to be safe.
  • After swearing to keep the "Keesha safe" bit a huge secret, Jerry told April. @@ She asked if he was going to use the veto and he said no -- the vote will be for Libra to leave.
  • Jerry is still mad at Dan. He told Renny the only time he broke his word was with Brian and because everyone forced him. He thinks his wife will be proud of him. I hope she doesn't have the live feeds!
  • April and Ollie think Michelle likes Keesha and just don't understand.
  • They were all one big happy friendly cordial family as they awaited their feast from BB.
  • That wouldn't last.
  • As the crowd had such a good time, first Libra started crying and left, then Dan. All the niceness must have been too much.
  • As they each said something nice about each other, Jerry said he thinks Dan is America's Player and that's why he betrayed him. Jerry said if he wins HOH, he'll put Dan up for eviction.
  • Libra ended up crying to Ollie about the hurtful things he's said about her being a mother. He apologized to her.
  • She told him that voting out Jessie wasn't her idea -- she was approached with it.
  • BB gave them all too much alcohol, methinks. Jerry got drunk and Michelle was floored with all of the honesty in the house.
  • Libra continued to trash Keesha to Ollie while April and Keesha trashed Libra in another room.
  • Keesha in an almost parallel universe to Libra, cried to April.
  • Libra caught wind over some of what Keesha was saying to April -- she found it interesting that Keesha only talked to April because she's drunk.
  • The April/Keesha discussion turned into a catfight with them both shouting accusations at each other MEOW.
  • But then they hugged and April said it will be Libra going home. PURR.
  • But then, as Keesha and Michelle were in the HOH room, Libra barged in. Apparently changing her mind, she left after making a lame excuse.
  • But then ... as several sat around bashing Libra, they decided Libra should be in on it like some sort of intervention.
  • Catfight! MEOW
  • After the catfight cleared, Keesha told Michelle that most of what's been blamed on Libra is actually April's doing.
  • It's all too much for Michelle -- she ended up burying herself in pillows on the backyard couch and sobbing.
  • All of a sudden she tosses the pillows and starts screaming "[BLEEP] you! [BLEEP] you and you! All of you!"
  • Meltdown complete.
  • Soon everyone was screaming or crying again. Except for Dan and Memphis. I think they went in hiding. (Perhaps the Witless Protection Program?)
  • As Keesha cried how much she liked Angie and put her on the block for them, Jerry and Memphis assured her she's staying this week.
  • April and Keesha made up, then started screaming again.
  • Libra vowed no more alcohol for houseguests.
  • Michelle thinks all of the evictions so far go back to Libra.
  • Libra denies it -- says if she goes this week, she'll see there are a lot more serious players than she is left in the house.
  • Ollie finds it all funny that the girls are going at it.
  • Dan just hides.
  • April continued to fuss about the car Memphis won.
  • Michelle is more determined than ever that Keesha will stay and Libra will go this week.
  • An awful lot of brouhaha just to go full circle back to that, eh?
  • All finally headed to bed. Libra is up early cleaning the huge mess left behind.
  • But no one can clean the mess of hurt feelings and alcohol-driven stupidity.


Sydney said...

Morning! excellent last line there Jackie!!! Loked all the ones before it too.

Jen said...

Yay!! I am the first to comment! Good Morning everybody!! I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!!

Last night was definitely CRAZY!! I just got the feeds on Thursday and I have to last night it was worth it! I don't think I can recall in any other season, where all the house guests went absolutely NUTS, like they did last night!!

I wonder what it will be like this morning once the alcohol wears off!!

I'll be back later!!! Have a great day everyone!!


Jen said...

Oh darn Sydney beat me to it!! I wasn't the first to comment but hey Since it's Syd, that's ok with me!!:)

lynn1 said...

I know that Libra has been involved in many of the shouting matches but so has Keesha. I actually don't care if she or Keesha goes. I am not for or against either of them.
I think Jerry is a PITA. He has had a screaming match with every guy in BB10 except Ollie. I think he wants to be Top Male Dog in the house. I guess Ollie is not a threat because he is hooked up (literaly and figuratively) with April.
Jerry definitely does not seem to care who is HOH, he pledges his allegiance to them.
I hope that whoever is is the next HOH puts Jerry up for eviction. He needs to go.
I think the evictions of Steven and Angie are going to haunt some folks.

Anonymous said...

i went to bed JUST as libra came back into the HOH room so they could yell at her.

it's exactly what Michelle predicted...putting two friends up and watchng them fight. dunno why she is crying...she set it in motion.

also, all those drunken fights were horribly boring and predictable. they are going to be EMBARRRRRRRRRRASSED when they sober up.

--susan in KC

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning all!!

Jackie that was a great re-cap...I was following the fights(or trying to!) on Joker's last night and was overwhelmed and confused. I kept picturing the 4 girls--K/A/M/L--on the teacups at Disneyland....going around and around, the ride would stop and then they would get in another cup and start again!!! Libra is right-NO MORE ALCOHOL. They seem to only have these big fights when they are drunk.

Poor Dan and Ollie...they were on the LR couches trying to stay out of the line of fire and the girls all gathered in there. Dan finally went and hid in the shower!

There should be some great Youtube videos. Speaking of which.......I went to see what everyone was talking about re: Dan. Yes, add me to the list of perverted old ladies!! Not only did I watch the video but I had to pause it to try and get a better angle---all in the name of research, mind you!!! LOL
I'm not sure that was part of his anatomy, I would need more evidence to say he was in competition with James!

So now Keesha and Michelle are BFF ;{ Keesha didn't want to sleep in the same room with Libra and Michelle told her she could sleep in the HOH, that she has been wanting some company.

As to Memphis wearing the onions....somehow in the comp. it was April who decided Memphis would be the one to wear them. I would say she is quite bitter over the fact that he won a car! He seems to be able to take them off in the pool, hot tub, and shower.

I do have to say, as many non-players as are in the house they still are not as bad as last season---those were the real rejects!!

Tonight will be fun to see the comp. with all the old players.

Sydney-- you have to make your hubby go see Mama Mia. I took mine yesterday and he really enjoyed it.

No painting for me--it's still raining....hopefully I will finish my scrapbook today.

Will be checking in later.

Sydney said...

Nana- I'm seeing it with four girlfriends on the 15th. He may like it, but for now, I AM GOING!!!!

Hi Jen -- It's funny, whenever I am writing when the first spot is blank, there is always a bit of a rush because 90% of the time someone else is writing when you are and by the time you hit publish, you find you are second or third. It's a comical phenomenon, and I bet many of us feel it.... used to always be rzandshyn or rbennie, and occasionally joy or myself. The other day it was Meb and then Petals --- tell us, did you feel that little rush of adrenaline and type just a little bit faster when you saw that you might be first? :-)

Anonymous said...


Laurie said...

But no one can clean the mess of hurt feelings and alcohol-driven stupidity.

Ah yes, this is something I have never been able to grasp and I've lost "friends" because of it. How do you forgive and forget and move on when someone you thought was a friend gets high on something and then turns on you like that? I just can't do it. If somebody has been harboring all that anger towards me and then uses alcohol or drugs or temper to let it all out and bombard me with "things I need to know" or decides to tell lies about me to stir up trouble, I say "bye bye".

Now I realize that the people in the house aren't really friends (except for Ollie/April who are friends, lovers, soulmates,etc) but even so ... how do they move on today with such awful things said and done?

How about you? Can you fight like that with someone and still be friends? How do you do that?

By the way,Jackie, great write up today. Love how you turn a phrase!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has the car Memphis won, keeps going up in price as this show goes on? First it was $50,000. Then 60, and the last April said it was 70!So what about the car!! She is a piece of work and should go next. Or now would be nice, and then lets see Ollie play a game. As for Jerry, I'm getting tired of his lets follow the HOH. I wanted to like him in the beginning but just can't now. I'm likeing Rennie and Dan more and more.

Sue S.

sharon said...

Loved the recaps,Jackie. Your usual stellar job!

So Col. Kiss Ass won POV!Boooooo!Maybe,just maybe,some of them will start to see him as a threat?I'd love to see him and April on the block next or here's an even better idea,aren't we due for a double eviction and soon!!!

I don't know Laurie,I think if April was told it was her or Ollie,she'd sell him out so fast,your head would spin!And yes,she sure has a hard on for Memphis about that car and she wasn't even close to winning it.

Jackie,you have put that notion in my head and every Sunday when I watch "In Plain Sight",all I can think of is the Witless Protection Program! Too funny!

I am enjoying the Olympics! Go Michael!! Go USA!!! Go Dara!!!

Sydney said...

the more April wins, the less she can hold that car against Memphis, so she keeps upping it's value. Just say it's so and it is, a theory Madison Avenue has banked on for decades, lol.

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Libra needed to point out last night that Jessie looked right out her and said "you're going bye bye". I do kind of think she's getting a bum rap in this whole ordeal. Yeah - she jumps off the handle sometimes. But it was Keesha who "got the votes" to get Jessie out.

April - stand up for yourself! My god! Her do no wrong attitude drives me nuts.

Keesha was totally hammered. Out of control. And Michelle - that is what my friends call going "red flag". Cookoo!!!

I'm glad RENNIE managed to stay out of it! I love how when all this is going down, Ollie hides in bed. And Dan was in the shower. I nearly spit out my late night Pringles when the screen cut to Dan hiding in the shower!

joy n said...

I caught part of the fighting and screaming on justtvnuts last night and shut it off because I actually was starting a headache. I'd much rather just read about it. Thanks, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Dan hiding in the shower was classic! Too funny.

April really can't get over Memphis and his car.I mean NOBODY else seems to really care.

I think April is probably a pretty greedy person who is all about money and things.

I also think that she may know that Memphis has her number, can probably see right through her, and I don't think he was ever fawning all over her.
That probably drives her nuts.

Anonymous said...

since when did Keesha like April.

Keesha needs to calm down and campaign for votes. She has Memphis and Rennie locked in. Arguably she's got Dan and April. She just needs to use a levelhead so Libra will get the boot. What's the point in fighting?!!
I hope Dan or Rennie get Jerry or April or Ollie.

Anonymous said...

Col. Kiss Ass, too too funny. pat

monty924 said...

Yes, Sharon. Love the new nic for Jerry. :)

Jen said...

Yes Sydney, it sure does bring on adrenaline! Actually at first I didn't think about it until about half way through my comment and then I realized I might not be first and sped up!! I didn't even proof read it which I typically always do!! But that's ok! You can't be always be first!!:)

Annon 1:19 I am not sure if that was a shout out to me but it sure did make me feel good!!

I agree April is GREEDY! She is VERY competitive and can't stand for people to have something she doesn't. I actually find several of the house guests wanting prices. I am always surprised when I hear them say, "if it a luxury comp I am going to take the prize instead of the POV." In season's past it was about winning the POV. Especially if you're on the block!

It should be an interesting day to see how everyone reacts to the aftermath of last night!!

Nana in NW said...

My thoughts exactly about alcohol and loose tongues!! I am too much a "control freak" to let myself get out of control by drinking--hence I have never drank(also, growing up in an alcoholic family).
So many things are said in anger and intoxication....maybe forgiven but never forgotten!

OMG Sharon--Col. Kiss Ass that is classic!! LMAO

I also agree about April throwing Ollie under the bus--he would have tread marks on his back with her footprints on top of them!!

I loved Memphis's comment last night in the midst of the fighting...."bb should be calling a lockdown soon. They are going to put us all in seperate rooms!"

Off to check Joker's see how forgiveness is going.....

TerryinCA said...

I just gotta love this group...what a bunch of well spoken people! LOVE YA!
I love Col K.A. name..not him mind you.
and Laurie, yes TOTALLY agree with you on that whole mind bender..we've know a few of those , eh?
I hope Libra goes, I think Jerry and April should be next

Anonymous said...

I find this group of Hamsters to be loud, rude to each other, and just plain stupid. Since when does the house vote with the HOH and not for themselves? These are people who have watched BB since the beginning!!!! The fight on BBAD last night was a sad commentary on woman if you ask me. Just goes to show you how young people just can't hold thier booze.

formerly anon said...

Jackie, you're just too funny. I laugh every time I read your recaps.

Last night when I tuned in and saw the big happy family around the big happy feast, I was disappointed because they were all being saccharine sweet to each other. I nearly turned it off and went to bed, but instead fast-forwarded and saw Libra "crying" to Ollie. And it all went warp speed into superdrive meltdown from there out.

IMO, Libra was being beyond fake with that scene with Ollie. I almost expected her to look at the camera and wink, that's how fake she was being. Yuck. I still cannot stand her, especially when she puts on that calm superior persona, "When I'm gone, you'll find out the real truth" bullshit. "Ask me anything now April, because I know I'm walking out that door" and I kept waiting but I didn't hear April asking her anything.

Yeah, Keesha was the ringleader in the campaign to keep Memphis, SO? Big news? Surprise? It was Libra who ran up to Michelle and had to confess to her about how all-powerful she was - and then she's going to think she's credible telling everyone how she was "played"? Oh please. I genuinely don't like Libra at all.

Same for April. Can't stand her, I even have to avert my eyes when she's on the screen, I can't even stand to look at her. April thinks her biggest problem is that she's got too much heart for this game (LOL!)

I like Keesha, and she's playing the game. I like Renny too. And I really like Dan (especially meekly hiding in the shower, lol, gawd that was too funny!)

I feel sorry for Michelle now. She was running around that house having a major tantrum, with (imho) one clear objective: to get someone, anyone (besides Jerry) to offer her an alliance. She was begging for it. Same way she was with Jesse. And nobody took her up on it! That was really sad. She (Michelle) especially wanted Keesha to align with her, but Keesha either kept deflecting the hints or was too drunk to see them. I was surprised, cuz I'd think Keesha, Memphis, Renny, Michelle and Dan could align.

At some point these people have to start thinking about who they'd want to be in the final 2 with. I'm surprised that nobody is thinking of keeping Libra for that spot. Although, she's so annoying that I'd rather send her out of the house and take my chances with Jerry (who else has the least chance of getting votes in the end? April?)

formerly anon said...

Can someone explain to me why April was not considered for eviction this week?

I would think that Michelle, of everyone, would realize that breaking up the "couples" is necessary, and since April just did that to her and Jesse, she should at least consider it for April.

When the issue of veto came up, the discussion kept going around who to put up if Keesha won and took herself off. But I never heard them seriously discuss who to put up if Libra took herself off. Why wasn't April slated for that position? Does Michelle really think that April and Ollie will be loyal to her?

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I used to think old age makes you wiser...Jerry BUGS me. April has enough enemies, Michelle doesn't need to put herself in the line of fire. I think her nominees were perfect. And I missed fight night!

Anonymous said...

I'll add another reason why these houseguests should want April out of the house.


Michelle should be the main one thinking that, since April was the one who beat her.

But they all should know that endurance will be part of the final HOH!

But what am I saying,that would require them to use their brains.

Personally I think April could be the most dangerous one in there right now. And the most annoying!


flipflopsinthewinter said...

formerly anon said...
Can someone explain to me why April was not considered for eviction this week?

Michelle and April had pretty much planned to aliance up together if Jessie had stayed in the house. Not sure how real it was- but I think that is why Michelle didn't consider putting April up. She still considers herself close with April (and Ollie by default).

I really think that if Jessie had stayed in you would have seen the 4 of them team up and ditch Keesha/Libra/etc anyway. Their plan just kind of backfired with jessie's eviction.

PlaidChick said...

Hello!!! No one has mentioned something that was said last night that I thought was interesting...

During the HOH fight it was all she said this and that. Michelle in her screaming says "I SAW THE BANNER I KNOW WHAT IT SAID!!" She says to this to April, Libra and Keesha. Remember that crew MADE UP what the banner read, they couldn't read it, and Julie said the banner had nothing to do with BB.

So what's up with that??! I do think Libra is getting the raw end of this because she can't keep her mouth shut. But it's the battle of the Barbies for sure. April needs to G-O.

formerly anon said...

plaidchick, Michelle said that, about seeing the banner, over and over and over and over and over -- if nobody commented on it, it's because they've heard it so many times that they just don't hear it anymore. I believe that Michelle has convinced herself that she really did read what she's telling them. Because, you know, her brother's name is Steven, and she would recognize that name forwards and backwards and sideways and... on and on...

I believe that Michells is the type of person who can trick themselves into believing something that initially they knew was not true.

Or, she's just sticking to the story.

Nancy said...

I think the show on the east coast is going to start late because of golf and they have to show a repeat of 60 minutes after that. At least it won't be as late as last thursday.

Anne said...


60 Minutes just starting now - 7:51 P.M.