Saturday, August 02, 2008

BB10 Live Feeds POV Over

After lots of brouhahas and a long feed block, POV is over and feeds have returned.

Michelle has to wear a leotard for a week.
Libra won a Hawaii trip which Michelle is fuming about saying she's a bad mother.
Apparently neither Jessie or Memphis won because they just said, "I can't believe we lost again."
Memphis put Jerry on slop for a week.
Jerry passed on taking $10,000. Some of them have !,000 and 4,000 and it's in the house -- they're worried about the others stealing it.

Jerry won POV. The boys (Jessie and Memphis) still want Libra on the block.

Now the HOH group is all one happy family again after screaming at each other for hours pre-veto. They want to group together against Memphis, Jessie, and Michelle. Apparently April, Jerry, and Libra were the top three in the comp. The veto players are wearing shirts with their names emblazoned across the back shoulders. Now even Keesha has changed her view on Memphis.

The boys and Michelle won a letter from home, a slop pass, and the leotard. It sounds like the other three have it made. It seems that April, Libra, and Jerry split the $10,000 and hid it. April has $5,000, Jerry $4,000, and Libra #1,000. April, Libra, Ollie, and Dan are talking about issues with Jerry.

Yay! They're seriously considering getting rid of Jessie this week! Ollie is the only one of the bunch defending Jessie -- he thinks Memphis is a bigger threat in the game.

Michelle is steaming. She wants to quit the game.


Anonymous said...

Hello all I have been reading but have not had time to post... Thank you Jackie for your updates.

I can not stand Jessie. He is just about the most irritating person ever, next to Debby Downer. I want to give him a swift kick.

So shallow, so rude, so disrespectful. He will end up on a CBS soap don't you think?

Have a good day everyone!

Angie in KC

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie in KC,

I must say I disagree with you about Jesse endingup on a CBS soap..even they aren't that desperate. I had the misfortune to hit on a Jesse and some dude workout tape...the boy can't even talk about working out on tape much less learn and remember lines, where to stand or how to be in a scene without staring at himself on the monitor/mirror/shiny surface etc.

You have to love that Jerry beat both Jesse and Memphis in the Veto Comp. I thought they were gonna start winning everything HOH, POV, the game...and then not only were they beat out by Keesha the blond bimbo but Rennie the four hundred year old woman but by Father Time himself. Too freaking funny.

Everything seems to be moving at hyperspeed this week. I wonder if that is because of the that he will have enough time to do as we say.

I want Jesse to go. I would really like to see his face when he gets voted out. The shock should almost equal Dustin's when he was voted out. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign my name again


Sydney said...

Question: DO we know if getting Jessie nominated was one of Dan's duties as AP? Somewhere I missed when or if the votes from viewers were tallied and the results.....

Delee said...

It seems that the $ is in the form of gold bricks and can be bartered for things, like not being nomed,etc.

Wasn't noms and POV close together? If so, then I guess done to cause friction and liven up the cage!

Sydney said...

Kay said "not only were they beat out by Keesha the blond bimbo but Rennie the four hundred year old woman but by Father Time himself."

Right on!!!

Jackie said...

Sydney - I don't think they'll announce the AP task votes until Sunday's show.

lynn1 said...

I want Jessie to go but I have some doubts that the hamsters will vote him out this week.

April is saying Memphis is her target. Jerry, having POV, may decide that after the blow up between Memphis and him it would be better for Mephis to go. Hopefully he won't take Jessie off the block.

I tend to aggre with a comments made by Brent Mckee under an earlier topic. Brent said that that if they kept Jessie around for the final 2 that whoever was left standing with jessie would win because everyone in the house dislikes Jessie. I hope it does not work out that way.

I thought how funny it would be if the final 2 were Renny and Jessie. I don't think it will happen but it would be funny.

The other thing I want to mention is Dan as AP. From what I am reading he has started acting goofy. Maybe he is trying to imitate Eric. Some of the other Hg have called him AP. If he campaigns to send Jessie home maybe they will listen to him if they think he is working as AP.

Jackie thanks so much for the great reports and photos. I do read, enjoy & appreciate your TV Squad reports as well.

Petals said...

Hey Angie - KC here too! Kewl.

Petals said...

Okay, call me naive, but why the eff are they "hiding" their respective cash prizes? Has there ever been an occasion in the past when someone has "stolen" anything?
Is it just me? Did I miss something in Jackie's update?
Oh, and JERRY ROCKS winning POV.

Petals said...

PS - I half agree with Angie about Jesse's eventual fame; while I doubt he'll find it in daytime drama, I do beleive our lil Popeye will find his calling in gay porn.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is such a whiner! She wanted to quit and during the HOH comp, she was crying. She is always whining or crying about something, perhaps trying to be the Next Amber at this rate.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Kay that if Jesse is evicted, it will be another Shocked look ala Dustin from Season8.

I will be happy if either Memphis or Jesse goes. As I think they are both threats if they ever win something again. And they both are so rude to Renny and Jerry. From the beginning, these 2 guys were upset that older people were in the BB House.

There is something about Memphis that I do not like. It could the first show where they showed some of the interview and he bragged about being a Hustler.


sharon said...

So,if it looks like Jessme is going out the door,is Manchelle going to save her man and offer to walk out to save him?If she takes the DQ,he'd still go,right?Yeah,Manchelle,it's tough,when you think you hold all the power and walk all over people,it sure is tough when the power shifts and you are on the other end of it,huh?
In the past,crying has always solved all problems,right?

Good for Jerry,winning POV and to Renny for hanging in the HOH for so long. Now the others may start to see them as threats,God knows Libra doesn't win much.Or Ollie,and maybe Dan should start playing this game to win.

I agree with evey1 who says that Jessme doesn't know the meaning of the word respect. Oh,he knows he wants it from everybody,but he never shows it to anyone. I also think,when he throws all those big words around,he's heard the words somewhere,but has no clue as to what they mean or how to use them in context. Just listen to him sometimes,like in Angie's goodbye rant! He didn't have a clue what those words mean and he sounded like a dumb tool!


I have not been able to get on TVS either for the last few days!

Witt said...

Morning all --

I tried TV Squad this a.m. and Internet Explorer aborted it and then tried to reconnect, reconnect, reconnect with no success. I am sure it is from overload, everyone trying to read Jackie's blog at once!! :) I'll try again later.

Houseguests: Please please please PLEASE consider getting JessMe out this week! I do see the point about having him next to you in the Final Two, though; I just don't think they or we could take it that long. Dig down deep, find your inner Katharine Hepburn (or Humphrey Bogart) and ACT AS IF YOU AREN'T EVICTING HIM!!!! That would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Dan's assignment must have been to target Jessie, but I doubt they'll let on until Sunday who it actually was.

Jackie, thank you!!
Witt :)

Laurie said...

My eyes! My eyes! Bring back our Ducks!!

Angie in KC, welcome. What do you think Jessie's soap name would be? I don't suppose PinHead would work!

Kay, loved your comment about the Bimbo, the 400 y/o Woman and Father Time. I see a Zoetawny graphic in there!

After reading about all the crying and yelling, etc, I'm thankful for the peace and quiet of my little house. Oh yyah, and I'm thankful for not being on slop.

Good thoughts out to MEB and, as always, thank you Jackie!

Nana in the NW said...

Jerry won!? I can't wait the see what it was like. I thought it might just be a luxury comp. but it sounds like they combined POV and luxury. Isn't this really soon from the noms.? Since CBS moved the show to Thurs. they should move the timetable in the house too. It makes for a loooong week between Sunday(POV meeting) and Thurs.(eviction).

April/Libra/Keesha were really going at it last night before the comp. Mainly because of something Michelle/Jessie told April they "overheard". Eventually, they ganged up on Jessie and Michelle but it was NOISY!! Dan and Ollie just stayed back and didn't get involved, Renny added her two cents occasionally, Memphis slept, and Jerry tried to "monitor" it until Renny told him to shut up!

I do not agree that it would be best to take Jessie to F2(because no one likes him)--remember Parvarti from Survivor--no one liked her, everyone loved Amanda and Parvarti went home with the money!

Petals--I'm with you...why are they hiding their gold bricks?? Is part of the game that they can be stolen? Everyone knows how much each person has so......?

K/L/R/O need to go as a group to April and tell her they are voting Jessie out. It's his time!

Jackie--you rock! I don't know when you sleep.....

Anonymous said...

one thing that really bothers me about Keesha was last night on bb after dark she kept saying "I told everyone last week Jessie had to go"..NO SHE DIDNT!!! she wanted Angie out because she was jelouse of her and Memphis! EVERYONE else was telling her that. Last night she was walking around like a hard a$$ and was getting on my nerves. I cant wait for that squeak toy to go home!
-Jamie Mae-

PlaidChick said...


Yes, Dan actually went to April and said: Jessie must go

So we can assume that one of Dan's tasks was to get him nominated.

I watched a little bit of BBAD last night, and Libra was DUN with Jessie, she wants him gone.

It's only Saturday, and there will be a lot of flip flopping before Thursday.

Rotweiler only wanted to win HOH because she "needed" to see her family, and get a letter. She got a letter now, and she wants to quit? What a bunch of sore losers.

Clementine said...

If you started having problems accessing TV Squad (or other sites) yesterday, read this article for an explanation and a way to fix it! It worked for me!

Sitemeter Bug

Hopefully, Sitemeter will fix the problem on their end, at some point.

Patty said...

clrmrntine-thanks so much for the information. It was really frustrated me that I could not read the news Jackie had posted. I will give it a try to see if it clears things up. I had to download firefox to be able to get in.

(((MEB))) Sending you sunny thoughts today and always. I hope each new day brings you better health and anything you need to get it.

Boy I had to stay up last night just to see if anyone was going to walk out of the house. Those hamsters were all worked up.

I think we are going to see the tides turn very soon.

Have a great day everyone!

Patty said...

sorry I meant to say clementine

PDX Granny said...

Good morning, all!

What a group last night! All that screaming and yelling. I really wanted to like Keesha, but she really flipped out. What's she thinking?? Is she wanting to make enemies with her "alliance"?

And April - is she pulling a Keesha? Why is she acting personally instead of strategically when targeting Memphis? GET RID OF JESSME!!!!

I don't think any of the gals in there, with the exception of maybe
Rennie, have any game play going on. They're basing all their decisions on emotions instead of strategy.

. . . .and I'm not sure the guys are any better. Dan and Ollie are laying low. I think that's game play for Dan, but Ollie? Who knows! Jerry likes to think he's playing the game, but I wonder about him too!!

Why do I feel like I'm witnessing a group from Jr. High playing He Said, She Said, and "If you talk to them, you're not my friend"???

Off topic:

I'm watching a video on CMT - Brad Paisley with Andy Griffin called "Waitin' on a Woman". I now have tears running down my cheeks!! I don't know if it can be viewed online, but if you're a sentimental sap like me, it's worth checking out.

PDX Granny said...

Just found a link to the video . . .

I'm not sure if it will all

PDX Granny said...

Well, that didn't work!! It cut half of it off.

Trying again! :)

Connie in Fl. said...

Hello all-first time posting this season but have been reading!

Kay,loved your comment a/b Bimbo,400
y/o and Father Time!

Sharon,agree w/y on comment about
Jessme(respect and big words) I cringe thinking about his exit interview with Julie. Will he accept ownership of his downfall?
The fault will always be with someone else!

Jackie,you are the Best! Thank you
a million times over! I add my thoughts and prayers to both you and Meb.

JB said...

Ollie's definitely correct: Memphis is the biggest threat--always was. If they're going to actually play the game..that's who should be evicted.

PDX Granny said...

OK, after thinking things over a bit, I realized I'm doing exactly what I'm accusing the girls of doing. . . . I'm thinking with my emotions!

I really want Jessme out 'cause he's a jerk and I'm tired of his egocentric, disrespectful, me-me-me ways. But strategically thinking, I guess it might be best for April to keep him and get rid of Memphis, who just might be a bigger threat in the long run.

Sydney said...

petals-- didn't someone steal ED's cig stash? And also, the guys grabbed Jen's already-worn undies to make fun of, and then didn't more like that happen in that season?

Anonymous said...

Grown woman, all ruthless. He could be your son, brother, etc. Rudeness knows no age.

Anonymous said...

i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. i hate jessie. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!

Anonymous said...

You will all be sorry when you only have the dork crew and the sex couple to comment on. Please Jerry is a poor excuse for an old man, Keesha is a jealous waitress who is used to getting by on her looks even if she does have a brain. Libra, hell, a mom? More like an Aunt to her kids. The couple with the porn tapes? That leaves Michelle, Jessie, the old gal and Memphis. Wait til the old lady starts dancing around in her boas again. Whoo Hoo Partay! BORING!

PDX Granny said...

Sydney, any word on MEB?

I understand your hesitancy to call her or her daughter, with all they must have on their plates, be're all thinking of her and and anxious to know how she's doing.

I'm praying everything is going well and she's just resting and healing!

PDX Granny said...

OOPS! That should have been "but we're" all thinking of her. . . .

I gotta start proofreading!!!

monty924 said...

Last night was one of the most fun times I've had on the feeds since Jen trashed ED's cigarettes and fight night broke out in the BB house.

Keesha was acting like a brat (yes, Jaimee Mae) saying Jessie should have gone home last week. Hello Keesha, geesh! He stayed beccause you had to get Angie out. I wanted to like Keesha but she's a bit to big for her britches.

I did love watching her go off on JessMe though. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Monty - totally agree. I finally last night felt like there was something worth watching!

Then again, I love the drama...

Laurie said...

You are cordially invited to a Pity Party for Michelle this afternoon.

Our guest of honor has not been able to win anything. She's not been able to get a showmance going. She only won the red leotard last night. She is really all alone and has no friends. Apparently, life is like this for Michelle all the time and she knew this would happen to her (again). It is not easy being Michelle.

So please join us in the Pity Place where she dwells and just give her some support.

If you'd like to bring a little something to the party to help celebrate the pitiful life of Michelle, please do.

I'm going to fix a wilted salad with no dressing or seasoning. I will also serve warm flat soda in the can. No ice, no glasses.

The cake I made fell flat and it's a bit on the dry side. No frosting. Remember the leotard.

This is a real Pitiful Party.

Zoetawny said...

Happy Saturday!

I'm a bit behind so trying to catch up. Have you seen this video on YouTube of Keesha going off on Jessie? She gets vile and vulgar. I'm sure Hooters and her family will be proud...NOT!

There's definitely a lot of drama and fighting going on with all of them. It's easy to dislike most of them for different reasons. I'm trying to find someone I like and the only ones are Dan and Renny. ;)

I hope April has the smarts to get rid of Jessie. Although Memphis is a good second choice with Libra right behind him. I doubt if Jerry will use the veto. Jerry doesn't like either Jessie or Memphis.

I hope the house doesn't vote with April's choice like the "herd mentality" last eviction.


Thanks for all the screen shots and details. Do you ever feel like throwing something at your screen? LOL Hope you're feeling much better and taking time to rest.


Well, I have lots to do this weekend...not fun stuff. ;) Have a good weekend all!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to RSVP to the Pity Party. I'll bring the WHINE!

joy n said...

I can't believe TV Squad is finally back on line. I had a lot of catching up to do. I so dislike changes in my little routine and I wanted to read Jackie's BB posts.

Thanks anyway, Clementine. I was about to try that when I got back on the pute, but TVS came up. I just wish I had asked everyone earlier last evening instead of spending an hour and a half trying to figure out some way to get there myself. Annoying, TVS, please don't do that again!

Sounds like quite a night in the house. Not surprised that Jessie and Memphis are up. I guess I had misunderstood April saying she was going to protect Jessie. She only said that he wouldn't be her target. Hope that changes, although Memphis is getting on my nerves, too.

Just in case Meb is getting the lowdown from this blog on a regular basis from her daughter, I want to say hello, we miss your comments and are still praying for your full and quick recovery. Sydney, not rushing you by any means, because when you hear something, I know you will let us know.

Jackie, hope you're feeling better than you were also. I know you're not ready for that "Singin' In The Rain" routine yet, but at least it's good to get out, take some new pix and breath some fresh air.

Looking forward to BB tonight!

Laurie said...

anon 6:24

Thanks for bringing the whine to the Pity Party.

Why didn't I think of that? *pout* Now people are going to like you better than me.

I do love a Pity Party!

monty924 said...

Flipsflops, I couldn't agree more. The more drama the better! :)

Laurie, I can put on my pitiful face for the Michelle Pity Party. She was basking in JessMe's glory when he had HoH and now it's just down right wrong in the house. Boofreakinhoo, Michelle!

I shouldn't be too hard on her though... the more I watch L/K/A the more I want to root for whoever is in the opposition. Not JessMe though... NEVER! ;)

becky said...

Laurie:If you'd like to bring a little something to the party to help celebrate the pitiful life of Michelle, please do.

Anonymous said...
I'd like to RSVP to the Pity Party. I'll bring the WHINE!

Laurie, I am RSVPing too. I will bring the cheese to go with the Whine.

I don't think JessMe will make it either on a soap OR porno. He can't say a sentence without ME in it, so they eliminates the soap. And it appears he has a teenie-weenie, so there goes the porn.

I have gotten the giggles over some of the posts.

Jackie, great coverage. MEB, hurry back

Anonymous said...

BB tonight? Is that true?

Laurie said...

Now we got a party going! Whine and cheese and pitifully sad faces.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Laurie! Can I bring burnt cookies and curdled milk to Michelle's Pity Party?


joy n said...

pdx granny, I am a sap like you. I watched the Paisley/Griffith video and loved it. Ol' Andy probably loved doing that. And who can help but love Brad. A touching tune. Thanks for the heads up.

joy n said...

Sorry, my hubby's been home on vacation all week and I forgot today was only Saturday. Well then, I'll look forward to BB tomorrow night.

Like I said about changes in routine..............

Laurie said...

Oh yes, xtina, curdled milk and burnt cookies are an excellent addition!

We need something with fruits and veggies, too. I'm sure someone will think of somthing.

Terry in CA and her family are making Smores tonight. We could make some, too, but without the chocolate and marshmallows. Very pitiful excuse for 'smores!

Petals said...

So...Renny is off the radar. She just cooks and listens, ala Jun. Remember Jun? Didn't she win? Will we see another player-not-player win again?

Still don't understand the hiding things, Syd. Seems like prizes are awards, and would be sort of off limits, or something? I dunno...

No more porn video from the HOH this week?

monty924 said...

Laurie said...

We need something with fruits and veggies, too. I'm sure someone will think of somthing.

Oh, I'll bring a big bowl of spinach with EXTRA vinegar! Yes, vinegar... Michelle needs more sour in her diet. ;)

Nana in the NW said...

petals--they did the "horizontal hula" last night and then went to seperate sides of the bed to sleep! Maybe no one thought it was worth posting on Youtube.

Laurie--sorry I'm late to RSVP but I will be there. However, I think I will bring Michelle a gift....a Weeping Willow tree....something to always remind her of how horrible her life is!!!!

Off to a potluck and dancing(kinda). Will check in when I get home.

Petals said...

OFF TOPIC: I experienced a "near death" today. Going about 80 mph (all traffic was at that speed), on a 4-lane interstate, a car in front of us went into a Nascar-like spin and was spinning acros all 4 lanes. Amazingly, every car reacted in time, and no one was hurt. No cars even touched another. We pulled over immediately to regain compusure, said a prayer, and then bought $20 worth of Powerball tickets.

So... God was with me (and about 50 other drivers today), and I hope he is with all of you, my BB friends.

God Bless. xoxoxo

mrs.whiggins said...

RSVP Laurie: I'll bring stale chips, moldy dip and whats left of last years citrus still on the trees. I could probably find some kind of slimey veggies too!

Petals said...

Nana - HAHAHAHA...thanks for the "hula" term - that was great. I have to add that this is the oddest showmance (I still like calling it a bro-mance) in BB history. These two seem to have ZERO in common except sex drive.

Petals said...

ANd since it appears April hasn't had a day without sex since she entered the BB house, we may have discovered the compulsive component of her supposed "OCD".

lynn1 said...

Laurie, If it is not too late I would like to RSVP to the pity party.

I will bring sour grapes.

Of course I will be dressed appropriately in my sad sack outfit.

monty924 said...

Petals, glad you're safe and on here blogging. Your heart must have been in your throat. I know mine would have been. Good luck on the Powerball... two miracles in one day would be awesome.

Sydney said...

Nana- FIgured You'd find Mama Mia fun. I didn't go see it on Broadway but would definitely go see the movie. This is probably not one that the husband would go to, am I correct? lol

Laurie said...

I swear, this is the best Pity Party ever. I knew my friends would come up with great food and gifts.

I stopped at the store and got a case of tissues. We'll need them for all the po'po' pitiful me stories!

Laurie said...

Petals, so glad to read you are okay (and that everyone else is,too).

Once the adrenaline is gone you realize just how fortunate you are.

We are all glad you are still with us!

Petals said... for the pity party. I'll bring Gilbert O'Sullivan (Alone Again...Naturally), and of course, Terry Jacks (Seasons in the Sun).

Anyone have a recipe for crow? Or humble pie?

Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie and Plaid for answering my ?

CG-- great prediction about JessMe's face if evicted!

Agree with everything you said Sharon.

I was able to get on TVSquad shortly after JOy and others posted about it, through Safari no less, though I have Firefox/Modzilla. I figured it was just a glitch. But it was not taking my comments all last season so I signed up with a different e-miail as if I were a new person...

(((MEB))) Don't know when you'll get home but I wonder how it will feel to go all the way back and read comments while you catch up concurrently with the backlog of tapes of the show.... and SEE YOU ARE MENTIONED EVERY DAY by many people! Do you feel the LOVE?

Jaime Mae -- how could anyone let Keesha get away with saying she wanted JessMe out last week? No one called her on it? These ppl are delisuional.

Nana, good point about Pavarti. How quickly I forget these things.

Lynn1 -- LOVE what you're bringing to the party.

Petals said...

(Thank you Laurie)

More pity party items:
I've got a stained, cow-print beanbag that leaks, perfect! How about some empty Silly String cans?
A broken disco ball, a Magic 8 ball with blue water, and 3 big dogs that aren't house-broken. Awesome. Let's party!

Petals said...

(thank you Monte)

Petals said...

Sad sack costume - LOL. That was good.

Sydney said...

Goodness Petals, I am just reading back now over your near- accident today. That sounded INTENSE! I am so glad you and everyone else are OK!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Orthodox Jew Jackie. So I take a break from my PC and this blog for 24 whole hours. As usual, I enjoyed reading your updates.

It sounds like a ton has happened and I'm really excited about this week's shows.
How could they split prize money in veto? Does anyone get that? I guess I'll backup and read the posts that I missed.

formerly anon said...

OMG, BB really had a nose-picking contest for the POV???

Didn't they say that was the only competition Jerry would win?

I am SO DUN with Libra! Gawd, oh, she is beyond annoying. I'd trade her for Jesse any day. She just cannot EVER shut up long enough to let anyone else speak. I actually MUTE my tv when she's talking (which is just about all the time). And Jerry tried to bring some reason to the room of hothead girls last night and then RENNY of all people jumps down HIS throat because he told Libra to shut up!

It was just a constant PMS bitch-fest wasn't it??

At one point, every single guy (I mean, all of the guys) were out sitting calmly and silently around, and the girls were just going at it. It was truly a study in gender differences.

And Keesha just totally lost it. I swear, it's like they are all in PMS mode at the same time, they are just all frikken nuts! Even Jesse was calm when engaging with them, and they (especially Libra) were just psycho nutso.

I so want Libra gone, I cannot stand her AT.ALL.

That whole stupid blow-up happened because poor lil Libra got offended that April wanted to win POV. That was what started this whole stupid thing.

I think Ollie and April are trying to hook up with Jesse and Michelle, which would explain why Memphis is April's target (plus her passive agressiveness towards Keesha and wanting to punish her by getting rid of Memphis)

I still like Dan the best. He manages to steer clear of everything and keep cool. Good for him.

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, adding the dogs is a great addition to the party.

Did you all notice my Baby Tears center piece? I thought it was a nice touch.

Ooops ... didn't look before I stepped on something ... ewwwww!

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, great idea for a party! Hope it's not too late to come. I wouldn't want Michelle to feel bad if I don't make it!

I have an old torn poster saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". I'll bring that!

I thought of bringing lemons and letting Michelle provide the sugar, but that would mean she'd have to be gettin' some "sugar" from someplace, and she ain't gettin' nuthin from Jesseme!

Hmmm, could that be part of her problem???

Sydney said...

Connie in FL- WELCOME!!

Zoe -- thanks for the link to last night's action. Appreciate not having to search for it. I am wondering what your not fun stuff is for this weekend... and when it will be over. We'll a ll be thinking of you and sending you cyber HUGS.

PDX and Joy -- have not called MEB again... It's Sat night, and let's hope that she is either just home and getting settled or will be home by Monday?

Petals -- Remember that REALLY pitiful song, "at Seventeen"

Laurie said...

pdx Granny...
That could be a huge part of the problem. Not that he's huge ...

PDX Granny said...

I'm all out of gift wrap. I'm going to have to dig out some used Christmas wrap.

Do you think she would mind??

Sydney said...

Laurie, If I can't make it to the party, I can send one of those singing telegrams instead. Look out for a Linda Rondstat impersonator to come by and sing Poor Poor Pitiful Me....

Sydney said...

Or I could send a banner by the house Laurie. You could all go out and point to it. Since Michelle couldn't see so well, what would you all tell her it said?

Petals said...

*working the 8-track* And this next song goes out to Sydney! Janis Ian's "At Seventeen". And let's make this a Couple's Only Skate, everyone, a Couple's Only Skate.

formerly anon said...

I'm sure the music will include at least one round of "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To" ... you would cry too if it happened to you!

And the whole cast breaks out into a musical.

Now that would be funny. Sort of like that episode of "Malcolm in the Middle" when Dewey kept imagining his family as though they were doing an opera.

jb said...

Watching SHO2...Michelle, Jessme, and Libra are 10 years old. How do they function in real life?

Uh...Libra: Might only be 8 years old. Biggest mouth ever.

Petals said...

The party wouldn't be complete without someone showing-up who hasn't bathed in a week. And don't forget - after all the sour grapes, it's time for games! How about a nice round of "Read the Obituaries", foll.owed by "What's My Malign?"

PDX Granny said...

We can dunk for rotten apples!

Laurie said...

OMG Petals ... Couples only skate? Oh the memories ... too funny!!

Sydney, the banner could say "JessMe Just Isn't Into YOU!"

Formerly anon, "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To" such a fitting tune. We could also play Crying Time Again".

BRB .. i need to get more tissues!

Laurie said...
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Anonymous said...

Laurie - I want to RSVP, too! Hope I'm not too late! For music I'll bring my "world's tiniest violin"....

Petals - glad you're okay!

MEB - hugs & prayers for you!

Jackie - get some rest, girl!

It's funny how our like/dislike of these characters changes. In the beginning, I didn't like Dan or Rennie and now they are about the only ones I do like. So disappointed in Keesha. Wish we could have gotten to see more of Angie to see if we liked her or not. At least her speech before the voting had some thought put into it. Maybe she had a brain. Thought I would like Ollie -- yuck! And what's with tough- girl Michelle? What a baby!

Hope you all have a great night!

Laurie said...

UHOH ... According to Jokers the honeymoon may be over. Several people have tried to capture a "discussion" between emotional April and rational Ollie. Reading it is hilarious because it's such a classic "discussion" ... April is trying to get Ollie to be emotional and he is trying to get her to be rational. Meanwhile, his feelings are hurt and she doesn't get. Mars vs Venus righ there for us to witness. Ugh ... I hope they don't have hot makeup sex!

Petals said...

Laurie - the visual of the makeup sex is too...boring. HAHHA. These two aren't a smokin' couple, are they? But I guess that can be chalked-up to Ollie's lack of experience. Maybe his Pops won't mind so much since he seems most comfortable in the "missionary" postion? haha

Laurie said...

LOL ... Missionary might be it for him but I think she knows a bit more!

April, Libra and Keesha are now talking the fight over (as girls will do) and trying to analyze Ollie. It's just sooooo girlie!

Petals said...

Does anyone else in the hosue know about the Ollie/April thing? Does no one think they are a threat since they are an "item", hence an alliance?

Laurie said...

Good question Petals.

According to Jokers Ollie told Dan that outside of the house he would like a more reserved girl. "Someone a little more... classy."

OMG ... Those are fighting words if April ever hears them. Wish I could tell her!

Petals said...

Wow, Laurie... if that info ever did get back to April, the fur will fly! However, I'll bet it won't be the first time she's heard that about herself. All that "feel my boobs" on the first night, etc...
Thanks for watching BBAD for me, L. I've hit my wall for the day, so I'm hitting the proverbial hay. G'nite.

formerly anon said...

laurie, you know that's code between the two religious boys - code for "a girl who wouldn't have sex before marriage" - never mind that he obviously has a double standard, like so many males...

Laurie said...

FA, I thought it might be something like that. Not that it's right to have that double standard! It's been around forever, hasn't it?

Petals, yes I'll bet she has heard it before. Much like Gnat, she seems desperate for "love" and is going the wrong way to get it. I would bet she's been used a lot in her short life.

I'm off to bed now. Beauty sleep needed for the old broad!

thanks to everyone for participating in the Pity Party. Michelle is continuing it at the BB10 house. Things never work out for her ... never .... Jessie is trying to tell her about the secret and how you have to believe things will turn out. She says that doesn't work for her. Ever!

Pity, pity, pity ... she's drowning in it and turing it red with her bodysuit!