Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BB10: Renny Imitating Jerry's POV Speech

I didn't record it. But since folks were asking for it, I found this on YouTube.


Sydney said...

I guess that's April's annoying laugh in the background? Or is it Keesha?

So now the girls are all sunbathing next to each other after biting their heads off the other night?

RBennie said...

I really can't wait to see that speech! I hope BB doesn't edit it to death. I think its safe to say that once Libra is gone Jerry will be the one the horde will be gunning for.

sharon said...

We can only hope that it's not edited to death in classic BB style. For some reason,they are choosing to let Col KA slide through and down playing his more sleazy qualities. Renny was too funny,she's not afraid of the old buzzard!

Nana,you asked how I was doing...not so well,still throwing up most days and feel like crap most of the time. My bump (which is an inflamed lymph node)is still swollen and I just have no energy at all.I have a doctor's appt tomorrow at 1,and hope somebody can tell me what's going on. On the bright side,all this puking has lost me 15 pounds,no wonder I have no oomph!

Kudos to those that had Craig pegged as The Mole.And I was kinda glad that Mark won and VERY glad that Nicole lost. She was her snippy,condescending self right to the end.I left the Mole and had been watching Saving Grace.

Nancy from Long Island said...

I love Renny, I had a feeling in the beginning she was going to be a trip and she hasn't disappointed. Jerry is such a nasty son of a bitch. Loving Dan hope he play's to win HOH this week and he put's up Jerry with April.

lynn1 said...

I would say if Jerry is put up for eviction next week and does not win POV, the other person on the block with him should have a free ride.
Of course things may change drastically in that length of time.

I hope that the hamsters would want him out of the house as much as all of us do.

I do understand he would be a great person to have with you in the final 2 but I think his behavior is wearing thin for hamsters and fans alike.

Mago said...

I posted this on off topic but I thought maybe people have moved here.


You should contact Chris Cuomo (sp?) on Good Morning America. He has helped out some people with stingy insurance. I think he has a link on the GMA website for insurance help. I don't remember what they call the segment but national attention seems to get the insurance companies to listen.
It's worth a try.


RBennie said...

I put this in the wrong spot earlier, so I'm reposting it here.

Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear you're still under the weather girl. Oops, I better punctuate that it doesn't look right. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, girl. It's nice a lose a little weight, but you sure never want to do it that way. Get yourself back to the doctor quick.

meb said...

Sharon... let us know immediately what the doctor says tomorrow. I am keeping you in my prayers. I know what you mean about the weight loss... my due to not being able to eat the liquid diet they had me on for 2 weeks in the hospital. I finally got to eat the last day I think and then I couldn't. I too lost about 15 pounds.

My mother (RIP) would tell me, when I was younger and lost weight that I looked sick. Well, I guess, this time, she'd be right.

Repeat from last post. Going out of town. Won't be posting next week. Visiting family in Delaware.

I don't like Jerry either, but I sure wish April was the next to go! I just can't stomach her. By the way... did she ever say anything more about being late? She must have given Ollie's parents a stroke with that comment!

debbie said...

Sharon good luck at the DOctors tomorrow, my thoughts are with you that all is well.

I hope Jerry goes next week, I am sick of him. I have liked Renny from the start of BB!

Lynn1 I agree , they bit each others heads off the other night and now they are BFF?

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--I was screaming "quietly" with the Olympics. It is so hard not to run in the bedroom and wake up my hubby to tell him what happened!! My youngest daughter was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and now my granddaughter competes so gymnastics has always got my attention. I was sad to see the girls perform so poorly Sun. night---hopefully, tonight will be better.

joyn--re:The Mole--that was the perfect finish for me too. Mark was there for all the right reasons and I couldn't stand Nicole. I thought she was rude and condescending last night. My question is...does the Mole get paid or compensated in any way? I was surprised to hear Craig say how much input production had into what he did and said.

Sharon--did you have a set-back? I thought you were getting better :(

meb--glad to hear your going out of town. You must really to on the mend. Just no jet-skiing!!

As for BB:

Syd--I don't get these people...how can you say such horrid things about someone; apoligize the next day(blaming alcohol); and then sunbath like it's just another day at the beach?!? When Thurs. night comes and they get more beer and wine the fighting will start again.

Renny is soooo funny. I think she missed her calling in life. She should be a comedian. That's a great way to play the game....it keeps her off everyone's radar.

About Jerry's mouth---I'm surprised he hasn't used more derogatory words against the HG. He certainly throws out the "F" word as good as the others.

I hoping for a Dan or Memphis win this week for HOH. They are the only two that wouldn't do noms. for personal reasons.

Anonymous said...

Sydney..that would be keeshas HORRIBLE laugh..April laughs like a normal person and Keesha laughs like a dying hyenna.
-Jamie Mae-

Nana in the NW said...

Has anybody been to Google the last few days? Their symbol has been different Olympic events...very cute!

monty924 said...

I posted this on the off topic post.

Libra seems to be having a more relaxed fun time the past day or so. I guess she's resigned to the fact that she's going to sequester. It sort of reminds me of James (BB6 and 7) when he finally knew his number was up. He was more pleasant to watch. ;)

I'm so looking forward to the show tonight and how CBS edits Jerry. It will be interesting either way. I think they'll show more of his nasty side.

joy n said...

Sharon, sorry to hear your health is worse again. Maybe you see another doctor for a second opinion. Do let us know tomorrow what news you can share.

Meb, a little vacation is probably just what the doctor ordered. Do take care and don't overdo. And thanks for the heads-up that you won't be around for a bit, so we don't worry. Enjoy the time with your family!

Nana, I have no idea about whether the Mole gets any cash. I'll see if I can find something on that. Congrats on getting most of your painting done and the colors sound great to me.

Nancy from Long Island said...

I went to Joker's updates today I read thru a little bit of it and every chance Jerry got he said something nasty to Dan or about Dan. I was really hoping to like Jerry this year I am so disappointed he is cruel and abusive. Dan has to take alot I know I wouldn't be able to handle it. CBS should portray Jerry just like he is a cruel human being. This is a game and there will be fight's Jerry is way over the top with his behavior. If one of the houseguest's were to pop him one then he would be portrayed the victim just because of his age. I am not saying he should get hit but he sure does antagonize and he doesn't stop.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to like Jerry, but I find it more and more difficult to like him all the time. He just does not come across as a nice individual. I am rooting for Dan and Renny for the final 2.


joy n said...

Jackie, thanks for providing the YouTube clip. Unfortunately, I'm getting the same thing that I get from the one over there. Sorry this clip is no longer available. I can't figure out why I can watch some, but the majority give me that message, whether it's on this blog or on YouTube. Drives me nuts and it always happens with the ones that I especially want to see. Grrrrrr!

Clementine said...


My friend was having the same problem with YouTube. I’ll ask her if she resolved it and if so, how. In the meantime, I saw these suggestions on the Internet:

If you are using Google Web-accelerator program, uninstall it.

Or append “&fmt=6” or “&fmt=18” or “&fmt=16” to the end of the url. For example, a YouTube url for the above video would become:


I have no idea if any of that will work, but I guess it’s worth a try. I love YouTube, and it must be very frustrating for you not to watch the videos you want.

Good Luck

joy n said...

WOW! Clementine, thank you. I'll try after BB tonight. I'll try anything! This has been driving me nuts for awhile now. I'll let you know if it works.

joy n said...

Clementine, I love you! I disabled the Google accelerator program, and YouTube and Jackie's clips are all working! To think it was such a simple fix! I cudda had a V-8! Well, you know what I mean. Thanks very much for your suggestions. The first one mentioned worked!