Friday, August 01, 2008

BB10 Review and Brief Feeds Report

My full review/recap of the BB10 eviction show is up over on TV Squad, as well as a brief feeds report.

Thank you everyone for a record comment night!


mrs.whiggins said...

great reviews as always Jackie. I tried to comment there but alas a no

I sure hope the hamsters realize they don't HAVE TO VOTE ACCORDING TO THE HOH!!!!

I keep hearing the OZ tune playing... If I only had a brain...

Anne said...


Thanks for the fantastic report & play by play of the HOH comp.

Hope you are feeling better than you were at the beginning of the week.

I for one wouldn't last 2 weeks watching BB let alone a whole season if it weren't for you & all your hard work and of course all the awesome posts.

Have a great weekend everybody and a special shout out to MEB - hugs and prayers going your way.

Anonymous said...

another site is calling the alliance of Keesha, Libra, April and Renny.... The Plastics.... from the movie Mean Girls....

Allie said...

I have been following for a few years but his is my first post.
Is Keesha related to Danielle and Evil Dick from last year? There is a stong resemblance there. Did I miss something?

Witt said...

Jackie, as usual you keep us all in the loop even when you have a deadline and a sore knee...thank you so much!! I know I can always come here for the info and lots of fun talk. :)

Now WHYYYYYYYYY did April say she'd keep JessMe safe too? Did she miss the memo on "you only do deals with the person you are competing with last for HOH"? I hope she changes her mind, if she was telling the truth.

If it couldn't be Renny, I'm glad it was Dan for AP...he seems to be under everyone's radar now and seems to be able to talk the talk.

Allie, welcome!

Witt :)

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Thanks for the great recap Jackie. I feel like I saw the whole thing. Between April and Michelle I'm glad April won. I don't think I could stomach another week of Jessie as HOH - you know he would totally take over Michelle's HOH reign.

Someone said that April would just do whatever Keesha told her to as HOH, but I don't agree with that. I think April is going to use or at least try to use Keesha's same tactics against her - "I'm HOH and what I say goes". Ireally, really wish she hadn't made the deal about Jessie. She did seem to leave a little wiggle room by not promising not to use veto against him.

This should be an interesting week.

becky said...

Please tell me that April didn't promise JessMe a bye -- unless it was a bye-bye. I think I dislike him even more than Gnat. If April was that big of a fool she can share the Fool title with Keesha. Because of Keesha they wasted a week of being in the power seat. As much as I like not seeing naked bodies all over the screen, I have to admit this group of hamsters have the least BB skills of any group in the past. One more question before I go to my crate for being a bad girl -- Did this group of non-thinkers pledge to vote only as the HOH wanted them to do, no matter how stupid the reason?

Jackie said...

April only promised Michelle safety. Michelle only tried to save herself and never mentioned either Jessie or Memphis.

RBennie said...

Thanks for clearing that up Jackie. From what I was reading here it sounded like April promised to keep Jessie safe too.